Other Helpful Sites to Visit

A listing of other microbial stock centres sites you may be interested in visiting (to add your site to our list please send us a note at

World Data Centre for Microorganisms, comprehensive listing of culture collections available worldwide

American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)

ARS (NRRL) Microbial Culture Collection at the United Stated Department of Agriculture

Bacillus Genetic Stock Center (BGSC)

Escherichia coli Genetic Stock Centre (CGSC)

German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures

Microbial Strain Data Network (MSDN)

National Collection of Type Cultures and Pathogenic Fungi (NCTC)

National Institute of Genetics - E.coli Collection, Japan

The Netherlands Culture Collection of Bacteria

Pseudomonas Genetics Stock Center (PGSC)

United Kingdom National Culture Collection (UKNCC)

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