Selections of these articles are now available in book form

Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School? Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School?

Holidays, History and Halakhah Holidays, History and Halakhah

Jason Aronson Publishers

Ask Now of the Days that Are PastAsk Now of the Days that Are Past

In Those Days, At This TimeIn Those Days, At This Time: Holiness and History in the Jewish Calendar


University of Calgary Press
A Meeting-Place for the WiseA Meeting-Place for the Wise: More Excursions into the Jewish Past and Present
Sanctified SeasonsSanctified Seasons
For Signs and for SeasonsFor Signs and for Seasons
On the Trails of TraditionOn the Trails of Tradition
A Time for Every PurposeA Time for Every Purpose
Chronicles and CommentariesChronicles and Commentaries
Preachers, Teachers and Selected Short FeaturesPreachers, Teachers and Selected Short Features


Alberta Judaic Library

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Since 1987 I have been publishing articles on topics related to Judaism and related areas in the Calgary Jewish newspapers. Until April 1990 in the Jewish Star, , from November 1990 to December 2019 in the Jewish Free Press, and since January 2020 in the Alberta Jewish News. These have usually been in my column "From the Sources" Eliezer Segal: From the Sources, The Jewish Free Press, Calgary

Although these articles are often based on extensive scholarship and research, they are intended for the enjoyment and enlightenment of a non-specialist audience. I have grouped the titles here according to general topics.

Please note that, owing to the nature of the newspaper format, many of these pieces make implicit or explicit references to current or local events. Sometimes a glance at the publication date will suffice to clarify the circumstances in question, but sometimes you just have to guess.
This is especially true of the "News and Commentary" and "In a Lighter Vein" (satirical) sections.

Publication history and bibliographic references can be found by following up the hyper-notes at the beginning of each article.
The abbreviations "JS" and "JFP" refer respectively to the Jewish Star and the Jewish Free Press.

I also get occasional invitations to deliver guest lectures and sermons in churches, adult education programmes, etc. I have now included the texts of those talks and sermons at this site as well.

All the material included here is copyright (©) by the author and may not be reprinted without his express permission.


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