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       Remedy Update - Fall, 2004

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Remedy is now one of our core tools for providing help desk and RAD (Rapid Application develpment) solutions within IT, it is envisioned that there will be a Remedy update in every edition of the Information Technologies Big Byte. For background information on Remedy, please consult the previous articles written in the Spring, 2003, Fall, 2003 and Winter, 2004 editions of the Big Byte.

Remedy is still attracting considerable attention at the University of Calgary and other institutions due to its ability to provide our end users very quick workflow solutions. Since the last Remedy report, applications have been completed to make internal IT workflows more efficient for Information Technologies, Advancement Services, Communications Media, University Pensions, Printing Services, IMAG and to support the administrative workflow for The Light Up the World foundation. We currently devote 3 fte to the provision of workflow solutions and 3 fte are devoted to Helpdesk implementations including ITIL implementation.


The Information Technologies Remedy Team is very pleased to announce that it won an honourable mention award for its work in quickly deploying tactical and strategic workflow business solutions across the University of Calgary campus as recognized by the prestegious CAUBO (College and University Business Officers) organization. The award was accepted as part of the annual CAUBO conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on June 13 by Jim Standen (on behalf of the Remedy Development Team which is composed of Ivan Runions, Shannon Pokojoy, Derek Fernandes and Kristen Anderson). In addition a poster session was created to provide detailed information to the other conference delegates.

Inter-Institutional Collaboration - University of Victoria

Since the last report, The University of Victoria purchased the Remedy application development environment to be used as a core development tool within their computing arsenal.  They continue to be interested in both the help desk and Rapid Application Development environments (RAD) and have already completed some test applications. To more rapidly expand their development capabilities, on-site educational sessions have been hosted by Kristen Anderson, a staff member from the University of Calgary Remedy Develpment Team in July. These sessions were very successfull and were attended by 25 University of Victoria staff. We on the Remedy Develpment Team are continuing to pursue collaborative opportunities with the University of Victoria and the many other institutions that have expressed interest.

CANHEIT Conference 2004

Jim Standen and Kristen Anderson of University of Calgary Information Technologies gave a presentation at the recent CANHEIT (Canadian Higher Education Information Technology) conference at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC on the use of Remedy at the University of Calgary. The presentation was entitled "Innovative Workflow Solutions at the University of Calgary and a Collaborative Venture with the University of Victoria". The session demonstrated several workflow applications and highlighted the active partnership between the University of Calgary and the University of Victoria whereby applications, together with their governance structure and policy are codeveloped and freely shared between the two institutions. Quoted by Standen "As we (Universities and Colleges) all have similar problems to solve, we should openly collaborate to solve the problems for the lowest possible overall cost." The presentation also proposed expanding the model to additional institutions and proposed a shared directory of workflow solutions to be hosted by the University of Calgary.

Internship Students

The Remedy Development team is pleased to announce the addition of two new internship students to the team for the period on one year. Richard Lee and Tri Nguyen joined our team in early September and are quickly learning the development environment. We are very excited about continuning our relationship with the coop office and having the interns deliver great projects during their work terms.

Calgary Remedy Users Group Meeting

On April 28th, 2004 The University of Calgary Remedy Develpment Team hosted the second Calgary and Region Remedy Users Group Meeting (the first was hosted by UCIT and University Libraries in 2003). Attendees ranged from corporate and other institutions of higher education. At the presentation, The Remedy Development Team presented RAD (Rapid Application Develpment) solutions which included the Web-based Printing Services stationary Ordering system and the application to support the international project tracking system in support of The Light Up The World Foundation. Remedy corporation also gave an update on the features of the new releases of the Remedy product line and gave everybody a nice hat.


Remedy continues to be a core development tool for UCIT.  We continue to look for opportunities to create workflow efficiencies and to lower our overall administrative costs for ourselves and our clients.  If you have any questions, or think you have an application which may be suitable for development in the Remedy application environment, please contact Jim Standen (jstanden@ucalgary.ca or 220-4430), Ivan Runions (irunions@ucalgary.ca or 220-4437) or Kristen Anderson (anderskk@ucalgary.ca or 210-9880)