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Mishnah Tractate Name

Every tractate (Hebrew: Masekhet) in the Talmud has a unique Hebrew name that appears at the centre of the upper margin.

A tractate is usually a volume dealing with a specific topic, though sometimes the tractate will include heterogeneous topics introduced because of formal similarities, etc..

For example, in the Order (Seder) of Mo'ed, which deals with the Jewish festival calendar, there are separate tractates about the Sabbath (Shabbat), Passover (Pesahim), Tabernacles (Sukkah), New Years (Rosh Ha-Shanah), and each of the other individual holy days.

In total, there are sixty tractates in the Mishnah; though in the tradition of study based on the Babylonian Talmud some of the longer tractates have been subdivided into smaller sections (e.g., the thirty-one chapters of the tractate "Neziqin" [on civil law] is normally divided into three sections: "Baba Qamma/Mesi'a/Batra" [the First/Middle/Last Section]), so that they reach a total of sixty-three.

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