Selection of these articles are now available in book form

Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School?Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School

by Jason Aronson Publishers

Ask Now of the Days that Are PastAsk Now of the Days that Are Past


University of Calgary Press
A Meeting-Place for the WiseA Meeting-Place for the Wise
On the Trails of TraditionOn the Trails of Tradition

Chronicles and CommentariesChronicles and Commentaries

Preachers, Teachers and Selected Short FeaturesPreachers, Teachers and Selected Short Features


Alberta Judaic Library

Jewish Scholarship

  1. The Talmud Goes to College
  2. A Landmark in Jewish Scholarship
  3. Endings and Beginnings
  4. "The Shabbes Goy"
  5. The Dead Sea Dud
  6. Looking for Lilith
  7. Irrelevance
  8. The European Genizah
  9. Ask a Stupid Question...
  10. Gentlemen and Scholars
  11. He Didn't Have a Prayer
  12. Stincus, Scincus Shmincus--But Is It Kosher?
  13. Escalator to Heaven
  14. Stretching the Truth
  15. Some Footnotes to Footnote
  16. Over the Rainbow
  17. He Ain't Got No Body
  18. Non-Euclidian Theocracy
  19. Higher Education
  20. A War of Convenience
  21. I'll Take a Vowel Please
  22. I'll See You in Court
  23. Who Built the Ark? Utnapishtim!
  24. Flying out of a Rage
  25. Ladies of Letters
  26. That Was No Lady, That Was My Allegory
  27. From Brine to Brain

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