ASPR Glossary

(This page last updated 6/11/13.)

a, o adv: always, ever, eternally

aæðan wk verb: destroy

Aaron prop name: Haran (forms: Aarone dat sing; Arones gen sing)

abacan Class 6 str verb: bake (forms: abacæ imper sing)

abal neut? noun: power, might

abbod masc noun: abbot (forms: abbude dat sing)

Abel prop noun: Abel (forms: Abele dat sing; Abeles gen sing)

abelgan Class 3 str verb: anger, enrage, offend (forms: abealch3rd pers sing pret indic; abolgen past part)

abeodan Class 2 str verb w. acc or dat: summon, command, admonish; offer, provide (forms: abead 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; abeod imper sing; abude 3rd pers sing pret subj )

abidan Class 1 str verb w. gen: await

abiddan Class 5 str verb: pray, ask, obtain

Abimelech, Abimeleh, Abimæleh prop name: Abimelech (forms: Abimelehe, Abimeleche dat sing)

abolgen past part adj: angry, enraged (from abelgan)

Abraham prop name: Abraham (forms: Abrahame dat sing; Abrahames gen sing)

abrecan Class 4 str verb: break, destroy; violate (a commandment) (forms: abrocen past part; abrocene past part nom pl neut )

abredwian wk verb: kill (forms: abredwade 3rd pers sing pret subj/indic)

abregdan Class 3 str verb: remove, withdraw, take away; (w. dat) draw (a sword) (forms: abrægd, abræd 3rd pers sing pret indic; abregd imper sing; abregde 3rd pers sing pres subj; abroden past part; abrugdon pl pret indic)

abreotan Class 2 str verb: destroy, kill (forms: abreat, abreot 3rd pers sing pret indic; abroten, abreoten past part)

abreoðan Class 2 str verb: fail, perish, be destroyed (forms: abreoðe 3rd pers sing pres subj)

abugan Class 2 str verb: bow, bend, incline (forms: abeag 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ac conj: but; nevertheless

acennan wk verb: bear, give birth to (forms: acende past part nom pl masc; acenned past part)

acigan wk verb: call (forms: acigde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aclænsian : cleanse, prove innocent (forms: )

acol adj: timid, alarmed, dismayed

actreo neut noun: oak tree

acuman Class 4 str verb: come (forms: acumen past part)

acweccan wk verb: shake, brandish (forms: acwehte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

acwellan wk verb: kill, destroy (forms: acwealde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

acweðan Class 5 str verb: say, speak; reject, banish (forms: acwæð 3rd pers sing pret indic; acwið, acwyð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

acyþan wk verb: make known, proclaim

ad masc noun: fire, pyre (forms: ade dat sing)

Ada prop name: Ada (forms: Adan dat)

Adam prop noun: Adam (forms: Adame dat; Adames, Adomes gen)

adælan wk verb: separate, divide (forms: adæled past part; adælede past part nom pl masc)

ademan wk verb: judge (forms: ademest 2nd pers sing pres indic);
ademan fram: deprive of (by legal judgement)

adfaru fem noun: funeral procession, path to the pyre (forms: adfære dat sing)

adl fem noun: sickness, disease

adlig adj: suffering, sick (forms: adlegan dat sing masc; adligum dat pl)

adon anom verb: put (forms: ado imper sing)

adreogan Class 2 str verb: endure

adrifan Class 1 str verb: drive away (forms: adraf 3rd pers sing pret indic; adrifen past part; adrifest 2nd pers sing pres indic)

æcer masc noun: field, strip of plough-land (forms: æcera gen pl; æceras acc pl)

ædre adv: soon, immediately
ædre fem noun: artery, vein; spring, stream (forms: ædra gen pl; ædrum, edrum dat pl)

æfæst adj: righteous, law-abiding, faultless (forms: æfæste nom pl masc)

æfen, æfyn neut noun: evening (forms: æfenne dat sing)

æfengrom adj: (evening-) angry, hostile

æfenleoð neut noun: evening song

æfenscima masc noun: evening light, glow of evening

æfentid fem noun: evening (forms: æfentide acc sing)

æfenleoht neut noun: evening light

æfenræst fem noun: evening rest (forms: æfenræste acc sing)

æfenspræc fem noun: evening speech (forms: æfenspræce acc sing)

geæfnan, efnan wk verb: carry out; construct (forms: æfnde, efnde 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; geæfndon pl pret indic; geæfned past part; efne 3rd pers sing pres subj; (to efnanne inflect infin) )

æfre adv: ever, always, forever

æfst masc noun: hatred, malice, rivalry, spite (forms: æfstum dat pl)

æfter prep and adv: after, according to; afterwards; along, through, among, for

æftera adj: second, next (forms: æftre fem nom sing)

æftercweþend masc noun: someone speaking after (the death of) another (forms: æftercweþendra gen pl)

æfterlean neut noun: reward, recompense, retribution

æfþanc, æfþonca masc noun: malicious thought; injury, insult (forms: æfþancum dat pl; æfðoncan acc pl)

æfþunca masc noun: repugnant thing, irritant

æghwa pron: each, everyone (forms: æghwæm dat sing masc; æghwæs gen sing)
æghwæs adv: entirely, of each (thing)

æghwær adv: everywhere

æghwæðer, owðer pron: both, each, either (forms: æghwæþres, æghwæðres gen sing masc; æghwæþrum, æghwæðrum dat sing masc)

æghwylc pron and adj: each (forms: æghwylcne acc sing masc; æghwylcum dat sing masc)

ægþer pron: each, either, both
ægðer . . . ge . . . , ægðer ge . . . ge . . . , ægðer . . . and . . . both . . . and . . .

Ægyftoland prop name: Egypt (forms: Ægyftolande dat)

ælan wk verb: light, kindle (forms: ælað pl pres indic)

ælc pron: each (forms: ælces gen sing; ælcon dat sing masc; ælcre, ælcere dat/gen sing fem; ælcum dat pl)

æled masc noun: fire

æledleoma masc noun: torch (lit "fire-light") (forms: æledleoman acc sing)

ælf masc noun: fairy, goblin, elf (forms: ylfa gen pl; ylfe nom pl)

Ælfere, Ælfhere prop name: Ælfhere (forms: Ælfheres gen)

Ælfnoð prop name: Ælfnoth

Ælfric prop name: Aelfric (forms: Ælfrices gen sing)

ælfsciene adj: fairy-bright, very beautiful (forms: ælfscieno, ælfscinu nom sing fem)

Ælfwine prop name: Aelfwine

ælfylce neut noun: foreign army (forms: ælfylcum dat sing)

ælmesmann masc noun: almsman, beggar (forms: ælmesmannum dat pl)

ælmysse fem noun: alms, charity (forms: ælmyssan acc sing)

ælmihtig, ællmihtig adj: almighty (forms: ælmihtiga nom sing masc; ælmihtigan, ælmihtegan dat sing masc; ælmihtiges gen sing; ælmihtigne acc sing)
se almihtiga: the Almighty, God

ælwiht fem/neut noun: alien being (forms: ælwihta gen pl)

æghwilc, æghwylc pron and adj: each (forms: æghwylcne, æghwilcne acc sing masc; æghwylcum dat sing masc )

ægweard fem noun: watch over the shore (forms: ægwearde acc sing)

æht fem noun: livestock, property; possession (forms: æhte acc sing; æhta acc/gen pl; æhtum dat pl)

geæhtle fem noun: consideration, esteem (forms: geæhtlan gen sing)

æhtnyss fem noun: persecution (forms: æhtnyssa acc pl)

aflygan wk verb: drive out, expel (forms: afligde past part nom pl masc; aflygde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aflyman wk verb: put to flight, drive away (forms: aflymde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

afor adj: bitter, harsh, fierce

afyrhtan wk verb: frighten (forms: afyrhte past part nom pl masc)

Agar prop name: Agar (Hagar)

ageotan Class 2 str verb: pour out, shed; deprive (by pouring wine for) (forms: agoten past part)

agetan wk verb: destroy

agiefan, agifan Class 5 str verb: grant, give; give up, relinquish (forms: ageaf 3rd pers sing pret indic; ageafe 3rd pers sing pret subj; ageafon pl pret indic; agif imper sing; agyfe 1st pers sing pres indic; agifen, agyfen past part)

agieldan Class 3 str verb: yield, offer (forms: ageald 3rd pers sig pret indic)

æglæca, aglæca masc noun: fierce fighter, terrible attacker (forms: aglæcan, aglæacan, aglæcean acc/dat/gen sing, nom/acc pl; ahlæcan dat/gen sing)

aglæcwif neut noun: fierce, attacking woman

ælgrene adj: all green, very green

ænge, enge adj: narrow, confined, cramped (forms: ænga masc nom sing; enge dat sing masc; acc pl)

æne adv: once

ænig adj and pron: any (forms: ænige acc sing fem; dat sing masc/neut; æniges, ænges gen sing masc; ænigne acc sing masc; ænigre dat/gen sing fem; ænigra gen pl; ænigum, ænegum, anegum, ængum dat sing masc/neut; dat pl)

ænlic adj: incomparable, peerless, beautiful (forms: ænlicu nom sing fem)

æppel masc noun: apple, fruit (forms: æple dat sing)

æppelfealo adj: apple-dark (a horse-colour, with the "apple" element probably referring to dappling) (forms: æppelfealowe nom pl)

ær adv: formerly, earlier, before (forms: æror, ærur compar)
no þy ær: none the sooner
on ær adv: first, earlier
ær conj and prep: before
ær neut noun: brass, bronze (forms: æres gen sing)

ærboren past part adj: earlier born

ærdæg masc noun: dawn, daybreak; earlier day, previous time (forms: ærdæge dat sing; ærdagum dat pl)

æren adj: made of bronze or brass (forms: ærnum dat pl)

ærende neut noun: errand, message (forms: ærenda acc pl; ærende dat sing)

ærfæder masc noun: ancestor, old father, father before him

aerendfaest adj: on a mission, doing an errand

ærendgast masc noun: messenger (-spirit), angel

ærendian wk verb: go on an errand, carry a message

ærendreca masc noun: messenger (forms: ærendrecan nom pl)

ærendsecg masc noun: messenger

ærest, ærost adv: first
ærest adj: first (forms: ærest neut acc sing; æresta masc nom sing)

ærgestreon neut noun: former treasure, ancient treasure (forms: ærgestreona gen pl; ærgestreonum dat pl)

ærgeweorc neut noun: work of former times, ancient treasure

aergewin neut noun: former struggle

ærglad adj: gracious in former times; of established graciousness (forms: ærglade nom pl masc)

ærgod adj: good in former times; proven good because of age

ærn neut noun: building (forms: ærn acc pl; ærnes gen sing)

ærnan wk verb: run, gallop (forms: ærndon pl pret indic)

ærra adj: former, earlier (forms: ærran dat pl)

ærðon, ærþon, ærþan conj: before

æwela masc noun: ancient riches (forms: ærwelan acc pl)

asælan wk verb: oppress, constrain, bind with fetters (forms: æsæled past part)

æs neut noun: food (forms: æse dat sing; æses gen sing)

æsc masc noun: ash-tree; spear; ship (forms: æsca, asca gen pl; æscum dat pl)

æscberend masc noun: warrior (a kenning: ash- (i.e. spear-) bearer) (forms: æscberendra gen pl)

Æscferð prop name: Aescferth

æschere masc noun: ash- (i.e. ship- ) army

Æschere prop name: Aeschere (forms: Æschere dat; Æscheres gen)

æscholt neut noun: ash-wood (wood of the ash tree); ash-wood spear

æscplega masc noun: (ash-wood-, i.e. spear- ) sport (i.e. battle) (forms: æscplegan dat sing)

æscrof adj: (ash-wood- , i.e. spear- ) brave, brave in battle (forms: æscrofe nom pl masc)

æsctir masc noun: ash-wood- (i.e. spear-, i.e. battle-) glory (a kenning for "victory")

æscþræcu fem noun: a storm of ash-woods (i.e. spears—a kenning for "battle") (forms: æscþr&aelic;ce dat sing)

æscwiga masc noun: ash- (i.e. spear-) warrior

æt prep: at, near, by, from
æt masc noun: food (forms: æte dat sing; ætes gen sing)

ætberan Class 4 str verb: carry away; carry up to; bring to, give (forms: ætbær 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; ætbæron pl pret indic)

æteowan, ætywan wk verb: reveal, display; appear (forms: ætæwde 3rd pers sing pret indic; æteowde past part fem sing)

ætfeohtan Class 3 str verb: fight against
folmum ætfeohtan: flail around with the hands

ætfeolan Class 3 str verb: hold firmly (forms: ætfealh 1st pers sing pret indic)

ætferian wk verb: carry off from (forms: ætferede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ætforan prep: before, in front of

ætgædere, ætgædre adv: together

ætgifa masc noun: nourisher, provider (forms: ætgifan, ætgiefan dat sing)

ætgifan Class 5 str verb: give, provide

ætgræpe adj: grasping, grappling (with)

æðelboren past part adj: of noble birth

æðelborennis, æþelborennyss fem noun: nobility of birth

æðele, æþele adj: noble, excellent; (as noun) noble, man, person (forms: æðela nom sing masc; æðelan acc/dat/gen sing masc/neut; æðele nom/acc pl masc/fem/neut; æðelo acc pl neut; æþelu nom sing fem; æðelum dat pl; dat sing masc)

æþeling, æðeling masc noun: noble, prince (forms: æðelinga, æþelinga gen pl; æþelingas, æðelingas nom pl; æðelinge, æþelinge dat sing; æþelinges, æðelinges gen sing; æþellingum dat pl)

Æþelgar prop name: Aethelgar (forms: Æþelgares gen sing)

Æþelred prop name: Aethelred (forms: Æþelredes gen)

Æþeric prop name: Aetheric

æþelu, æðelo fem noun: nobility, origin, nature, talent (forms: æþele dat/gen sing; æðelum, æþelum dat pl)
æðelu, æþelo neut pl noun: descent, lineage

æðm masc noun: breath (forms: æðme dat sing)

æthrinan Class 1 str verb: touch (forms: æthran 3rd pers sing pret indic)

æthweorfan Class 3 str verb: return, go to (forms: æthwearf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ætrihte adv: immediately

ætsomne adv: together, united, at once

ætspringan Class 3 str verb: spurt out (forms: ætspranc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ætstandan Class 6 str verb: stand still, stop; remain standing (forms: ætstod 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ætstaeppan Class 6 str verb: step towards, up to (something) (forms: ætstop 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ættren, ættrynne, ætterne adj: poisoned, deadly

ætwegan Class 5 str verb: carry away (forms: ætwæg 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ætwindan Class 3 str verb: escape (forms: ætwand 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ætwist fem noun: food, sustenance

ætwitan wk verb: reproach, blame (forms: ætwiton pl pret indic)

æwiscmod adj: ashamed, disgraced

afandian wk verb: try, test, find out (forms: afanda imper sing)

afeallan Class 7 str verb: fall (forms: afeallen past part)

afedan wk verb: beget, produce, bring forth (forms: afeded past part)

aferian wk verb: depart, withdraw (forms: aferige 3rd pers sing pres subj)

afylgean wk verb: pursue, persecute (forms: afylgde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

afyllan wk verb: fill (forms: afylled past part)

afyrran wk verb: take away (forms: afyrred past part)

afysan wk verb: drive away; urge on (forms: afysed past part)

agalan Class 6 str verb: sing, sing out (forms: agol 3rd pers sing pret indic)

agan, agon wk verb: own, possess, have; control, rule (forms: age 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; agen pl pres subj; agon pl pres indic; ah 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; ahte 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; ahton pl pret indic; negative forms combined with ne: nagon ( = ne + agon) pl pres indic; nah ( = ne + ah) 1st pers sing pres indic; nahte ( = ne + ahte) 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; nahton ( = ne + ahton) pl pret indic)
agan anom verb: pass away, end

agangan Class 7 str verb: go, go by, pass; happen (forms: agongen, agangen past part)

agen adj: own, proper (forms: agene acc/dat sing fem; agenes gen sing neut; agenre dat sing fem; agenum, agnum dat pl; dat sing masc)

agend masc noun: owner (forms: agendes gen sing)

agendfrea masc noun: (possessing) lord, owner (forms: agendfrean acc sing)

ageotan Class 2 str verb: shed, pour out; deprive (forms: ageat 3rd pers sing pret indic; agotene past part nom pl masc)

agrafan Class 6 str verb: carve, engrave (forms: agrof 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geagnian, ægnian wk verb: own, acquire, obtain; dedicate (forms: geagnod past part)

ahsian, acsian wk verb: ask, seek for; deserve (forms: ahsode 3rd pers sing pret indic; ahsodon pl pret indic)

geacsian wk verb: find out, discover, learn (forms: geahsod past part; geaxode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aheawan Class 7 str verb: cut down (forms: aheawen past part)

ahebban Class 6 str verb: raise up, lift, exalt; achieve, maintain (forms: ahafen, ahæfen past part; ahof 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; ahofon pl pret indic)

ahicgan, ahycgan wk verb: consider, devise

ahiþan wk verb: devour, destroy

ahleapan Class 7 str verb: leap up (forms: ahleop 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ahliehhan Class 6 str verb: laugh at; exult (forms: ahlog, ahloh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ahon Class 7 str verb: hang, suspend (forms: aheng 3rd pers sing pret indic; ahongen, ahangen past part)

ahreddan wk verb: save, rescue (forms: ahrædde 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; ahredde 1st/3rd pers sing pres/pret indic; ahreddest 2nd pers sing pret indic; ahreded past part)

ahuðan Class 2 str verb: plunder (forms: ahudan pl pret indic)

ahweorfan Class 3 str verb w. gen: turn away, turn aside from (forms: ahwearf 3rd pers sing pret indic; ahwurfon pret pl indic)

ahwæðer, owðer pron: either

ahwettan wk verb: reject (forms: ahwet 3rd pers sing pres subj)

ahyrdan wk verb: harden (forms: ahyrded past part)

airnan Class 3 str verb: run out, pass away (forms: aurnen past part)

alædan wk verb: lead (forms: alædde 3rd pers sing pret indic; alæde imper sing)

alætan Class 7 str verb: forgive, pardon; relinquish, give up (forms: to alætanne inflect infin; alæte 2nd pers sing pret subj)

alicgan, alicgean Class 5 str verb: fail, cease (forms: alæg 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aldorbana masc noun: murderer, killer (forms: aldorbanan dat sing)

aldorbealu fem noun: life-destruction, danger of death

aldordæg masc noun: life-day, day of a life (forms: aldordagum, ealderdagum dat pl)

aldordema masc noun: magistrate, lord

aldorleas adj: leaderless (forms: aldorlease nom pl masc; aldorleasne acc sing masc )

aldorcearu fem noun: great sorrow (forms: aldorceare dat sing)

aldorduguð fem noun: nobility, leading warriors (forms: aldorduguðe nom pl)

aldorgedal, ealdorgedal neut noun: death

aldorneru fem noun: salvation, life-saving, safety (forms: aldornere acc sing)

aldorþegn masc noun: chieft thegn, important noble

aldorwisa masc noun: leader, chief

alecgan, alecgean wk verb: lay, lay down; abandon, relinquish; put down, conquer (forms: aledon, alegdon pl pret indic; alegde, alede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aleogan Class 2 str verb: fail to fulfill (forms: aleh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aleoþian wk verb: separate, remove (forms: aleoðode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

alesan Class 5 str verb: select, pick (forms: alesen past part)

Alexandisc adj: pertaining to Alexandria (forms: Alexandiscre dat sing fem)

Alexandria prop name: Alexandria (forms: Alexandrian dat/gen sing)

alimpan Class 3 str verb: happen, come to be (forms: alamp 3rd pers sing pret indic; alumpen past part)

alwalda, allwalda masc noun: Ruler of All: God (forms: alwaldan, alwealdan acc/dat/gen sing)

alwaldend masc noun: Ruler of All: God

alyfan wk verb: grant, allow, entrust (forms: alyfde 1st pers sing pret indic; alyfed past part)

alynnan wk verb: deliver, release

alysan wk verb: loosen, take off (armour) (forms: alysed past part)

ambyht, ombiht neut noun: service; command (forms: ambyhto acc pl)
ombiht, ombeht masc noun: servant, officer (forms: ombihtum dat pl)

ambyhtsecg masc noun: servant

Ambrafel prop name: Amrafel (Amraphel) (forms: )

ameldian wk verb: reveal, make known; denounce, betray (forms: ameldod past part)

amen interj: amen

Ammon prop name: Ammon (son of Lot)

Ammonitare prop name: Ammonites

amyrran wk verb: hinder, prevent; disable (forms: amyrde 3rd pers sing pret indic; amyrred past part)

an, on numeral and pron: one, alone (forms: ane acc sing fem; nom pl masc; anes gen sing masc/neut; anne, ænne acc sing masc; anra gen pl; anre dat/gen sing fem; anum dat sing masc/neut, dat pl)

ana adj: alone; (forms: anes gen sing masc; anon dat sing fem; anum dat sing masc)

ancor masc noun: anchor (forms: ancre dat sing)

and, ond conj: and

anda masc noun: injury, vexation, anger (forms: andan acc/dat sing)

andæg adj: (one) day-long (forms: andægne acc sing masc)

andgit neut noun: understanding, knowledge, perception

andgiettacen neut noun: perceptible sign

andlang, ondlang, andlong, ondlong adj: entire, extended; accompanying (Beow 2695) (forms: ondlangne, andlongne acc sing masc; ondlonge acc sing fem)
on andlang adv phrase: straight out, flat

andlifen fem noun: food, nourishment; wages (forms: andlifne acc sing)

andsaca, ondsaca masc noun: enemy (forms: andsacum dat pl)

andwig, antwig neut noun: resistance, retaliation

Aner prop name: Aner (forms: Aneres gen sing)

anhaga masc noun: solitary dweller, recluse, hermit (forms: anhogan acc sing)

anhar adj: very grey-haired

anhydig adj: resolute, firm, brave

anlicnes fem noun: likeness, resemblance, form, appearance (forms: anlicnesse, anlycnysse acc/dat sing)

anræd adj: resolute, determined

antid fem noun: the same time

andwlita masc noun: face, countenance (forms: andwlitan acc/dat sing; nom/acc pl)

anga adj: only (forms: angan acc sing fem; acc/dat sing masc)

angenga, angengea masc noun: solitary one, one who walks alone

anmod adj: single-minded, resolute, united, unanimous (forms: anmode nom pl)

anmodlice adv: resolutely

anpæð masc noun: narrow path (suitable for one person) (forms: anpaðas acc pl)

ansien, ansyn, onsyn fem noun: face, figure; sight; beauty (forms: ansyne acc/dat/gen sing fem)

andswarian wk verb: answer, reply (forms: andswarode, andswarede, ondswarode 3rd pers sing pret indic; andswarodon, andswaredon pl pret indic)

andswaru, ondswaru fem noun: answer, reply; (forms: andsware, ondsware acc/dat sing);
to incre andsware: in order to reply to you

andweard adj: present; opposite (forms: andweardan gen sing fem; andweardne, andwærden acc sing masc)

andweorc neut noun: matter, substance

andwyrdan wk verb: answer (forms: andwyrde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

andwyrde neut noun: answer, reply

anfeald adj: simple, plain, uncomplicated (forms: anfealdne acc sing masc)

anfloga masc noun: solitary flier

anforht adj: frightened

anforlætan Class 7 str verb: abandon, relinquish, lose (forms: anforleten pl pret subj)

angin neut noun: beginning, initial step; enterprise, action

anunga, aninga adv: immediately, right away; entirely; certainly

anwealda, anwalda masc noun: sole ruler, God (forms: anwaldan dat/gen sing)

apostol masc noun: apostle (forms: apostoles gen sing)

ar masc noun: messenger (forms: aras acc pl; ares gen sing);
ar, are fem noun: honour, dignity, respect, virtue, mercy, prosperity (forms: are acc/dat/gen sing; ara acc pl; ara, arra, arna, arena gen pl; aran dat sing; arum dat pl)

aræd adj: determined, decided

aræman wk verb: raise up, lift, stand up (forms: aræmde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aræran wk verb: lift up, raise (forms: arærde 3rd per sing pret indic; arærdon pl pret indic; aræred past part)

ardlice adv: quickly

areafian wk verb: take away, carry off (forms: areafod past part)

aretan wk verb: gladden, encourage (forms: areted past part)

arfæst adj: honourable, righteous, pious, virtuous (forms: arfæstan dat sing neut; arfæste nom pl masc)

arian wk verb: honour, respect (forms: arað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

ariman wk verb: recite (forms: arim imper sing)

arinnan Class 3 str verb: run out, expire (forms: aurnen past part)

arisan Class 1 str verb: arise (forms: aras 3rd pers sing pret indic; aris imper sing; arisað pl pres indic)

arleas adj: without honour: humiliated, sinful; (as noun) sinner (forms: arlease nom pl masc/neut; nom sing neut; arleasra gen pl)

arlice adv: honourably

Armenia prop name: Armenia (Ararat)

arod adj: ready, bold

Arscylding prop name: (Honour-) Scylding, Dane (forms: Arscyldinga gen pl; Arscyldingum dat pl)

arstaf masc noun: kindness, benefit, support (forms: arstafum dat pl)

arweorðian wk verb: honour (forms: arwurðode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

arwurðlice adv: reverently, with honour

arwurðnys fem noun: reverence, honour (forms: arwurðnysse dat sing)

asceacan Class 6 str verb: shake, brandish (forms: asceoc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geascian, axian wk verb: ask; (with ge- prefix) discover, find out (forms: geascodon, axoden pl pret indic; axude 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ascufan Class 2 str verb: expel, remove, drive out (forms: asceaf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

asecgan wk verb: explain, declare (forms: asæde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

asendan wk verb: send, send forth (forms: asende 3rd pers sing pret indic; asendest 2nd pers sing pres indic)

asealcan Class 3 str verb: weaken, slacken

asettan wk verb: set, place; appoint (forms: asette 1st/3rd pers sing pres/pret indic; asetton pl pret indic; aseted past part)
siþas asettan: "lay down" (i.e. make) journeys

asingan Class 3 str verb: sing, chant (forms: asinge 3rd pers sing pres subj; asungen past part)

aslupan Class 2 str verb: slip away from, disappear

asmiðigen wk verb: construct, make by metalsmith's art (forms: asmiþod past part)

aspringan Class 3 str verb: spring up, arise (forms: asprungen past part)

