What readers are saying about Uncle Eli's Haggadah:

Andrew Tannenbaum's Judaism and Jewish Resources Web Page

...Dr. Seuss after four glasses of wine.

Torah Aura Bulletin Board, July 29/95.

"Kool Web Site"

Hilary Ostrov's "Internet Traveller":

My favourite "light spot" to return to is (believe it or not!) right here in Canada! I know it's not really "seasonal", but just like matza, " Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Most Fun Ever Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah" is good anytime of the year! Believe me, it is sheer delight - for young and old alike! Enjoy!....

But my favourite on-line Haggadah is still the ever popular Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Most Fun Ever Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah with some Hebrew, a glossary and "other hypertext bells-and-whistles."

Magellan Internet Directory Reviews:

Uncle Eli's Haggadah is a Passover Haggadah written for children, described by one reader as in the style of 'Dr.Seuss after four glasses of Manischewitz.' A sample of one of the passages follows -'We have to get rid/of the Hametz today--/We have to destroy it./We can't let it stay/We'll punch it and crunch it/and bury it deep,/or leave it to rot /on Mount Zeepleep-the-Steep.' Concepts like 'Hametz,' 'The Four Cups', 'The Ten Plagues' and so forth are linked to texts which explain the different rituals and their meaning in a more serious fashion.

Henry Hollander Booksellers:

Greetings from San Francisco:

Your story is wonderful! I wrote a story for my daughter Ruth's naming celebration last summer and after finding your story on the web was inspired to do some rewriting and publish it on the web too.

If it is okay with you I'd like to put a link on the page to your story (and as many other Jewish children's stories as I can find). Let me know if this is okay. The URL for my daughter's web page is: http://www.hollanderbooks.com/wetspot.htm/

Shavuah tov,

Katherine Hollander

greetings from Australia.

Just thought you'd like to know that we are putting in a link to your children's hagaddah from the Jewish Australian Web site.

Chag Sameach,

Naomi Jones


Jewish Ozzies' Inter.Net (JOIN)

Allison Kaplan Sommer, The Jerusalem Post:

SURFING THE NET: Seder on-line

... Now, let's not forget the children. Do you remember what Pessah was like when you were young? Frankly, when you're a kid, the Seder can be, well, a rather boring snooze - even though it's often the first time you get to drink alcohol in front of your parents. But on balance, the hours between the start of the Seder and the all-important afikoman reward can drag on. To perk up the process a bit for the youngsters, check out "Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids, Most Fun Ever, Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah," which is on-line at (http://www.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal/Uncle_Eli/Eli.html).

This 15-section Haggada is written Dr. Seuss-style, and is a very entertaining variation. Here are some excerpts from Uncle Eli's version of the Four Questions:


I found Uncle Eli's creation quite amusing, but it lacks illustrations.There is an explanation. The Haggada has been loaded onto the net in a text-only version since Uncle Eli (a.k.a. Eliezer Lorne Segal of Calgary, Canada) admits that he "can't paint worth a bean." A fun activity for kids might be to print out the Haggada and let them illustrate it.

[Please note: The "bean" in question is an Ashkenazic one. Sepharadic beans are much more valuable during Pesah. -E.S.]

Claire Sandler, Washtenaw Jewish News

Of the few haggadah-related sites I discovered, by far the one that serves up the most fun is Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Most Fun Ever Under the Table Passover Haggadah... The entire text is written in clever verse and its author suggests it be used at family seders, school assemblies or wherever appreciative children are found.

"Passover in Cyberspace," March 1996.


... I have just spent a delightful time reading this beautiful "book" ... It took me back to my days as a young teen when I worked in the children's library ... and I loved reading all the Dr. Seuss books!! This is a truly a book that should be both heard and seen!!

How can I become a member of the Uncle Eli International Fan Club??!!


Thanks for publishing the Children's Haggadah on the net, I enjoyed it.

I. G.:

Yashir koach!


Very nice work. You can definitely give Dr. Suess a run for his money... When can we expect the illustrated version?


I just wanted to drop you a note to say Toda Raba!! for the children's book... I wish everyone in the Jewish community could perform mitzvahs, as you have done in offering this book over the Internet. Perhaps we'd have a better world! ... Again, thank you for being there, and giving me that shining light through this very mysterious place they call the Net!


