Dr. Hiller normally teaches courses in the area of macrosociology/Canadian society and urban sociology.

As an urbanist, Dr. Hiller has done pioneering work in experiential education taking students into the community to observe urban issues and to interact with specialists in urban design and planning. The most well-known program is the Urban Field School which is usually offered during Fall Term Block Week and focuses on a wide range of topics from suburban development to homelessness. In addition to the Calgary component of the course, students usually also travel to the Bay Area in California where urban issues are examined in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco including activities on the campus of University of California, Berkeley. Admittance to this course is by application only.

The second program in experiential education is the special course on Cities and the Olympics. As an Olympic city, Calgary, and its neighboring city, Vancouver, provides important sites for more local analysis because field visits are an important aspect of the course.

Dr. Hiller has received the following teaching awards:

- Student Union Teaching Excellence Award, 1990 and 2008
- Faculty of Social Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award, 1993 and 2005
- Supervisory Excellence Award Nominee, Graduate Student Association, 2012
- He is also listed on the Great Teachers Webpage.