Assirie prop noun: Assyria

Assyrias masc pl noun: the Assyrians (forms: Assiria, Assyria gen pl; Assyrium dat pl)

astandan Class 6 str verb: stand up (forms: astod 3rd pers sing pret indic)

astigan Class 1 str verb: rise, mount, arise, become proud (forms: asteah, astag, astah 3rd pers sing pret indic; astigeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

astreccan wk verb: stretch out, lie down, prostrate oneself; extend, reach out (forms: astrece imper sing; astreht past part)

astrienan wk verb: give birth to, beget (forms: astrynde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

astyrian wk verb: stir up, excite, move (forms: astyred past part)

aswamian wk verb: cease, grow dark (forms: aswamað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

aswefan wk verb: put to sleep; kill (forms: aswefede past part nom/acc pl masc)

atæsan wk verb: injure, wound (forms: atæsed past part)

atol, eatol adj: horrible, terrible (forms: atolan acc sing masc; dat pl masc; atole acc sing fem; atolne, eatolne acc sing masc)

atelic adj: horrible, terrifying

atemian wk verb: tame

ateon Class 2 str verb: remove, take away; take (a journey); dispose of, deal with (forms: ateah 3rd pers sing pret indic)

atertan masc noun: poison twig (forms: atertanum dat sing)

masc noun: oath (forms: aða gen pl; aþas, aðas acc pl; aþe, aðe dat sing; aðum dat pl)

aþecgan wk verb: serve food to; kill? (Wulf 2, 7)

aþencan wk verb: consider, contrive, think, intend (forms: aðohte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aþenian wk verb: stretch out, extend (forms: aþenedon past part dat pl)

aþringan Class 3 str verb: shove, push (forms: aþrong 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aðsweord neut noun: (sworn) oath (forms: aðsweord nom pl)

aðumsweoras masc pl noun: a son-in-law and his father-in-law (forms: aðumsweran dat)

aþwean Class 6 str verb: wash, cleanse (forms: aþwoh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aspiwan Class 1 str verb: womit (forms: aspaw 3rd pers sing pret indic)

attor neut noun: poison (forms: attres gen sing)

attorsceaða masc noun: poisonous enemy (forms: attorsceaðan gen sing)

Auitus prop name: Avitus (forms: Auitum acc sing)

awa adv: eternally, for ever
awa to aldre: for ever and ever

awæcnian wk verb: arise, descend (forms: awæcniað pl pres indic)

awægan wk verb: cancel out, destroy

aweaxan Class 6 str verb: grow (forms: aweox, awox 1st pers sing pret indic)
up aweaxan: grow up, come to maturity

aweccan wk verb: awake, arouse, raise up, beget (forms: aweahte, awehte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aweg adv: away

awendan wk verb : change, pervert, convert (forms: awend past part; awende 3rd pers sing pret indic)

aweorpan Class 3 str verb: cast out, reject, cast down (forms: aworpene past part nom pl masc)

awiht, awuht, owiht, aht pron, adv, and noun: anything, something, at all; nothing (forms: owihte dat sing neut)

awrecan Class 5 str verb: avenge, punish (forms: awræce 3rd pers sing pret subj)
awrecan Class 5 str verb: tell, narrate, say (forms: awræc 1st pers sing pret indic)

awritan Class 1 str verb: write, inscribe (forms: awrite imper sing)

awyrdan wk verb: destroyed, doomed (forms: awyrded past part)

awyrgan wk verb: outlaw, curse (forms: awyrged past part; awyrgda past part nom sing masc (as noun = "the cursed one", i.e. the devil))

axe fem noun: ash, cinder (forms: axan dat sing)

Babylon prop name: Babylon (forms: Babilone dat sing; Babylones gen sing)

bæc neut noun: back
ofer bæc adv phrase: backwards, away

bædan wk verb: urge, impel; dispatch (forms: bædde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gebæded past part)

bæl, bel neut noun: fire, flame, pire (forms: bæle dat sing)

bælc masc noun: pride, arrogance

bælfyr neut noun: sacrificial fire; pire (forms: bælfyra gen pl)

bælstede masc noun: place where a pyre has burned (forms: bælstede date sing)

bælwudu masc noun: wood of a pyre

bær adj: bare, naked (forms: bare acc (nom?) pl masc; baro, baru nom pl neut)
bær fem noun: stretcher, litter

gebæran wk verb: behave, comport oneself (forms: gebærdon pl pret indic)

bærnan wk verb: burn, cause to be burned

gebæro neut noun: behaviour, comportment (forms: gebæro dat sing)

bætan wk verb: to bridle, to halter (forms: gebæted past part)

bæð neut noun: bath

bæðweg masc noun: bath-road (a kenning for "sea") (forms: bæðweges gen sing)

prop name: Bardney (forms: Bardanige dat sing)

bealdian wk verb: be bold, be brave (forms: bealdode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

baldlice adv: bravely, boldly (forms: baldlicost superl)

bealubenn fem noun: serious wound

bealuwaras masc pl noun: evil-doers, dwellers in iniquity (forms: bealuwara gen pl)

baldor, bealdor masc noun: lord

ban neut noun: bone; tooth (forms: ban nom/acc pl; bane dat sing; banum dat pl)

bana, bona masc noun: killer (forms: banan, bonan acc/dat/gen sing; banena gen pl )

bancofa masc noun: bone-chamber (a kenning for "body") (forms: bancofan acc sing)

banfag adj: decorated with bone

banfæt neut noun: body (forms: banfatu nom/acc pl)

banhring masc noun: (bone-ring, i.e.) vertebra (forms: banhringas acc pl)

banhus neut noun: bone-house (a kenning for "body")—also pl with sing meaning (forms: banhus acc pl)

banleas adj: boneless (forms: banlease acc sing neut)

banloca masc noun: muscle; (singular:) the body (forms: banlocan acc sing; nom/acc pl)

gebannan Class 7 str verb: command, order

basnian wk verb: await, expect (forms: basnedon pl pret indic)

bat fem/masc noun: boat, ship (forms: bates gen sing)

batweard masc noun: guardian of the ship (forms: batwearde dat sing)

be, bi, big prep: by, with, by means of; near by, beside; because of; about, regarding

baþian wk verb: bathe

beacen, becn neut noun: sign, portent; monument (forms: beacna gen pl; beacne dat sing; beacnum dat pl) )

beacnian wk verb: point out, show (forms: gebeacnod past part)

beadogrima masc noun: (battle-) mask; faceplate of helmet; perhaps helmet itself by metonymy (forms: beadogriman acc pl)

Beadohild prop name: Beadohild, daughter of Nithhad seduced or raped by Weland, the smith who killed her brothers and used their body parts to make jewelry for her father. (forms: Beadohilde dat sing)

beadohata masc noun: proclaimer of battle

beadohrægl neut noun: battle garment (i.e. coat of mail)

beadoleoma masc noun: battle-light, battle-gleam (a kenning for "sword")

beadomece masc noun: (battle-) sword (forms: beadomecas nom pl)

beadorinc masc noun: warrior (forms: beadorinca gen pl)

beadu fem noun: war, battle (forms: beaduwe, beadowe, beadwe dat sing; beadwa gen pl)

beoducaf adj: brave in battle (forms: beaducafa nom sing masc)

beadufolm fem noun: fighting hand (forms: beadufolme acc sing)

beadulac neut noun: battle-play (forms: beadulace dat sing)

beaduræs masc noun: onslaught of battle, attack

beadurof adj: brave in battle (forms: beadurofes gen sing)

beadurun fem noun: fighting speech, verbal attack (forms: beadurune acc sing)

beaduscearp adj: battle-sharp

beaduscrud neut noun: (battle-clothing, i.e.) coat of mail (forms: beaduscruda gen pl)

beaduserce fem noun: (battle-) coat of mail (forms: beadusercean acc sing)

beaduweorc neut noun: work of battle, martial deed (forms: beaduweorces gen sing)

beæftan adv: behind

beag, beah masc noun: ring, armlet, circlet; (in plural) treasure, wealth (forms: beaga gen pl; beagas, begas nom/acc pl; beage dat sing; beages gen sing; beagum dat pl); beg (Beow 3163 used collectively): treasure

beaghroden, beahhroden adj: decorated with treasure, bejewelled (forms: beahhrodene nom pl fem)

beahhord neut noun: (treasure-) hoard (forms: beahhorda gen pl; beahhordes gen sing; beahhordum dat pl)

beahgifa masc noun: ring-giver (i.e. lord) (forms: beaggyfan, beahgifan acc/dat/gen sing)

beahsele masc noun: ring (-giving) hall

beahðegu fem noun: receipt of a ring, receipt of treasure (forms: beahðege dat sing)

beahwriða masc noun: ring, circlet, torque (forms: beahwriðan acc sing)

beald, bald adj: brave, bold (forms: bealde nom pl masc)

bealo neut noun: harm, injury, evil (forms: bealwa gen pl; bealwe dat sing; bealwes gen sing)

bealocwealm masc noun: (evil) death

bealofull adj: full of evil (forms: bealofulla nom sing masc; bealofullan acc/gen sing masc)

bealohycgend adj: intending evil or destruction (forms: bealohycgendra gen pl)

bealohydig adj: intending evil or destruction

bealonið masc noun: evil affliction (forms: bealoniðe dat sing)

bealosiþ masc noun: harmful or evil experience (forms: bealosiþa gen pl)

bealu neut noun: destruction, evil, misery (forms: bealwa, bealuwa, bealewa gen pl)
bealu adj: evil, miserable (forms: balwon dat pl)

beam masc noun: tree; beam, timber; beam of light; cross (forms: beama gen pl; beamas nom pl; beame dat sing; beames gen sing; beaman dat pl)

beamsceadu gem noun: the shadow of trees, protecting trees (forms: beamsceade acc/dat sing)

beamtelg masc noun: tree-dye (forms: beamtelge dat sing)

Beanstan prop name: Beanstan, father of Breca (forms: Beanstanes gen sing)

bearhtm masc noun: brightness, din (forms: bearhtme dat sing)

bearm masc noun: bosom, stomach, lap; hold (of a ship) (forms: bearme dat sing; bearmum dat pl)

bearn neut noun: child, offspring (forms: bearn nom/acc pl; bearna gen pl; bearne dat sing; bearnes gen sing; bearnum dat pl)
mid bearne: with child, pregnant

bearngebyrdo fem noun: child-bearing (forms: bearngebyrdo gen sing)

bearu, bearo masc noun: wood, grove (forms: bearwas nom/acc pl; bearwe dat sing)

beatan Class 7 str verb: beat, pound, strike against (forms: beatað pl pres indic; gebeaten past part; beateð 3rd pers sing pres indic; beotan pl pret indic)

Bebbanburg prop name: Bamborough (forms: Bebbanbyrig dat sing)

bebeodan Class 2 str verb: command, instruct; commit, entrust, dedicate (forms: bebead 3rd pers sing pret indic; bebeod imper sing)

bebeorgan Class 3 str verb: protect, shield (forms: bebeorh imper sing)

bebod neut noun: command, commandment (forms: bebodu acc pl)

bebugan Class 2 str verb: encircle, surround (forms: bebugeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

bebicgan wk verb: sell (forms: bebicge 3rd pers sing pres subj; 1st pers sing pres indic; bebicgan pl pres indic; bebohte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

beceorfan Class 3 str verb: cut off (forms: becearf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

beclypan wk verb: embrace, hug (forms: beclypte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

becuman Class 4 str verb, impers: happen, befall; come, arrive (forms: becom, becwom 3rd pers sing indic; becomon, becoman pl pret indic; becwom, becom 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gebed neut noun: prayer (forms: gebede dat sing)

bedælan wk verb w. dat: deprive (forms: bedæled, bidæled past part)

bedd, bed neut noun: bed; garden bed (forms: bedde dat sing; beddes gen sing; beddum dat pl)

gebedda, gebædda masc noun: sexual partner; spouse (forms: gebeddan acc/dat sing; gebeddum dat pl)

beddrest fem noun: bed (forms: beddreste acc sing)

bedelfan Class 3 str verb: bury (forms: bedealf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bediglan wk verb: conceal

bedragan Class 6 str verb: draw, entice, lure (forms: bedrog 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bedreosan Class 2 str verb: fall, perish; (with dat.) deprive (forms: bedroren, bidroren past part; bedrorene, bidrorene past part nom pl masc)

bedrest fem noun: bed (forms: bedreste dat sing)

bedrifan Class 1 str verb: drive out, drive away; cover, spatter (forms: bedraf 3rd pers sing pret indic; bedrifenne past part acc sing masc)

gebedscipe masc noun: sexual intercourse, sleeping together (forms: gebedscipe dat sing)

bedyrnan wk verb: conceal (forms: bedyrnded 3rd pers sing pret indic; bedyrndon pl pret indic; bedyrned past part)

befealdan Class 7 str verb: fold, envelope, clasp (forms: befealdest 2nd pers sing pret indic)

befeallan Class 7 str verb: fall; bereave; deprive (forms: befeallen past part; befeallene past part masc nom pl)

befleon Class 2 str verb: flee from (forms: to befleonne inflect infin)

beflowan Class 7 str verb: flow about (forms: beflowen past part)

befon Class 7 str verb: clasp, lay hold of, ensnare, seize; surround (forms: befangen, befongen, bifongen past part)

beforan, biforan prep and adv: before, in front of, in the presence of; in front, in the lead

befyllan wk verb: cause to fall; deprive of by killing (forms: befælled, befylled past part)

begang, begong, bigang masc noun: expanse, extent

begeotan Class 2 str verb: drench, drip over, cover (forms: begoten past part)

begietan, begytan Class 5 str verb: get, acquire, take; overcome, befall (forms: begeat, bigeat, beget 3rd pers sing pret indic; begeate 3rd pers sing pret subj; begeaton pl pret indic)

beginnan Class 3 str verb: begin (forms: begann, began 3rd pers sing pret indic)

begnornian wk verb: lament, mourn (forms: begnornodon pl pret indic)

begrindan Class 3 str verb: deprive, strip (oneself of something); grind away (forms: begrindeð 3rd pers sing pret indic; begrunden past part) )

begrornian wk verb: mourn about (forms: to begrornianne inflected infin)

bigyllan Class 3 str verb: yell about (forms: bigeal 3rd pers sing pret indic)

begylpan Class 3 str verb: boast about

behabban wk verb: detain, have (forms: behæfdon pl pret subj)

behofian wk verb w. gen: have need of (forms: behofað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

behon Class 7 str verb: hang (something) about (w. dat for what hangs) (forms: bihongen past part)

beheafdian wk verb: behead (forms: beheafdod past part)

behealdan Class 7 str verb: behold, gaze on; possess, have (forms: beheold 3rd pers sing pret indic; beheoldon pl pret indic)

behelan Class 4 str verb: cover, hide (forms: beholen past part)

beheowan Class 7 str verb: cut off, cut off from, deprive of (forms: beheowe 3rd pers sing pres subj)

behreosan Class 2 str verb: fall upon, cover; deprive of by falling off (forms: bihrorene past part nom pl masc/neut)

behriman sk verb: frost over, cover in rime or hoarfrost (forms: behrimed past part)

behð fem noun: sign, evidence (forms: behðe dat sing)

beirnan Class 3 str verb: occur (forms: bearn 3rd pers sing pret indic)

beladian wk verb: exculpate, vindicate

belean Class 6 str verb: dissuade from

belecgan wk verb: cover (forms: belegde, bilegde 3rd pers sing pret indic; bilecgað pl pres indic)

beleosan Class 2 str verb: be deprived of, lose (with dat) (forms: beleas 1st pers sing pret indic; beloren past part; belorene past part masc nom pl)

belgan Class 3 str verb: enrage, cause anger in (forms: gebulge 3rd pers sing pret subj)

belicgan Class 5 str verb: lie about, surround (forms: beligeð, belið 3rd pers sing pres indic)

belimpan Class 3 str verb w. dat: happen, befall (forms: belamp 3rd pers sing pret indic)

belisnod past part adj as noun: castrated man, eunuch (forms: belisnode nom pl)

beliðan Class 1 str verb: deprive of (forms: belidenne past part acc sing masc)

belucan Class 2 str verb: lock up, enclose; protect from (w. dat) (forms: beleac 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bemurnan Class 3 str verb: lament, mourn about (forms: bemearn 3rd pers sing pret indic; bimurneð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

ben fem noun: petition, request (forms: bene acc/dat/gen sing)

bena beon idiomatic expression: to petition, request, ask (forms: bena eart 2nd pers sing pres indic; benan synt pl pres indic; bena wæs 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic)

benæman wk verb: deprive of, take away

benc fem noun: bench (forms: bence dat sing; bencum dat pl)

bencsittende masc pl noun: bench-sitters, i.e. courtiers, warriors (forms: bencsittendum dat pl)

bencsweg masc noun: sound from the benches (i.e. noise of merriment)

bencþelu neut pl noun: floor on which benches sit (See Klaeber 4 s.v. and note.) (forms: bencþelu nom/acc pl)

bend masc noun: bond, fetter, band (forms: bendum dat pl)

beneah pret pres verb: enjoy, possess (forms: beneah 3rd pers sing pres indic)

benedicite Latin verb: bless (imper)

benemnan wk verb: name, declare, say (forms: benemde 3rd pers sing pret indic benemdon pl pret indic )

beneotan Class 2 str verb w. dat: deprive of (forms: beneote 3rd pers sing pres subj; beneoteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; bineat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bengeat neut noun: wound opening (forms: bengeato nom pl)

beniman Class 4 str verb: deprive, take, assume (forms: benam, binom 3rd pers sing pret indic; benumen past part)

benn fem noun: wound (forms: benne acc/dat sing; nom pl; bennum dat pl)

gebeodan, biodan Class 2 str verb: announce, proclaim, make known; offer, give, grant (forms: bead, gebead, gebad 3rd pers sing pret indic; beodeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; boden past part; bude 2nd pers sing pret indic; budon pl pret indic)

beodgeneat masc noun: table companion (forms: beodgeneatas nom/acc pl)

beodgereordu neut pl noun: meals, food

beon anom verb: to be (forms: eart 2nd pers sing pres indic; eom 1st pers sing pres ind; is, ys 3rd pers sing pres ind; beo, bio imper sing; 1st pers sing pres indic; 2nd pers sing pres subj; beon pl pres indic; beoð, beoþ, bioð pl pres indic; bist 2rd pers sing pres indic; bið, byð, biþ 3rd pers sing pres ind; seo, se 1st/3rd pers sing pres subj; sie, sy, si, sig 2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; sien pl pres subj; synd, sind, synt, sint, syndon, sindon pl pres indic; wære 2nd/3rd pers sing pret subj; 2nd pers sing pret indic; wæron, waron, wæran pl pret indic; wæs 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; wes, wæs imper sing; westu ( = wes þu) imper sing;
forms collapsed with negative particle "ne": næs ( = ne wæs) 3rd pers sing pret indic; imper sing; nære ( = ne wære) 3rd pers sing pret subj; næron ( = ne wæron) pl pret indic; nearon ( = ne earon) pl pres indic; nis, nys ( = ne is) 3rd pers sing pres indic)

beor neut noun: beer (forms: beore dat sing)

gebeor masc noun: beer-drinking buddy, beer-drinker (forms: gebeoras nom/acc pl; gebeorum dat pl)

beorg, beorh, biorh masc noun: mountain, hill; tumulus, barrow (forms: beorgas, biorgas nom/acc pl; beorge dat sing; beorges, biorges gen sing; beorgum dat pl )

gebeorg neut noun: protection (forms: gebeorge dat sing)

gebeorgan Class 3 str verb w. dat: save, preserve (forms: bearh, gebearh, gebearg 3rd pers sing pret indic; geborgen past part; burgon, burgan pl pret indic)

beorhhlið neut noun: mountain slope (forms: beorhhleoþum dat pl)

beorht adj: bright, light, clear, pure (forms: beorhta nom sing masc; beorhtan, byrhtan acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; acc pl; beorhte fem nom/acc sing, acc pl masc/fem, nom sing neut; beorhtne acc sing masc; beorhtost superl; beorhtra gen pl; beorhtre fem dat/gen sing; beorhtum dat pl)
beorhte adv: brightly

beorhtblowan Class 7 str verb: blossom brightly (forms: beorhtblowende pres part)

Beorhtdene masc pl noun: (Bright-) Danes (forms: Beorhtdena gen pl)

beorhtian wk verb: become bright (forms: beorhtode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

beorma masc noun: yeast foam (from beer), sourdough starter, barm (forms: beorman acc sing)

beorn, biorn masc noun: man (forms: beorna, biorna gen pl; beornas nom/acc pl; beorne dat sing; beornes gen sing; beornum dat pl)

beorncyning masc noun: (warrior-) king

beorscealc masc noun: beer-man, i.e. drinker, reveller (forms: beorscealca gen pl)

beorsele, biorsele masc noun: beer-hall (forms: beorsele, biorsele dat sing)

beorþegu fem noun: beer-drinking (forms: beorþege dat sing)

gebeot neut noun: boast, vow

gebeotian wk verb: boast, vow (forms: gebeotedon, beotedan pl pret indic; beotode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

beotword neut noun: word of boasting or vowing (forms: beotwordum dat pl)

Beowulf, Biowulf prop name: Beowulf (forms: Beowulfe, Biowulfe dat sing; Beowulfes, Biowulfes gen sing)

bepæcan wk verb: seduce, deceive (forms: bepæceð pl pres indic)

berædan wk verb: to determine by discussion
hyra mæen beræddon: arrayed their forces

geberan Class 4 str verb: bear, carry; give birth to (forms: bær, gebær 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; bæron, bæran pl pret indic; bere 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic/subj; imper sing; beren pl pres subj; bereð, bireð, byreð 3rd pers sing pres indic; berað imper pl; beron pl pres indic; boren, geboren past part (also "born"); geborenum past part dat sing masc (Sea 98 as noun: sibling); byreð 3rd pers sing pres indic; to berenne inflected infinitive)

*bereafan Class 2 str verb: deprive (forms: berofan pl pret indic; berofene past part acc sing fem)

bereafian wk verb: deprive, bereave (forms: bereafod, bireafod past part w. dat: deprived of; without)

berenian wk verb: commit, carry out (forms: berenedon )

bereofan Class 2 strong verb: deprive (forms: berofen past part)

berewæstm masc noun: barley crop (forms: berewæstma gen pl)

berian wk verb: clear, make bare (forms: beredon pl pret indic)

Bersabeas prop name: inhabitants of Beersheba (forms: Bersabea gen pl)

berstan Class 3 str verb: burst, break (forms: bærst 3rd pers sing pret indic; burston pl pret indic)

besceawian wk verb: look about, consider, care about (forms: bisceawað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

bescierian wk verb w. gen or dat: deprive of, separate from (forms: biscyred past part; bescyrede past part pl adj)

bescufan Class 2 str verb: shove, throw, thrust

besellan wk verb: surround, cover (forms: beseald past part)

besencan wk verb: sink, submerge, drown (forms: besenceð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

beseon Class 5 str verb: see, look at; look around (forms: beseo 3rd pers sing pres subj; beseah 3rd pers sing pret indic)

besettan wk verb: ornament (forms: besette 3rd pers sing pret indic)

besincan Class 3 str verb: sink (forms: besuncen past part)

besittan Class 5 str verb: surround, encircle (forms: besæt 3rd pers sing pret indic)

beslean Class 6 str verb: strike, smite, deprive by striking, cut off, take away (forms: beslægene past part nom pl fem; besloh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

besmitan Class 1 str verb: pollute, defile (forms: besmiten past part)

besmiþian wk verb: construct, make by craftsmanship (forms: besmiþod past part)

besnyðian wk verb: rob, deprive of (forms: besnyþede, besnyðede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bestandan Class 6 str verb: stand about, stand on either side of (forms: bestodon pl pret indic)

bestrudan Class 7 str verb: plunder, rob (forms: bestrudon pl pret indic)

bestyman, besteman wk verb: wet, moisten (forms: bestymed, bestemed past part)

beswælan wk verb: burn (forms: beswæled past part)

beswican Class 1 str verb: deceive, betray (forms: beswac 3rd pers sing pret indic; beswicað pl pres indic beswicen pl pres subj; beswicen past part; beswicene past part acc pl masc)

beswylian wk verb: drench, flood (forms: beswyled past part)

besyrwan wk verb: ensnare, entrap; trick (forms: besyred past part)

betæcan wk verb: entrust, commmend (forms: betæhte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gebetan wk verb: amend, restore; increase; compensate (forms: bete 1st pers sing pres indic; gebette 3rd pers sing pret indic; gebettest 2nd pers sing pret indic )

beþeccan wk verb: cover, conceal, surround (forms: beþeahte past part nom pl masc; biþeaht past part; beþeahton pl pret indic)

beþenian wk verb: stretch over, cover (forms: beþenede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Bethlem prop name: Bethlem (Bethel?, Bethlehem?)

