Type: Commentary

Tosefot Rabbi Akiva Eger




Rabbi Eger was one of the foremost rabbinic authorities of his generation in central and eastern Europe. A prodigy, he founded a Talmudic academy at Markish-Friedland in 1790, where he accepted a rabbinic position and served as the chief rabbi of the Posen region. His decisions on matters of Jewish law (as expressed in his responsa) were sought by Jews throughout the world. He was a staunch opponent of the Enlightenment and Reform movements.


Germany, Bohemia, Poland.


Eger's Tosafot to the Mishnah, like his "Gilyon Ha-Sha"S" to the Talmud and to the Shulhan 'Arukh, consist largely of brief cross-references to other works that shed light on the current passage.

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