What I've read is a real kick. My wife loves it; and, she's the real critic around here. Maybe I'll try the kids next.


I enjoyed your haggadah very much. Is there a printed version that I can send to my nephews?


So, nu, when are you going to have some enterprising artist add illustrations?


As a new Internet user I was delightfully surprised to find your outstanding work on the monitor. How did you incorporate the Hebrew aleph-bet?


What a find right here on the internet... I'm so excited about the book. This year's Passover gifts for all the little ones, for sure. Can we expect to find illustrations????? My Bnai Zion chapter will adore this. I feel Blessed yet again...


I very much enjoyed reading the Haggadah and intend to read it with my Hebrew school class next Pesach.


I happened upon your wonderful Haggadah as I was "surfing the net." What a wonderful surprise. Even with Pesach many months away, I began thinking of what a wonderful addition selections from your Haggadah might be incorporated into our Religious School "model sedarim" ...I also want to use it in our own home. It's wonderfully refreshing. Please keep me posted if you have any other materials written in this style. May I get permission to reproduce all or part in our synagogue school?


I enjoy your stuff very much, and my family of Jewish educators likes your stuff too. It is good... Keep up the good work. Yashar kohecha


I found your great Haggadah on-line and LOVED what I read of it. How can I attain a copy (or copies) of it? I'm interested in presenting it as a Temple religious school production in the spring...
Thanks for writing it.


Hello! I am a 4th year rabbinic student... and I was surfing some of the Jewish "stuff" on the net and came accross your Haggada. Both my wife and I were very impressed by your work, and we would like to receive a full copy of it (electronic would be great). If it is published we would also like a copy of the publication. After all there is nothing like a real book! Please let us know how we can obtain a copy.


Marvelous - Can't wait to share it with my cousins this Pesach. Is this in published format? How can I get it?


I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed this!


Todah Rabah ...for sharing your lovely children's Haggadah with the netters.


Thank you very much for a lovely treat on an evening when I was feeling in need of comfort! I would like to obtain a copy of this little treasure, if it is available in book or any kind of paper form. I am afraid that if I just wait until one of our staff can download it for me tomorrow, I won't know how to get back to this site. It was so magical, that I'm sure it was a dream! Thank you and keep up the good work.


Just would like to say that I hope you write more for children. DEEEEElightful !

Thank you

I am not Jewish but I work in Family Day Care and like to expose "my children" to all cultures. Your page is delightful. Wish I understood some of the words people write to you. I am assuming they are in praise. I am linking your page to mine...

Again, Thank You !

G. S.:

I picked your Haggadah up on the Web and enjoyed truly enjoyed reading it. I showed it to our Rabbi... and he too thinks it is great. Do you mind if he uses parts of it in connection with our religious school next spring?...

I told some friends that this version of the Haggadah was written by a man in Calgary, and the reaction was, "What, Jews way up in the wilderness?" After 27 years in the Armed Forces... and meeting Jews all over the world, I took the comment for what it was--stupidity.

...Get in touch. We owe you at least a cup of coffee for the entertainment you provided in "A Present From Uncle Eli."

A. A. D:

It's such a mechayeh to have stumbled upon this site. This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for to illustrate how important and useful the web can be for our isolated congregation... You can be sure that, as director of Religious Education, I will be sure this site is bookmarked on the Temple's lone computer, and that each and every student (and they almost all have computers at home) are given the URL.

If there is anything I or others can do to insure that this site remains active and continues to provide new treats like one for Sukkot, don't hesitate to ask.

B. A.:

Loved the Passover story. Do you have a downloadable version that is not text only? I think it would be great for Sunday school.

K. S.:

I loved it! Found it surfing the Yahoo Judaism link. I have downloaded it and would like to send copies to some friends and family on-line, but do not want to do so without your permission. If this is okay, or if it is not, please let me know ASAP. Thanx!


