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       Update on GIS team COGNOS Projects

     Jim Standen, Manager, Remedy Development Team, Information Technologies

            We are continuing to support the existing COGNOS projects in Advancement Services, Campus Recreations, IT Desktop Technologies, Continuing Education and Residence Services. These projects are described in: http://www.ucalgary.ca/~jstanden/cognos. The purpose of this article is to provide information on other more recent cognos initiatives.

Residence Services

The Residence Services financial analysis data mart demonstrates how multiple information sources can be used to create a single, consistent reporting solution. Previously, budgets were entered into an in-house spreadsheet. Past revenues and expenditures were then manually imported for comparison purposes. This was both extremely tedious and prone to error.

The data mart automatically imports Residence Services budget data, along with transactional and university standard account structure information from the Cognos Financial Services General Ledger (FSGL) on a daily basis. The data is consolidated, summarized and made available through web-based Cognos reporting tools. This process has made budget analysis easier and more reliable. Just as important, the extraction and report generation are completely transparent, causing no disruption to the usual data entry activities. This project was implemented in a timely manner as the development team was able to leverage the existing FSGL infrastructure. This infrastructure also supports a reporting environment consistent with University standards.



                        Jim Dunsdon,
                        Residence Services
For additional information on the use of COGNOS, please contact Jim Standen (jim.standen@ucalgary.ca) or David Jones (david.jones@ucalgary.ca).

Contributions to this article were gratefully accepted from Gabriel Grey, Analyst, Information