Information About the SGSC

The Salmonella Genetic Stock Centre (SGSC) maintains genetic stocks of Salmonella, as well as some strains of related bacterial genera. The SGSC was established initially in the early 1960's by Dr. M. Demerec with strains developed at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, LI, NY and at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The bacterial strains in the SGSC were transferred to the University of Calgary Department of Biological Sciences in the late 1960's. The largest numbers of strains (several thousand) are mutants of S. typhimurium LT2. Most of the strains added to the collection since that time were provided by other researchers who have given their strains to the SGSC along with their permission for the strains to be circulated to other researchers. A substantial number of these strains are from the collection of Dr. John Roth at the University of Utah. The collection also includes a number of 'kits' that the SGSC has established to assist researchers in specific projects.

There is a charge for strains ordered from the SGSC, however, strains are provided at a reduced rate to researchers at non-profit research establishments and universities. Strains are also provided free of charge to researchers who have provided strains to the SGSC in the past.

The SGSC is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada through a Major Facilities Access Grant.

To obtain strain-related information, make a request from the collection or deposit strains into the SGSC, contact the Salmonella Genetic Stock Centre or Dr. K.E. Sanderson:

E-mail: and
Department of Biological Sciences
2500 University Dr. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T2N 1N4
Telephone: (403) 220-6792 or (403) 220-3572
Fax: (403) 289-9311
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