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Ba'er Heitev


The words are a Biblical phrase meaning "to explain well."


  1. Rabbi Judah ben Simeon Ashkenazi
  2. Rabbi Zechariah Mendel ben Arieh Leib


Rabbi Ashkenazi lived in Tiktin, Poland. Rabbi Zechariah lived in Belz, Poland.


These two works have similar formats, providing condensations of assorted legal rulings and responsa related to the decisions of the Shulhan 'Arukh.

In the standard printings of the Shulhan 'Arukh, Rabbi Judah Ashkenazi's Ba'er Heitev is printed with 'Orah Hayyim and 'Even Ha-'Ezer, and Eisenstadt's work of the same name accompanies Hoshen Mishpat and Yoreh De'ah.

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