Bethulia prop name: Bethulia (forms: Bethuliam acc/dat/gen sing)

betimbrian wk verb: build (forms: betimbredon pl pret indic)

betlic adj: excellent

betweonan prep: between

be . . . tweonum separable prep: between
be sæm tweonum: between the seas, i.e. in the world

betuh prep: between, betwixt

beutan prep: outside

bewægnan wk verb: offer (forms: bewægned past part)

bewarigan wk verb: protect

bewawan Class 7 str verb: (of wind) to blow around (forms: biwaune past part nom pl masc)

beweaxan Class 7 str verb: grow around, grow over (forms: beweaxne past part nom pl masc)

bewegan Class 5 str verb: cover (forms: bewegen past part)

bewennan wk verb: entertain (forms: bewenede, biwenede past part nom pl; past part acc/dat sing fem)

beweorpan Class 3 str verb: cast, throw; surround (forms: beworpen, biworpen past part)

bewerian, biwergan wk verb: protect (forms: beweredon pl pret indic)

bewindan Class 3 str verb: surround, enwreathe; revolve, consider (forms: bewand 3rd pers sing pret indic; bewindað pl pres indic; bewunden, biwunden past part)

bewitian wk verb: attend to, look after; observe (forms: beweotede, beweotode 3rd pers sing pret indic; bewitiað, bewitigað pl pres indic)

bewlitan Class 1 str verb: look about (forms: bewlat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bewreon Class 1 str verb: cover, hide, wrap up, enclose, protect (forms: bewrigen past part; bewrigene past part acc sing fem/neut; bewrigenum past part dat pl; biwrah 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic);
in bewrigenum: being hidden

bewyrcan wk verb: build around (forms: beworhton pl pret indic)

bid neut noun: standstill

gebidan Class 1 str verb: stay, wait, continue, live; (with gen) await, expect; endure (forms: bad, gebad 3rd pers sing pret indic; gebide imper pl (preposed); gebiden past part; bideð 3rd pers sing pres indic; bidon, beodan (Ex 166) pl pret indic)

gebidan Class 1 str verb: experience, live to enjoy (forms: gebad 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; gebide 3rd pers sing pres subj; gebiden past part; gebidenne past part acc sing masc; gebidenra past part gen pl; gebideð 3rd pers sing pres indic; to gebidenne, to gebidanne inflect infin)

gebiddan Class 5 str verb: ask, pray (forms: bæd, gebæd 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; bædon pl pret indic; gebiddað pl pres indic; bidde 1st pers sing pres indic; pl pres subj)

befæstan, bifæstan wk verb: fasten, imprison; entrust, commit (forms: befæste 3rd pers sing pret indic; bifæste&th; 3rd pers sing pres indic)
befæstan to lare: to set to learning

bifian wk verb: shake, quake, shiver (forms: bifiende pres part; bifode 1st pers sing pret indic)

bigeng fem noun: worship, observance, practice (forms: bigengum dat pl)

bigstandan Class 6 str verb: stand by, support (forms: bigstandað pl pres indic)

bihlemman wk verb: crash together (forms: bihlemmeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

bilwit adj: gracious, merciful

bill, bil neut noun: sword (forms: billa gen pl; bille dat sing; billes gen sing; billum dat pl)

gebind neut noun: binding

gebindan Class 3 str verb: bind (forms: geband, bond 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; binde 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic/subj; bindað, gebindað pl pres indic; bindeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; bunden, gebunden past part; gebundene past part nom/acc pl masc; bundenne past part acc sing masc)

binnan prep: within

bisceop masc noun: bishop (forms: bisceope dat sing)

bisen fem noun: form, pattern, example, rule, command (forms: bisne acc sing)

gebisgian wk verb: occupy; trouble (forms: bisgodon pl pret indic; gebysgad past part; bysgað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

bisigu, bysigu fem noun: affliction, trouble, care, busy-ness (forms: bisgo acc sing; bisgum, bysigum dat pl)

bitan Class 1 str verb w. gen: bite (forms: bat 3rd pers sing pret indic; bit imper sing)

bite masc noun: bite, cut (forms: bite dat sing)

biter, bitter adj: bitter, harsh (forms: biteran dat sing masc, acc/dat pl; bitere nom/acc pl masc; bitre acc sing fem; nom pl masc; bitres, biteres gen sing; bitresta superl nom sing masc);
biter masc noun: bitterness (forms: bitre dat sing; bitres gen sing)
bitre adv: bitterly

blac adj: white, pale, pallid, ashy (forms: blacne acc sing masc)

blachleor adj: pale-faced

blacian wk verb: become pale (forms: blacað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

blæc, blac adj: black, dark (forms: blaca nom sing masc; blace dat sing fem; blacum dat pl)

blæd masc noun: glory, splendour (forms: blæde dat sing; blædes gen sing; bledum dat pl);
blæd fem/neut pl noun: fruit (plural often has singular meaning); branch, sprig (forms: blæda acc/gen pl; blædæ acc sing; blædu, blado nom pl)

blædagande pres part: glorious, victorious (forms: blædagande nom pl)

blæddæg masc noun: glorious day
(forms: blæddaga gen pl)

geblædfæst: glorious, famous (forms: blædfæstne acc sing masc)

blæst masc noun: blowing, breeze, wind

blanca masc noun: (white) horse (forms: blancum dat pl)

bland neut noun: blending, mixture, confusion

blatan wk verb: be pale? be livid? darken? (see DOE s.v. blatan, blat) (forms: blatende pres part)

bleate adv: miserably, wretchedly

bleo neut noun: colour (forms: bleos gen sing; bleom dat pl )

bleobord neut noun: coloured board (for gaming): chessboard or tables-board (forms: bleobordes gen sing)

gebletsian wk verb: bless (forms: gebletsad, gebletsod past part; gebletsode, gebletsade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bletsung fem noun: blessing, grace (forms: bletsunga gen pl; bletsunge acc/dat sing)

blican Class 1 str verb: gleam, shine, sparkle (forms: blicð 3rd pers sing pres indic; blicon pl pret indic)

blind adj: blind, lightless (forms: blindum dat sing neut)

bliss, blis fem noun: bliss, joy (forms: blisse, blysse acc/dat/gen sing)

blissian wk verb: make happy, delight; become happy, have fun, get drunk (forms: blissigende pres part; geblissad past part)

blið, bliðe adj: joyous, pleasant (forms: bliðe inst sing neut; nom sing fem, nom/acc pl masc; bliðne acc sing masc; bliþra compar nom sing masc)

bliðemod adj: joyous-minded

bliðheort adj: glad-hearted

blod neut noun: blood (forms: blode dat sing)

blodfag adj: blood-stained, bloody

blodgyte masc noun: bloodshed

blodig adj: bloody (forms: blodge acc sing fem; blodigan dat sing masc; blodige nom pl neut; blodigne acc sing masc)

blodigian wk verb: bloody, make bloody (forms: geblodegod past part)

blodigtoð adj: bloody-toothed

blodreow adj: (bloody and) fierce, cruel

geblonden past part adj: corrupted, infected

blondenfeax adj: having hair of different colours; going grey (forms: blondenfeaxe nom pl masc; blondenfeaxum dat sing masc; blondenfexa nom sing masc)

blostm masc noun: blossom (forms: blostmum dat pl)

blotan Class 7 str verb: offer in sacrifice

boc fem noun: book (forms: bec nom/acc pl)

bocere masc noun: scholar, writer, scribe (forms: boceras nom/acc pl)

boda masc noun: messenger, herald (forms: bodan acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl)

gebod neut noun: command, precept

bodian wk verb: tell, proclaim; preach; foretell (forms: bodode 3rd pers sing pret indic; bodedon pl pret indic)

bodig neut noun: body

gebodscipe masc noun: commandment; message

bog masc noun: bough; arm, shoulder (forms: bogum dat pl)

boga masc noun: bow (i.e. for shooting arrows) (forms: bogan nom pl)

bolca masc noun: gangplank (forms: bolcan dat sing)

bold, botl neut noun: building, house, residence (forms: bolda gen pl; botle dat sing)

boldagend masc noun: building owner, householder (forms: boldagendra gen pl)

gebolgen past part adj: angry, enraged (from belgan) (forms: gebolgne nom pl)

bolgenmod adj: angry, enraged

bolla masc noun: drinking cup, bowl (forms: bollan nom pl)

bolster masc/neut noun: pillow (forms: bolstrum dat pl)

bongar masc noun: murderous spear

bord neut noun: board, shield, deck (of a ship), side (of a ship), hold (of a ship) (forms: bord acc pl; borda gen pl; bordes gen sing; bordum dat pl)

bordhæbbende pres part pl adj: shield-owning (persons), i.e. warriors

bordhreoða masc noun: a row of shields (?) (forms: bordhreoðan nom pl; dat sing)

bordrand masc noun: shield

bordweall, bordweal masc noun: shield-wall (defensive formation of side-by-side shields)

bordwudu masc noun: (wooden) shield (forms: bordwudu acc pl)

borian wk verb: bore, drill a hole (forms: borige 3rd pers sing pres subj)

bosm masc noun: bosom, breast; hold (of a ship) (forms: bosme dat sing)

bot fem noun: remedy, compensation (forms: bote acc/dat/gen sing)

botlgestreon neut noun: household treasure (forms: botlgestreona gen pl; botlgestreonum dat pl)

botlwela masc noun: prosperous dwelling

botm masc noun: bottom (forms: botme dat sing)

brad adj: broad, wide, extensive (forms: brad nom pl neut; brade nom/acc pl masc; acc sing fem; nom sing neut; bradan acc pl masc; gen pl; bradnæ acc sing masc; bradre acc sing fem);
brade adv: broadly, widely

bradswyrd, bradswurd neut noun: broadsword (forms: bradswyrd acc pl)

gebræc neut noun: breaking, clashing

brædan wk verb: spread out

brand, brond masc noun: fire, flame; burning piece of wood, glowing coal; sword (forms: bronda gen pl; brondas nom pl; bronde dat sing)

breahtm masc noun: noise, revelry (forms: breahtma gen pl)

Breca prop name: Breca (forms: Brecan acc/dat sing)

gebrecan Class 4 str verb: break, burst, destroy; break, transgress (a commandment); (of curiosity:) torment (forms: gebræc, bræc 3rd pers sing pret indic; bræce 3rd pers sing pret subj; bræcon pl pret indic (subj?); brecað pl pres indic; brocen, gebrocen past part)

brecð fem noun: grief (forms: brecða nom pl)

gebregd neut noun: movement, manipulation

gebregdan, bregdon Class 3 str verb: move, swing, draw (a sword), weave, knit (the rings of a mail coat); feign, pretend (forms: brægd, bræd, gebræd 3rd pers sing pret indic; bregde 3rd pers sing pres subj; broden, gebroden past part; brogdne past part acc sing fem; brugdon, brudon pl pret indic)

brego masc noun: ruler, lord

bregorice neut noun: kingdom (forms: bregorices gen sing)

bregorof adj: lordly, noble

bregostol masc noun: lordly seat (i.e. throne? estate?))

bregoweard masc noun: ruler, king (forms: bregowearda gen pl; bregoweardas gen sing)

breme adj: glorious, noble, honoured (forms: brema nom sing masc; breman dat sing masc)

brember masc noun: bramble, blackberry bush, briar (forms: brembrum dat pl)

brenting masc noun: ship (forms: brentingas acc pl)

breost neut noun: breast, chest (frequently plural with singular meaning) (forms: breosta gen pl; breostum dat pl)

breostcearu fem noun: (breast- ) care, misery (forms: breostceare acc sing)

breostcofa masc noun: the chest, the breast considered as a container of thoughts and feelings (forms: breostcofan dat sing)

breostgehygd fem noun: inner thought (forms: breostgehygdum dat pl)

breostgewædu neut pl noun: mail coat

breosthord neut noun: breast-hoard (a kenning for "mind, thought")

breostnet neut noun: breast-net (a kenning for "coat of mail")

breostweorðung fem noun: breast-adornment (a kenning for "coat of mail," "weapons and armour") (forms: breostweorðunge acc sing)

breostwylm masc noun: breast-surge (i.e. powerful emotion)

breotan Class 2 str verb: break, kill (forms: breat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

brer fem noun: bramble, brier (forms: brerum dat pl)

brerd masc noun: edge, border, rim

bresne adj: strong

bricg fem noun: bridge; natural causeway (forms: bricge acc sing)

bricgweard masc noun: bridge-keeper, bridge-guard (forms: bricgweardas acc pl)

brim neut noun: sea, water (forms: brimes gen sing; brimu, brymu nom/acc pl)

brimclif neut noun: sea-cliff (forms: brimclifu acc pl)

brimfugol masc noun: seabird (forms: brimfuglas nom pl)

brimhlæst fem noun: the sea-burden (kenning: what the sea bears, i.e. fish)
brimhlæste gen sing

brimlad fem noun: sea journey (forms: brimlade acc/dat sing)

brimliðend masc noun: sailor (forms: brimliðende dat sing; brimliþendra gen pl)

brimmann masc noun: sailor, seaman (forms: brimmanna gen pl; brimmen nom pl)

brimstream masc noun: sea current (forms: brimstreamas acc pl)

brimwisa masc noun: (sea-) leader (forms: brimwisan acc sing)

brimwylf fem noun: female sea-wolf

brimwylm masc noun: (surging-) sea, water

gebringan Class 3 str verb: bring (forms: bringað pl pres indic; bringe, gebringe imper sing; 3rd pers sing pres subj; 1st pers sing pres indic; bringeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; broht, gebroht past part; brohte, gebrohte 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; gebrohten pl pret subj; brohton, gebrohton, brohtan pl pret indic; brungen past part)

brittian wk verb: divide, dispense (forms: brittade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

broc masc noun: brook (forms: broce dat sing)
broc neut noun: affliction, sickness, disease (forms: broce dat sing)

brocian wk verb: afflict (forms: gebrocod past part)

brodenmæl, brogdenmæl neut noun: braided-sword (i.e. sword with blade made by pattern-welding twisted iron and steel)

broga masc noun: dread, terror (forms: brogan acc/dat/gen sing, nom pl)

brohþrea masc noun: dreadful calamity

Brondingas prop name: Brondings, a Swedish tribe (forms: Brondinga gen pl)

bront adj: steep, high (forms: brontne acc sing masc)

Brosing prop name: Brosing (forms: Brosinga gen pl)

brosnian wk verb: decay (forms: brosnað 3rd pers sing pret indic)

brosnung fem noun: decay ,corruption

broðor, broþor masc noun: brother (forms: breþer dat sing; broðer gen sing; broðor dat/gen sing; broþra gen sing; broðru, gebroðru, gebroþru, gebroðra nom pl; broðrum dat pl)

gebroðor masc noun, usually pl.: brother; fellow Christian, fellow monk (forms: gebroðra nom/acc pl; gebroðrum dat pl)

broðorcwealm masc noun: murder of a brother, act of fratricide (forms: broðorcwealmes gen sing)

broðorgyld neut noun: recompense for loss of a brother

brucan Class 2 str verb (w. gen): enjoy, use, benefit from
(forms: breac, bræc 3rd pers sing pret indic; bruc imper sing; brucað imper pl; pl pres indic; bruce 2nd pers sing pres subj; bruceð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

brun adj: bright, lustrous; brown, dark (forms: brune acc pl masc; brunne acc sing masc)

brunecg adj: bright-edged

brunfag adj: brightly decorated (forms: brunfagne acc sing masc)

bryd fem noun: bride, wife (forms: bryda, bryde acc/gen pl; bryde acc/dat/gen sing)

brydbur masc noun: marital bedroom (forms: brydbure dat sing)

bryne masc noun: burning, fire (forms: bryne dat sing)

brynegield masc noun: burnt offering (forms: brynegielde dat sing)

bryneleoma masc noun: gleam of burning

brynewylm masc noun: flame (of burning) (forms: brynewylmum dat pl)

brytencyning masc noun: great king, powerful king (forms: brytencyninges gen sing)

brytnian wk verb: dispense, give out (forms: brytnade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

brytta masc noun: giver, dispenser, lord (forms: bryttan acc sing, nom pl)

bryttian, bryttigin wk verb: share, divide, distribute; make use of, enjoy (forms: bryttade 3rd pers sing pret indic; bryttað 3rd pers sing pres indic; bryttedon pl pret indic)

bu pron and adj: both (forms: ba nom/acc pl fem; bam dat pl; begen masc nom/acc; begra, bega, begea gen; bu neut nom/acc)

bufan prep: above, over, on, on top of

bufolc neut noun: (inhabiting) people, nation

bundenheord adj: having bound hair (forms: bundenheorde nom sing fem)

bundenstefna adj: (of a ship) having a bound stem or prow

bune fem noun: cup, beaker (forms: bunan nom/acc pl)

bur neut noun: bedroom, women's apartment, cottage (forms: bure dat sing; burum dat pl)

burg, burh fem noun: dwelling, fort, castle, town, (forms: burga gen sing; burgum dat pl; byrig acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl)

burgeteld neut noun: sleeping tent (forms: burgetelde dat sing; burgeteldes gen sing)

burgtun masc noun: city precinct or walled/enclosed area? town? (forms: burgtunas nom pl)

burhfæsten neut noun: castle, fortress, fort

burhgeat neut noun: city gate (forms: burhgeate dat sing)

burhleod masc noun: citizen, city-dweller (forms: burgleoda gen pl; burhleodum dat pl)

burhloca masc noun: fortress, walled town (forms: burhlocan acc/dat sing)

burhsittende masc pl noun: city-dwellers (forms: burgsittendra gen pl; burhsittendum dat pl)

burhstede masc noun: city, fort, castle

burhwaras, burhwara masc pl noun: citizens, city-dwellers (forms: burhwara, burgwara gen pl; burhwarena gen pl)

burhwela masc noun: riches of a city, fort or castle (forms: burhwelan gen sing)

burne fem noun: stream (forms: burnan gen sing)

burþen masc noun: chamberlain, steward (forms: burþene dat sing)

butere fem noun: butter (forms: buteran dat sing)

buton conj: but, except
buton prep: except, except for, without

butu, bu tu pron: both (forms: ba twa nom neut)

buan, bugan, buon Class 7 str verb (defective): dwell, live, settle (forms: buað pret pl; bun pl pres subj; gebun past part )

buend masc noun: dweller, inhabitant (forms: buendra gen pl)

gebugan Class 2 str verb: bow, stoop; submit; lie down, sit down; turn away; rest inactive; (of a dragon) coil (forms: beah, gebeah, gebeag 3rd pers sing pret indic; gebogen past part; gebogenan past part dat sing neut; bugeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; bugon pl pret indic)

butan prep, conj, adv: but, unless, except; without

gebycgan, bicgan wk verb: buy, get in exchange, get (forms: gebohte 3rd pers sing pret indic; pl pret subj [Ex 151])

gebygan wk verb: lower, debase, pull down

byht neut? noun: dwelling

gebyldan wk verb: to embolden, encourage (forms: bylde 3rd pers sing pret indic; 3rd pers sing pres subj; gebylde past part nom pl masc)

byme fem noun: trumpet (forms: bemum dat pl; byman nom/acc pl; acc sing)

gebyrdo, gebyrd fem noun: birth, origin, race (forms: gebyrdum dat pl)
on gebyrd adv phrase: nobly

byre masc noun: child, son (forms: byras, byre nom/acc pl)
byre masc noun: time, opportunity

byrele masc noun: serving person (forms: byrelas nom pl; byreles gen sing)

byrgan, byrgean wk verb w. gen or acc: taste, eat (forms: byrige imper sing; gebyrge 3rd pers sing pres subj; gebyrgde, byrgde, byrigde 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj)
byrgan wk verb: bury

gebyrgen fem noun: grave (forms: birgenne, byrgenne, gebyrgenne acc/dat/gen sing)

Byrhthelm prop name: Byrhthelm (forms: Byrhtelmes gen sing)

Byrhtnoð prop name: Byrhtnoth (forms: Byrhtnoðes gen)

Byrhtwold prop name: Byrhtwold

byrnan Class 3 str verb: burn; be burned (forms: beorn, born, gebarn 3rd pers sing pret indic; burnon pl pret indic; byrnende pres part)

byrne fem noun: chainmail shirt; corselet (forms: byrnan nom/acc pl; acc/dat sing; byrnum dat pl)

byrnhom masc noun: chainmail shirt; corselet (forms: byrnhomas acc pl)

byrnwiga masc noun: (mail-shirted- ) warrior (forms: byrnwigena gen pl)

byrnwiggend masc noun: (mail-shirted- ) warrior (forms: byrnwiggende nom pl)

bysen neut/fem noun: command, rule, model (forms: bysene acc/dat sing; bysna gen pl)

bysig adj: busy (forms: bysige nom pl masc)

bysmerian, gebysmrian wk verb: mock, revile, degrade, dishonour (forms: bysmeredon pl pret indic)

bismorlic adj: degrading, shameful (forms: bismorlicum dat sing neut)

bysmerlice adv: contemptuously

bysmor neut noun: shame, insult, disgrace

bysmorful adj: shameful (forms: bysmorfullum dat sing masc)

gebysnian wk verb: set an example, instruct by example (forms: gebysnode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

bytlian wk verb: build

bywan wk verb: polish

caf adj: bold, vigorous, quick (forms: cafne acc sing)

caflice adv: boldly, vigorously

Cain prop noun: Cain (forms: Caines gen sing)

