Robert W. Longair

Department of Biological Sciences

Division of Zoology

Australian eumenine at water
Australian eumenine at water


I teach in several courses in the
Division of Zoology, as well as in the Biological Sciences core and in the Division of Ecology.

I also offer a field course in Insect Biodiversity (ECOLOGY/ZOOLOGY 507.89) during August at the Barrier Lake site of the Kananaskis Field Stations of the University of Calgary.

Independent Projects - ZOOLOGY 507 (Special Problems in Zoology) and ZOOLOGY 528/530 (Independent Studies in Zoology)

Students are welcome to contact me for information on these courses involving independent study and research. It is a good idea to approach any advisor for an independent studies course in the term prior to that in which you hope to do the work (e.g. Winter 2000 for Fall 2000).

Research Interests

I am interested in insect behaviour and systematics, in particular the behaviour and systematics of wasps of the family Vespidae, a family which includes the familiar yellowjackets, paper wasps and hornets, as well as a much larger number of solitary and subsocial species. Projects currently underway include male dimorphism and mating systems in solitary wasps of the genus Synagris, a catalogue of Afrotropical eumenine wasps, diversity of Vespidae in Alberta and western North America and studies of insect diversity in altered habitats.

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