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On Easter Sunday I gave a short interview about the meaning of Easter to the CBC in Calgary. If you would like to hear it then click here.


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This site contains academic reviews on topics relating to Christianity.



Understanding World Religions

Christianity Today Award of Merit for 2012

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This site deals with cultural tourism and pilgrimage.

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Understanding Cults and New ReligionsConcise Dictionary of Religion

Understanding Cults and New Religions was republished as Understanding Cults and New Age Religions which was the title the authors first suggested.



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This site deals with the work of anthropologist Karla Poewe

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      The 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. in 2014, took me back to my first visit to Berlin in 1962. Here are copies of the first magazine article in which  I was quoted and my own  first published article. Read: Divided City from Link-Up the magazine of the North Western Gas Board in England and Christianity in Eastern Europe from the Cheadle Parish Magazine      
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