Cainan proper name: Cainan

cald, ceald adj: cold (forms: caldum dat pl; caldast, cealdost superl; cealde acc pl; cealdum dat pl)
cald, ceald neut noun: cold (forms: calde, cealde dat sing)

Caldea prop name:Caldea (Chaldea) (forms: Caldea gen pl)

camp, comp masc noun: battle (forms: campe, compe dat sing)

Cananea prop name: Cananea (Caanan) (forms: Cananea gen pl)

Cananeis pl prop name: Caananites (forms: Cananeis gen)

candel fem noun: candle

carfulnys fem noun: care, carefulness (forms: carfulnysse dat sing)

carleas adj: careless, without pity (forms: carleasan nom pl neut)

Carran prop name: Carran (Haran) (forms: Carran acc/dat sing)

casere masc noun: emperor, caesar (forms: caseras nom pl)

Ceadwalla prop name: Ceadwalla (forms: Ceadwallan acc sing)

ceafl masc noun: jaw, mouth

ceallian wk verb: call, shout

ceap masc noun: cattle, goods, property; bargain, acquisition (forms: ceapas acc pl masc; ceape dat sing)

ceapian wk verb: buy (forms: geceapod past part)

cearian wk verb: be sorrowful, worry, be anxious; take trouble (to do something) (forms: ceara imper sing; cearað 3d pers sing pres indic)

cearseld neut noun: miserable residence, house of care (forms: cearselda gen pl)

cearsið masc noun: sorrowful expedition, sad experience (forms: cearsiðum dat pl)

cearsorg fem noun: misery (forms: cearsorge acc/dat sing)

cearu, cearo fem noun: care, sorrow (forms: ceare nom/acc pl; acc/dat/gen sing; cearum dat pl)

cearwylm, cearwælm masc noun: surge, current or flame of sorrow (forms: cearwylmas nom pl; cearwælmum dat pl)

ceaster fem noun: town, fort, castle (forms: ceastre acc/dat sing; ceastra acc pl; ceastrum dat pl)

ceasterbuend masc noun: castle-dweller, city-dweller (forms: ceasterbuendum dat pl)

cellod adj: [meaning unknown: some quality of a shield or type of shield]

cempa masc noun: champion, fighter (forms: cempan acc pl; dat sing)

cene adj: brave, fierce (forms: cenoste superl nom/acc pl masc; cenra gen pl; cenre compar nom sing fem)
cene adv: bravely

cennan wk verb: bear, give birth to; (of names) give (forms: cende 3rd pers sing pret indic; past part nom pl masc; cennað pl pres indic cenned past part)
cennan Class 1 str verb: show, declare (forms: cen imper sing)

cenðu fem noun: bravery

ceol masc noun: ship (forms: ceolas nom pl; ceole dat sing; ceoles gen sing)

Ceola prop name: Ceola (forms: Ceolan gen sing)

ceolþel neut noun: ship-board (forms: ceolþele dat sing)

ceorl masc noun: man; lowest class of free man (forms: ceorlas nom pl; ceorle dat sing; ceorles gen sing)

ceorfan Class 3 str verb: carve, cut out (forms: curfon pl pret indic)

geceosan, ciosan Class 2 str verb: choose, select, accept, seek out (forms: geceas 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; geceos imper sing; geceosað pl pres indic; gecoren past part; gecorenan past part acc pl; gecorene past part dat sing masc; gecorone past part nom/acc pl masc; cure 3rd pers sing pret subj; curon pl pret indic; to geceosenne inflect infin)

cepan wk verb: seek after, receive

cepemann masc noun: merchant (forms: cepemannum dat pl)

Cham, Cam prop name: Cham (Ham) (forms: Chames, Cames gen sing)

Chanan prop name: Chanaan (Canaan)

Chus prop name: Chus (Cush) (forms: Chuses gen sing)

cigan, cigean wk verb: call, summon (forms: cigeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; cigde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

cild neut noun: child (forms: cilde dat sing; cildes gen sing)

cildisc adj: child-like

cinberg fem noun: chin-protector (forms: cinberge acc sing)

cirice fem noun: church (forms: circean, cyrican, cyrcan acc/dat/gen sing)

cirman wk verb: cry out, call, make a noise

clæne adj: clean, pure, innocent

clænnys fem noun: purity, innocence, virginity (forms: clænnysse acc sing)

clað masc noun: cloth (forms: claþe dat sing)

Claudia prop name: Claudia (forms: Claudian dat)

cleofan Class 2 str verb: cleave, split (forms: clufon pl pret indic)

clif neut noun: cliff (forms: clifu acc pl; clifum dat pl)

cleofian wk verb: be attached, adhere (forms: cleofiað pl pres indic)

cleopian, clypian wk verb: call, cry out, speak (forms: cleopað 3rd pers sing pres indic; clypode 3rd pers sing pret indic) )

clomm masc noun: grasp, grip; bond, fetter (forms: clommas nom pl; clomme dat sing; clommum, clammum dat pl)

clyppan wk verb: embrace, clasp, surround (forms: clyppað pl pres indic; clyppe 3rd pers sing pres subj; clypte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

clustor neut noun: barrier, enclosure (forms: clustro acc pl)

gecnawan Class 7 str verb: perceive, find out, know, recognize (forms: gecnaweð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

cnedan Class 5 str verb: kneed (forms: gecned imper sing)

cneo neut noun: knee

cneomæg masc noun: male kinsman, descendent (forms: cneomagum dat pl)

cneorim neut noun: number of descendants

cneoriss, cneoris, cneorisn fem noun: posterity, family (forms: cneorissa gen pl; cneorisse dat/gen sing, nom pl; cneorissum dat pl)

cneowmæg masc noun: male descendant, relation, ancestor (forms: cneowmægas, cneowmagas nom/acc pl)

cneowrim, cneorim neut noun: number of progeny, population (forms: cneowrim nom pl)

cniht masc noun: boy, youth, servant; (Mald 9) soldier, knight (forms: cnihtas nom/acc pl; cnihtum, cnyhtum dat pl)

cnihtwesende pres part adj: "being a boy"; when he (I, etc.) was a boy

cnosl neut noun: family, kin (forms: cnosle dat sing)

cnossian wk verb: crash, dash, toss (forms: cnossað 3rd pers sing pret indic)

cnyssan wk verb: crash against, dash against, toss (forms: cnysedan pl pret indic; cnyssað pl pres indic)

cofa masc noun: room, chamber, closet, cave (forms: cofan dat sing)

cohhetan wk verb: cough? clear one's throat?

col adj: cool, cold, not painful (forms: colran compar nom pl)

colian wk verb: cool, become cold (forms: colode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

collenferþ, collenferð, collenferhð adj: proud, brave (forms: collenferþe, collenferhðe nom pl masc/fem)

Commodus prop name: Commodus

gecamp masc noun: battle (forms: gecampe dat sing)

compwig neut noun: war, battle (forms: compwige dat sing)

Constantinus prop name: Constantinus

corn neut noun: corn, grain, seed, wheat (forms: corna gen pl)

corðor neut noun: troop, multitude (forms: corðre, corþre dat sing; corðrum dat pl)

gecost adj: proven, excellent (forms: gecoste nom pl neut)

costigan wk verb w. gen: try, tempt (forms: costode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

coðu fem noun: disease, sickness, ailment (forms: coþum dat pl)

cræft masc noun: strength, skill (forms: cræfta gen pl; cræftas acc pl; cræfte dat sing; cræftum dat pl)

cræftig adj: strong, skillful

crescite Latin verb: grow, increase (imper sing)

cringan, crincgan Class 3 str verb: fall (in battle) (forms: gecrang, gecranc, gecrong 3rd pers sing pret indic; crungon, cruncon pl pret indic; crunge 3rd pers sing pret subj)

Crist masc noun: Christ (forms: Criste dat sing; Cristes gen sing)

Cristen adj: Christian (forms: Cristenra gen pl; Cristenan nom/acc/dat pl )

Cristendom masc noun: Christianity

crux Latin noun: cross

cu fem noun: cow (forms: cu gen sing)

culufre fem noun: dove (forms: culufran acc sing)

cuma masc noun: new arrival, guest, stranger (forms: cuman nom pl)

cuman Class 4 strong verb: come, arrive (forms: com, cwom 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; come, cwome 3rd pers sing pret subj; cwomon, cwoman, comon, coman pl pret indic; cumað pl pres indic; cume 1st pers sing pres indic; cume 3rd pers sing pres subj; cumen past part; cumen, cymen pl pres subj; cumene past part nom pl masc; cumenra past part gen pl; cymest 2nd pers sing pres indic; cymþ, cymð, cymeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

cumbol neut noun: banner, standard (forms: cumbles gen sing; cumblum dat pl; cumbol nom pl)

cumbolwiga masc noun: (banner- ) warrior (forms: cumbolwigan acc pl; acc sing)

cunnan anom verb: know, be able to, can (forms: cann, can, con 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; canst, const 2nd pers sing pres indic; cunne 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; cunnon pl pres indic; cuðe, cuþe 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; cuðon, cuþon pl pret indic)

gecunnian wk verb w. acc or gen: explore, try out, find out (forms: gecunnad past part; cunnað 3rd pers sing pres indic; cunnade, cunnode 3rd pers sing pret indic; cunnedon pl pret indic; cunnige 1st pers sing pres subj)

cusc adj: virtuous, pure (forms: cuscne acc sing masc)

cuð, cuþ adj: known, clear, manifest, certain (forms: cuðe, cuþe acc/dat sing fem; nom/acc pl masc/fem, acc sing neut; cuðes gen sing neut; cuðra gen pl)

cuðlice adv: openly (forms: cuðlicor compar)

cwanian wk verb: bemoan, lament, complain about

cwealm, cwalm masc noun: death, murder; torment, pain (forms: cwealme dat sing; cwealmes gen sing)

cwealmbealu neut noun: mortal evil, capital crime

cwealmcuma masc noun: murderous visitor, one come to do murder (forms: cwealmcuman acc sing)

cwealmdreor masc noun: death blood

cwealmþrea neut? noun: deadly calamity (forms: cwealmþrea dat sing)

cweartern neut noun: prison (forms: cwearterne dat sing)

cweccan wk verb: shake, vibrate (forms: cwehte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

cwellan wk verb: kill, murder (forms: cwealdest 2nd pers sing pret indic; cwellendum pres part dat sing neut)

cweman, gecwæman wk verb w. dat: please, gratify, serve (forms: gecwæmde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

cwen fem noun: queen, princess; consort, wife

gecweþan, cweðan Class 5 str verb: say (forms: gecwæde 2nd pers sing pret indic; cwædon, gecwædon pl pret indic; cwæð, gecwæð 3rd pers sing pret indic; gecwedene past part acc pl neut; cweð, cwið, cwyð 3rd pers sing pres indic; cweð imper sing; cweðaþ pl pres indic; cweðe, cweþe 2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; imper sing)

cwenlic adj: queenly, appropriate for a queen

cwic, cwico adj: alive, living (forms: cwicra, cucra, cwicera gen pl; cwican dat sing neut; cwice nom pl neut; cwices gen sing neut; cwicne acc sing masc; cwico acc sing neut; cwicra gen pl )

cwicbeam masc noun: quickbeam, service-tree, moutain ash (forms: cwicbeame dat sing)

cwiclifigende adj: living (forms: cwiclifigendra gen pl)

cwicsusl neut/fem noun: hell (lit. "living torment") (forms: cwicsusle dat sing)

cwide masc noun: utterance, speech

cwidegiedd neut noun: song, story (forms: cwidegiedda gen pl)

cwidol adj: nattering

cwiðan, cwiþan weak verb: mourn, bewail (forms: cwiðdon pl pret indic)

cwyde neut noun: saying, utterance, speech, word (forms: cwyde nom pl)

cwyldrof adj: brave in killing, renowned for killing

cygan wk verb: call, name; summon, speak (forms: cygde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gecyged past part)

cime masc noun: coming, arrival (forms: cyme nom pl)

cymlice adv: splendidly, nobly, beautifully (forms: cymlicor compar)

gecynd neut/fem noun: property, quality, nature (forms: cynde nom pl)

gecynde adj: natural; rightful (of an inheritance)

cynedom masc noun: kingdom

cynegod adj: noble (forms: cynegode nom pl masc; cynegodum dat sing masc)

cynebearn neut noun: (national-, tribal-) offspring (forms: cynebearna gen pl)

cynerice masc noun: kingdom (forms: cynerices gen sing)

cynerof adj: (kingly- ) brave, renowned (forms: cynerofe nom pl masc)

cyning, cining, kyning, cynincg masc noun: king (forms: cyninga gen pl; cyningas nom pl; cyninge dat sing; cyninges, cyniges gen sing)

cyningbald adj: royally brave, i.e. extremely brave (forms: cyningbalde nom pl masc)

cyningwuldor, kyningwuldor neut noun: glorious king

cynn, cyn neut noun: race, family, offspring, kind, sort; manners, propriety (forms: cynn, cyn nom/acc pl; cynna gen pl; cynne, cinne dat sing; cynnes gen sing)
manna cynn: mankind

gecypan wk verb: buy

cyrm, cirm masc noun: cry, roar, tumult

gecyrran wk verb: turn, change, turn back; convert (forms: cirdon pl pret indic; gecyrred past part; cyrreð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

cyrten adj: beautiful, elegant, neat (forms: cyrtenu nom sing fem)

cyssan wk verb: kiss (forms: cysse 3rd pers sing pres subj; gecyste 3rd pers sing pret indic; cyston pl pret indic)

cyst fem noun: choice; (w. gen) the best; excellence; (hand-picked) military company (forms: cista gen pl; cystum dat pl)

cystleas adj: worthless, no-good (forms: cystleasa masc nom sing)

gecyðan, gecyþan wk verb: make known, reveal, say, tell (forms: cydde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; cyð imper sing; cyðað pl pres indic; gecyðde, cyðde 3rd pers sing pret indic; cyðdon pl pret indic; gecyðed, gecyþed, gecyd past part; to gecyðanne inflect infin)

cyðð fem noun: kith, kindred, native land, home (forms: cyððe dat sing)

dæd fem noun: deed, action (forms: dæd acc sing; dæda acc/gen pl; dæde acc/dat sing; dædum dat pl)

dædcene adj: brave (in deeds)

dædfruma masc noun: doer of an action (forms: dædfruman nom pl)

dædhata masc noun: enemy, hostile attacker (literally, "deed-hater", i.e. enemy who proceeds to acts of violence)

dædlean neut noun: retribution (for deeds done)

dædrof adj: renowned for (good)deeds

dæg masc noun: day (forms: dæge dat sing; dæges gen sing; daga gen pl; dagas nom/acc pl; dagum dat pl)

Dæghrefn prop name: Daeghrefn (forms: Dæghrefne dat sing)

dæghwil fem noun: space of a day (forms: dæhwila acc/gen pl)

dægred neut noun: dawn

dægrim neut noun: numbered day, number of days (forms: dægrime dat sing; dægrimes gen sing)

dægtid fem noun: (day-) time, period

dægweorc neut noun: day's work (forms: dægweorce dat sing; dægweorces gen sing)

dægwilla masc noun: joyous day; desired day (forms: dægwillan acc sing)

dæl, gedal masc noun: portion, part, share, lot, piece; division, separation (forms: dælas acc pl; gedale, dæle dat sing)
dæl neut noun: valley, abyss (forms: dala, dalo acc pl)

gedælan wk verb: engage in, deal in, participate in; divide, share; allot (forms: dælað pl pres indic; dæleð, dæleþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; dælde, gedælde 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; gedælde past part nom pl masc; dældon pl pret indic; dæle 3rd pers sing pres subj; dælon pl pres indic; gedæled, gedaled past part)

dagian wk verb: dawn, become day (forms: dagige 3rd pers sing pres subj)

daroð masc noun: spear (forms: dareðum dat pl)

dead adj: dead (forms: deade nom pl masc; nom sing neut; deadne acc sing masc; deadum dat sing masc)

deagan Class 7 str verb: die? conceal oneself? (forms: deog 3rd pers sing pret indic)

deal, deall adj: proud, magnificent (forms: dealle nom pl masc; dealne acc sing masc )

dearnunga, dearnenga, dearnunge adv: in secret, privately, insidiously

deað, deaþ, deoð masc noun: death (forms: deaðe, deaþe dat sing; deaðes gen sing)

deaðbeam masc noun: the Tree of Death (forms: deaðbeames gen sing)

deaðbedd neut noun: death bed (forms: deaðbedde dat sing)

deaðcwalu fem noun: death (forms: deaðcwalum dat pl)

deaðcwealm masc noun: (painful or violent) death

deaðdæg masc noun: the day of death (forms: deaðdæge dat sing)

deaðfæge adj: doomed to die

deaðscua masc noun: death-shadow

deaðsele masc noun: hall of death (forms: deaðsele dat sing)

deaðwerig adj: dead (incapacitated by death) (forms: deaðwerigne acc sing masc)

deaþwic neut noun: place of death, deathly home

deawigfeðera adj: having dewy plumage (forms: deawigfeðere nom pl masc)

gedefe adj: good, proper, suitable

dema masc noun: judge, ruler (forms: deman dat/gen sing)

deman wk verb: judge, praise (forms: demað pl pres indic; demdon pret pl; deme 3rd pers sing pres subj; gedemed past part)

demend masc noun: judge

Dene pl noun: Danes (forms: Deniga, Dena, Denigea, Denia gen pl; Denum, Denon dat pl)

denn neut noun: den (forms: dennes gen sing)

denu fem noun: valley (forms: dena nom pl)

deofol masc/neut noun: devil (forms: deofla nom/acc/gen pl; deofle dat sing; deofles gen sing; deoflum dat pl)

deofolcund adj: devilish, fiendish (forms: deofolcunda nom sing masc)

deogol, dygel adj: secret, hidden, unknown, mysterious

deop adj: deep, profound; (as noun) the depths (forms: deopan acc pl; dat sing masc)
deop neut noun: depth, abyss

deope, diope adv: deeply, completely

deor neut noun: animal (forms: deor nom/acc pl)
deor, dior adj: brave, daring (forms: deore acc pl; deorum dat sing masc; dat pl)

Deor prop name: Deor (the name of the scop in the poem Deor)

deore, dyre adj: dear, beloved (forms: deoran dat sing neut; deore, dyre nom pl; deorestan superl acc sing masc; deorre gen sing fem; diore nom sing fem; dyrne, dyrnne masc acc sing; dyrum dat pl)

deorc adj: dark, gloomy (forms: deorce acc sing neut; deorcum, deorcan dat pl)

deoreðsceaft masc noun: spear shaft (forms: deoreðsceaftum dat pl)

deorlic adj: daring, bold, brave (forms: deorlice acc sing fem)

deorwurðe adj: precious, venerated (forms: deorwurðan gen sing fem)

derian wk verb w. dat: injure, harm (forms: derede, dærede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gedigan, gedygan wk verb: survive, overcome (forms: gedigde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; gedigest 2nd pers sing pres indic; gedigeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

digolnes fem noun: secret (forms: digolnesse, digolnysse acc sing)

dyfan wk verb: dip, immerse (forms: dyfde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

dihtig, dyhttig adj: strong

dim adj: dim, gloomy, dark (forms: dimman acc sing fem; dimme nom pl fem)

Dionisius prop name: Dionisius

disc masc noun: dish (forms: discas nom/acc pl)

dogor masc noun: day (forms: dogora, dogera, dogra gen pl; dogore dat sing; dogores gen sing; dogrum dat pl)

dogorgerim neut noun: count of days (forms: dogorgerimes gen sing)

dohtor, dohter, dæhter fem noun: daughter (forms: dæhter, dehter, dohtor dat sing; dohtor nom/acc pl; dohtra acc/gen pl; dohtrum dat pl)

dol adj: foolish (forms: dole masc nom pl);
dol neut noun: folly (forms: dole dat sing)

dolg neut noun: wound, scar, sore (forms: dolg nom pl)

dolgilp neut noun: foolish boast (forms: dolgilpe dat sing)

dolhwund adj: wounded

dollic adj: foolish, rash, daring (forms: dollicra gen pl)

dollice adv: foolishly, rashly

dolsceaða masc noun: (wounding-) enemy (forms: dolsceaðan acc sing)

dom masc noun: judgement, justice, majesty, might, glory, honour (forms: domas acc pl; dome dat sing; domes gen sing)

Domasco prop name (dative?): Damascus

domdæg masc noun: Judgement Day (forms: domdæge dat sing)

domeadig adj: mighty, glorious

domfæst adj: honourable, righteous

domgeorn adj: fame-seeking, eager for (good) judgement (forms: domgeorne nom pl masc)

domine masc noun: Lord

domleas adj: without glory, ignominious (forms: domleasan acc sing fem)

domlice adv: justly, gloriously

gedon anom verb: do, make, act, perform, cause, put, take (forms: gedæde 3rd pers sing pret subj; deð, deþ, gedeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gedo 1st pers sing pres indic; do imper sing; doð imper pl; gedon past part; don pl pres indic; gedon past part; gedoð, doð, doþ pl pres indic; gedyde, dyde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; dydest 2nd pers sing pret indic; dydon, dædon, gedydon pl pret indic);
don to mete: use as food
for wiht don: consider to be of any importance

draca masc noun: dragon (forms: dracan acc/gen sing)

gedræg, gedreag neut noun: assembly, multitude

dream masc noun: joy, gladness, rejoicing; music, melody (forms: dreame dat sing; dreama gen pl; dreamas nom/acc pl; dreamas (Gen 485) gen sing?; dreames gen sing; dreamum dat pl)

dreamhabbende adj: happy, joyful, rejoicing (forms: dreamhabbendra (Gen 81 as noun) gen pl)

dreamhealdende pres part adj: joyful

dreamleas adj: without joy

gedreccan wk verb: torment, oppress, afflict (forms: dreceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gedreht past part; gedrehte past part nom pl masc; drehte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gedrefan wk verb: afflict, beset, trouble, stir up (forms: drefde 3rd pers sing pret subj; gedrefed past part)

drenc masc noun: drinking, drowning (forms: drence dat sing)

drencan wk verb: drown, cause to drink (forms: drencte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

drenceflod masc noun: drowing flood

dreng masc noun: warrior (forms: drenga gen pl)

dreogan Class 2 str verb: experience, suffer, endure; do, perform, fulfill (forms: dreah, dreag 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; dreogað pl pres indic; dreogeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; dreoh imper sing; gedrogen past part; druge 2nd pers sing pret indic; drugon pl pret indic; to dreoganne inflect infin)

dreor masc noun: blood, gore (forms: dreore dat sing)

dreorfah adj: blood-stained, splashed with blood

dreorig, driorig adj: dreary, sad, bloody (forms: dreorigne, driorigne acc sing masc)

dreorighleor adj: sad-faced

dreorigmod adj: sad-minded

dreorsele masc noun: dreary hall? bloody hall? (forms: dreorsele dat sing)

gedreosan Class 2 str verb: fall, perish, fail (forms: gedreas 3rd pers sing pret indic; dreoseð, gedreoseð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gedroren past part)

drepan Class 5 str verb: strike, afflict (forms: drep 3rd pers sing pret indic; drepen, dropen past part)

drepe masc noun: blow, stroke

drifan Class 1 str verb: drive; (of a boat) launch, sail (forms: draf 3rd pers sing pret indic; drifað pl pres indic; drife 3rd pers sing pres subj)

drige adj: dry

drihtfolc neut noun: people, nation, troop (forms: drihtfolca gen sing)

drihtlic, dryhtlic adj: splendid (forms: drihtlice acc sing fem; drihtlicu, drihtlecu nom sing fem; dryhtlicestum superl dat sing masc)

drihtlice adv: nobly

drihtne masc noun: corpse (forms: drihtneum dat pl)

drihtscipe, drihtscype, dryhtscype masc noun: dignity, lordship; noble action (forms: drihtscipes gen sing)

drihtsele masc noun: noble hall

drihtwer masc noun: man, member of a nation (forms: drihtwera gen pl; drihtweras nom pl)

gedriht fem noun: nation, people; multitude, company (forms: drihta gen pl)

drihtenhold adj: faithful or obedient to the Lord

drihtguma, dryhtguma masc noun: man, retainer (forms: drihtguman, dryhtguman nom/acc pl; dat sing; dryhtgumum dat pl)

dry masc noun: sorcery; magician, sorcerer (forms: dryum dat pl)

dryge adj: dry

dryht fem noun: nation, people; (in pl) men (forms: dryhtum dat pl)

dryhtbearn neut noun: lordly scion, prince

dryhten, drihten masc noun: the Lord, ruler, prince (forms: dryhtna, drihtna gen pl; drihtnes, drihtenes, dryhtnes gen sing; drihtne, dryhtne dat sing)

dryhtenbealo neut noun: harm done by a lord; harm caused by loss of a lord

dryhtfolc neut noun: people (of the nation) (forms: dryhtfolca gen pl)

drihtscipe masc noun: lordship, majesty

dryhtsibb fem noun: peace (forms: dryhtsibbe gen sing)

gedrinc neut noun: drink, beverage; drinking

drincan Class 1 str verb: drink (forms: dranc 3rd pers sing pret indic; druncen past part: drunk; druncne past part nom/acc pl masc: drunk; druncnum past part dat sing masc: drunken; druncon pl pret indic)

drincend masc noun: drinker (forms: drincendra gen pl)

drincfaet neut noun: ornamented drinking cup

drohtað, drohtoð masc noun: living, employment; way of life; plight

drohtian wk verb: behave, act (forms: drohtende pres part)

drohtnian wk verb: live a (monastic) way of life (forms: drohtnode 1st pers sing pret indic)

gedrohtnung fem noun: way of life, (monastic) rule, observance of the (monastic) rule (forms: drohtnunge, gedrohtnunge acc/dat sing)

druncmennen neut noun: drunken female slave

drusian wk verb: subside, become calm (forms: drusade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gedryht, gedriht fem noun: troop, company

dryhtmaðm masc noun: noble treasure (forms: dryhtmaðma gen pl)

dryhtsele masc noun: noble hall

dryman wk verb: rejoice, enjoy oneself (forms: drymdon pl pret indic)

dryncfæt neut noun: drinking vessel, cup

dryppan? wk verb?: drip (forms: drype imper sing)

gedufan Class 2 str verb: sink in (forms: gedeaf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

dugan anom verb: be good, be strong; be good for, look after (forms: deah 3rd pers sing pres indic; dohte 3rd pers sing pret indic; 2nd pers sing pret subj; dohtest 2nd pers sing pret indic; duge 3rd pers sing pres subj)

duguþ, duguð fem noun: glory, majesty; people, nobles; host, company, multitude; (often in contrast with geoguð) the older, tried retainers; property; virtue, excellence; riches (forms: duguða, duguþa, dugoða, dugeða, dugeþa acc/gen pl; dugeðe, duguþe, duguðe, dugoðe acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl; dugeþum, dugeðum, duguþum, duguðum dat pl)

dumb adj: dumb, silent

dun fem/masc noun: mountain (forms: duna nom pl; dune acc/dat/gen sing; dunum dat pl)

