Opening the Door

As the seder stretched on

and I started to snore,

my Mommy said: "Quick, now!

Go open the door!"

I didn't know

who could be coming right now,

but I stifled a yawn

and I stood up somehow.

I walked to the door

and I opened it wide,

and who do you think

I saw standing outside?

My friend Uncle Eli

with his beard to the floor

was waiting there quietly

next to the door!

His eyes were still twinkling.

His smile still shone bright.

He asked:

"Are you having a good time tonight?"

I wanted to tell him

about all the fun

I'd been having

since this special night had begun.

But just as I opened my mouth to reply,

he was gone, disappeared,

in the wink of an eye!

And I heard my Mom calling:

"Come back in right now!

We already have welcomed in Eliyahu--

"Eliyahu shows up

at our seder tonight

to make sure that

everything's going all right.

He'll answer the questions

we can't figure out.

He'll solve all our problems

and settle our doubts.

He also will taste

from the wine in his cup,

and we hope that this year

he will cheer us all up

by bringing us

happy and wonderful news

of a year full of freedom

in store for the Jews."

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