Hugh Cowie Williams




Born:                                       July 23, 1943

                                                London, Ontario, Canada


Citizenship:                              Canadian






1966                 B.Sc. (Honours)                University of Waterloo                    Mathematics

1967                 M.Math                             University of Waterloo                    Mathematics

1969                 Ph.D.                               University of Waterloo                    Computer Science


Ph.D. thesis:  A Generalization of the Lucas Functions





Professor Emeritus

Dept. of Computer Science                               (2004-present) - University of Manitoba

Full Professor

Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics                    (2001-present) - University of Calgary


Adjunct Professor

Dept. of Combinatorics & Optimization                (1998-2001) - University of Waterloo


Associate Dean of Science

for Research Development                                  (1994-2001) - University of Manitoba


Full Professor,

Dept. of Computer Science                                 (1979-2001) - University of Manitoba


Associate Professor,

Dept. of Computer Science                                 (1972-1979) - University of Manitoba

Assistant Professor,

Dept. of Computer Science                                 (1970-1972) - University of Manitoba

Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Dept. of Computer Science                                 (1969-1970) - York University





I.W. Killam Research Fellowship



Distinguished Speaker

Computer Forum Lecture Series

Stanford University



Lecturer, Felix Klein Symposium

University of Duesseldorf




Professeur Invité sur Contingent National

Dépt. de Mathématiques

Bordeaux, France



June-July 1990

David Harris Lecturer

National Security Agency

Fort George Meade, MD


May 1991

N.G.W.H. Beeger lecturer

University of Leiden


April 1994

Macquarie University

Visiting Research Scholarship

Awarded September-November 1999

Invited plenary speaker for the Millennial Conference on Number Theory at the

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


May 21-26, 2000

Invited attendee and speaker at the LMS Durham Symposium on Computational Number Theory at Durham University.


July 24 – August 3, 2000

Awarded the iCORE Chair in Algorithmic Number Theory and Cryptography at the University of Calgary.


2001-2006, 2006-2011

  Recognized as a "Pioneer of Computing in            
  Canada",  CASCON 2005, Toronto.
   October 19, 2005





J.C. Gabel                        1970-1972         M.Sc.      Computer Algorithms for the Manipulation of Multi-precise Integers


G.C. Kurtz                        1982-1984         M.Sc.      Composite Integers with Acceptable Perrin Signatures


C.D. Patterson                  1982-1983         M.Sc.      Design & Use of an Electronic Sieve


L.J. O’Connor                   1987-1988         M.Sc.      The Cryptoanalysis of Four Difficult Problems


A.J. Stephens                   1985-1989         Ph.D.       OASIS an Open Architecture Sieve System for Problems in Number Theory


G. Fung                            1987-1991         Ph.D.       Computational Problems in Complex Cubic Fields


S. Rottoo                          1989-1991         M.Sc.       A Survey of Zero-Knowledge Techniques and their Application


R. Scheidler                      1989-1993         Ph.D.       Applications of Algebraic Number Theory to Cryptography


M. Jacobson, Jr.               1993-1995         M.Sc.      Computational Techniques in Quadratic Fields

R.F. Lukes                        1991-1995         Ph.D.       A Very Fast Electronic Number Sieve

K.H.F. Cheng                    2002-2004         Ph.D.       Some Results Concerning Periodic Continued Fractions

K. Wooding                       2001-2004         M.Sc.       Development of a High-Speed Hybrid Sieve

R. de Haan                        2003-2004         M.Sc.       A Fast, Rigorous Technique for Verifying the

                                                                                                    Regulator of a Real Quadratic Field

. Patterson                      2000-2004         Ph.D.       Real Quadratic Fields with Large Class Number

