Phase behavior and thermophysical property measurements at high pressures and high temperatures


Bitumen/water and multi-components solvent phase behavior studies

Multicomponent phase equilibrium studies of petroleum and non-petroleum fluids

Dead-oil and live-oil viscosity and density measurements

Detailed heavy oil and bitumen characterization, simulated distillation, GPC, MW, TAN measurements

Asphaltene precipitation studies


Laboratory scale evaluation of solvent-aided thermal recovery processes


Solvent screening

1D, 2D, and 3D sand pack flooding experiments

Solvent detection and recovery experiments

Asphaltene precipitation in porous media


Diffusion and dispersion measurements


Molecular diffusion of gaseous solvents in liquids

Binary mutual molecular diffusion in liquids

Gas ex-solution and diffusion kinetics studies

Molecular diffusion in porous media

Dispersion in porous media

Interfacial tension measurements

Rheological property measurements


Reservoir simulation and PVT models


Multi-component solvent/bitumen reservoir simulation and fluid models

CO2/water and CO2/bitumen reservoir simulation and fluid models

Aquathermolysis and reactive reservoir simulation and fluid models

Acid-gas geological storage reservoir simulation and fluid models


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