17th Century Women

Welcome to my Picture Gallery of 17th Century Women (1600-1700)
This site is permanently under construction.
I need your help to track down additional pictures.
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In the meantime, enjoy!

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Table of Contents as of September 19, 2010

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Maria Jesus Agreda
Duchess of Aiguillon
Sophonisba Anguissola
Anne of Austria
Caroline Anspach
Julie d'Argennes
Marie Catherine d'Aulnoy (*)

Elizabeth Barry
Mme de St. Baslemont de Neuville
Mary Beale
Aphra Behn
Mme de St. Belmont (*)
Marguerite Bourgeoys
Anne Bradstreet
Ebba Brahe
Isabella Brant

Francesca Caccini
Rosalba Carriera

Elizabeth Cary
Donna Catalina de Erauso
Catherine of Braganza
Margaret Cavendish
Susanne Centlivre
Jeanne de Chantal
Henriette de Coligny

E. L. Cornaro Piscopia
Joanna Ines De La Cruz

Lady Anne Clifford

Moll Davis
Mary Dyer



Elizabeth of Bohemia
Dorothe Engelbretsdottir
Ephelia (---see Lady Mary Villiers)
Alberte-Barbe d'Ernecourt (*)









Marie-Mad. de la Fayette
Margaret Fell
Celia Fiennes
Anne Finch (Winchilsea)
Anne Finche (Conway)

Lady Anne Fanshawe
Mademoiselle de Fontagnes
Lavinia Fontana
Mary Frith (Moll Cutpurse)

Artemisia Gentileschi
Marie Jars le Gournay
Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg

Nell Gwyn


Henrietta-Maria of England
Henriette-Anne of England
Henriette-Charlotte von Pollnitz
Anna Ovena  Hoyers

Margaret Hughes
Arabella Hunt
Anne Hutchinson
Lucy Hutchinson
Anne Hyde

Esther Inglis
Infante Isabelle of Spain

Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la



Anne Killigrew
Kristina Wasa of Sweden
Margareta Susanna von Kuntsch








Amelia Lanyer (*)
Ninon de Lenclos
Isabella Leonardo
Judith Leyster
Elizabeth Charlotte (Liselotte)
Duchess of Longueville


Madame de Maintenon
Jeanne Mance (*)
Hortense Mancini

Maria Mancini
Sister Marie de l'Incarnation
Maria de Medici
Maria Sybilla Merian
Mary of Modena
Madame de Montespan
Mademoiselle de Montpensier
Boyarinja Morozova
Mumtaz Mahal

Empress Nur Jahan
(Queen of Matamba)


Josefa de Obiedos
Dorothy Osborne


Clara Peeters
Katherine Philips (Orinda)
Duchess of Portsmouth
Catharina  Questiers








Marquise de Rambouillet
Saskia Rembrandt

Mary Rich



Madame de Sable
Madame de Sabliere
Charlotte de Sauves
Anna-Maria Van Schurman
Sybilla Schwartz
Madeleine de Scudery

Madame de Sevigne
Ume Shukishi
Elisabetta Sirani
Tsarina Sofia
Sophie of the Palatine
Sophie-Charlotte, Brandenburg
Frances Stewart
Hendrickje Stoffels
Barbara Strozzi
Anne Stuart
Mary II Stuart
Mary Herbert Sydney

Kateri Tekakwhita
Catherine Cockburn Trotter



Countess Ulfeldt
Mademoiselle de la Valliere
Marguerite de Valois
Madame de Villedieu (*)  
Barbara Villiers

Mary Villiers (Later Stuart --
  duchess of Richmond and Lennox)
Anna Roemers Visscher
Lucy Walter
Anna Waser
Suzanna Wesley
Elizabeth Jane Weston

Anne Wharton
Lady Mary Wroth


Maria Zayas y Sotomayor



 Note:  (*) in the above index indicates that no suitable digitized picture is available at the present time.


Thanks to the many contributors to this page, particularly Susan, Kathy, Ute, Walter D., Walter V.C., Rain, Mark, Lise, Kate, Manu, Sabine, Maike, Eric, Bart, Violetta, Maureen, Suzanne, Avra, Barbara, and Marie-Elizabeth. Your help is really appreciated.

But this project is far from complete !!! Keep on looking!

Do not hesitate to send any hints/additions/comments/thoughts to the above e-mail address! We would love to hear from you. Thank you for your interest.

Background and Motivation:

in March 1999 during a fiercely contested Tour de Force game, we were given 30 seconds to answer the following question:

"Name at least three famous women who lived in the 17th Century"

Test yourself. Unless you are a historian or a writer, you will find this a very tough question to answer in the limited time given to you. This is rather intriguing as it contrasts sharply with naming a famous woman from the 16th or from the 18th century -- this, surprisingly, is not all that hard.

But for some uncanny reason, the 17th century seems to be associated with a great deal of mystery, as far as the female gender is concerned. Gradually, and with the help of people who are much more qualified than myself, I began searching for names and pictures. One thing this mini project made me realize is that "fame" is indeed a very relative concept. It points more to the ignorance of our generation than to the lack of brilliance of the women who lived in the 17th century.

I would hope you agree to dedicate this "gallery" to all those 17th century females who are NOT part of this collection. They did not consciously pursue fame, or else, their concept of  fame was different from ours, and, as a result,  in the eyes of 17th century (mostly male) observers/artists, they were not "visible" enough to have their images eternalized.

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