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Mishneh Torah Volume Titles

The Mishneh Torah divides all of Jewish law into the following fourteen areas. The current volume is identified at the top of each page. Each title is preceded by the expression "Sefer" (The Book of):
  1. Knowledge (theology and correct beliefs)
  2. Adoration (prayer and worship)
  3. Seasons (religious calendar, sabbath and festivals)
  4. Women (family law)
  5. Sanctity (ritual prohibitions such as incest and dietary restrictions)
  6. Affirmations (oaths and vows)
  7. Seeds (agricultural regulations)
  8. Service (Temple worship)
  9. Sacrifices
  10. Purity
  11. Torts
  12. Acquisitions (modes of purchase, etc.)
  13. Judgments (civil and property laws)
  14. Judges (administration of justice)

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