The Four Cups

Jacky the juggler

is four inches small,

but he'll juggle the four cups

and not one will fall.

Each cup is filled up

with red wine to its top.

They dance through the air

but he won't spill a drop.

Sari is trying

to tickle his toes,

and she's wiggling a feather

right under his nose.

But Jacky keeps juggling.

His eyes are now closed.

His feet in the air

and one hand on the ground,

the four cups keep spinning

around and around.

He sings through the Kiddush.

He reads the Haggadah.

He's balancing now

on the top of a ladder.

He's saying the Grace

that we say after meals.

The cups are still spinning

like wobbly wheels.

He's finished the Hallel,

he's started to snore,

but he still keeps on juggling,

asleep on the floor.

They're dancing like ducklings,

they're spinning like tops--

I don't think that Jacky-boy

ever will stop.

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