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Holidays, History and HalakhahHolidays, History and Halakhah

by Jason Aronson Publishers

In Those Days, At This TimeIn Those Days, At This Time: Holiness and History in the Jewish Calendar


University of Calgary Press

Sanctified SeasonsSanctified Seasons

For Signs and for SeasonsFor Signs and for Seasons

A Time for Every PurposeA Time for Every Purpose

The Times of Our LifeThe Times of Our Life: Some Brief Histories of Jewish Time

Alberta Judaic Library
Alberta Judaic Library

Around the Calendar

  • Sabbath
    1. Tsholent
    2. Shabbat Candles: To See or Not to See"
    3. Angels on My Shoulders
    4. You Have Mail!
    5. Sabbath: To Feast or to Fast?
    6. A Fine Kettle of Fish
    7. Sabbath under Siege

  • Passover
    1. Nisan: The First Month
    2. New, Newer...Newest Moon
    3. Don't Go Near the Water
    4. Inscrutable Scrolls
    5. A Heavenly Herald (... and Some Housework)
    6. A Text Inscribed in Blood
    7. The Seder as a Living Tradition
    8. The Exodus of the Spirit
    9. That Remarkable Kid
    10. The Invisible Guest
    11. It Is the Season of Our Liberation
    12. The Great Passover Raisin-Wine Controversy
    13. Important Women
    14. Staging the Exodus
    15. Those Magnificent Men and Their Matzah Machines
    16. Back to Egypt
    17. "In Every Generation...": The Strange Omission in Rabbi Kalischer's Haggadah
    18. The Eggs and the Exodus
    19. Dressing for Success
    20. Hillel's Perplexing Passover Predicament
    21. Old King, New King
    22. Drip before You Sip
    23. Freshly Baked: A Matzah Mystery
    24. Thicker than Water
    25. Why Was This Haggadah Different?
    26. Children's Questions at Heart of Passover
    27. Thanks for the Mnemonics
    28. An Arrant Aramean
    29. A Kinder, Gentler Pharaoh?
    30. An Embarrassment of Riches
    31. A Seder with Solomon
    32. Seder Swordplay
    33. Who Knows "Who Knows One?"
    34. Pop Goes Passover
    35. Seventy-something
    36. Apples or Asphalt? In Search of the Perfect Haroset Recipe
    37. Lazy Ladies?
    38. Fractions, Factions and Afflictions
    39. Low Sodium Diet
    40. Crime of Passion
    41. Guess Who Isn't Coming to Dinner
    42. Princess of Egypt
    43. Moses's About-Face
    44. The “Get Out of Jail Free” Card
    45. Haggadah Hoppers
    46. Everyone's Invited (Well, Almost Everyone...)
    47. Who Turned Out the Lights?
    48. Solo Performance
    49. Red Sea, Reed Sea...and the Persian Gulf

  • The Omer Season
    1. New Light on an Ancient Ritual
    2. The Tragic History of the "Omer" Season
    3. Counting the Days
    4. Notes from the Underground
    5. Just a Little Bit Off the Top Please
    6. The Case of the Missing Omer
    7. Pyre, Pyre, Pants on Fire
    8. Fire from Water at Meron
    9. Thirty-Three and Counting

  • Yom Ha-Atzma'ut and Yom Yerushalayim
    1. "Two Thousand Years"
    2. The Founding of Jerusalem: A Palestinian Midrash?
    3. Gathering the Dispersed of Israel
    4. That Old Blue Box
    5. Israel Rocks
    6. Hertz the Poet
    7. On Solid Ground
    8. Three Cheers for the White and Blue
    9. Borderline Cases
    10. A Blessed State
    11. Hebraic Headlines
    12. A Passage to Israel
    13. Light to the Nations
    14. A Day of Celebration
    15. A Golden City
    16. A Spiritual Skyline
    17. Access Denied: Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg’s Unsuccessful Aliyyah
    18. The Fiscal Physicist
    19. Make Mine a Grande Fig Latte
    20. Show Me the Money

  • Shavu'ot
    1. Obadiah the Proselyte
    2. Tradition or Compassion: A Shavu'ot Controversy
    3. The Greening of Shavu'ot
    4. Akdamut, Aramaic and Ashkenazic Origins
    5. Honey from the Tablets
    6. Crowning Achievement
    7. When Mount Sinai Was Lifted Up
    8. Renewing the Covenant at Qumran
    9. The High Road and the Low Road to Sinai
    10. Pulling an All-Nighter
    11. The Rainbow Anniversary
    12. First Fruits and Forefathers
    13. Two-Tiered Torah
    14. Poetry in Motion
    15. Extended Warranty
    16. Moses's Big Day
    17. Moses vs. the Angels
    18. ...Perchance to Dream
    19. Laying Down the Law
    20. Off to See the Wizard
    21. Standing [or is that: Sitting?] Room Only
    22. The Twofold Feast
    23. A Feast of Firsts
    24. A Rocky Revelation
    25. A Grain of Truth

