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To conveniently order strains from the Salmonella Genetic Stock Centre please use the following on-line order form, be sure to provide full contact information if this is your first time ordering strains. Please note that you will be contacted by the SGSC in order to determine the status of shipping permits, payment methods and strain availability after your request is submitted.
Part I: Requester Status

Have you previously ordered strains from the SGSC?

If Yes, please fill in required sections of Part II only (marked with *).
If No, please fill in ALL of Part II.



Part II: Strain Requester's Contact Information
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Part III: Strain Request

Please enter details of strains requested in the field below. Include Kit number, SGSC number, or Strain numbers, if known. If you would like to request a strain recommendation or obtain information you may also include questions in the same field.

Requestors may also request strains or recommendations from Dr. Kenneth Sanderson at (403) 220-6792.

To obtain additional information prior to filling a strain request:
Return to the SGSC On-line Search
Return to listing of Strain Kits available from the SGSC

Part IV: Permit Status

Please note that shipping Salmonella strains into most countries requires valid shipping permits. These permits must be obtained by the researcher requesting the strain, specific details of restrictions and permit requirements will be sent once your order is received.

Part V: Strain Prices

The cost of shipping has dramatically increased in the last few years with the need for special packaging and the need to use couriers for shipment. Therefore it has been necessary to increase the cost of each shipment, but we have tried to counteract this effect by decreasing our per strain charge. Strains are also provided at a reduced rate to researchers at non-profit research establishments and universities and free of charge to researchers who have provided strains to the SGSC in the past.

The following shipment charges apply for researchers making strain requests for (all prices are in Canadian dollars and include shipping costs):

Academic or non-profit agencies: $80.00 for the first strain and $10.00 for each additional strain within the same shipment.

Private or for-profit agencies: $160.00 for the first strain and $20.00 for each additional strain within the same shipment.

Please Note: After you press the "Submit" button above - it will change to a darker colour when pressed - you will
NOT receive an automatic e-mail reply and the form will NOT reset but your request has been sent to the SGSC.
We will respond to confirm your request as promptly as possible.


The SGSC is supported by:
The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.


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