Your story is a great resource. However, the background is impossible to read through. would you consider changing it?
[I did. The next response came afterwards: E.S.]
Yes, the site looks much better. Will you allow me to be candid, nevertheless? In my humble opinion, the backbround pattern is not as aesthetically calming as I might hope for. the lines in it are jarring. Another thing that caught my eye, was the blinking. Personally, I find the blink a little much sometimes.
[I removed it. E.S.]
Finally, you might consider using a multiple column approach. Since the text is quite long, perhaps it would read easier if you had two columns. Maybe not, though, it's just something that popped in my head. (let me know if you're interested but don't know how to do it).
[I tried, but didn't like it. E.S.]
I know you weren't asking for my criticisms, but I hope you won't take offense.
[Who, me take offense?!]


Wonderful work. I'm wondering about some of the same things that other readers want to know -- you should put up an FAQ page. Most importantly, I'd like to know if I may print it out in booklet format for our seder (just friends and family). Naturally, I'd include your copyright, and send you a copy of the file.
[The FAQ section is now there, including the answer to your question. E.S.]
A few quick comments: the text version is named Eli.hqx, but it's not binhexed, it's just straight text; that file also contains a different postal address from the Web page; and please nix the blinking characters on your pages -- they're terribly hard on the eyes.
[All the above have been corrected. Thanks for the advice. E.S.]

E. A.

Simply superly sensational. What a joy to find on the WEB. Would be an equal joy to find in the bookstore. As we say in New Jersey, Hazak U-Baruch.


My mother and I enjoyed the text version of your hagadah, and would like to get a complete version, with pictures and all for my daughter. Where can we purchase it?

E. T.:

Mazal Tov!
[Huh? E.S.]
I wrote: Mazal Tov! You answered: "Huh?" For the Kids Passover Hagaddah! (I suppose it's yours) (if not, Mazal Tov for getting your name and e-mail address on the Internet version)


Thanks for posting the Haggadah. I think it's brilliant.


Uncle Eli,

Love your Hagaddah! I can't wait to tell all my friends with little kids to use it this Passover!

Please let me know when a printed, illustrated version is available.

L. L.:

Just found your Haggadah while cruising the Web. As a Dr. Seuss fan, Daddy of two young kids, & homegrown seder-maker myself, I gotta say that your poetry is delightful -- & some of it may be included in our own Passover celebration next Spring (with suitable copyright notice). One quibble: The bit in "The Four Sons" about thwacking
[It's really a very soft thwack. E.S.]
and slapping
[Remember: This is a very bad individual. He walks around with a PET ALLIGATOR!! E.S.]
and kicking the kid
[a) I think he's wearing a padded diaper, so it probably won't hurt.]
[b) Did I mention that he is 28 years old and carries a loaded assault rifle and switchblade? E.S.]
is not funny. It's child abuse. Please consider a less violent fate for Nasty. Thanks...


I found your DELIGHTFUL Passover story while "surfing" for some Hannukah ideas!! I can't wait to introduce it at our family's next seder, where children far outnumber adults (though the forty-somethings will probably appreciate it the most!)

Surely you have had more than "nibbles" from publishers by now. Every Jewish family I know would love to buy a book like this. 'Till then we'll make do with the computer print-out you have so graciously made available on-line.

Thank you.


Thank you so much for this wonderful work. I wish you were around when I was my kid's age. Thank you... When it comes out in print.... I want it!!!!!!!


I just finished reading Jacob's Story with my daughter..., age 7 3/4. I found it to be wonderful and a delight to read. It was very moving for me as tomorrow will be my mother's unveiling. Tears were coming to my eyes.
... If you have other stories on the Internet, please tell me how to locate them. I am sure that both my daughter and I will be happy to read them.
[My daughter] asked for me to send her thanks to you for the stories and to make sure to tell you that this e-mail is from her also.


I don't have "little ones" any more. My littlest is 22. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could use your haddadah at my seder with only adults?

BTW, I am a graphic artist and I work at a Temple. I am planning to suggest to our Hebrew School director to distribute copies of the haggadah to his students. I will also suggest that he have a contest for the students to draw the creatures that you describe in it and that the winner will get to submit his/her design to the author for possible publication. Would that be agreeable to you? And in turn, the student's name and school will be mentioned in print.

[Frankly, the Haggadah was really written for adults, back when my oldest (now a strapping 17-yr.-old) was two and we were all overdosed on One-Fish-Two-Fish. Yes, I would be delighted to display your students' pictures. I have long considered making an official appeal, but never got around to it. -E.L.]
I am planning on talking with the Director this week. He will need time to put together a program -- that is, if he's interested at all. At any rate, your haggadah will be on my seder table.