Dunnere prop name: Dunnere

durran anom verb: dare (forms: dear 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; dearst 2nd pers sing pres indic; dorste 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; dorston pl pret indic; durre 1st pers sing pres indic; dyrre 2nd pers sing pres subj)

duru fem noun: door

dust neut noun: dust (forms: duste dat sing)

dwellan wk verb: restrain, hinder (forms: dweleð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

dweorh masc noun: dwarf, convulsive fever (forms: dweores gen sing)

gedwolen past part adj: wrong, perverted, sinful (forms: gedwolene nom pl masc)

gedwyld, gedwild masc noun: error, folly, heresy, sin (forms: gedwilde, gedwylde dat sing)

dynian wk verb: resound, make a din (forms: dynedan pl pret indic; dynede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

dyran wk verb: hold dear

dyre adj: dear

dyrne adj: secret, deceitful, evil (forms: dyrnan dat sing masc; dyrnra gen pl; dyrnum dat sing masc)

dyrnan wk verb: conceal (forms: dyrnde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

dyrsian wk verb: honour, glorify (forms: gedyrsod past part)

dyrstig adj: brave

ea fem noun: river

eac, ec adv: also
eac prep w. dat: in addition to, besides
eac þon prep: besides, in addition to, despite

eaca masc noun: reinforcement, reinforcing troop (forms: ecan acc sing)

eacen past part adj: pregnant, endowed, increased, augmented, huge, numerous (forms: eacne nom pl masc/fem; eacnum dat pl; ecne acc sing masc)

eacencræftig adj: enormously strong; large and strong

eacnian wk verb: conceive, become pregnant, bring forth (forms: eacniendra pres part gen pl)

ead neut noun: riches, prosperity, happiness (forms: eades gen sing)

Eadgils prop name: Eadgils (forms: Eadgilse dat)

eadhreðig adj: blessed, happy (forms: eadhreðige nom sing fem)

eadig adj: blessed, prosperous, happy
(forms: eadega, eadga nom sing masc; eadge nom/acc pl masc; eadigan acc sing fem)

eadiglice adv: prosperously, happily

eadignes fem noun: blessedness (forms: eadignesse acc sing)

edmod adj: obedient (forms: edmodne acc sing masc)

eadmodlice adv: humbly

eadmodnes fem noun: humility (forms: eadmodnesse dat sing)

Eadric prop name: Eadric

Eadwacer prop name: Eadwacer

Eadweard prop name: Eadweard

eadwela masc noun: riches, prosperity (forms: eadwelan acc sing; acc pl)

Eadwine prop name: Eadwine, Edwin (forms: Eadwines gen sing)

Eadwold prop name: Eadwold

eafora, eafera, afera masc noun: heir, descendant, son (forms: eaforan, aforan, eaferan nom/acc/gen pl, acc/dat/gen sing; eafrum, eaforum, eaferum, eaferan dat pl)

eaforheafodsegn masc noun: boar's head sign, symbol of a boar's head (at Beow 2152, probably in reference to a banner)

eafoð, eofoð neut noun: strength, might (forms: eafeþum dat pl; eafoþes gen sing; eofoðo acc pl)

eage neut noun: eye (forms: eagan nom pl; eagena gen pl; eagum dat pl)

eagorstream masc noun: ocean current

eahta numeral: eight (forms: eahta gen)

eahtahund numeral: eight hundred

XVIII numeral: eighteen

eahtian wk verb: consider, discuss, deliberate on; mention, praise (forms: geæhted past part; eahtedon, eahtodan pl pret indic; eahtode 3rd pers sing pret indic; ehtigað pl pres indic)

LXXX numeral: eighty

eala interj: alas!, woe!

eald adj: old (forms: ealda nom sing masc; ealdan dat/gen sing masc; ealde nom/acc pl masc/fem; acc/dat sing fem; acc sing neut; ealdes gen sing masc/neut; ealdum dat pl; dat sing masc; yldesta superl masc nom sing (also as noun: "leader, elder"); yldestan superl masc acc/dat sing, nom/acc pl masc; yldra compar nom sing masc (also as noun: "elder, parent"); yldre nom sing fem; yldrum compar dat pl; compar dat sing masc)

ealdafæder masc noun: grandfather

ealdfæder masc noun: forefather, ancestor, honoured father

ealdfeond masc noun: old enemy (forms: ealdfeondum dat pl

ealdgeniðla masc noun: old enemy (forms: ealdgeniðlan acc pl)

ealdgesegen fem noun: old story (forms: ealdgesegena gen pl)

ealdgesið masc noun: old retainer, seasoned warrior (forms: ealdgesiðas nom pl)

ealdgestreon neut noun: old treasure, heirloom (forms: ealdgestreona gen pl; eadgestreonum dat pl)

ealdgewin : (forms: )

ealdgewinna masc noun: old enemy

ealdgewyrht neut noun: former transgression (forms: ealdgewyrht nom pl; ealdgewyrhtum dat pl)

ealdhettende masc pl noun: old enemies

ealdhlaford masc noun: old lord, long-time lord (forms: ealdhlafordes gen sing)

ealdian wk verb: age, grow old (forms: ealdað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

ealdmetod masc noun: Ancient Lord

ealdor, aldor masc noun: lord, prince, king; (monastic) superior
(forms: ealdre, aldre dat sing; ealdres gen sing)
aldor, ealdor neut noun: life, eternity (forms: aldre, ealdre dat sing; ealdres, aldres gen sing; aldrum dat pl)
to aldre, to widan aldre: for ever, for ever and ever

ealdordom masc noun: lordship

ealdorduguð fem noun: leadership (forms: ealdorduguðe gen sing)

ealdorgewinna masc noun: deadly enemy, enemy to the death

ealdorleas, aldorleas adj: lifeless, dead (forms: ealdorleasne, aldorleasne acc sing masc)

ealdormann, ealdorman masc noun: ealdorman, noble

ealdorþegn masc noun: leading officer, general (forms: ealdorþegnum dat pl)

ealfela pron: very many

ealgearo, eallgearo adj: complete, all ready

ealgian, gealgean wk verb: defend, protect; avenge (forms: ealgode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ealgylden past part adj: completely gilded, all golden

Ealhelm prop name: Ealhelm

eall, eal adj and pron: all (forms: ealle nom/acc pl; acc sing fem; acc sing neut; ealles gen sing masc/neut; ealne acc sing masc; ealra gen pl (sometimes used adverbially: "in all, altogether"); ealre dat sing fem; ealle dat sing as adv: entirely; eallum, eallon dat pl (as adv: "entirely"))
eal, eall adv: entirely, easily, indeed

ealles adv: entirely

eallgylden past part adj: entirely gilt, all golden

ealliren adj: all-iron (forms: eallirenne acc sing neut)

eallenga, eallinga adv: entirely, completely

eallwihta fem pl noun: all creatures (forms: eallwihta, alwihta, allwihta gen pl)

ealobenc fem noun: ale-bench (forms: ealobence, ealubence dat sing)

ealodrincend masc noun: ale-drinker (forms: ealodrincende nom pl)

ealogal adj: drunk on ale (forms: ealogalra gen pl)

ealond, eglond neut noun: island (forms: ealonde dat sing)

ealowæg, ealuwæg neut noun: ale beaker (forms: ealowæge, ealuwæge acc/dat sing)

ealowosa masc noun: garrulous drunk (forms: ealowosan dat sing)

ealuscerwen fem noun: terror (lit. "dispensing of ale" or "deprivation of ale")

eam masc noun: (usually maternal) uncle (forms: eame dat sing)

Eanmund prop name: Eanmund (forms: Eanmundes gen)

earc fem noun: chest, coffer, the Ark (forms: earce acc/dat/gen sing)

eard masc noun: country, region, land, homeland (forms: earda gen sing; eardas nom pl; earde dat sing; eardes gen sing)

eardfæst adj: settled, established

eardgeard masc noun: dwelling place, land

eardian, eardigean wk verb: occupy, dwell in, live (forms: eardode 3rd pers sing pret indic; eardodon pl pret indic)

eardlufe fem noun: beloved land (forms: eardlufan acc sing)

eardstapa masc noun: traveller

eare neut noun: ear

earfeðmæcg masc noun: miserable person (forms: earfeðmæcgum dat pl)

earfoþe neut noun: trouble, difficulty, hardship (forms: earfeðu, earfeþo acc pl; earfoða, earfoþa, earfeþa acc/gen pl)

earfoðhwil fem noun: time of trouble or hardship (forms: earfoðhwile acc sing)

earfoðlic adj: miserable, difficult, hard

earfoðlice adv: miserably, with difficulty or hardship

earfoðsið, earfoðsiþ masc noun: time of trouble, miserable journey (forms: earfoðsiða gen pl)

earfoðþrag fem noun: time of trouble (forms: earfoðþrage acc sing)

earg, earh adj: wretched, cowardly (forms: earges gen sing; eargra gen pl)

earm masc noun: arm (forms: earme dat sing; earmum, earmon dat pl)
earm adj: poor, miserable (forms: earme acc pl fem, nom pl masc; earmne acc sing masc; earmra gen pl; earmre dat sing fem; earmran compar acc sing masc)

earmbeag masc noun: arm-ring, bracelet (forms: earmbeaga gen pl)

earmcearig adj: miserable

earme adv: miserably, badly

earmlic adj: miserable

earmlice adv: miserably

earmread fem noun: arm-ornament; bracelet (forms: earmreade acc pl)

earmsceapen past part adj: wretched, vile

earn masc noun: eagle; sea-eagle, osprey (forms: earne dat sing)

Earnanæs prop name: Earnanæs ("Eagle Headland")

geearnian wk verb: earn, merit; be deserving (i.e. in intransitive use of the verb) (forms: earna imper sing; geearnaþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; geearnod 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geearnung fem noun: merit, desert, virtue (forms: geearnunga acc pl; geearnunge acc sing)

east adv: east

easten, eastan adv: from the east

Eastdene masc pl noun: (East-) Danes (forms: Eastdena gen pl; Eastdenum dat pl)

easterne adj: eastern

easteð neut noun: shore, river bank (forms: easteðe )

eastland neut noun: eastern land (forms: eastlandum dat pl)

Eastseaxe masc pl noun: East Saxons (forms: Eastseaxena gen pl)

eaststream masc noun: eastern river (forms: eaststreamas nom pl)

eastweard adv: eastward

eaðe, eaþe adv: easily (forms: eaðost superl)
eaðe, yðe, eðe adj: easy, pleasant

eaðfynde adj: easily found

eaðmedu fem noun: reverence, humility (forms: eaðmedum dat pl)

eaðmod, eaþmod adj: humble, submissive, obedient

eaxl fem noun: shoulder (forms: eaxle, exle acc/dat sing; eaxlum dat pl)

eaxlgespann neut noun: "shoulder fastening": intersection of cross-beam and upright of the Cross? (forms: eaxlgespanne dat sing)

eaxlgestealla masc noun: shoulder- (i.e. close) companion (forms: eaxlgesteallan acc pl)

ebba masc noun: ebb (of a tide) (forms: ebban dat sing)

ebbian wk verb: ebb, subside (forms: ebbade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Eber prop name: Eber (Heber)

Ebrei, Ebreas masc pl noun: the Hebrews (forms: Ebrea gen)

Ebrisc adj: Hebrew (forms: Ebrisca nom sing masc; Ebrisce nom pl masc; Ebriscan dat sing)

ece adj: eternal (forms: eca, ecea nom sing masc; ecean, ecan acc/dat/gen sing masc/neut/fem; ecne acc sing; ecum dat sing masc);
ece adv: eternally

ecg fem noun: edge, blade, sword (forms: ecga gen pl; ecge, ecga acc/dat sing; nom/acc pl; ecgum dat pl)

ecgbana masc noun: (sword-) killer (forms: ecgbanan dat sing)

ecgclif neut noun: shoreline cliff

ecghete masc noun: (sword) hate, enmity

Ecglaf prop name: Ecglaf (forms: Ecglafes, Eclafes gen sing)

ecgplega masc noun: edge-sport, edge-play (i.e. sword-play) (forms: ecgplegan acc sing)

Ecgþeow, Ecþeow Ecgþeo prop name: Ecgtheow (forms: Ecgþeowes, Ecþeowes, Ecgðioes, Ecgðeowes, Ecgðiowes gen sing)

ecgþracu fem noun: onrush of swords, attack (forms: ecgþræce acc sing)

ecgwal neut noun: (sword-) pile of corpses (forms: ecgwale dat sing)

Ecgwela prop name: Ecgwela (forms: Ecgwelan gen sing)

ecnis fem noun: eternity (forms: ecnisse dat sing)

edhwyrft masc noun: reversal of circumstances

edlean, eadlean neut noun: reward, recompense, punishment (forms: edleane, eadleane dat sing)

edneowe adj: renewed, continual

edwendan wk verb: reverse, change

edwenden fem noun: reversal, change

edwihte pron: something, anything (forms: edwihtan dat sing)

edwit neut noun: shame, reproach

edwitlif neut noun: shameful life

edwylm masc noun: surging fire (forms: edwylme dat sing)

efenlang adj: just as long, of the same length

geefenlæcan wk verb: be like, equal, match, emulate (forms: geeuenlæhton pl pret indic)

efne, emne adv: just, exactly

efsian wk verb: shear, shave (forms: geefsod past part)

efstan wk verb: hurry, go quickly (forms: efste 3rd pers sing pret indic; efston pl pret indic)

eft adv: again, afterward, back, in turn, in answer

eftcyme masc noun: return (forms: eftcymes gen sing)

eftsið masc noun: subsequent journey, return journey (forms: eftsiðas acc pl; eftsiðes gen sing)

egesa, egsa masc noun: fear, awe, horror, peril (forms: egsan, egesan nom/acc pl; acc/dat/gen sing; egesum dat pl)

egesful, egesfull adj: awe-inspiring, terrible

egesian wk verb: frighten, intimidate (forms: egsode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

egeslic adj: frightening, horrid (forms: egeslican dat sing neut)

Egipt prop name: Egypt, the Egyptians (forms: Egypte dat sing; Egypta, Egipta gen pl; Egypte nom/acc pl masc ("Egyptians"); Egipto nom sing masc adj; Egiptum dat pl)

eglan wk verb: trouble, afflict

egle adj: horrible (forms: eglu nom pl neut)

egorhere masc noun: flood, battalion of waves

egorstream masc noun: flood current (forms: egorstreamas nom pl)

egstream masc noun: stream, river, current (forms: egstreamum dat pl)

Egyptisc adj: Egyptian

ehtan wk verb: attack, harass, persecute (forms: ehtende pres part; ehton pl pret indic)

ehtnys fem noun: persecution, harassment, attack (forms: ehtnysse acc sing)

Elamitare prop name: Elamites (forms: Elamitarna gen sing)

elland neut noun: foreign land

ele masc noun: oil (forms: ele dat sing)

elebeam masc noun: olive tree (forms: elebeames gen sing)

eln fem noun: fore-arm, ell (measure of length) (forms: elna gen pl)

ellen neut noun: valour, courage, nobility (forms: elne dat sing; elnes gen sing)

ellendæd fem noun: deed of valour (forms: ellendæda acc/gen pl; ellendædum dat pl)

ellenlice adv: valiantly, bravely

ellenmærþu fem noun: renown for valor; renowned valorous act (forms: ellenmærþum, ellenmærðum dat pl)

ellenrof adj: courageous, noble (forms: ellenrofe nom pl masc; ellenrofum dat pl)

ellensioc adj: with valor diminished (by deadly wounds at Beow 2787) (forms: ellensiocne acc sing masc)

ellenþrist adj: daring, bold, heroic (forms: ellenþriste nom pl fem)

ellenweorc neut noun: work of courage (forms: ellenweorca gen pl)

elnian wk verb: grow strong (forms: elniendra pres part gen pl)

elles adv: otherwise, else, besides;
elles pron: anything else
elles hwær, elles hwergen: elsewhere

ellor adv: elsewhere

ellorfus adj: eager to go elsewhere; hurrying elsewhere (forms: ellorfuse nom pl neut)

ellorgæst, ellorgast masc noun: alien spirit, ghost from elsewhere (forms: ellorgæstas acc pl)

ellorsið masc noun: death ("journey elsewhere")

elngemet neut noun: measured ell, measured cubit (forms: elngemeta gen pl)

elra adj: another (forms: elran dat sing)

elðeod fem noun: foreign nation; (pl) foreigners (forms: elðeoda acc pl; elþeode acc/dat/gen sing)

elþeodig, ellþeodig adj: foreign (forms: elþeodige acc pl masc; ellþeodigne acc sing masc; ellðeodigra, elþeodigra, elðeodigra gen pl)

ende masc noun: end (forms: ende dat sing)
on ende: in succession

endedæg masc noun: final day, day of death

endedogor neut noun: final day, death day (forms: endedogores gen sing)

endelaf fem noun: final remains, last survivor

endelean neut noun: final reward

endeleas adj: endless

endesæta masc noun: boundary-watcher, coast guard

endestæf masc noun: end

endian wk verb: end, stop; reach an agreement (forms: geændade 3rd pers sing pret indic; geendod past part)

geendung fem noun: ending (forms: geendunge dat sing)

engel, engyl masc noun: angel (forms: engla gen pl; englas nom pl; engle dat sing; engles gen sing; englum dat pl)

engelcynn neut noun: race of angels (forms: engelcynna gen pl)

Enoc, Enoch prop name: Enoch

Enos prop name: Enos (Enoch) (forms: Enose dat sing; Enoses gen sing)

ent masc noun: giant (forms: enta gen pl)

entisc adj: gigantic; made by giants or trolls (forms: entiscne acc sing masc)

eodor, eodur, edor masc noun: protector, lord; enclosure, building (forms: eoderas, edoras, ederas nom/acc pl masc)
in under eoderas: into the building

eofer masc noun: wild boar; image of a wild boar on a helmet (forms: eoferas nom pl)

Eofor, Eafor, Iofor prop name: Eofor (forms: Eofores, Eafores gen sing; Iofore dat sing)

eoferholt neut noun: boar-decorated spear (forms: eoferholt acc pl)

eoforlic neut noun: boar-image (forms: eoforlic nom pl)

eoferspreot masc noun: boar-spear (forms: eoferspreotum dat pl)

eoh masc noun: horse

eolet neut? noun: voyage (?) (forms: eoletes gen sing)

Eomor prop name: Eomer, son of Offa

eorclanstan masc noun: precious stone (forms: eorclanstanas acc pl)

eored neut noun: troop, company

eoredgeatwe fem pl noun: military equipment

eorl masc noun: man, warrior, leader, nobleman (forms: eorla gen pl; eorlas nom/acc pl; eorle dat sing; eorles gen sing; eorlum dat pl)

eorlgestreon neut noun: (nobleman's) treasure (forms: eorlgestreona gen pl)

eorlgewæde neut noun: noble clothing (forms: eorlgewædum dat pl)

eorlic adj: noble

eorlscipe, eorlscype masc noun: nobility, noble status; bravery

eorlweorod neut noun: troop of men

Eormanric prop name: the historical Gothic king Ermanaricus (forms: Eormanrices gen sing)

eormencynn neut noun: the great kindred (i.e. all mankind) (forms: eormencynnes gen sing)

eormengrund neut noun: the vast earth

eormenlaf fem noun: vast heritage, great treasure (forms: eormenlafe acc sing)

Eormenric proper name: Eormenric (forms: Eormenrices gen)

eornoste adv: firmly, resolutely, courageously

eorp adj: dark

eorðbuend masc/neut noun: earth-dweller (i.e. human being) (forms: eorðbuende, eorðbuend nom pl; eorðbuendra gen pl; eorðbuendum dat pl)

eorðcund adj: earthly (forms: eorðcunde acc pl neut)

eorðcyning masc noun: (earthly-) king (forms: eorðcyninges gen sing)

eorðdraca masc noun: earth (-dwelling-) dragon

eorðe fem noun: earth (forms: eorðan, eorþan acc/dat/gen sing)

eorðreced masc noun: earth-building, subterranean building

eorþrice neut noun: the Kingdom of Earth (forms: eorþrice dat sing)

eorðscræf neut noun: cave, grave (forms: eorðscræfe dat sing; eorðscrafa gen pl; eorðscrafu acc pl )

eorðsele masc noun: earth-dwelling, earth-hall (forms: eorðsele dat sing)

eorðweall masc noun: earthwork, dyke

eorthweard masc noun: earth-guardian (i.e., perhaps, a surrounding earth-work)

eorðweg masc noun: earthly road or path (forms: eorðwege dat sing)

eorðwela masc noun: earthly possession (forms: eorðwelan nom/acc pl)

eoten masc noun: giant, monster (forms: eotena gen pl; eotenas nom pl)

Eotene masc pl noun: a Germanic people (the Jutes?) (forms: Eotena gen pl; Eotenum dat pl)

eotenisc, etonisc adj: gigantic; made by giants or trolls

eotonweard neut noun: watch against giants or trolls

Erce: meaning unknown. If a name, this may be that of some kind of fertility deity, the Earth's mother ("eorþan modor").

