The current list available for download has been updated to include all CDs that have been given 4 stars in any edition of the guide up to and including the tenth edition. The current list contains 3615 entries and many of the entries refer to multi-disc sets. The list contains a column noting the edition in which an entry was first given a four star rating. Three further columns identify if an entry is crown, core or a part of the best 1001.

There are 17 entries that are core but not four star. For these entries the edition is left blank.

With the tenth edition, Morton (and Cook) have added 431 new entries as a part of the 1001 Best Albums. For the list, these additions are referred to as four star discs although this rating was not used in the tenth edition.

You can download the list as a CSV file. Right click on the link and choose 'Save Link As'. The file can then be read into any spreadsheet software. If you have any trouble with this file format, please contact me.

I have also added 2 .pdf files ready for immediate printing.

  • Four Star File For A Spreadsheet

  • Four Star File As A PDF: 1 to a page

  • Four Star File As A PDF: 2 to a page

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    For a list of four star discs from The Penguin Guide To Blues Recordings, go to:

  • Blues List

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    In April 1990, CD review published Thomas Conrad's selection of a basic library of 49 CDs. In a later issue, Conrad added a 50th disc and made one change. Anyone beginning a Jazz collection should consult this list.

  • Thomas Conrad's Basic 49+1

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