Pike - MR NeuroImaging Lab

circa 2011


The MR Neuroimaging Lab research activities can be divided into two broad themes: structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain. We are funded by numerous operating grants from various Alberta, Quebec, Canadian, and US agencies (AIHS, CAIP, CFI, FQRNT, CIHR, NSERC, MSSC, NIH) and our lab averages approximately 12-15 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and research assistants. Within each theme there are 2-3 primary projects that account for most of the research activity. In addition to these research projects, we also collaborate on numerous projects locally, nationally, and internationally.

Lab Location

Room HSC-2900

Health Sciences Centre

Cumming School of Medicine

University of Calgary

3330 Hospital Drive NW

Calgary, Alberta

Canada T2N 4N1

Phone: +1 402 210 6739

Fax: +1 403 210 9330

Current Lab Members

Jennifer Campbell, Research Associate

Ayca Altinkya, Postdoc (co-supervised with Prof. Abbas Sadikot, McGill)

Halleh Ghaderi, PhD Student

Yuhan Ma, PhD Student

Mathieu Boudreau, Scientific Programmer (co-supervised with Nikola Stikov)

Wei-Qiao Liu MD, PhD Student (co-supervised with Luanne Metz)

Melany Maclean, Research Assistant

Andre Robichaud, IT Specialist

Jean-Sebastien Provost, Research Associate

Christa Collie, Administrative Assistant

Kristin Sabourin, Research Assistant

Robyn Rogers, HIFU Research Coordinator

Erin Mazerolle, Research Associate

Rebecca Williams, Postdoc

Ethan MacDonald, Postdoc

Hongfu Sun, Postdoc

Conrad Rockel, Postdoc

Jacinta Specht, MSc Student

Chris Rowley, Postdoc (co-supervised with Prof. Christine Tardif, McGill)

Lab Alumni

Vali Petre, Research Assistant

Leili Torab, Research Assistant

Thomas Ranger, MEng

Richard Hoge, MSc & PhD

Remi Kwan, MEng

Gerard Crelier, Postdoc

Andreas Lazda, MEng

Bradford Gill, MSc

Patrice Munger, PhD

John Sled, PhD

Jeff Atkinson, MD, PhD

Jennifer Campbell, MSc & PhD

Najmeh Khalili, MEng

Maguerite Wieckowska, MEng

Calros Sanchez, Visiting Scientist

Alfonso Garcia-Asensi, Visiting scientist

Alexandre Bastos, Postdoc

Bojana Stefanovic, PhD

Jan Warnking, Postdoc

Mark Griffin, Postodc

Kamakshi Advani, MEng

Charmaine Chia, MSc

Vivian Woo, MEng

Ekaterini Klepousniotou, Postdoc

Catherine Mortin, MEng

Roch Comeau, PhD

Michel Audette, PhD

Reza Kasrai, PhD

Simone Duchesne, MSc

Ingrid Reinerstsen, MSc

Luke Fu, MSc

Simone Appenzeller, MD, PhD, Postdoc

Leticia Retiner, PhD

Eric Stinson, MSc

James Curtis, MSc

Ives Levesque, MSc & PhD

Jean Jing Chen, PhD

Claire Cohalan, MSc

Steve Frey, Postdoc

Prof. Christian Beaulieu, Visiting Scientist (Sabbatical)

Ileana Jelescu, MSc

Christine Tardif, PhD

Are Losnegård, Visiting PhD

Clarisse Mark, PhD

Marika Wallenburg, PhD Student

Silvain Beriault, PhD Student

Nikola Stikov, Postdoc

Avery Berman, MSc Student

Eva Alonso Ortiz, PhD Student

Ye Gu, MSc Student

Jamie Bird, MSc Student

Mathieu Boudreau, PhD Student

Avery Berman, PhD Student

Nancy Shie, MSc Student

Melany Maclean, MSc Student

The MR Neuroimaging Lab’s research is focused on MRI methods and applications for basic and clinical neuroscience.  You will find below a brief introduction to the lab followed by a list of current and former graduate students, postdocs, and RAs.

circa 2005