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       Remedy Update - Winter, 2004

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As Remedy is becoming so popular a tool for providing help desk and RAD (Rapid Application develpment) solutions within IT, it is envisioned that there will be a Remedy update in every edition of the Information Technologies Big Byte. For background information on Remedy, please consult the previous articles written in the Spring, 2003 and Fall, 2003 editions of the Big Byte.

Since the last Remedy report, we have developed many new workflow efficiency solutions for Financial Services (access authorization, audit cash deposits), IMAG (Faculty immigration tracking), and other internal UCIT workflow solutions including the Systems Services - Systems Change control application.  We have also extended the capabilities of many of our clients existing applications. And we have also been in discussion with our valued industry Partners, notably Telus, to explore strategic business opportunities.  However, we are most proud of the following two initiatives:

Remedy at the University of Victoria - Inter-Institutional Cooperation Works

              The University of Victoria is currently considering adopting Remedy as a core development tool within their computing arsenal.  They are interested in both the help desk and Rapid Application Development environments (RAD) and approached us in the fall of 2003 to assist them in their evaluation.  To that end, the UofC Remedy team has conducted remote Remedy Webinar Educational sessions, facilitated on-site detailed evaluations at the UofC by UofVic staff, provided advice via internet-supported collaboration tools and provided on-site expertise by UofC staff at the University of Victoria.

              We in IT are very excited with the prospect of collaboration with the University of Victoria and other higher educational institutions.  There are many potential advantages including the:

Benefits at the University of Victoria

"UVic’s Computing and Systems Services (CASS) unit sees the Remedy suite as both a tactical and a strategic tool which will greatly speed the provision of new, automated, business information systems to our campus clients.  These automated systems are the key to new efficiencies in the business units and so it is crucial that CASS has the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to emerging client business needs and new client business opportunities.  We are particularly excited about the possibility of additional inter-institutional collaboration opportunities, sharing applications and expertise for the benefit of all."


Morven Wilson
University of Victoria

NOTE:  Recently, collaboration discussions concerning the use of Remedy have taken place with the University of Alberta and the University of Manitoba.

Remedy and Research

logo Remedy has been selected to track the activities of the “Light Up The World” (LUTW) foundation.  LUTW is a University sponsored research and development initiative led by Dave Irvine-Halliday of the Faculty of Engineering.  Its mission is to provide at the lowest cost possible, using advanced LED technology, lighting to third world communities around the world to advance their learning activities (in the third world, after dark, reading is not an option). 

The LUTW initiative has sponsored 5 student projects this past year alone and continues to draw international attention to the University of Calgary.  One of Dave’s most cherished goals is to create a center of excellence for the development of solid state lighting systems for the developing world and to invite the best of the world research brains in the fields of Engineering, Economics and Social Sciences.

 The Remedy application will be used to track all of the logistical components of the myriad of requirements of the LUTW projects including locations, dates, equipment requirements, donation tracking and assignment and many other things. In addition, status and other reporting will be available at any time.  As the delivery will be the Web, appropriate access to information will be available wherever it is required.

"We are now at a stage where we are ramping up from several successful projects which assist thousands of individuals to hundreds of projects which will support millions of individuals.  There was simply no way to track all the project logistics without the use of an adequate set of tools.  We see Remedy as the core infrastructure tool to provide our local and remote team members access to crucial project status information."


Dave Irvine-Halliday
Founder and President
Light Up theWorld Foundation

"We on the UCIT Remedy Team are very pleased to provide the support for this very important University of Calgary Research project.  It is a perfect example where the centralized IT support model meets with the administrative needs of the research community."


Jim Standen
Information Technologies           

For additional information on the LUTW project, please contact Dave Irvine-Halliday at dave@lutw.org or go to www.lutw.org.

Remedy continues to be a core development tool for UCIT.  We continue to look for opportunities to create workflow efficiencies and to lower our overall administrative costs for ourselves and our clients.  If you have any questions, or think you have an application which may be suitable for development in the Remedy application environment, please contact Jim Standen (jstanden@ucalgary.ca or 220-4430), Ivan Runions (irunions@ucalgary.ca or 220-4437) or Kristen Anderson (anderskk@ucalgary.ca or 210-9880)