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Page Numbers

Numbers are assigned to leaves, i.e., the front and back of the page are given one number. The number is indicated by a Hebrew letter on the upper left-hand corner of the front ("recto") page as seen when the book is open--remember that Hebrew is printed from right to left!

Most recent printings will also have a page number, in regular Arabic numerals, on the "verso"; i.e., on the upper right-hand corner as seen when the book is held open.

The page number will of course be double the value of the Hebrew leaf number. e.g., the verso of leaf 11 will be designated as page 22.

References to pages in the Talmud are always by leaf number, with an "a" or "b" added to distinguish between the recto and verso: e.g.: Eruvin 22b; Makkot 8a. Whenever you encounter this method of citation, with just a tractate name, a number and an "a" or "b", you can be certain that the reference is to the Babylonian Talmud.

In Hebrew citations (including the Mesoret Ha-Sha"S, etc.) it is common to use one or two dots after the leaf number (a period or a colon; "." or ":") in order to distinguish between the recto and verso.

Each tractate has its own page numbering. The numbering always begins from leaf 2a, since leaf 1 is assigned to the title page.

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