Thanks for writing it.

C-J. A.:

Uncle Eli --

I'm a MA candidate in the dept. of theatre studies... I'm presently working on my thesis, which is a feminist approach to an examination of the relationship between ritual and performance with specific attention to Haggadot. The project is in two parts -- a research paper and a play, meant to be performed as a Haggadah in a Seder (as opposed to on stage in front of an audience). As a result, I've spent the past year reading virtually every Haggadah I can get my hands on. Yours is by far the most entertaining and least pretentious/condescending.


Thank you for a wonderful break in what has often been a tiresome lot of reading...


I had heard about your Haggadah on the Torah Bulletin Board and now that I am on line and getting ready for Passover at my school your Haggadah is a welcomed treat. It is wonderful! I loved all the comments - from so many teachers, rabbis and educators -- wow! This cyberspace Jewish stuff really shows how many people are into doing good fun Jewish stuff. Toda Rabba and give us more wonderful stories soon.


Loved it!--I'm going to download it for my daughter, who just became a Bat Mitzvah and who loves to write poetry. She also loved Dr. Seuss when she was little (as I still do). I also detect a slight influence of Shel ("Where the Sidewalk Ends") Silverstein.

A question: I manage a noncommercial radio station licensed to the Public Schools. We have a kids show... which is also heard in NY City. Could we possibly get permission to use some of it on the air? (I'll need to check with our producers, too--to see if they want to use it). Mazel Tov!


As a coordinator for Jewish education I saw the hagada by accident and I must tell how very much impressed I am. Kol hakawod. Did you make other things for children? Please let me know.

A koshere Pesach.

A. & L. G.:

Dear Uncle Eli,

We just wanted to drop you a letter to let you know how much we enjoyed your website. We will definitely use your pages for our seder this year; I'm sure my nephew will love to have it read to him.

D. P.-T.:


I have just found your Passover story/poem - WOW, it's wonderful, and just what I was looking for.

I am the only Jew in the small town I live in (as far as I know), and I want to be able to explain myself, and our festivals to people. I work at the local library, on the childrens programmes, and I wanted to teach the children about Passover, as well as the Easter information they get flooded with.

It has been hard finding usful resources, but now I've found this brilliant Haggadah, Thank-you very much. If you are interested I will let you know the children's responses, after I have done the programmes.

D. M.:

Thank you! I found this through links from Mimi Hiller's food page. NOW I know what we'll do for this year's seder, at which we're expecting 6-8 children ages 2-8. I will set them to the task of illustrating episodes, and would urge you to find a publisher. This is a delightful work and certainly fills a need, and you should prosper from your creativity as you share your work with others (who might not have net access). I speak as a writer and wife of a painter; don't hide your light under a barrel! Thanks again, whoever you are!

R. W.:


My five year old, Sara, is in love with the Seuss-like Haggada. I read several of the chapters to her, and she was all ears. I am going to read the four questions to her class at Temple ... preschool tomorrow.

When this wonderful Haggadah is published, and you are making a book tour through the US, and you stop ... in Denver, we will be in the front row!

Thanks for the help with downloading instructions.


M. C.:

I really enjoyed your delightful Hagaddah. I am a Jewish Music Specialist and would like to use parts of your Hagaddah in my classes. Todah Rabbah for your creative efforts.

N. D.:

Thanks, Uncle Eli. I will use it at my seder.

B. M.:

Dear Uncle Eli

Thank you for the wonderful Haggada!! I thought you might like to know that it is being viewed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I came across your Haggada while surfing on the net.What a great surprise!

My children aged 8 and 10 attend a Jewish Day school called" King David School".It has a primary school with about 1,500 students and a high school with about 2,000 students.I believe it is the largest Jewish day school in the Diaspora.We also have a kindergarden with about 300 little 3-6 year olds attending.

I hope you dont mind but I copied your Haggada and sent a copy to the head of the Hebrew & Jewish studies department at our school.She loved it !!!

The children are all busy preparing for their mock Sedars at school and I am sure they will make use of your Haggada.

Many thanks

S. A. K.:

Dear Uncle Eli,

We enjoyed your Hagadah very much and plan to use it at our seder this year. It will make the seder a lot of fun.

