Type: Commentary

Mishnah Rishonah and Mishnah Aharonah


The titles mean, respectively, "the first Mishnah" and "the last Mishnah." The terms are used in the Mishnah itself to designate earlier and later stages in the development of the laws. In the present context, however, they reflect the fact that they are commentaries on the first and last order of the Mishnah.




Rabbi Ephraim Isaac ben Leibush.


Premysl and Lisk, Poland.


These two commentaries cover the tractates Zera'im and Tohorot for which there is not Babylonian Talmud (and hence no commentary by Rashi), and which were rarely studied in the standard curriculum. The author provides short, clear interpretations and observations on the Mishnah text designed to make these tractates accessible to a broader audience.

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