Escol prop name: Escol (Eschol) (forms: Escoles gen sing)

esne masc noun: man, labourer, retainer

esol masc noun: donkey, ass (forms: esolas acc pl)

est masc noun: grace, favour; consent (forms: estum dat pl)

este adj: gracious, favorable

et (Latin) conjunction: and

etan Class 5 str verb w. gen: eat (forms: æt imper sing; æt1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; æte 2nd pers sing pres subj/indic; eteð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

eðbegete adj: easily gotten

eðel, eþel, eðyl masc noun: native land, country (forms: eðle, eþle, oðle dat sing)

eðeldream masc noun: joy of the homeland (forms: eðeldreamas nom pl)

eðeleard masc noun: native land (forms: eðeleardum dat pl)

eðelland neut noun: native land

eðelleas adj: homeless, exiled (forms: eðelleasum dat sing masc)

eðelmearc fem noun: nation, country (forms: eðelmearce dat sing)

eðelriht neut noun: right to a native land (forms: eðelrihtes gen sing)

eðelseld, eðelsetl neut noun: (national- or tribal-) place of settlement

eðelstæf, eðylstæf masc noun: heir, child ("sustainer of the homeland" DOE) (forms: eðulstæfe dat sing)

eþelstol masc noun: native habitation, national homeland, home (forms: eþelstolas acc pl)

eðelstaðol masc noun: secure homeland (forms: eðelstaðolas (Gen 94) acc pl)

eðelstol masc noun: capital city; national fortress

eðelstow fem noun: native place, homeland (forms: eðelstowe acc sing)

eðyltyrf, eðelturf fem noun: native soil, homeland

eðelðrym masc noun: power of a native land

eþelweard masc noun: king, lord (of a homeland); guardian of a homeland (forms: eðelweardas nom pl; eþelwearde dat sing)

eðelwyn fem noun: delightful homeland; joy of land-ownership; homeland joy

eðgesyne, yþgesene adj: easily seen, plentiful

Ethiopia prop noun: Ethiopia

Eue prop noun: Eve (forms: Euan acc/dat/gen)

Eufrates prop noun: the Euphrates (forms: Eufraten acc)

Eugenia prop name: Eugenia (forms: Eugenian acc/dat/gen sing)

eunuch masc noun: eunuch (forms: eunuchi nom pl)

Eutropius prop name: Eutropius

facen neut noun: sin, evil, deceit, treachery (forms: facna gen pl; facne dat sing; facnes gen sing)

facenful adj: deceitful (forms: facenfyllan dat sing fem)

facenstæf masc noun: evil act, deceitful action (forms: facenstafas acc pl)

fæc neut noun: time, moment, period of time

fæcne adj: deceitful, malicious (forms: fæcna nom sing masc)

fæd past part adj: decorated (forms: fædan gen sing neut; fædde acc pl masc)

fæder masc noun: father (forms: fæder dat/gen sing)

fædera masc noun: paternal uncle

fæderæþelu neut pl noun: paternal or hereditary endowments or excellences (forms: fæderæþelum dat pl)

fæderenmæg masc noun: paternal male relative (forms: fæderenmæge dat sing)

fædergeard masc noun: paternal dwelling, father's land (forms: fædergeardum dat pl)

gefæg adj: pleasing (forms: gefægra compar nom sing masc)

fæge adj: doomed; accursed; dead (forms: fægan, fægean dat sing neut; fæge nom/acc pl masc; fæges gen sing; fægne acc sing masc; fægum dat sing masc/neut; dat pl)

fægen adj: glad, joyous (forms: fægne nom pl masc)

fæger, fægir adj: fair, lovely, pleasant (forms: fægere, fægre nom/acc pl masc/fem, acc sing fem; fægran dat sing fem; fægroste superl acc sing fem; fægerra gen pl)

fægere, fægre adv: pleasantly, beautifully; well, justly (forms: fægrost superl)

faegnian wk verb w. gen: be delighted, be happy (forms: gefægnod past part; fægnode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

fægrian wk verb: become beautiful (forms: fægriað pl pres indic)

fæhð, fæhðu, fæhþo, fæhðo fem noun: feud, hostility, enmity (forms: fæhða gen pl; fæhðe, fæghðe acc/dat/gen sing)

fæle adj: faithful, reliable

fælsian wk verb: cleanse, purify (forms: gefælsod past part; fælsode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

fæmne fem noun: woman, female; virgin, maid (forms: fæmnan, femnan acc/dat/gen sing; nom pl; fæmnum dat pl)

fær masc noun: peril, calamity (forms: fære, fere dat sing; færes gen sing)
fær neut noun: vessel, conveyance; journey (forms: fære dat sing)

færcyle masc noun: calamitous cold (forms: færcyle dat sing)

færgripe masc noun: sudden grasping (forms: færgripum dat pl)

færgryre masc noun: sudden horror (forms: færgryrum dat pl)

færinga adv: suddenly

færlice adv: suddenly, violently

færnið masc noun: sudden violence (forms: færniða gen pl)

færsceaða masc noun: violent attacker (forms: færsceaðan dat sing)

færspell, færspel neut noun: bad news, news of a sudden calamity

færstice masc noun: sudden stabbing pain ("stitch") (forms: færstice dat sing)

fæwundor neut noun: sudden marvel, terrifying wonder (forms: færwundra gen pl)

fæsl neut? noun: offspring, progeny (forms: fæsle dat sing)

fæst adj: fast, firmly attached, solid, firm (forms: fæste dat sing masc; acc sing fem; nom/acc pl masc; fæstne acc sing masc; fæstum dat pl)

fæste adv: fast, firmly, solidly, securely (forms: fæstor compar)

fæsten neut noun: stronghold, enclosure (forms: fæstenne dat sing)

fæstengeat neut noun: fortress gate (forms: fæstengeates gen sing)

fæsthydig adj: resolute, steadfast, faithful (forms: fæsthydigne acc sing masc)

fæstlice adv: firmly, decisively, permanently

gefæstnian wk verb: fasten, secure, contract for, settle upon, provide assurances (that) (forms: gefæstnod past part; gefæstnodon pl pret indic)

fæstnung fem noun: stability; covenant; protection

fæstræd adj: steadfast (forms: fæstrædne acc sing masc)

fæt neut noun: vessel, cup (forms: fatu acc pl)
fætt, fæt neut noun: gold plate, gold ornament (forms: fættum, fætum dat pl)

fætels masc noun: bag, sack (forms: fætelse dat sing)

fæðergearwe fem pl noun: feathering, fletching (of an arrow) (forms: fæðergearwum dat)

fæðm, fæþm masc noun: embrace, grasp; body, breast (forms: fæþme, fæðme dat sing; fæðmum, fæþmum dat pl)

fæðmian wk verb: embrace; swim on (forms: fæðmie 3rd per sing pres subj)

fætt, fæted adj: ornamented, adorned with gold (forms: fættan dat/gen sing neut; fætte acc pl masc)

fætedhleor adj: with decorated cheeks; bearing cheek ornaments (forms: fætedhleore acc pl masc)

fætgold neut noun: (ornamented) gold

fah, fag adj: hostile, criminal, guilty, outlawed (forms: fagum dat sing masc, dat pl; fane acc sing masc; faum dat pl; fara gen pl);
fah, fag adj: ornamented, shining; stained, blood-stained (forms: fage acc pl masc/neut; fagum dat pl, dat sing masc; fahne, fagne, fane acc sing masc)

fam neut noun: foam

famig adj: foamy; foam-covered (forms: famige nom pl masc)

famigheals, famiheals adj: foamy-prowed

fana masc noun: banner, standard

fandian, fandigan wk verb w. gen: test, examine; rummage through (forms: gefandod, gefondad past part; fandode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

fandung fem noun: investigation, discovery (forms: fandunga acc sing)

fant masc noun: baptismal font (forms: fante dat sing)

gefara masc noun: companion, follower

gefaran Class 6 str verb: go, travel; proceed (forms: færeð, fareð 3rd pers sing pres indic; far imper sing; farað pl pres indic; fare 2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; gefaren past part; gefor, for 3rd pers sing pret indic; geforan, foran, foron pl pret indic; to farenne inflect infin)

Farao, Faraon prop name: Pharao (forms: Faraone dat sing; Faraonis gen sing)

fareðlacende pres part as masc pl noun: sailor (forms: fareðlacendum dat pl)

faroð masc noun: shore, bank (forms: faroðe dat sing)

faroðlacend masc noun: swimmer, sailor (forms: faroðlacende, faraðlacende nom pl)

faru fem noun: going, way, course (forms: fare acc sing)

Fastitocalon prop name: Fastitocalon, the whale's name

fea adj and pron: few (forms: fea nom pl masc; feara gen pl; feaum dat pl)
fea adv: little, hardly; even a little, at all

gefea masc noun: joy, happiness (forms: gefean acc/dat sing)

fealdan Class 7 str verb: fold (forms: feoldan pl pret indic)

gefeallan Class 7 str verb: fall, fall dead; (w. ge- prefix and acc) fall to, fall onto (forms: feallan pl pres subj?; feallende pres part; fealleþ, gefealleð 3rd pers sing pres indic; feol, feoll, gefeol, gefeoll 3rd pers sing pret indic; feollon pl pret indic)

fealohilte adj: having a yellow (i.e. golden) hilt

fealu adj: yellow, grey, dusky (forms: fealone acc sing masc; fealwe acc pl masc, acc sing fem)

fearm masc noun: cargo (forms: fearme dat sing)

feasceaft adj: indigent, poor, miserable; (w. gen) bereft (forms: feasceafte nom pl masc; feasceaftum dat sing masc)

feasceaftig adj: indigent, poor

feax, fæx neut noun: hair (forms: feaxe, fexe dat sing)

fedan wk verb: feed; bear, give birth to (forms: fed imper sing; fedað pl pres indic; feddan pl pret indic; fedde 3rd pers sing pret indic; feded past part; fedeþ 3rd pers sing pres indic )

feferfuige fem noun: feverfew (tanacetum parthenium)

fegan wk verb: join, attach; confine (forms: gefeg imper sing; gefeged past part; fegeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

fel fem noun: file (forms: fela gen pl)
fela laf: the leaving of files (i.e. what files leave behind—a kenning for "sword")

fela, feala, fæla, fealo pron and adv: many, much

felafricgende adj: knowledgeable, well-informed, wise

felageomor adj: very sad

felamodig adj: very brave (forms: felamodigra gen pl)

gefelan wk verb w. gen: feel, perceive (forms: gefele 3rd pers sing pres subj; gefeleð, feleþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

felahror adj: very strong

felaleof adj: very dear (forms: felaleofan gen sing masc)

felasinnig adj: very sinful (forms: felasinnigne acc sing masc)

felawlonc adj: very proud

feld masc noun: plain, field (forms: felda dat sing; feldas acc pl masc)

feldhus neut noun: tent (forms: feldhusum dat pl)

feleleas adj: insensible, without sensation

fell neut noun: skin, hide (forms: fellum dat pl)

fen, fenn neut noun: fen, moor, marsh (forms: fenne dat sing)

fenfreoðo fem noun: refuge in the fens

feng masc noun: grasp (forms: fenge dat sing)

fengel masc noun: prince, king

fengelad neut noun: fen path, fen passage (forms: fengelad acc pl)

fenhlið neut noun: fen-cliff, fen-slope (forms: fenhleoðu acc pl)

fenhop neut noun: dry land in a marsh (forms: fenhopu acc pl)

feofor masc noun: fever (forms: feofore dat sing)

feogan, feon wk verb: hate (forms: feoð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

feoh neut noun: livestock, wealth (forms: fea, feo dat sing; feos gen sing)

feohgifre adj: greedy for property

feohgift, feohgyft fen noun: gift of property (forms: feohgyfte gen sing; feohgiftum, feohgyftum dat pl)

feohleas adj: without compensation, ineligible for wergild

gefeohtan Class 3 str verb: fight; (with ge- prefix) get by fighting (forms: feaht 3rd pers sing pret indic; fuhton pl pret indic; gefohten past part)

gefeoht neut noun: fight, battle (forms: gefeohte, feohte dat sing)

gefeohte fem noun: fight, struggle (forms: feohtan acc/dat sing; gefeohte dat sing )

feolan Class 3 str verb: to penetrate; to depart from, escape (forms: fealh, feall 3rd pers sing pret indic)

feolheard adj: file-hard (forms: feolhearde acc pl neut)

gefeon Class 5 str verb w. dat or gen: rejoice, exult (forms: gefægon, gefegon pl pret indic; gefeah, gefeh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

feond masc noun: enemy, adversary; fiend, devil (forms: feond acc pl; feonda, fionda gen pl; feondas nom/acc pl; feonde dat sing; feondes gen sing; feondum dat pl; fynd nom/acc pl)

feondgrap fem noun: hostile grasp, grip of an enemy (forms: feondgrapum dat pl)

feondræs masc noun: hostile attack

feondscaða, feondsceaða masc noun: hostile enemy (forms: feondsceaðan acc sing)

feondscipe masc noun: enmity, hostility

feor, feorr adv: far; from afar (forms: fyr, fyrr comp)
feor adj: distant, far (forms: feorres gen sing)

feorbuend adj: outsider, foreigner

feorcyþðu fem noun: distant aquaintance (forms: feorcyþðe nom pl)

feorgbold neut noun: spirit-house (a kenning for "body")

feorh, feorg, ferh masc/neut noun: life, spirit; living being, person (forms: feorh nom pl; fyore, feore dat sing; feores gen sing; feora gen pl; feorum dat pl)

feorhbana, feorhbona, feorgbona masc noun: killer, murderer (forms: feorhbanan, feorhbonan dat sing; acc pl)

feorhbealu, feorhbealo neut noun: murderous evil

feorhbenn fem noun: deadly wound (forms: feorhbennum dat pl)

feorhberend masc noun: living being (forms: feorhberendra gen pl)

feorhcwalu fem noun: death (forms: feorhcwale dat sing)

feorhcwealm masc noun: death, murder

feorhwund fem noun: deadly wound (forms: feorhwunde acc sing)

feorhcynn neut noun: (living) family, race (forms: feorhcynna gen pl)

feorhdæg masc noun: (in pl.) days of a life (forms: feorhdaga gen pl)

feorhgeniðla masc noun: mortal enemy (forms: feorhgeniðlan acc/dat sing; dat pl)

feorhhus neut noun: life-house, soul-house (a kenning for "body")

feorhlast masc noun: bloody track; footprint of (departing) life (forms: feorhlastas nom pl)

feorhlean neut noun: compensation for life

feorhlegu fem noun: death (lit. laying down of life) (forms: feorhlege acc sing)

feorhseoc adj: mortally wounded

feorhsweng masc noun: mortal blow, deadly stroke

feorm fem noun: goods, possessions, provisions, food; upkeep, management, handling, care (forms: feorme acc/dat sing)

feormend, feormynd masc noun: provider, patron, host; caretaker, upkeeper (forms: feormendra gen pl; feormynd nom pl)

feormendleas adj: without a caretaker/polisher (forms: feormendlease acc pl neut)

feormian wk verb: entertain, look after, polish off (forms: gefeormedon pl pret indic; gefeormod past part)

feorran, feorren adv: from afar, far off, in or of the distant past
feorran wk verb: remove, withdraw, take away

feorrancund adj: from a distant country (forms: feorrancundum dat sing masc; dat pl)

feorða adj and pron: fourth (forms: feorðan dat sing masc; feorðe nom sing fem)

feorheacen adj: animate, living (forms: feorheaceno neut acc pl)

feorran adv: far, from afar

feorweg masc noun: distant way, distant journey (forms: feorwegas acc pl; feorwegum dat pl)

feower numeral: four (forms: feowera gen)

feowertig numeral: forty

feowertyne numeral: fourteen

gefera, gefæra masc noun: companion (forms: geferan, gefæran acc/dat/gen sing, acc pl; geferum dat pl)

geferan, færen wk verb: go, travel; accomplish, obtain, bring; fare (forms: feran pl pres subj/indic; ferde, geferde, færde 3rd pers sing pret indic; ferdon, færdon, geferdon pl pret indic; fere, gefere 1st pers sing pres indic; 3rd pers sing pres subj; gefered past part; ferende pres part)

ferend neut noun: traveller (forms: ferend nom pl)

Feretia prop name: Feretia (Pherezeus, Perizzite) (forms: Feretia gen pl)

ferhtgereaht neut noun: what is just and right

ferhð, ferð, feorð masc noun: spirit, mind, soul (forms: ferhðe, ferhþe, ferðe, ferþe dat sing; ferhðes gen sing; ferhþum, ferhðum dat pl)

ferhðcearig adj: sorrowful in spirit (forms: )

ferhðcofa masc noun: breast (lit. spirit-chamber) (forms: ferhðcofan dat sing)

ferhðfreca adj: bold in spirit (forms: ferhðfrecan acc sing)

ferhðgeniðla masc noun: deadly enemy (forms: ferhðgeniðlan acc sing)

ferhðgleaw adj: intelligent, clever (forms: ferhðgleawe acc sing fem)

ferhðloca, ferðloca masc noun: spirit-enclosure (a kenning for "body") (forms: ferhðlocan nom pl; ferðlocan acc sing)

ferhweard fem noun: protection (forms: ferhwearde acc sing)

geferian wk verb: depart, go; carry, transport, bring (forms: gefered past part; geferede past part nom pl masc; geferede, ferede, ferode 3rd pers sing pret indic; ferigeað, fergað pl pres indic; feredon, fyredon, geferedon, geferdon pl pret indic)

ferðgrim adj: fierce-minded

fetelhilt fem noun: link-hilted sword?

gefeterian wk verb: fetter, fasten (forms: gefeterode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

feða, feþa masc noun: foot-soldier; troop of soldiers (forms: feðan, feþan nom/acc pl)

feþan wk verb: make walk, put (back) on feet (forms: feþað pl pres indic)

feðe, feþe neut noun: power of movement, going, pace (forms: feðe, feþe dat sing)
on feðe: on foot

feþecempa, feðecempa masc noun: (walking-) warrior (forms: feþecempan acc sing)

feðegang masc noun: walking, journey on foot (forms: feðegange dat sing)

feþegeorn adj: eager to travel by foot

feðegest masc noun: guest (travelling on foot) (forms: feðegestum dat pl)

feðelast masc noun: footstep, footpath (forms: feðelaste dat sing; feþelastum dat pl)

feðeleas adj: without feet, footless

feðer fem noun: feather, wing (forms: feðera, feþra acc pl; fiþrum dat pl )

feðerhoma, feðerhama masc noun: wings, covering of feathers (forms: feðerhaman dat pl; feðerhoman dat sing)

feðewig neut noun: (foot-) battle (forms: feðewiges gen sing)

gefetian, fetigean, fetigan, gefecgan, gefæccan weak verb: fetch, bring, carry away (forms: feccende pres part; gefetige 3rd pers sing pres subj; gefætte past part nom pl neut; fetod past part)

fetor, feter fem noun: fetter (forms: feterum dat pl)

fiat Lat imper: let it be done

fiersn fem noun: heel (forms: fiersna acc pl)

fif, V numeral: five (forms: fife nom/acc pl)

fifelcynn neut noun: the race of giants/monsters (forms: fifelcynnes gen sing)

fiftyno, fyftyne numeral: fifteen (forms: XVna, fiftena gen pl)

fiftig, L numeral: fifty (forms: fiftiges gen sing)

Filistei pl prop name: the Philistines (forms: Filistea gen pl)

findan Class 3 str verb: find; devise (forms: findað pl pres indic; findest 2nd pers sing pres indic; findeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; fand, fond, funde 3rd pers sing pret indic; funde 3rd per sing pret subj; funden past part; fundon pl pret indic)

finger masc noun: finger (forms: fingra gen pl; fingras nom/acc pl; fingrum dat pl)

Finn, Fin prop name: Finn (forms: Finne dat sing; Finnes gen sing)

Finnaland neut noun: the land of the Finns or Sami peoples

finol masc noun: fennel

firen, fyren fem noun: sin, guilt, crime; torment (forms: firena, fyrena nom/acc/gen pl; fyrene acc/gen sing; fyrenum, fyrnum, firnum, firenum dat pl (as adv = "extremely, violently"))

firendæd fem noun: sinful deed, sin, crime (forms: firendæda gen pl)

firgenstream masc noun: mountain current, mountain stream (forms: firgenstreamum dat pl)

firas masc pl noun: men, human beings (forms: fira, fyra gen pl; firum dat pl)

fisc masc noun: fish (forms: fisca gen pl; fiscas nom pl)

Fison prop noun: (the river) Phison (see Genesis 2:11 in Vulgate)

Fitela prop name: Fitela

fiþerleas adj: without wings (or without feathers)

fitt fem? noun: fighting (forms: fitte dat sing)
fitt fem noun: song, poem (forms: fitte acc sing)

flæsc neut noun: flesh, body (forms: flæsce dat sing)

flæschoma masc noun: body (lit. "covering of flesh") (forms: flæschoman acc sing)

flah adj: deceitful, treacherous, wicked

flan masc/fem noun: arrow, spear (forms: flana gen pl; flane acc/dat sing; flanes gen sing)

flanboga masc noun: (arrow-) bow (forms: flanbogan dat sing)

fleam masc noun: flight, rout (forms: fleame dat sing)

flema masc noun: exile

fleogan Class 2 str verb: fly, flee (forms: fleah, fleag 3rd pers sing pret indic; fleogende pres part; fleogeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; fleoh imper sing; flugon pl pret indic)

fleohnet neut noun: fly-net, thin curtain

fleon Class 2 str verb: fly from, avoid, flee (forms: fleonde pres part)

fleotan Class 2 str verb: float, swim (forms: fleat 3rd pers sing pret indic; fleotende pres part)

fleotend masc noun: sailor, floater (forms: fleotendra gen pl)

fletgesteald, flettgesteald neut noun: hall goods (forms: fletgestealdum dat pl)

fletræst fem noun: bed (in the hall) (forms: fletræste dat sing)

fletsittende masc pl noun: those sitting in a hall; courtiers, warriors (forms: fletsittendum dat pl)

flett, flet neut noun: hall (forms: flette dat sing)

flettwað masc noun: hall-wandering; wandering way to a hall (forms: flettwaðas acc pl)

fletwerod neut noun: hall-troop

geflit neut noun: dispute, contest

flitan Class 1 str verb: fight, contend (forms: flite 3rd pers sing pret subj; flitende past part nom pl masc)

flod masc/neut noun: body of water, wave, stream, current, flood (forms: floda gen pl; flodas nom pl masc; flode dat sing; flodes gen sing)

flodweg masc noun: sea-way, sea-path (forms: flodwegas acc pl)

flodyþ fem noun: (sea) wave (forms: flodyþum dat pl)

flor masc/fem noun: floor (forms: flore acc/dat sing)

flot neut noun: sea
on flot feran: put out to sea

flota masc noun: floater (a kenning for "sailor, ship, fish") (forms: flotan acc sing; nom pl)

geflota masc noun: floater (a kenning for "fish") (forms: geflotan dat sing)

flothere masc noun: fleet (forms: flotherge dat sing)

flotmonn masc noun: sailor, shipman (forms: flotmonna gen pl)

flotweg masc noun: ship-route

flowan Class 7 str verb: flow (forms: flowende pres part)

flyht, fliht masc noun: flight (forms: flihte dat sing)
on flihte: in flight, flying

geflyman wk verb: drive out, cast out (forms: flymde 3rd pers sing pret indic; geflymed past part)

fodder neut noun: food, fodder (forms: fodre dat sing; fodres gen sing)

folc neut noun: people, nation, tribe (forms: folc nom/acc pl; folca gen pl; folce dat sing; folces gen sing; folcum dat pl)

folcagend masc noun: ruler of a people (forms: folcagende nom pl)

folcbearn neut noun: child (of the people), descendant (forms: folcbearn nom pl; folcbearnum dat pl)

folccwen fem noun: queen (of a people)

folccyning masc noun: king (of a people) (forms: folccyningas nom pl; folccyninge dat sing)

folcdriht fem noun: multitude of people

folcfrea masc noun: lord (of a people) (forms: folcfrean dat sing)

folcgesið masc noun: (national-) companion (forms: folcgesiðas nom pl)

folcgestælla, folcgestealla masc noun: supporter, companion (forms: folcgesteallan dat pl; folcgestælna gen pl)

folcgetæl neut noun: number of people

folcgestreon neut noun: national wealth (forms: folcgestreonum dat pl)

folcgetrum neut noun: (national) army, host (forms: folcgetrume dat sing)

folclond neut noun: national land (forms: folclondes gen sing)

folcmægð fem noun: people, nation (forms: folcmægþa gen pl)

folcmære adj: famous, renowned (to peoples) (forms: folcmæro acc pl neut)

folcred masc noun: national leadership

folcriht neut noun: family entitlement (forms: folcrihta gen pl)

folcstede masc noun: national capital, palace; battlefield (forms: folcstede, folcstyde dat sing, nom pl)

folcscaru fem noun: common (people's) land; nation (forms: folcscare, folcsceare acc/dat sing)

folctoga masc noun: chieftain, commander (forms: folctogan nom/acc pl, acc/dat/gen sing)

