"On-the-Job-Search, Wage Dispersion and Trade Liberalization" with Joel Rodrigue,   Canadian Journal of Economics, 51(2): 452-482, May 2018.

       - Awarded the Harry Johnson Prize for the best paper published in the Canadian Journal of Economics in 2018

"Dynamic Contracts with Worker Mobility via Directed On-the-Job Search"    International Economic Review, 57(4): 1405-1424, November 2016.

"Adverse Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Worker On-the-Job Effort and Labor Market Outcomes"    Economics Letters, 147: 83-85, October 2016.  Working paper version

"A Welfare Analysis of Child Labour:  Intergenerational Perspectives"   Journal of Economic Development, 39(3): 15-33, September 2014.

"An Advice Game with Reputational and Career Concerns"   Economics Bulletin, 32(4): 3480-3487, December 2012.


Research Papers

"Environmental Regulations and Labor Market Reallocation"

"Making Do with Less? Workers' On-the-Job Effort and the Role of Macro Effects" (Tentative Title)


Research in Progress

"Job Search and Savings: A General Equilibrium Analysis"

"Frictional Wage Dispersion with Heterogeneous Firms"


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