  • The Ninth of Av
    1. Rabbi Judah, King Hezekiah... and a Cancelled Fast

  • Rosh Hashanah
    1. The Day of Judgement
    2. "Into the Depths of the Sea": Tashlikh in Jewish Law and Lore
    3. Piyyut: The Poetry of Worship
    4. A Minyan for the Holidays
    5. What Year Is It Today?
    6. Dancing with the Demons
    7. Roman Holiday
    8. Where to Draw the Line
    9. Vanity, Emptiness and the Throne of Glory
    10. A Binding Disagreement
    11. Mosaic Musings
    12. Horn of Plenty
    13. Assault on the Angels
    14. Legend and Liturgy: The Elusive Tale of the Untanneh Tokef
    15. Joy or Judgment?
    16. The Sounds of Sinai
    17. New Year, New Moon
    18. Singing from the Same Hymn Book
    19. Paths to Moriah
    20. Holy Day Hunger
    21. A Clash of Symbols
    22. Balanced Budgets

  • Yom Kippur
    1. The Islamic Yom Kippur
    2. The Kol Nidre Controversy
    3. The Repentance of Nineveh
    4. Yom Kippur: Encounters with the Absolute
    5. Sins in the Balance
    6. Atoning for Esau
    7. The Ibn Ezra Code
    8. Pandemonium in the Pews
    9. Snap to Attention
    10. Running on Empty
    11. Babylonians Behaving Badly
    12. So You Think You Can Dance
    13. Smoke Gets in Our Eyes
    14. An Order of Fast Food

  • Sukkot
    1. Hosanna
    2. Waving at the Winds
    3. I'm Bein' Followed by a Moonshadow
    4. Prince of Rain
    5. Come Gather 'Round People
    6. Torch Songs
    7. Citric Asset
    8. Just Passing Through
    9. Four Species, Five Opinions?
    10. No Kidding
    11. Tell It on the Mountain
    12. One for All and All for One
    13. Eve's Other Fruit
    14. Hearkening Unto Sarah's Voice
    15. The Other Sides of the Coin
    16. Abraham's Daughter
    17. Of Vanity and Vehicles
    18. Simhat Torah: The Rabbis and the Rabble
    19. The Mysterious Origins of Simhat Torah
    20. Mr. Pepys' Outrageous Outing
    21. The Well-Groomed Torah Groom
    22. Was He Pushed? A Simḥat Torah Mystery

  • Hanukkah
    1. "The Holy Maccabee Martyrs"
    2. By the Hanukkah Lights
    3. Hellenism Revisited
    4. "Because They Were Included in the Miracle"
    5. Heroes, Hammers and Hanukkah
    6. The Maccabees' Menorah and Titus' Menorah
    7. From Gelt to Gifts
    8. The Tomb of the Last Hasmonean?
    9. The Menorah and the Magi
    10. Getting a Handel on Hanukkah
    11. Burning Issues
    12. The Wicked Hasmonean Priest
    13. A Megillah for Hanukkah
    14. Assideans for Everyone
    15. Hanukkah by Star-Light
    16. Yesterday's Hero
    17. Eight Days a Week
    18. The Priestly Kings of Salem
    19. Natural Light
    20. Debatable Dates
    21. Eleazar Died for Our Sins
    22. Looking Forward to Hanukkah
    23. Valley Forgery
    24. Levi's War
    25. Light from the Right
    26. Soldiers, Solder and Solid Gold
    27. Of Candles and Casinos
    28. "A Joyful Mother of Children"
    29. For King and Country
    30. Miracles—Then and Now
    31. A Day of Rest—or Resistance
    32. Herod's Day
    33. Lord Gordon's Highland Hanukkah
    34. Latest articleFuel for a Festival

  • The Fifteenth of Sh'vat
    1. The Incredible Plant-Man
    2. Apples and Apocalypse
    3. It Grows on Trees
    4. Renewable Resource
    5. Reading Palms
    6. That Mysterious Fragrance
    7. Turning Over a New Leaf
    8. Passion-Fruit or Brain-Food?
    9. Pardes Lost
    10. The Whispering Palms
    11. A View to Die For
    12. Roots and Branches
    13. Isaiah's Cedar: The Inside Story
    14. A Tree Grows in Eden
    15. A Date with Deborah
    16. Botanical Blessings
    17. Forbidding Fruit
    18. Forces of Nature

  • Purim
    1. Purim, Parody and Pilpul
    2. The War Against Purim
    3. Vashti: A Feminist Heroine?
    4. Esther the Marrano
    5. Aquarian Esther
    6. Passing Through Shushan
    7. Troubles at Court
    8. The Purim-Shpiel and the Passion Play
    9. The Wise King Ahasuerus
    10. Esther and the Essenes
    11. Remembering Harbona: For Good or for Bad?
    12. Hanging Out with Vaiezatha
    13. Wall-to-Wall Purim
    14. Haman for All Seasons
    15. Stepladders and Stable-Hands
    16. Verify Your References
    17. Snap, Gragger, Pop!
    18. Poëma de la Reyna Ester
    19. The Show Must Go On
    20. A Dinner Fit for a Queen
    21. Mad about Mordecai
    22. Haman among the Pyramids
    23. The Natives Are Restless
    24. A Match for a Misogynist
    25. Party Lights
    26. Fast or Fantasy
    27. What We Can Learn from Haman
    28. Purim: Sequel to Sinai
    29. Mysterious Mordecai
    30. Latest articleIt Sounds Better in Tarsian

  • Miscellaneous
    1. January 1st
    2. On Matriarch Rachel and Mother's Day
    3. Columbus' Medinah?
    4. Calendar Conundrums
    5. Ladies' Day

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