You mentioned that you might be interested in illustrations. We have an uncle who is a very talented artist. For years and years he made original cards for all the Jewish holidays. He is a professional artist and has won more than one hundred prizes.

We would be glad to mail you copies of some of his work.

Currently he is in a nursing home where he spends his time making cards to cheer people up. He was written up in New York Newsday.

We stay in touch with him. We think that he might be interested in providing illustrations for this Hagadah. Allowing him to do this would be a real mitzvah.

Could you please reply to us by e-mail. We will be glad to put you in touch with him.

Thank you. Best wishes for a Happy Passover.

J. W.:

I am interest in finding your hagadah (Uncle Eli for kids only passover hagadah).

I was told about it here in Denver.

P.& P. G.:

Hello and thank you for Uncle Eli's Haggadah.

We plan on reading it to our 5 year old son for pre-Passover bedtime stories, and reading a selection our time at the Seder.

G. F.:

I didn't expect to find this on the Net - only after I heard quotes from it here on the Jewish show on Montreal radio.

Hag kasher v samech.

[What was on the radio? Nobody told me! E.S.]

On CFCF radio 600 (they have new call letters), there is a Jewish Show, and one of the people found your under-the-table-haggadah on the internet... and he read a few exerpts, and advertised your haggadah.



I'm a Hebrew school teacher in the midst of teaching my class about the haggada and the story of Pesach. I just ran into your Dr. Seuss Haggada and I think my kids will love it!!!! Thanks alot!!

P.S. I personally happen to be a big fan of Dr. Seuss Himself so I probably enjoyed your Haggada as much as my kids will. Thanks again!

                      |VVVV^^^^^^^^^^^^         |
                     |                    vvvvvv\
                     |     vvvvvvvVVVVVVVVVVVVVV/
                     |VVVVVVV^^^^^^^^^^         |
                      |V/                        \
                      |             vvvvvvvvvvvvv|
                       \  /VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV\
                     |\__|/ _____ //--------   \\xx/
                     | xx\ /%%%%///   __     __  \\ \
                     \_xxx %%%%  /   /  \   /  \    |
                     / \x%%%%       ((0) ) ((0) )   |
                    / #/|%%%%        \__/   \__/     \__  
                    \#/ |%%%%             @@            \/
                      _/%%%%                             |_____
             ________/|%%%%                              |    -----___
        -----         |%%%%     \___                  __/
                   ___/\%%%%    /  --________________//
             __----     \%%%%                     ___/
            /             \%%%%                   _/
                             \%%%%              _/
                               \%%%%           /
                                  \%%         |
                                   |%%        |


E. S.:


I downloaded your marvelous haggadah. I have put it in a booklet and will give it to my synagogue library and to the day care center. The squeals of laughter and joy (and the hidden education) will be heard from here in NYC to Calgary.

Have a great and kosher Passover.


N. G.:

Thank you soooo much. Now I have a good chance of my HUSBAND staying with my son and me at the table with my family.

M. M.:

Mr Segal:

I was searching for something to enliven the seder for my grandkids & found your haggadah. I read it, and the comments page. Permit a dissent. It's clever, but why, of all things, did you choose the rhyme scheme & themes of "Twas the Night before Christmas?" Frankly, I find it offensive and wouldn't dream of using it. Couldn't you find a more appropriate way to channel your obvious creativity?

J. & N. P.:

We saw your Haggadah and think it is great. We are in the process of putting together a children's Haggadah for use at our Seder, not for commercial use and would like to use parts of your Haggadah. Also, as far as art work, we plan on letting the kids create their own during the Seder. The glossary is a nice touch and very helpful considering that we will have non Jews in attendance at our Seder. Again, thanks.

J. S. & J. P.:

Hi Prof. Segal --

Just a quick note to tell you I stumbled across your pages while looking for Passover recipes. I was so charmed by your passover haggadah that I was reading passages aloud to my wife.

Our ten-year-old is into poetry and enjoys Hebrew school (well, some of the time...) so I think he will enjoy this also. We will of course give appropriate credit (both my wife and I write for a living so we are very sensitive to such issues, even if our writing tends to be more technical and less exciting).

