Kit 14 D

Lilleengen Type (LT) Strains

A large number of Salmonella typhimurium strains was classified according to sensitivities to bacteriophages. From this, 22 different type strains were classified and one strain of each type was selected and named as LT1, LT2, etc (meaning Lilleengen Type 1, etc) (Lilleengen, K. 1948. Acta. Pathol. Microbiol. Scand. Suppl. 77: 11-125). This set of strains was provided to J. Lederberg, and was used in the studies of Zinder and Lederberg (J. Bacteriol. 1952. 64:679-699) which led to the recognition of bacteriophage P22-mediated generalized transduction. Strain LT2 has been the most heavily analyzed; strain LT7 has also been used; strain LT22 was lysogeneic for the phage originally called PLT22, now called P22. These strains were provided by J. Lederberg to M. Demerec at Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, LI., NY, and served as the starting point for the extensive genetic work in the Demerec lab. This work provided the basis for the establishment of the SGSC. The strains of the Lilleengen set were maintained in lyophils by the Lederberg lab; in the late 1970s these lyophils were made available to the SGSC, and the kit of Lilleengen strains in the SGSC were established from these lyophils. The strain of LT2 which was sequenced at the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University is SGSC1412, which is the LT2 strain which came to the SGSC via J. Lederberg.

Strains which are included with Kit 14D:

 Strain Designation

SGSC Number


 LT1  SGSC1411  S. typhimurium LT1  prototrophic
 LT2  SGSC1412  S. typhimurium LT2  prototrophic
 LT3  SGSC1413  S. typhimurium LT3  prototrophic
 LT4  SGSC1414  S. typhimurium LT4  prototrophic
 LT5  SGSC1415  S. typhimurium LT5  prototrophic
 LT6  SGSC1416  S. typhimurium LT6  prototrophic
 LT7  SGSC1417  S. typhimurium LT7  prototrophic
 LT8  SGSC1418  S. typhimurium LT8  prototrophic
 LT9  SGSC1419  S. typhimurium LT9  prototrophic
 LT10  SGSC1420  S. typhimurium LT10  prototrophic
 LT11  SGSC1421  S. typhimurium LT11  prototrophic
 LT12  SGSC1422 S. typhimurium LT12  prototrophic
 LT13  SGSC1423  S. typhimurium LT13  prototrophic
 LT14  SGSC1424  S. typhimurium LT14  prototrophic
 LT15  SGSC1425  S. typhimurium LT15  prototrophic
 LT16  SGSC1426  S. typhimurium LT16  prototrophic
 LT18  SGSC1427  S. typhimurium LT18  prototrophic
 LT19  SGSC1428  S. typhimurium LT19  prototrophic
 LT20  SGSC1429  S. typhimurium LT20  prototrophic
 LT21  SGSC1430  S. typhimurium LT21  prototrophic
 LT22  SGSC1431  S. typhimurium LT22  prototrophic

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