Folcwalda prop name: Folcwalda, father of Finn (forms: Folcwaldan gen)

folcwer masc noun: man, human being (forms: folcweras nom pl)

foldbold neut noun: earthly building

foldbuend, foldbuende masc pl noun: earth-dwellers (i.e., human beings, men, people) (forms: foldbuendum dat pl)

folde fem noun: earth, ground (forms: foldan acc/dat/gen sing, nom pl)

foldweg masc noun: path, way, track (on the earth) (forms: foldwegas nom pl; foldwege dat sing)

folgað masc noun: body of retainers; followership (position in such a body)

folgian wk verb w. dat: follow (forms: folgedon pl pres indic; folgode 3rd pers sing pret subj)

folm, folme fem noun: hand, palm (forms: folma, folme nom/acc pl; folman dat sing; dat pl; folme acc/dat sing; folmum dat pl)

gefon Class 7 str verb: seize, grasp, take, achieve (forms: fehð 3rd pers sing pres indic; feng, gefeng, fæng 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; fengon pl pret indic)

for prep: for, on account of; before, in the presence of; before (temporal), during; before (spatial), in front of
for fem noun: going, journey, way of life (forms: fore acc sing)

foran adv: in front

forane adv: back, in the other direction; first, ahead of time

forbærnan wk verb: burn up (forms: forbærnedne past part acc sing masc; forbernde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forbeornan, forbyrnan Class 3 str verb: burn up (forms: forbarn 3rd pers sing pret indic; forburnon past part)

forbigan wk verb: humiliate, debase (forms: forbigde 3rd pers sing pret indic; forbiged past part)

forbeodan Class 2 str verb: forbid (forms: forbead 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; forbodene past part pl)

forberan Class 4 str verb: endure, put up with

forberstan Class 3 str verb: fail, break (forms: forbærst 3rd pers sing pret indic; forborsten past part)

forbrecan Class 4 str verb: break, transgress (forms: forbræcon pl pret indic; forbrocen past part)

forbugan Class 2 str verb: avoid, flee from (forms: forbeah 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forceorfan Class 3 str verb: cut off (forms: forcearf 3rd pers sing pret indic; forcurfon pl pret indic )

ford masc noun: ford, place to cross water (forms: forda dat sing)

fordeman wk verb: condemn, sentence to death (forms: fordæmed past part)

fordon anom verb: ruin, corrup, undo (forms: fordon past part)

fordrifan Class 1 str verb: impel, compel, drive away (forms: fordraf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

fore prep: before, in the presence of; for, instead of; on account of

foregenga masc noun: escort, servant

foremeahtig, foremihtig adj: pre-eminently powerful (forms: foremeahtige nom pl masc)

foresecgan wk verb: say before, say previously (forms: foresædon pl pret indic; foresædan past part dat sing fem) )

foresnotor adj: very wise, eminently wise (forms: foresnotre nom pl masc)

foreþanc masc noun: forethought, prudence, judiciousness

foreweard neut noun: bargain, covenant, promise (foreward, OED sb1)

foreweall masc noun: protecting wall (forms: foreweallas nom pl)

forewyrcend masc noun: subordinate, servant (forms: forewyrcendum dat pl)

forgiefan Class 5 str verb: grant, give, bestow upon (forms: forgeaf 3rd pers sing pret indic; forgeafe, forgefe 1st/3rd pers sing pret subj; forgif imper sing; forgifen past part; forgifð 3rd pers sing pres indic; forgiefene past part nom sing neut)

forgieldan, forgyldan Class 3 str verb: pay back, requite, reward (forms: forgeald 3rd pers sing pret indic; forgolden past part; forgylde 3rd pers sing pres subj; forgyldon pl pres indic)

forgyman wk verb: neglect, not observe (forms: forgymdon pl pret indic; forgymeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

forgietan Class 5 str verb: forget (forms: forgeate 3rd pers sing pret subj; forgeton pl pret indic; forgyteð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

forgrindan Class 3 str verb w. dat: destroy (forms: forgrand 1st pers sing pret indic; forgrunden past part)

forgripan Class 1 str verb: seize, attack (forms: forgrap 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forhabban wk verb: restrain; restrain oneself

forhatena masc noun: accursed one, devil

forhealdan Class 7 str verb: forsake, rebel against (forms: forhealden past part; forhealdene past part masc pl)

forheard adj: very hard (forms: forheardne acc sing masc)

forheawan Class 7 str verb: cut up, cut to pieces, cut down (forms: forheawen past part)

forhelan Class 4 str verb: conceal, cover up (forms: forhele 1st pers sing pres indic)

forhicgan wk verb: reject, disdain (forms: forhicge 1st pers sing pres indic)

forhogian wk verb: disdain, scorn (forms: forhogode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forht adj: frightened, timid
þy forhtran: any the more frightened or timid

forhtian wk verb: be frightened (forms: forhtedon pl pret indic; forhtiað pl pres indic)

forhtlice adv: timidly

forlacan Class 7 str verb: mislead, deceive; betray (forms: forlec 3rd pers sing pret indic; forlacen past part)

forlædan wk verb: lead astray, mislead; lead to destruction (forms: forlædd, forlæd past part; forlæddan pl pret indic; forlædde past part nom pl masc)

forlæran wk verb: misinform, misdirect (forms: forlærde 3rd pers sing pret indic; forlæred past part; to forlæranne inflect infin )

forlætan Class 7 str verb: relinquish, avoid, release, allow to escape, leave behind; let, allow (forms: forlætað imper pl; forlæte 1st pers sing pres indic; forlæten pl pres subj; forlæteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; forlet, forlæt 3rd pers sing pret indic; forleton pl pret indic)

forleogan Class 3 str verb: lie about, commit perjury regarding (forms: forlugan pl pret indic)

forleosan Class 2 str verb w. dat: lose, abandon, destroy (forms: forleas 3rd pers sing pret indic; forloren past part; ferlorene past part fem acc sing)

forlicgan, forlycgan Class 5 str verb: have sex with

forliger neut noun: fornication, seduction (forms: forligre, forlygre dat sing; forlyres gen sing )

forlor masc noun: loss, destruction (forms: forlore dat sing)

forma adj: first (forms: forman acc pl; acc/dat sing masc/fem/neut)

foremære adj: very famous (forms: formærne acc sing masc; foremærost superl)

formoni adj: too many a

forniman Class 4 str verb: take away, do away with (forms: fornam, fornom 3rd pers sing pret indic; fornamon, fornoman pl pret indic; fornumen past part )
beon mid X fornumen: to be overcome with X

forod adj: vain, useless

forsacan Class 6 str verb: refuse (forms: forsoc 3rd pers sing pret indic; forsocon pl pret indic)

forsceap neut noun: monstrous thing (cf. forscieppan) (forms: forsceape dat sing)

forscieppan Class 6 str verb: change, transform (negatively) (forms: forsceop 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forscrifan Class 1 str verb: condemn, judge (forms: forscrifen past part)

forscufan Class 2 str verb: drive back (forms: forsceaf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forscyldigian wk verb: condemn, declare to be guilty (forms: forscyldeguda past part nom sing masc)

forsæcgan wk verb: falsely accuse, slander, defame

forsendan wk verb: send away (forms: forsended past part)

forseon Class 5 str verb: despise, reject (forms: forseah 1st pers sing pret indic)

forsiðian wk verb: pass away, die (forms: forsiðod past part)

forsittan Class 5 str verb: obstruct, hinder, resist; (of the eyes) be obstructed, go blind (forms: forsæt 3rd pers sing pret indic; forsæton pl pret indic; forsiteð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

forslean Class 6 str verb: beat up, destroy, kill (forms: forslegen past part)

forspanan Class 7 str verb: urge, entice (forms: forspeon 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forspildan wk verb: waste, spoil, ruin

forst masc noun: frost (forms: forste dat sing; forstes)

forstandan Class 6 str verb: understand; hinder, prevent; protect (forms: forstod 3rd pers sing pret indic; forstode 3rd pers sing pret subj; forstodon pl pret indic)

forstelan Class 4 str verb: steal away, deprive (forms: forstolene past part dat sing masc)

forswapan Class 7 str verb: drive off, sweep away (forms: forswapen past part; forsweop 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forswelgan Class 3 str verb: swallow, devour (forms: forswealg 3rd pers sing pret indic; forswelge 3rd pers sing pres subj; forswulge 2nd pers sing pret indic)

forsweorcan Class 3 str verb: (of the eyes) become dark, go blind (forms: forsworceð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

forsweran Class 6 str verb: renounce the use of (forms: forsworen past part)

fostercyld neut noun: foster-child (forms: fostercyld nom pl)

forð adv: forth, forwards, away, hence, thence; from now on, from then on

forþam, forðam, forþan, forþon, forðon, forðan conj: because, since; therefore, for that reason

forþbære adj: productive, creative (forms: forþbæro nom sing fem)

forðgeorn adj: valiant, eager to press foward in battle

forðgerimed past part adj: all told, counted out

forðgesceaft fem noun: creation, destiny

forðgewiten past part adj: departed, dead (forms: forðgewitenum dat sing masc)

forðhere masc noun: vanguard (forms: forðherge dat sing)

forðian wk verb: carry out (forms: geforþod past part)

forþolian wk verb w. dat: do without, endure the absence of

forþringan wk verb: drive away

forðryne masc noun: (onward) course

forðsiþ masc noun: journey forth (forms: forðsiþes gen sing)

forðweard adj: ongoing, eternal, future (forms: forðweardum dat pl)
forðweard masc noun: steersman, pilot

forðwearde adv: from then on

forðweg masc noun: way forth; death (forms: forðwegas acc pl; forðwege dat sing )

forðylman wk verb: enclose, shut up, cover (forms: forðylmed past part)

forwegan Class 5 str verb: kill (forms: forwegen past part)

forweorpan Class 3 str verb: cast out, throw away (forms: forwurpe 3rd pers sing pret subj)

forweorðan Class 3 str verb: be destroyed, perish (forms: forwearð 3rd pers sing pret indic; forweorðe 3rd pers sing pres subj)
forweorðan on mode: to be grieved

forwrecan Class 5 str verb: banish, drive away (forms: forwræc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forwritan Class 1 str verb: slice to death (forms: forwrat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

forwundian wk verb: wound badly (forms: forwunded, forwundod past part)

forwyrcan wk verb: ruin, destroy, lose; barricade, close up (forms: forworht past part; forworhte past part nom pl masc)

forwyrd fem noun: destruction, ruin

forwyrnan wk verb: refuse, withhold, oppose (forms: forwyrnde 3rd pers sing pret indic; forwyrne 2nd per sing pres subj)

fot masc noun: foot (forms: fet nom/acc pl; fote dat sing; fotes gen sing; fotum dat pl)

fotgemearc neut noun: length of one foot (forms: fotgemearces gen sing)

fotlast masc noun: track, trail (of footsteps)

fotmæl neut noun: (the distance of a) foot

fracod adj: criminal, shameful, vile (forms: fracodes gen sing masc)

fracoðlice, fracodlice adv: vilely, shamefully, criminally

gefræge adj: famous, well-known, respected
gefræge neut noun: knowledge, report
mine gefræge: as I have heard

from, fram prep: from;
from, fram adv: away, forth;
fram, from adj: strong, bold (forms: frome nom sing fem; nom pl masc; fromne acc sing masc; fromum dat pl)

franca masc noun: spear, lance (forms: francan acc/dat sing; nom pl)

Franca prop name: Frank (i.e. Frankish person) (forms: Frankna gen pl; Froncum dat pl)

frætwe fem pl noun: trappings, armour; treasure (forms: frætwa gen pl, acc pl; frætwum, frætewum dat pl)

gefrætwian, frætwan wk verb: adorn, decorate (forms: gefrætwade 3rd pers sing pret indic; gefrætwod, gefrætewod, gefrætwad, frætwed past part; gefretewodon pl pret indic)

frea masc noun: lord, king, God; husband (forms: frean acc/dat/gen sing)

freadrihten masc noun: lord, king, God (forms: freadrihtnes gen sing)

freawine masc noun: (friendly-) lord

freawrasn fem noun: lordly chain (forms: freawrasnum dat pl)

Freawaru prop name: Freawaru (forms: Freaware acc sing)

frec adj: daring, bold, greedy (forms: frece nom pl masc)

freca masc noun: warrior, man (forms: frecan acc pl)

frecen neut noun: peril, danger (forms: frecna gen pl; frecne dat sing; frecnes gen sing)
frecen adj: dangerous, perilous (forms: frecne nom/acc sing neut; acc sing fem; acc pl; frecenra gen pl)

frecne adj: dangerous, perilous, evil (forms: frecnan acc sing fem; frecnen (Beow 1104) inst sing fem);
frecne, fræcne adv: severely, harshly, dangerously

frefran weak verb: comfort, console

fremde adj: foreign, strange, alien (forms: fremdes gen sing; fremdu nom sing fem; fremdum dat pl)

freme fem noun: advantage, benefit (cf. fremu) (forms: fremena gen pl)

gefremman wk verb: do, make, carry out, support, perpetuate; further, advance (forms: gefremed past part; gefremede past part acc sing fem; gefremede, fremede 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; fremest 2nd pers sing pres indic; fremeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gefremeden pl pret subj; gefremedon, fremedon pl pret indic; fremme 3rd pers sing pres subj; fremmað, fremmað pl pres indic; 3rd pers sing pres indic; imper pl; fremmen pl pres subj; to gefremmanne inflect infin)

fremu fem noun: advantage, benefit (forms: freme, fremu acc sing; fremum dat pl; fremena wk gen pl)

freo adj: free, noble; happy (forms: freora gen pl; freom dat sing masc)
freo fem noun: woman

freobearn neut noun: (noble) child (forms: freobearnum dat pl)

freoburh fem noun: (noble) city

freod fem noun: affection, good will, peace (forms: freode acc/dat/gen sing)

freodrihten masc noun: (noble) lord (forms: freodryhtne dat sing)

freogan wk verb: love, cherish (forms: freoge 3rd pers sing pres subj; freoð 3rd pers sing pres indic)
swa þin mod freoð: as you like

freolic adj: glorious, beautiful (forms: freolice fem acc sing, nom sing neut; freolecu, freolucu, freolicu fem nom sing; freolicu, freolico neut nom/acc pl)

freomæg masc noun: (free, noble) kinsman (forms: freomagum, freomægum dat pl)

freomann masc noun: (free, noble) man (forms: freomanna gen pl; freomen nom pl)

freond masc noun: friend, relative (forms: freonda gen pl; freondas nom pl; freondum dat pl; frynd, freond nom/acc pl)

freondlar fem noun: friendly advice (forms: freondlarum dat pl)

freondlaþu fem noun: friendship)

freondleas adj: friendless, lordless (forms: freondleasne acc sing masc)

freondlice adv: in a friendly manner, amicably (forms: freondlicor compar)

freondlufu fem noun: love, friendship

freondmynd fem noun: amorous intention (forms: freondmynde dat sing)

freondscipe, freondscype masc noun: friendship, love relationship (forms: freondscipe dat sing)

freondsped fem noun: success in making friends

freorig adj: cold, chilly, freezing

freoðo fem noun: peace, protection (forms: freoðo dat sing)

freoðobeacen neut noun: sign of protection

freoðoburh fem noun: (protecting) city

freoðoscealc masc noun: minister of peace (forms: freoðoscealcas nom pl masc)

freoðosped fem noun: success in maintaining peace

freoþoþeaw masc noun: peaceful disposition, peaceful virtue (forms: freoþoþeawas (Gen 79) nom pl)

freoðowær fem noun: Covenant, peace-treaty (forms: freoðowære acc sing)

freoðuwebbe fem noun: peace-weaver

freowine masc noun: noble lord

freoðowong masc noun: peaceful field

Fresa, Frysa masc noun: Frisian (forms: Fresena, Frysna, Fresna gen pl; Frysum dat pl)

Frescyning masc noun: the king of the Frisians (forms: Frescyninge dat sing)

Freslond prop name: land of the Frisians; Frisia (forms: Freslondum dat pl)

Freswæl neut noun: Frisian slaughter (forms: Freswæle dat sing)

fretan Class 5 str verb: eat, consume; break (faith, etc.) (forms: fræt 3rd pers sing pret indic; fræton pl pret indic)

fricgan, fricgean, gefricgcean Class 5 str verb: ask, inquire, try to find out; find out (forms: gefricgeað pl pres indic; fricgen pl pres subj; frige imper sing)

friclan wk verb w. gen: seek, desire

gefrignan, frinan Class 2 str verb: ask; (with ge- prefix: ) find out (forms: frægn, gefrægn, gefrægen 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; gefricge 1st pers sing pres subj; frin imper sing; frineð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gefrunon, gefrungon, gefrugnon pl pret indic; gefrunen, gefrægen past part)

frigu fem noun: love, (in pl.) affections, embraces (forms: frige nom pl)

frioðuwær fem noun: peace agreememt (forms: frioðuwære, frioðowære acc/gen sing)

friþ, frið masc noun: peace, security, tranquility (forms: friðe, friþe dat sing; friþes gen sing)
friþ adj: beautiful, stately (forms: friþe nom sing fem)

friðcandel fem noun: peace-candle (a kenning for "the sun") (forms: )

friðian, freoþian wk verb: cherish, defend, protect (forms: gefriþod past part; gefriðode, freoþode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

friðgedal neut noun: death

friðotacen neut noun: symbol of peace, sign of protection

friþu fem noun: peace, safety, protection (forms: friðo, freoðo, fryðo acc/dat/gen sing)

friðusibb fem noun: "pledge of peace," i.e. woman married to secure peace

frod adj: old, wise (forms: froda nom sing masc; frodan dat sing masc; frode acc sing; frodran compar nom pl)

Froda prop name: Froda, father of Ingeld (forms: Frodan gen sing)

frofor fem noun: comfort, consolation (forms: frofre acc/dat/gen sing)

fromcyme masc noun: posterity, descendants

fromcynn neut noun: progeny, descendants (forms: fromcynne dat sing)

fromlad fem noun: departure

fromlice adv: boldly, vigorously, quickly

fromsiþ masc noun: departure

fromweard adj: departing, doomed to die (forms: fromweardum dat sing masc)

fruma masc noun: origin, cause, creator, founder, progenitor, leader, beginning (forms: fruman acc/dat sing)

frumbearn neut noun: first-born child (forms: frumbearn nom/ac pl; frumbearne dat sing)

frumcyn neut noun: national or tribal origin; lineage

frumgar masc noun: leader, chief (forms: frumgare dat sing)

frumgara, frumgar masc noun: leader, chief (forms: frumgaran nom/acc pl, acc/dat/gen sing; frumgaras acc pl; frumgarum dat pl)

frumhrægl neut noun: original garment (forms: frumhrægle dat sing)

frumsceaft masc noun: first creation, origin, home (forms: frumsceafta gen pl; frumsceafte dat sing)

frumstol masc noun: original habitation

Frysland prop name: Frisia

fugol, fugel masc noun: bird (forms: fuglas nom/acc pl; fugle, fugele dat sing; fugles gen sing; fuglum dat pl)

ful, full neut noun: cup, beaker (forms: fulle dat sing)
yða ful: the beaker of waves (a kenning for "the sea")
ful adj: foul, impure, rotten, unclean (also as noun: "impure person") (forms: fula nom sing masc; fulan dat sing masc, acc pl neut; fule nom sing fem; fullum dat sing masc)

fulboren past part adj: live-born (forms: fulborenum dat sing neut)

full, ful adj: full (forms: fulle acc sing fem; nom/acc pl masc; fulne acc sing masc; fullum dat sing masc)
liges full: full of flame;
full, ful adv: very; entirely;
to ful adv: completely, fully

fullæstan wk verb: help (forms: fullæstu 1st pers sing pres indic)

fullgan anom verb: support, strengthen (forms: fulleode 3rd pers sing pret indic; fulleodon pl pret indic)

fulgangan Class 7 str verb: fulfill, complete

fullian wk verb: fulfill

fullwen fem noun: baptism? (one occurrence, in poetry) (forms: fullwona gen pl)
fullwona bearn: Christians? ("children of baptism"—see note)

fulwian wk verb: baptize (forms: gefullode past part nom pl neut)

fultum masc noun: help, support (forms: fultumes gen sing)

fulwian wk verb: baptize (forms: gefullod past part)

fundian wk verb: go, hasten; wish for, strive after (forms: fundast 2nd pers sing pres indic; fundað, fundaþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; fundedon pl pret indic; fundiaþ pl pres indic; fundode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

furh fem noun: furrow

furðor, furþur, furður adv: further; farther; any more

furðum, furþum adv: even, already, before, first

fus adj: eager, striving, zealous, quick, brave, noble (forms: fuse nom pl masc; acc sing neut; fusne acc sing masc)

fuslic adj: ready (forms: fuslicu acc pl neut)

frymdi adj: entreating
ic eom frymdi to þe: I pray you

frymð masc noun: beginning, origin (forms: frymða gen pl; frymðe dat sing)

fyligan, fylgean, fylgan wk verb: follow, observe, obey (forms: fylgde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

fyll, fyl masc noun: fall, destruction, death (forms: fylle dat sing)
fyll fem noun: fullness, repletion, feasting (forms: fylle acc/dat/gen sing)

gefyllan wk verb: fill; fulfil, complete (forms: fyllað imper pl; gefylle imper sing; fylde, gefylde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gefylled past part);
gefyllan wk verb: fell, cause to fall (forms: gefyldan pl pret indic; fylde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

fylstan wk verb: help, support (forms: fylste 3rd pers sing pret indic; fylston pl pret indic)

fylwerig adj: weary (i.e. wounded) to death (forms: fylwerigne acc sing masc)

fyr neut noun: fire (forms: fyre dat sing; fyres gen sing)

fyrbend masc noun: fire-forged band (forms: fyrbendum dat pl)

fyrd fem noun: army, military campaign (forms: fyrde acc/dat sing)

fyrdgestealla masc noun: companion in arms, retainer (forms: fyrdgesteallum dat pl)

fyrdgetrum neut noun: band of warriors (forms: )

fyrdhom masc noun: "army-suit," i.e. coat of mail

fyrdhrægl neut noun: army garment (a kenning for "coat of mail")

fyrdhwæt adj: (army-) vigorous (forms: fyrdhwate nom pl masc)

fyrdleoð neut noun: martial song

fyrdraca masc noun: fire-dragon

fyrdrinc masc noun: soldier, warrior (forms: fyrdrinces gen sing)

fyrdsearu, fyrdsearo neut pl noun: armour, war trappings

fyrdwic neut noun: military camp, encampment (forms: fyrdwicum dat pl)

fyrdwyrðe adj: worthy in battle

fyren adj: firey, made of fire, flaming (forms: fyrene dat sing neut)

fyrendæd fem noun: evil or criminal deed (forms: fyrendæda acc pl; fyrendædum dat sing)

fyrenearfeðe neut noun: dire suffering (forms: fyrenearfeða gen pl)

fyrenðearf fen noun: dire need (forms: fyrenðearfe acc sing)

fyrgebræc neut noun: sound of fire

fyrgenbeam masc noun: mountain tree (forms: fyrgenbeamas acc pl)

fyrgenheafod neut noun: mountain top (forms: fyrgenheafde dat sing)

fyrgenholt neut noun: mountain wood

fyrgenstream masc noun: mountain stream

fyrheard adj: tempered, fire-hardened

fyrleoht neut noun: fire-light

fyrmest adj: foremost, first

fyrn, gefyrn adv: long ago, formerly, earlier

fyrndaeg masc noun: long-ago day (forms: fyrndagum dat pl)

fyrngeflit neut noun: former strife (forms: fyrngeflitu acc pl)

fyrngeweorc neut noun: ancient work, long-ago craftsmanship

fyrngewinn neut noun: long-ago struggle, ancient fight (forms: fyrngewinnes gen sing)

fyrnmann masc noun: long-ago person (forms: fyrnmanna gen pl)

fyrnstream masc noun: distant current (forms: fyrnstreama gen pl)

fyrnwita masc noun: ancient sage, old wise man (forms: fyrnwitan dat sing masc)

fyrst masc noun: time, period (forms: fyrste dat sing)

fyrðran wk verb: further, hasten (forms: gefyrðred past part)

fyrwyt, fyrwet neut noun: curiosity

fyrwylm masc noun: flame of fire (forms: fyrwylmum dat pl)

fysan wk verb: urge, impel, force; hurry (forms: fysde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gefysed past part)