I just put a bookmark on your so I can come back and read about your courses. Unfortunately, being in Boston, it's unlikely I will take any directly, but we may spend some time with the course material.

Thanks for putting in the time and effort it must have taken to put these pages together!


Thanks for the wonderful haggadah poem!

When our 4 year old is ready, we plan to read it to him. For now, we will enjoy it.

We will send it around to all our family and friends, as well. Many thanks.

M. S.:

What a mitzvah! Thanks for the enjoyment that I know you will add to our Sedar this year!

Keep up the great work!

D. V.:

Wonderful work

Too bad my kids are older now, and will have to let them read it for themselves. Especially my older daughter who returns from the army for Seder. (The Cat in the hat was her favorite work.) Telech may chayil l'chayil Chag Kasher v'sameach

J. S.:

Really enjoyed it. ...Best wishes for a gut yomtov.

S. M.:

Mr. Segal (Uncle Eli),

I came across your most enchanting "Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Haggadah" on the Internet today and sent copies of the download to our children.

Has the Haggadah been printed in book form? And, if so, where can it be bought?

Have a wonderful and delightful Passover.

D. P.:

Thank you for a most enjoyable fun Haggadah.....It looks like it may keep the children's attention this season. This may be the one we use! Thanks again, and have a happy holiday

Y. K.:

...Happy Pesach and thanks anyway and we loved it and the Matzah background (and it makes no crumbs).

S. G.:

Dear Mr. Segal,

I am writing to you from Melbourne, Australia. I was delighted with your haggadah and was wanting to know if we could publish it within one of our local Jewish schools as we think the kids would really enjoy it. Is there anything you have already published? Please let me know the situation.

J. S.:

Thoroughly enjoyable! I only regret that we are having only adults at our seder this year, so it'll be hard to find an excuse to quote from your Haggadah. Have a great Pesach.

T. B.:

What a great thing I found at your website! You say you are interested in hearing of different ways your Haggadah is used. Well, it's not being used at my PhD defense, but, here is my twist: my family is not Jewish, but Mormon. I have always admired the symbolism in Judaism. In Mormonism we have a lot of symbolism in our Temple ceremonies, but not on a weekly basis in church, and our children are not exposed to the temple until their teenage years. So, in an attempt to de-commercialize our children, and instill in them a sense of tradition at the passover/Easter season, we decided this year to learn about and have a Seder, followed by a kosher meal. Anyway, finding your Haggadah was a pleasant find. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!!

E. R.:

Thank you for the opportunity to download your wonderful story. I am going to provide our youngsters with a copy so that they can recite it during our second Seder.

Can you provide information about the complete book/CD etc?

A. G. and family and Moishe the Cat:

My bubie and zaidy and mommy and daddy and sisters and moishe the cat thank you very much. We love your happy passover haggadah. We are having a blizard here in Toronto (Ontario) (Thursday April 4-1:53pm). This is NO april fools joke. My bubie and zaidy came from Peterborough and the roads are snow covered and slipery. They can't drive home. Can you make up a poem about being marooned with your grandparents over passover? They've eaten all of the gefilte fish and treats. Now they say what else is there to eat. My bubie made lots of potatoes and an apple kugel so we have lots of passover food. I make good cookies. Want the recipe??

Hag Sameach (We tried)
Happy Passover
With Best wishes to you and your family.

F. F.:

I read your Haggadah, Todah raba! If you have other material please tell me the address to go to.

R. B.:

Your haggadah is great! I just used it twice (at both our first seder and a friend's second seder) for supplementary readings. It was great for getting my daughter and other kids involved in the seder, which is no mean feat! It was a hit. Thanks very much for making it available! This is a really wonderful use of the web. Mazel Tov.

M. S.:

Just wanted to say thanks! I used parts of your haggada to spice up our second night and keep the kids (and adults) interest. It was great fun!

C. D. A.:

We used your seuss song about the four questions and it went very well, but I did want to make sure that I gave you the proper Koved.

Hag S'Meach

M. A.:

Thanks for your children's passover haggadah. They find it very refreshing. Noticed one thing though this morning, whatever link you are referencing at the end of most pages isn't working, making it very hard to browse the pages and almost impossible to print. Any chance of checking that out?

