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 University of Calgary Computer Science Internship Students - An Excellent Resource !

Information Technologies (IT) has employed students from the University's Computer Science Internship program for many years.  Currently, students are deployed in the Student Information, Financial Information and General Information teams. This article will focus on the students employed by the General Information Team, because, unique to that environment, every student we have hired for a internship position since 1997, is still working with us today.  We are obviously very pleased with the results. There are many advantages with making use of this University generated resource including:

Computer Science Internship students are available for 4, 8, 12, or 16 month terms, although we on the GIS team would not consider a work term for less then 12 months.  It quickly became apparent that for our environment, the following pattern would provide the maximum benefit for both parties:

Here are the details of our GIS team internship students, their status and the project work in which they have been engaged:

The Students

David Menks

David began his work terms in May, 1997.  David's technical skills were quickly recognized and he was assigned to our Web development environment.  Since then, he has grown to play the technical lead role on the External Relations On-line community, the Campus Recreation Web Registration System and the Faculty of Continuing Education Web Registration system.  David is currently completing his Masters of Science degree with a specialization in software engineering on a part time basis while continuing his full time employment with us.  

Gabriel Grey and Geoffrey Mark

Both Gabriel and Geoffrey began their work terms in September, 2000.  They were assigned the revitalizing of the existing Web-based facility booking system as well as the development of a new Web e-commerce site for Campus Recreation.  The project was finished on time and on budget and now is processing a significant portion of the Campus Recreation registrations.  They were then assigned to the first phase of the Web Registration project for The Faculty of Continuing Education and a project to support a lottery for the allocation of parkade spaces for the Parking Office.  Gabriel has now added to his duties the database support for the University's institutional COGNOS data warehouse and Geoffrey has been assigned for support for the Synergy implementation in Residence Services. 

Glorious Tsui and Quoc Nguyen

Both Glorious and Quoc began their work terms in May, 2001.  They have been assigned to the development of a web e-commerce sites for Campus Recreation and The Faculty of Continuing Education and the development of the External Relations Alumni On-line Community.  Glorious has become an advanced graphics resource and Quoc has become an infrastructure specialist. Both are currently working for us in part time mode and have requested full time employment when they complete their degree requirements. As well, both are planning to take their Masters of Computer Science degrees on a part time basis while continuing to work for us.

Derek Fernandes

Derek is our most recent intern, beginning his one year term in September, 2002.  Derek has been assigned to support and development activities in our Rapid Application Development environment, Remedy (see article entitled Remedy - What the heck is that ? elsewhere in this issue of the Big Byte).  Derek is currently providing some enhancement to the base Remedy product while expanding the use of Remedy as a help desk product. He is also authoring a Remedy based tool to support access authorization control (responding to a concern from the provincial Auditor).


In Summary

We are very pleased to support this work experience role, one of the key objectives of the University's Academic Plan (fulfilling educational experience).  The GIS team provides University of Calgary students an opportunity to work in a creative, rewarding and challenging environment in addition to yielding a tangible benefit for ourselves.  We are able to complete a significant amount of strategic project work for the University, in a very cost-effective manner.   We believe that continuing to give our existing (and potentially new) students this opportunity to be a win-win scenario.


Interested in Additional Information on the Computer Science Internship program ?

If you have any questions concerning the Internship Program, please contact Nicole Wheeler, Career Advisor, Career Services (nwheeler@ucalgary.ca). 
If you have any questions concerning IT's experience with Computer Science Internship students, please contact the author of this article, Jim Standen, Manager, GIS team, IT (jstanden@ucalgary.ca)