April 2008


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Books in Progress:

1.       Total Defeat of World War II and the Integration of German Refugees into the two new Germanys.

This book will focus once again on defeat but this time on the Post-World War II conditions and specifically on the by-product of that brutal war, namely, its refugees and the struggle of their integration into new societies. Without forgetting the atrocities committed by the SS, Einsatzgruppen, Gestapo and Wehrmacht in the first place, this book project will concentrate on the political and economic integration of German refugees in, especially, the Russian, British, and American zones and, later, the two Germanys. Research material deals with the founding and development of the BHE and about the group Kraft-Oberländer in the CDU. Research was done and continues to be done in the Berlin and Koblenz Federal Archives and city archives.
Given the different develop of the two Germanys, the book looks at the GDR Antifascist denunciations and hounding of Konrad Adenauer's Expellee-Politicians. In the process I want to deal with some significant biographies of such politicians like Herbert Hupka (1915-2006) and Herbert Czaja (1914-1997) and, as mentioned above, the Federal Minister for Expellees, Professor Dr. Theodor Oberländer and Waldemar Kraft about whom I already have substantial material.  Here the dynamic between some Expellee-Politicians who attempted as early as 1951 to practice a politics of “renunciation and reconciliation” vis-à-vis anxious East European countries and the persistent Antifascist “denunciations” and suspicions of “revanchism” that were steered by GDR officials are scrutinized. What has been sacrificed in this incessant battle between “renunciation and reconciliation” on the one hand and “denunciation and accusations of revanchism” on the other has been the pursuit of truth in the sense of careful empirical research of the time period between 1944 and the present.


2.       History of Anthropology: from missionaries to post-modernists. (In preparation).

Several chapters and sections are done.


3.       Work on the backburner:

Global Cultures of South Africa: Literary Liberalism, Evangelical Christianity, and Popular Culture. (Most chapters are done but need updating and coordinating that will be done after the other two projects are completed. It should be noted that Berlin missionaries were in South Africa. As well, the Ludendorff movement and German fascism had impacts on South Africa while Afrikaner nationalism had an impact on the German conservative revolution).


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