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ANTHROPOLOGY is the study of human beings in diverse societies the world over. It sits on two major methods that give the discipline exceptional depth of understanding. The first method is fieldwork; the second is archival research. Fieldwork is a set of activities that require researchers to observe, participate, and ask formal and informal questions of the people among whom researchers live. Archival research scours the times by studying letters, reports, diaries, photos and various unpublished documents. Both methods in different ways and often complementarily bring to life the cultures, worldviews, and history of a people past and present.

TODAY anthropology is challenged by different and urgent problems. People that once led idyllic lives may now be terrorists, rebels, or divided by religious-political and ethnic conflicts. A new world of research and study is emerging, but in a less stable and more complex world.

The original caption, which was in German, read:

Anthropologist: "Don't run away - I'm not afraid"
Local person: "But I am."




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