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Page Numbers

As in most other editions of rabbinic and halakhic works, numbers are assigned to leaves, i.e., the front and back of the page are given one number. The number is indicated by a Hebrew letter on the upper left-hand corner of the front ("recto") page as seen when the book is open--remember that Hebrew is printed from right to left!

Most recent printings will also have a page number, in regular Arabic numerals, on the "verso"; i.e., on the upper right-hand corner as seen when the book is held open.

The page number will of course be double the value of the Hebrew leaf number. e.g., the verso of leaf 11 will be designated as page 22.

The page/leaf numbers are almost never used in citation, since there is no standardly accepted pagination. It is much more convenient to cite according to Tractate, chapter number and individual Mishnah number.

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