R. Sawilla                          2002-2004         M.Sc.       Fast Ideal Arithmetic in Quadratic Fields

C. Foster                          2002-2005          M.Sc.      Catalan's Conjecture is True

A. Silvester
                       2003-2006          M.Sc.      Fast and Unconditional Principal Ideal Testing

E. Roettger                       2004-2009          Ph.D.        A Cubic Extension of the Lucas Functions




Alberta iCORE, iCORE Chair Establishment Award, $600,00pa, 2001-2006.  Renewal
$2,250,000 over five years, 2006-2011


NSERC, Discovery Grant, $30,000pa, 2000-2005, 2005-2010


Australian Research Council, IREX Grant (held jointly with A. J. van der Poorten, Macquarie University),A$10,000pa, 2000-2002


Alberta Ingenuity Fund, Institutional Establishment Grant, $262,740, 2002-2004

University of Calgary, Capital Start-Up Grant, $30,000, 2001-2003


Province of Alberta, REE Grant, $30,000, 2001-2003
(held jointly with Prof. R. Scheidler)


MITACS, Project Grant, $120,00pa, 2002-2007 (held jointly with Prof. Alfred Menezes)

NSERC Strategic Grant, $169,000pa, 2004-2007 (shared among several members of ICANTC and


Fields Institute, $325,000, 2006.  Funding to support a six month Cryptography Theme Program




Member, Editorial Board of Utilitas Mathematica, January 1, 1971-


Associate Editor, Mathematics of Computation, January 1, 1978-January 31, 2007

Editor-in-Chief, Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, January 1, 2005-

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Mathematical Cryptology (JMC), 2006-

Member, Editorial Board, Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly (CAMQ), 2006- 


Member, Editorial Board of Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations, January 1, 1993-2001


Member, Organizing Committee, Conference on the Mathematics of Public-Key Cryptography, held June 1999, Toronto, ON


Chair, Program Committee for Canadian Number Theory Association meeting held June in 1999, Winnipeg, MB.


Organizer and invited speaker for the Lehmer Meeting held in UC, Berkeley, Aug 24-26, 2000


Organizer for the conference on Public Key Cryptography and Computational Number Theory held in Warsaw, September 11-15, 2000


Session co-organizer (with Gary Walsh) for the session on Cryptography and Computational Number Theory held as part of the Math 2000 meeting in Hamilton, ON, June 10-13, 2000


Session co-organizer (With Doug Stinson) for the session Cryptographie-Cryptography held as part of the Canadian Mathematical Society Summer Meeting in Quebec, June15-17, 2002

Organizer, Making Privacy Work Conference, Calgary, May 6, 2004


Member, Program Committee for the 7th Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy held in Melbourne, Australia, July 3-5, 2002

Member, Scientific Review Panel of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, 2002-2006


Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research, University of Waterloo, 1999-


Member, Advisory Board, Illinois Center for Cryptography and Information Protection, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2000-


Member, Board of Directors, Number Theory Foundation, 1998-


Member, Program Committee for the Canadian Number Theory Association VII Meeting, Toronto, June 20-25, 2004

Member, Organizing Committee, Workshop on Polynomial-Based Cryptography, Melbourne, July 7-12, 2004

Member, Organizing Committee, Explicit Methods in Number Theory, BIRS Workshop, November
13-18, 2004

Member, Organizing Committee, Number Theory Inspired by Cryptography, BIRS Workshop, November
5-10, 2005

Chair, Security Communications Program Committee and Member, International Program Committee,
IASTED International Conference on Communication, Network and Information Security (CNIS 2005),
Phoenix, USA, November 14-16, 2005

Member, Program Committee, Asiacrypt 2005, Chennai, India, December 4-8, 2005

Member, Program Committee, 7th Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS VII) Berlin,
July 23-28, 2006

Chair, Program Committee, Thematic Program on Cryptography, Fields Institute, Toronto,
August - December, 2006

Member, Board of Directors of the Canadian Mathematical Society, 2003-2006

Member, Board of Directors of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, 2004-2007

Director, Centre for Information Security and Cryptography, University of Calgary 2002-