Do you know who I am?

Have you heard of my name?

Once you have met me,

you won't be the same.

I show up each year

towards the end of the seder.

My eye see like telescopes,

ears work like radar.

You can't ever fool me,

you can't ever hide.

Your matzah's not safe

in the house or outside.

I'm famous, fantastic!

I'll tell you, in brief--

I'm Abie, the Afikoman-thief!


Whenever you think

that it's hidden away,

locked up in a safe,

covered over in clay,

in the ear of a rabbit,

in the mouth of a whale--

I'll find it as quick

as a wag of your tail.

Don't bother with watchers

and guarders and catchers.

I'm Abie, the great Afikoman-snatcher!


I find Afikomans,

no matter what size.

And I won't bring them back

till you give me a prize.

I'm quick and I'm clever,

I'm smart and I'm sly.

I hunt Afikomans

wherever they lie.

In the trunk of a tree,

in the nose of a rocket,

in the depths of a

five-year-old boy's messy pocket.

You don't stand a chance.

I'm beyond all belief.

I'm Abie the Afikoman-thief!


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