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Sacred and Historical Texts

It is impossible to provide a comprehensive list of electronic texts. The following links provide access to variety of sites for religious texts.

Portals / Ancient / Baha'i / Bible/ Buddhism / Christianity / Confucianism / Hinduism / Islam / Jainism / Judaism / New Religious Movements / / Shinto / Sikh / Taoism / Zoroastrianism / Other


Ancient Religions Bahai Bible Buddhism - Tips for locating Tibetan texts
Individual Texts
Confucian Hinduism Islam


  • The Holy Qur'an - Arabic Text, English text by A. Yusuf Ali
  • Koran - University of Michgan - (Shakir's translation) - can search for keywords and browse
  • Quran - translations into a number of languages - a number of versions including Pickthall, Asad, Ali, Arberry, Lings (selected verses) and Uthmani
  • The Quran (E.H. Palmer's translation)
  • The Quran (Pickthall's translation)
  • Qu'ran - transcribed by the Muslim Students Association of Oregon State University with concordance and word list (alphabetical, frequency, inverse and length) from the Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • Unicode Qur'an
  • Qur'an in Dutch, German, Albanian, Swahili, Spanish and French with concordance and word list (alphabetical, frequency, length) searching from Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • Topical Index to the Quran
  • Quran Browser and Concordance - allows searching by passage, word or word part, searches Pickthall, Yusufali, Shakir, Ali and Khalifa

  • Other texts

    Jainism Judaism


  • New Religious Movements Shintoism Sikhism Taoism
  • Taoist Texts (translated into English) - Tao Te Ching and a number of other texts

  • Zoroastrian Other


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