Rabban Gamaliel Omer...


Rabban Gamaliel

has something to tell,

so we'd better all listen

to him very well.

He says that each person

must mention these three

if he wants his whole seder

to go perfectly.

Tonight these three things

might be found in your parlor--

They are: Pesah and Matzah and Maror.


Pesah, the lamb

that the Jews would prepare

at the time that the Temple

was still standing there,

to remind us of how

our ancestors were saved,

how they marched out of Egypt

and stopped being slaves.

It wasn't a soup

and it wasn't a stew.

It was more like roast lamb

in a big Bar-B-Q.

We try to remember

that lamb, if we're able,

by keeping a bone of some sort

on the table.

Matzah, this strange flat

and hard, crunchy bread

was the food that our forefathers ate

when they fled.

They didn't have time

to make something more tasty

like chocolate cake

or cherry-cream pastry,

because their departure was

ever so hasty.

The trip out of Egypt was

all so haphazard,

they left mountains of matzah-crumbs

all through the desert.

Manny, our matzah-dog,

eats it by tons.

He'll have two hundred matzahs

before the night's done.

The third thing is Maror.

These herbs are so bitter!

Let's give some to Marvin,

our mean baby-sitter!

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