Working Group on Infrared Astronomy
Groupe de Travail pour Astronomie Infrarouge

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Project Overview

Discusses the objectives of the Working Group on Infrared Astronomy. This includes updates in atmospheric modelling, for the development of improved IR passbands, and an overview of the testing performed on the proposed filters (Young, et al, 1994).

On Improving IR Photometric Passbands

This paper compares past and present versions of the Johnson JHKLMNQ broadband photometric system, which are used at a number of observatories. These models simulate the extinction curves, and are based upon model stellar fluxes under various atmospheric conditions. From further modelling, we recommend an improved set of passbands which are based upon the reproducability and transformability of photometric results.

Atmospheric Modelling for IR Photometric Passbands

Atmospheric and passband modelling for infrared filters. These models compare the current and improved passbands using a standard midlatitude summer atmospheric model at three elevations. The elevations modelled are at sea level, and 1.0km and 2.0km above sea level.

Passband Summaries

This summary compares the signal/noise ratio and emission & absorption measures of several passbands for the 4.2km, tropical atmosphere. Originally presented for the IAU Working Group on Infrared Astronomy at the IAU General Assembly in Manchester, August 2000.

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