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Ein Mishpat / Ner Mitzvah

"The Wellspring of Justice" / "The Lamp of Commandment"




Rabbi Joshua Boaz Mevorakh was a Spanish (Sepharadi) exile living in Italy.


Venice, Italy.


Like the other cross-references and indices that enhance the printed Talmud page, this section originally appeared in the third Venice printing of the Talmud (published by Marco Justiniani, a Christian).

It actually consists of two enhancements compiled by the same author, Rabbi Joshua Boaz Mevorakh.

The two indices that are combined here are the following:

  1. Ein Mishpat ("The Wellspring of Justice"; the phrase is taken from Genesis 14:7), which contains references to the main codes of Jewish law:
    1. Mishneh Torah by Rabbi Moses Maimonides
    2. "Arba'ah Turim" by Rabbi Jacob ben Asher
    3. "Shulhan Arukh" by Rabbi Joseph Caro
    4. Sefer Mitzvot Gadol ("the Great Book of Commandments") by Rabbi Moses of Coucy.

  2. Ner Mitzvah ("Lamp of Commandment"; see Proverbs 6:23 "For the commandment is a lamp"), which enumerates, in order of their apprearance, all the codified laws that are contained in each chapter of the Talmud (i.e., all the laws that are indexed in the Ein Mishpat).
The marginal notes link up to tiny Hebrew superscript letters that are embedded in the Talmud text preceding any passage that is cited as normative law in the respective law codes.

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