New Generation Modeling Developments and Results for Binary Stars

Enlightening Light Curves or Modelling for the Masses

Slide 2

Eugene F. Milone
University of Calgary. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Slide 2 - Al Phoenicis: Spectra of the Residuals, from the side.

These figures depict (see figure 1) the residuals for light curves of the long-period eclipsing binary AI Phoenicis. The solution is unconverged for this attempt to model the data with Kurucz atmospheres with non-solar metallicity, and the plots are used only to illustrate low and high angle views of the 3-D graphics.

The three axes depict the WL, the phase, and the residual.

The plot was created with the AVS Express package by D. Philips of the University of Calgary's University Computer Services.

They therefore represent the spectra of the residuals for each phase, and can be used, in certain instances, to gauge the physical mechanism for the residuals if they are non-random.

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