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Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School?Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School

by Jason Aronson Publishers

Ask Now of the Days that Are PastAsk Now of the Days that Are Past


University of Calgary Press
A Meeting-Place for the WiseA Meeting-Place for the Wise
On the Trails of TraditionOn the Trails of Tradition

Chronicles and CommentariesChronicles and Commentaries

Preachers, Teachers and Selected Short FeaturesPreachers, Teachers and Selected Short Features


Alberta Judaic Library

Jewish Trivia and Exotica

  1. "In Seventh Heaven"
  2. The Meaning of Shokeling
  3. A Cigarette and a Cup of Coffee
  4. What's in a Name?
  5. The Return of the Priestly Breastplate
  6. Happy Birthday, JFP!
  7. A Bird in the Hand
  8. "Oy Vey!"
  9. King Solomon's Genie
  10. A Talmudic "Quiz Show"
  11. Yasher Koach: May You Have Strength!
  12. Balaam the Prophet
  13. The Garlic Eaters
  14. "Orthodox," "Cowboys" and Other Insults
  15. Taking It All in Stride
  16. The Yarmulke and the Hard-Hat
  17. Home Team Blues
  18. A Bad Business
  19. Sweatin' to the Oldies
  20. School Days
  21. Seeing Stars
  22. Dreams of Fields
  23. "The Name is David--King David"
  24. Healthy Advice from the Top Authorities
  25. Rabbi, Watch Out for that Beam!
  26. First Editions
  27. Minimizing Your Assets
  28. Tennis, Anyone?
  29. Beam Me Up
  30. ...Where Seldom is Heard a Mystical Word
  31. The Siren's Song
  32. Flowery Language
  33. A Dubious Blessing
  34. The Love Apple
  35. The Walls Have Ears
  36. Horse Sense
  37. Keeping the Ball in Play
  38. Preparing for a Prophet
  39. Taking Leave of our Census
  40. The Right Vampire?
  41. The Tong of Tongs
  42. Kaddish for a Cowgirl
  43. It's the Thought That Counts
  44. Fiscal Prudence
  45. Your Roots Are Showing
  46. Tool Time
  47. It's Witchcraft...
  48. On the Fast Track
  49. The Return of the Grey Roots
  50. The Treacherous Mr. Trebisch
  51. Did You Hear the One about the Parrot...?
  52. For Your Eyes Only
  53. An Odd Bird
  54. Special Delivery
  55. My Aching Back
  56. Hollow Victories
  57. Peril onthe High Seas
  58. From Calves to Kittens
  59. Edifice Complex
  60. Spoiling the Broth
  61. Shephatiah ben Amittai and the Haunted Princess
  62. The Art of Gracious Giving
  63. Veiled Threats
  64. Turning Over a New Leaf
  65. Memory-Go-Round
  66. Vegetarian Kook-ing?
  67. Lava and Lightning-bolts
  68. Dad Always Like You Best
  69. Windows of Opportunity
  70. Uncommon Cold
  71. Prescriptions or Prayers
  72. Jews Clues
  73. The Fellowship of the Hairy Toes
  74. Bravo, Signor de’ Sommi!
  75. Portable Holes and Rolling Stones
  76. Donkey Devotion
  77. To Boldly Go...
  78. By Any Other Name
  79. Unforgettable
  80. Labeling Laban
  81. Lost in Translation
  82. The One that Got Away
  83. Starting Off on the Right Foot
  84. Symbolic Sarah
  85. Go West, Young Jacob!
  86. The Ultimate Space-Saver
  87. Chariot of the God
  88. Thrown to the Dogs
  89. The Messiah Takes Manhattan
  90. Moo-sical Mystics
  91. Fetal Positions
  92. Speed Demon
  93. Dead Men Don't Sneeze
  94. The Relevance of the Elephants
  95. How Not to Be Seen
  96. Overstaying Your Welcome
  97. Oh Give Me a Home...
  98. Beyond an (Eye-)Shadow of a Doubt

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