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Environmental/Political Documentary about the Canadian Oil/Tar Sands




The Canadian debate around climate change, oil dependency and environmental impacts from the tar sands has triggered a multi-layered discourse from scientific facts to political agendas and a blurry and unengaged public opinion, all of which are heavily influenced by different forms of media that have created a plethora of voices and politically influenced constructions of facts and opinions.




Understanding and interpreting media is a critical part of democratic citizenship. The free and vigorous exchange of information and ideas to which citizens are exposed can easily become undecipherable clutter, or in effect, background noise in 21st century daily lives that are trying to deal with the complexity and abundance of equal-access information through modern media and communication technologies.




In contrast to the mainstream of environmental documentaries that currently offer insights into the tar sands debate, the project sees itself more as a political documentary. It offers a systemic perspective beyond existing polarizations across the media for a critical look at the debate and the role of citizens and consumers.