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What is the Press saying about Uncle Eli's Haggadah?

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Uncle Eli's
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
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Uncle Eli's


Most Fun Ever


Passover Haggadah

Calgary 1995 / 5755

© 1986, 1990, 1995 by Eliezer Lorne Segal
16-310 Brookmere Rd. SW
Calgary Alberta

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The Cover of Uncle Eli's Haggadah published by No Starch Press, San Francisco.
Original art by Bonnie Gordon Lucas. This illustration is copyright © by the artist and publisher, and appears here with their kind permission. It may not be copied without their permission.
Uncle Eli Book Cover

Bonnie Gordon Lucas and Friends Eliezer and Friends
Bonnie and Friends Eliezer and Friends

FAQs:Frequently Asked Questions about Uncle Eli's Haggadah

Who publishes it?No Starch Press, San Francisco
Where can I get a copy?Try your local book store.
They don't have any. What do I do now?You can try ordering from:
Does anybody else sell it?Sure, just about everybody!

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