A. F.:

Thanks for putting Uncle Eli's Haggadah on the net. My family has a traditional seder, generally using the translation in a traditional haggadah. After reading Uncle Eli's Haggaddah, I thought it would be refreshing to use excerpts from Uncle Eli's Haggadah as the translation. I had no idea how thwe adults would like it. Everyone, especially the adults, enjoyed the excerpts. Next year I plan to add more excerpts to our seder. Do you plan to add new readings to the haggadah? My wife and I hope so. Chag Sameach!

E. S.:

Dear Rabbi

I enjoyed Uncle Eli's Haggadah. It was a delight to read with my son.

Your home page is a delight as well. I have made it a bookmark for my browser and hope to some time exploring the information presented.

Thanks for making this information easily available.

M. E.:

My daughter, Tanya, and I just finished reading your haggadah. I am only sorry that I didn't find it in time to read this year. Next year we will definitely make copies and pass it around the seder table to read.

Thank you.

B. C.:

Thanks for your kids' haggadah. It proved a welcome addition to our seder.

I. S.:

Dear Prof Segal,

... I am ten years old. I go to school at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway, (HAFTR), in New York. I liked your Haggadah. It was fun comparing it to the real Haggadah. Your Haggadah was very funny and I enjoyed reading it ...

Hag Sameach

A. B.-G.:

Dear Uncle Eli, Had such a great time with your Haggadah this Pesach, I just felt like I had to let you know and to thank you for making it available. Almost made me sorry that here, in Israel, we only have one night of Seder- oh well...just have to wait till next year. How about a Hebrew version??? Are you up to it? You have a huge potential clientelle for "HaHagaddah shel dod Eli" !!!!! thanks again, from me, my friends young and old, and all the folks I e-mailed it to on erev seder. chag sameach

I. W.:

Loved it. My brother forewarded it to the entire family. Glad to have a jewish alternative to How the Grinch stole Christmas, which my children (ages 4 and 6) always ask to have read to them. I'll definitely buy if published with illustrations. Thanks for sharing it.


Dear Uncle Eli (a.k.a Eliezer Segal),

I am a kid who downloaded your haggadah.I brought it to a non-jewish school, and everyone, even the teachers, loved it! No, I showed it to my parents, but they didn't take it away!

L. S.:

Uncle Eli,

I downloaded your Hagaddah and put it into desktop publishing booklet form to be used at our Sedar. We were 16 people and used the traditional Haggadah, "The Woman's Haggadah" and your Haggadah. (The Woman's Haggadah is very sexist!!!) What fun we had when my daughter asked the four questions from each version. By the way, my daughter was the youngest at the table, at 27 years old.

Thanks for being so creative and sharing your talent. It made for a very special Passover and one we will all remember.


M. S. A.:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making this Haggadah available. We used portions of it at our seders this year and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the adults may have appreciated even more than the kids, although my 12 year old daughter was the one who was most insistent on its use. Once again, thanks - you have done a magnificent job in putting this Haggadah together.


D. F.:

Mr. Segal/Uncle Eli (I'm not sure what's appropriate):

This is a wonderful Hagaddah...I grew up in an Orthodox home, so much of this is familiar... Thank you so much for the effort this must have taken.

It was very helpful in keeping my nieces and nephews entertained and awake at this year's S'dorim.

There can never be too many resources for children...Thank you for having provided one more.

S. F.:

We used part of your haggadah for our seder this year. The parents loved it. (The kids paid attention for the first time, which is why the parents loved it.)

M. L.:

Shalom Eliezer:

I wanted to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed various materials that you prepared relating to Pesach and the seder: the Seuss style poems, the Egytian letter to the Editor , the story about raisin wine and the Temperance movement etc.... You made some very real contributions to our sedarim. Thanks so much.

D. F.:

Thanks for the wonderful haggadah. I can't wait until next year!

D. B.:

Hello Uncle Eli

...Tokyo calling. I found your e-dress on the internet by chance while surfing around the world for Hannukah stuff. Your Passover story is wonderful. By the way, have the publishing nibbles turned into a book yet. If you need any contacts in the NYC publishing world, let me know. I have contacts in the childrens book world in manhattan your story would make a perfect book for the Passover season and some smart publisher should do it... Let me know if you need any leads...

R. C.:

...I browsed a little further and found your very touching hagadah. Kol ha-kavod.

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