Gadd prop name: Gadd (forms: Gaddes gen sing)

gegaderian wk verb: gather (forms: gegaderie 3rd pers sing pres subj)

gæd, gad neut noun: lack, want, need

gædeling masc noun: companion (forms: gædelinges gen sing; gædelingum dat pl)

gafol, gofol neut noun: tribute, tax (forms: gafole dat sing)

gal neut noun: lust, luxury, folly

galan Class 6 str verb: chant, sing (forms: gæleð 3rd pers sing pret indic)

galferhð adj: lustful

galgmod adj: gloomy, fierce, stern

galmod adj: lecherous (forms: galmoda nom sing masc)

galnys fem noun: lust, lechery (forms: galnysse gen sing)

galscipe masc noun: luxury, lasciviousness, folly

gamen, gomen neut noun: joy, mirth, play, sport, amusement (forms: gomene, gamene dat sing)

gamol, gomel, gomol adj: old (forms: gamele, gomele nom pl masc; acc sing fem; gamelum, gomelum dat sing masc; gomela, gamela nom sing masc; acc sing fem (Beow 2931); gomelan acc/dat sing masc; gomelra gen pl)

gamolfeax, gomelfeax adj: (old- i.e.) grey-haired

gamolferhð adj: old

gegan anom verb: go; take place; (with ge- prefix) observe, carry out; acquire; overrun (forms: ga 3rd pers sing pres subj; imper sing; gæþ, gæð, gegæð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gað imper pl; gegan past part; gegaþ pl pres indic; geeode, geiode, eode, eowde 3rd pers sing pret indic; eodon, geeodon pl pret indic; gæð, gegæð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gang masc noun: going, departure; track; flow, stream (forms: gange dat sing; ganges gen sing)

gegangan, gongan Class 7 str verb: go, walk (forms: gangende, gangænde pres part; gieng, geong, gang, giong 3rd pers sing pret indic; imper sing; genge, gange 3rd pers sing pres subj; gangon pl pres indic; gonge 1st pers sing pres indic)

gegangan Class 7 str verb: reach, attain, acquire; take place, happen (forms: gegongen past part; gegongeð, gegangeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; to gegangenne inflect infin)

ganet, ganot masc noun: gannet, sea bird (forms: ganetes, ganotes gen sing)

gar masc noun: spear (forms: gara gen pl; garas nom/acc pl; gare dat sing; gares gen sing)

garbeam masc noun: spear-shaft (forms: garbeames gen sing)

garberend masc noun: spear-bearer (i.e. warrior) (forms: garberend nom pl; garberendra gen pl)

garcene adj: (spear-, i.e.) battle-brave

garcwealm masc noun: spear-death, death in battle

Gardene masc pl noun: the (spear-) Danes (forms: Gardena gen pl; Gardenum dat pl)

gargewinn neut noun: spear-battle (forms: gargewinnes gen sing)

garholt neut noun: spear-wood, i.e. spear

Garmund prop name: Garmund (forms: Garmundes gen sing)

garræs masc noun: spear-attack

garsecg masc noun: ocean, sea (forms: garsecges gen sing)

garwiga masc noun: spear-warrior (forms: garwigan dat sing)

garwigend masc noun: spear-warrior (forms: garwigend acc pl)

gast, gæst masc noun: soul, spirit; ghost, demon (forms: gasta, gæsta gen pl; gastas nom/acc pl; gaste, gæste dat sing; gastes, gæstes gen sing)

gastbona masc noun: soul-murderer (kenning for the devil)

gastcyning masc noun: the King of Souls or Spiritual King (i.e. God) (forms: gastcyninge dat sing)

gastgedal neut noun: death

gastlic, gæstlic adj: holy, spiritual; ghostly, ghastly

ge pers pron: you (pl) (forms: eow acc/dat; eowic acc; eower gen; eowra poss adj gen pl; eowre, eowere poss adj nom/acc pl masc; acc pl neut; dat sing neut; eowerne poss adj acc sing masc; eowrum poss adj dat pl; poss adj dat sing neut);
ge conj: and
ge . . . eac conj: both . . . and also
ge . . . ge . . . ge . . . : both . . . and . . . and . . .

geac masc noun: cuckoo

geador adv: together

gealga, galga masc noun: gallows (forms: galgan, gealgan acc/dat sing)

gealgtreow, galgtreow neut noun: gallows-tree (forms: gealgtreowe dat sing; galgtreowum dat pl)

galdor, gealdor neut noun: spell, incantation; sound (of a musical instrument) (forms: galdre dat sing)

gen, gean, gien, gena adv: still, again, yet
wrætlicran gien: even more wondrous
þa gen, þa gena: yet; anymore; still
nu gen: now still; to this day
gena, giena adv: still, until now, yet

geap adj: wide, spacious, high (forms: geapes gen sing neut; geapne acc sing masc; geapum dat sing masc)

gear neut noun: year (forms: gear nom/acc pl; geara gen pl; gearum dat pl)

geara adv: formerly, once
geara iu: long ago

gegearcian weak verb: prepare (forms: gegearcod past part; gegeorcode past part nom pl neut)

geard masc noun: dwelling, piece of land, enclosure (forms: geardas acc pl; geardum dat pl)

geardæg masc noun: former day, day of old; (day of a) lifetime (forms: geardagum dat pl)

geareofolm adj: ready-handed

gearo, gearu adj: ready, prepared, finished (forms: geara nom sing masc; geare nom/acc sing neut; gearone acc sing masc; gearowe, gearwe nom pl masc);
gearwe, geare, gere adv: clearly, readily, entirely (forms: gearwor compar gearwost superl)

gearolice adv: certainly, clearly

gearoþoncol adj: quick-witted (forms: gearoþoncolre dat sing fem)

gearrim neut noun: number of years (forms: gearrimum dat pl)

geartorht adj: annually bright (forms: geartorhte acc sing fem)

gearwe fem noun: clothing, trappings, equipment (forms: gearwan acc sing; gearwum dat pl)

gegearwian, gegearwigean wk verb: adorn, equip, prepare (forms: gegearwod, gegarwod, gegearewod, gearwad past part)

geasne adj w. gen: deprived of, without

Geat proper name: Geat (member of the south-Swedish tribe of Geats) (forms: Geata, Geatena gen pl; Geatas acc pl; Geate dat sing; Geates gen sing; Geatum dat pl)
Geat prop name: Geat, husband or boyfriend of Mæðhild in Deor (forms: Geates gen sing)

geat neut noun: gate

Geatisc adj: Geatish, member of the tribe of Geats

Geatmecg masc noun: Geatish man (forms: Geatmecga gen pl; Geatmæcgum dat pl)

geatolic adj: decorated, magnificent

geatwa fem pl noun: treasures, equipment

gegncwide masc noun: reply, conversation (forms: gegncwida gen pl)

gegnum adv: forwards, directly; away

gegnunga adv: certainly, plainly, indeed

giohðo, gehðo fem noun: sorrow, care (forms: giohðe dat sing)

geo, gio, iu adv: formerly, once, of old

geoc fem noun: help (forms: geoce acc/dat sing)

geocor adj: harsh, bitter, sad

geofon, geofen, gifen, gyfen neut noun: ocean, sea (forms: geofenes, gyfenes gen sing)

geofian wk verb: gift, provide with benefits

geofonhus neut noun: ocean-house (a kenning for "ship")

geoguþ, geogoð, giogoð fem noun: youth; (frequently in contrast with duguð) the younger retainers (forms: geogoðe, geogoþe, geoguþe, geoguðe, gioguðe, giogoðe, iogoþe acc/dat/gen sing)

geogoðfeorh masc noun: youth (forms: geogoðfeore, geoguðfeore dat sing)

geogoðhad masc noun: the state or condition of youth (forms: geogoðhade dat sing)

geolorand masc noun: (yellow) shield

geolow adj: yellow (forms: geolwe acc sing fem)

geomor adj: sad, miserable (forms: geomran dat sing fem; geomre acc pl masc; geomorne acc sing masc; geomorre dat sing fem; geomuru nom sing fem)
geomore adv: sadly, miserably

geomorfrod adj: miserable with age

geomorlic adj: sad, miserable

geomormod, giomormod adj: sad, miserable (-minded) (forms: geomormode acc sing fem; geomormodum dat sing neut)

geomormode adv: sad-mindedly, miserably

geomrian wk verb: mourn, be sad, be miserable (forms: geomra imper sing; geomrode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Geon prop noun: Gehon (see Genesis 2:13 in Vulgate)

geond prep: throughout, through, around

geondbrædan wk verb: spread (throughout) (forms: geondbræded past part)

geondfolen past part adj: completely filled

geondhweorfan Class 3 str verb: pass through (forms: geondhwearf 3rd pers sing pret indic; geondhweorfeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

geondsceawian wk verb: look around (forms: geondsceawað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

geondsendan wk verb: send throughout (forms: geondsended past part)

geondseon Class 5 str verb: look over, survey (forms: geondseh 1st pers sing pret indic)

geondsprengan wk verb: sprinkle about (forms: geondsprengde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geondþencan wk verb: consider, think through (forms: geondþence 1st pers sing pres indic; geondþenceð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

georn adj: eager, diligent, serious (forms: georne nom pl masc)
georne adv: eagerly, earnestly, gladly; well, exactly (forms: geornor compar)

geornful adj: very eager

geornlice adv: eagerly, gladly; exactly

geosceaft masc noun: foreordination, destiny

geosceaftgast masc noun: ancient spirit? fated spirit? (forms: geosceaftgasta gen pl)

geotan Class 2 str verb: flow, pour; (Beow 2940 "getan") kill by shedding the blood of (forms: geotende pres part)

gesne adj: destitute, forlorn; lacking, without

gestsele masc noun: guest-hall

gifan, gyfan, giofan Class 5 str verb: give (forms: geaf 3rd pers sing pret indic; giefað pl pres indic; gife 3rd pers sing pres subj/indic; gifest 2nd pers sing pres indic; geafon pl pret indic; gyfen past part)

giefl neut noun: morsel, piece of food (forms: gieflum dat pl)

giefstol masc noun: gift-seat (forms: giefstolas (Wan 44) gen sing)

gifu, giefu fem noun: gift, grace (forms: gifa gen pl; gife acc/dat sing; gifum, geofum dat pl; gifena, geofena wk gen pl)

gield, gyld, gild neut noun: offering; substitute, compensation (forms: gielde dat sing)

giellan Class 3 str verb: yell (forms: gielleð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gyllende pres part)

gielp, gilp, gylp masc noun: boasting, pride (forms: gielpes gen sing; gylpe dat sing )

gielpsceaþa: boastful enemy (forms: gielpsceaþan nom pl)

gielpan Class 3 str verb: boast, exhult (forms: gealp 3rd pers sing pret indic; gulpon pl pret indic; gylpe 1st pers sing pres indic)

gyman, gieman wk verb w. gen.: keep, keep to, look after, care about (forms: gym imper sing; gymden pl pret subj; gymdon pl pret indic; gymeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

giestliðnyss fem noun: hospitality (forms: giestliðnysse acc sing)

gifeðe, gifeþe, gyfeðe adj: granted
gifeðe neut noun: predetermined situation, lot

gifheall fem noun: gift-hall (forms: gifhealle acc sing)

gifsceatt masc noun: gift (forms: gifsceattas acc pl)

Gifðas prop name: the Gifthas, a Germanic people (forms: Gifðum dat pl)

gigant masc noun: giant (forms: giganta gen pl; gigantas nom pl)

gigantmæcg masc noun: giant (forms: gigantmæcgas acc pl)

gien adv: still, now, again

gegenge adj: agreeable, appropriate

genog, genoh adj and pron: enough, numerous, many, much (forms: genoge nom/acc pl masc; acc sing fem; genohra gen pl)
genoge adv: enough, sufficiently

genunga adv: entirely, completely

giet, git, gyt, gyta, gieta adv: yet, still; previously
þa gyt: in addition; still; then yet;
nu giet: as of yet, for the present; recently, just now; still

gif, gyf conj: if

gifstol masc noun: gift-seat; gift-dispensing hall

gilpcwide masc noun: boasting speech

gilphlæden past part adj: loaded with boasting, i.e. expert in giving praise

gimm, gim masc noun: gem, precious jewel (forms: gimmas nom pl)

ginfæst, gimfæst adj: huge, generous, spacious (forms: ginfæstan acc sing fem; gimfæste acc sing fem; ginfæstum dat pl)

ginn, gynn adj: wide, spacious (forms: ginne, gynne acc/dat sing neut; ginnan dat sing masc, dat sing fem)

giomorgyd neut noun: sad song, lament

geard masc noun: dwelling, enclosure, piece of ground (forms: geardas nom pl)

gengan wk verb: go (forms: gengde, gende 3rd pers sing pret indic; gengdon pl pret indic)

geong, giong adj: young (forms: geonga nom sing masc; geongan nom pl neut; dat sing masc; geonge nom/acc pl masc; geongne acc sing masc; geongra compar nom sing masc: more junior, subservient--as noun, "a servant, follower"; geongran compar acc pl (also as noun); geongum dat pl, dat sing masc/neut; gingæste ("last") superl nom sing neut; gingran compar acc/dat sing masc/fem; gingre compar nom sing fem; giongrum compar dat pl masc)

geongordom masc noun: service, allegiance (forms: geongordome dat sing; geongordomes gen sing)

giongorscipe masc noun: service, allegiance

gifre adj: greedy (forms: gifrost superl)
gifre adj: useful

giondwlitan Class 1 str verb: look over, examine

git, gyt 2nd pers dual pron: you two (forms: inc acc/dat; incer gen; incit acc; incre poss adj dat sing neut; poss adj acc/dat sing fem; incrum poss adj dat sing masc)

gitsian, gytsian wk verb: covet, be greedy (forms: gitsiende pres part; gystað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gladian wk verb: shine (forms: gladiað pl pres indic)

glæd adj: bright, shining, pleasant (forms: gladu nom sing fem; gladum dat sing masc; glæde masc nom/acc pl; glædne acc sing masc)

glædlic adj: bright, shining, pleasant

glædlice adv: happily, brightly

glædman adj: gracious, kind

glædmod adj: happy, joyful (forms: glædmode nom pl fem)

glæm masc noun: brightness, beauty, splendour (forms: glæmes gen sing)

glappe fem noun: buck-bean (forms: glappan dat sing)

gleam masc noun: splendour, beauty (= glæm; Gen 12)

gleaw adj: wise, skillful (forms: gleawan dat sing fem, dat sing masc; gleawe nom sing fem; acc/dat sing fem; gleawne acc sing masc; gleawra compar nom sing masc; gleawum dat pl; dat sing masc)

gleawferhð adj: wise, discerning, prudent

gleawhydig adj: wise, clever, intelligent

gled fem noun: glowing coal, ember (forms: gledum dat pl)

gledegesa masc noun: horror of glowing embers

gledstyde, glædstede masc noun: place of glowing coals, i.e. altar (forms: gledstyde dat sing)

gleo neut noun: music, entertainment

gleobeam masc noun: music-wood, entertainment-wood (a kenning for "harp") (forms: gleobeames gen sing)

gleodream masc noun: joy, fun, delight in entertainment

gleomann masc noun: minstrel, scop (forms: gleomannes gen sing)

glidan Class 1 str verb: glide, slide (forms: glad 3rd pers sing pret indic; glidon pl pret indic)

glitinian wk verb: glint, shine

gliwian wk verb: make delightful (forms: gliwedon pl pret indic)

gliwstafum adv: joyously

glof fem noun: glove

gneað adj: frugal, miserly

gnorn masc/neut noun: mourning, lamentation, sorrow

gnornian wk verb: lament, mourn (forms: gnornað 3rd pers sing pres indic; gnorngende pres part; gnornode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gnornword neut noun: mournful word, lament, complaint (forms: gengword nom pl)

gnyrn fem noun: complaint, outcry (forms: gyrne dat sing)

god masc noun: God; heathen god (usually in pl.) (forms: godas, godes nom pl; gode dat sing; godes gen sing; godum dat pl)
god, good adj: good (forms: betera compar nom sing masc (as noun, a better, a superior); beteran compar acc sing masc; betere compar fem nom sing; compar neut nom sing; betst, betest, betost superl; betsta superl nom sing masc; betstan superl acc sing masc; betste superl fem nom sing; goda masc nom sing (as noun: "good one"); godan masc/neut acc/dat sing; nom pl; gode fem nom/acc sing; nom/acc pl masc; godne masc acc sing; godra gen pl; goddre dat sing fem; godum dat pl; dat sing masc/neut)
god neut noun: good; good thing, benefit, advantage; goods, property (forms: goda gen pl; gode dat sing; godes gen sing; godum dat pl)

godcund adj: divine, sacred (forms: godcunde acc sing fem; nom pl fem)

godcundlic adj: divine, sacred (forms: godcundlicum dat pl)

godfremmend masc noun: doer of good (forms: godfremmendra gen pl)

gegodian wk verb: give property to (forms: gegododon pl pret indic)

godlic adj: excellent, fair, goodly (forms: godlecran (Gen 281?) compar acc sing masc; godlice acc pl masc)
godlic adj: divine, godlike (forms: godlecran (Gen 281?) compar acc sing masc)

godnys fem noun: goodness, virtue (forms: godnysse dat sing)

Godric prop name: Godric

godspedig adj: rich, successful

godspellic adj: occurring in the Gospels (forms: godspellicum dat pl)

Godwig prop name: Godwig

Godwine prop name: Godwine

gold neut noun: gold (forms: golde dat sing; goldes gen sing)

goldæht fem noun: golden belongings

goldburg goldburg: gilded city (forms: goldburgum dat pl)

goldfah, goldfag adj: gilded, decorated with gold (forms: goldfahne acc sing masc)

goldgiefa, goldgifa, goldgyfa masc noun: gold-giver (i.e. king) (forms: goldgiefan, goldgifan, goldgyfan nom pl, acc/dat sing)

goldhroden adj: decorated with gold

goldhwæte adj: eager for gold

goldmaðm masc noun: golden treasure (forms: goldmaðmas acc pl)

goldsele masc noun: gold-hall (forms: goldsele dat sing)

goldsmiþu fem noun: goldsmithing; the art of the goldsmith (forms: goldsmiþe acc sing)

goldweard masc noun: gold-lord; guardian of gold

goldwine masc noun: ("gold-friend", i.e.) generous lord

goldwlanc adj: "gold-proud," i.e. resplendent with gold

goma masc noun: mouth, jaws (forms: goman nom/acc pl)

gombe fem noun: tribute (forms: gomban, gombon acc sing)

gomenwaþ fem noun: pleasure trip, happy journey (forms: gomenwaþe dat sing)

gomenwudu masc noun: joy-wood (a kenning for "harp")

Gomorra prop name: Gomorra (forms: Gomorran acc sing)

Gomorre masc pl noun: inhabitants of Gomorra (forms: Gomorra gen)

Gota prop name: Goth (i.e. member of the Germanic people called the Goths) (forms: Gotena gen pl)

grædig adj: greedy, ravenous; fierce (forms: grædige acc sing fem)

græf neut noun: grave

græg adj: grey (forms: grægan dat sing neut; græge acc pl fem)

grægmæl adj: grey-marked, i.e. grey in colour

græs neut noun: grass

græsmolde fem noun: grass-covered earth (forms: græsmoldan acc)

Grecisc adj: Greek (as noun: the Greek language) (forms: Greciscre dat sing fem)

Grendel prop name: Grendel (forms: Grendle dat sing; Grendles, Grendeles gen sing)

grene adj: green (forms: grenan acc sing masc; grene dat sing neut; acc pl; grenes gen sing neut; grenne acc sing masc; grenre gen sing fem)

greot neut noun: sand, gravel (forms: greote dat sing)

greotan Class 2 str verb: cry (forms: greotende pres part; greoteþ 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gram adj: angry, hostile (as noun: "the evil one, the devil"; angry one (i.e. warrior)) (forms: graman nom pl masc; gramena gen pl; grames gen sing; gramum dat sing masc ; gramum dat pl; grome, grame nom pl masc; gromra gen pl)

grama masc noun: anger, rage (forms: graman dat sing)

grap fem noun: grasp, handgrip (forms: grape dat/gen sing; nom pl; grapum dat pl)

grapian wk verb: grasp, seize, touch (forms: grapode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

great adj: great, large, huge (forms: greate nom pl masc)

gegremian wk verb: enrage, anger (forms: gegremed, gegremod past part; gegremede, gegremode past part nom pl masc)

gretan, gegrettan wk verb: greet, address, speak to; touch, injure; attack; play (a harp) (forms: greteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; greted past part; grette, gegrette 2nd/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; gretton pl pret indic)

grima masc noun: face-protector, metal mask forming part of a helmet (forms: grimmon dat pl)

grimhelm masc noun: helmet with a metal face-protector (forms: grimhelmas acc pl)

grimlic adj: fierce, grim, savage

grim adj: fierce, savage; dire, severe, bitter (forms: grimma nom sing masc; grimman acc/dat pl; acc fem sing; grimme neut nom sing; acc sing fem; masc acc pl; dat sing masc; grimne acc sing masc; grimre dat/gen sing fem)
grimme, grymme adv: fiercely, severely

grimman Class 3 str verb: rage, be fierce (forms: grimmeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gegrind neut noun: clash, impact

grindan Class 3 str verb: grind, sharpen (forms: gegrundene past part nom/acc pl masc)

grindel masc noun: bar, bolt (forms: grindlas nom pl)

gegripan Class 1 str verb: grasp, seize, take (forms: grap, gegrap 3rd pers sing pret indic; gripe 2nd pers sing pret indic; gripeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gripon, gegripon pl pret indic)

gripe masc noun: onslaught, attack

gristbitian wk verb: gnash one's teeth

grið neut noun: truce, peace

gromheort adj: angry-hearted, hostile

gromhydig adj: hostile, angry (-minded)

growan Class 7 str verb: grow, flourish (forms: greow 3rd pers sing pret indic; growende pres part; growendra pres part gen pl)

grund masc noun: ground, earth, sea bottom (forms: grundas acc pl; grunde dat sing; grundes gen sing)

grundbuend masc noun: earth-dweller (forms: grundbuendra gen pl)

grundhyrde masc noun: ruler of the bottom (of a lake etc.)

grundleas adj: bottomless (forms: grundlease neut nom sing; nom pl; grundleasne acc sing masc);
grundlease adv: without end, bottomlessly

grundsele masc noun: sea-bottom hall (forms: grundsele dat sing)

grundwela masc noun: joy of the earth; terrestrial wealth (forms: grundwelan acc sing)

grundwong masc noun: bottom surface, sea bottom; area of ground

grundwyrgen fem noun: (bottom-dwelling-) criminal, outlaw (forms: grundwyrgenne acc sing)

gryre masc noun: horror, terror, violence (forms: gryra gen pl; gryre dat sing; gryrum dat pl)

gryrebroga masc noun: terror

gryrefah adj: horribly coloured (forms: gryrefahne acc sing masc)

gryregeatwe fem pl noun: terrifying armour (forms: gryregeatwum dat pl)

gryregiest masc noun: terrifying visitor (forms: gryregieste dat sing)

gryreleoð neut noun: song of terror (forms: gryreleoða gen pl)

gryrelic adj: terrible (forms: gryrelicne acc sing masc)

gryresið masc noun: terrible expedition (forms: gryresiðas acc pl)

guma masc noun: man, person (forms: guman nom/acc/gen pl; acc/dat/gen sing; gumena gen pl; gumum dat pl)

gumcynn neut noun: the human race (forms: gumcynne dat sing; gumcynnes gen sing; gumcynnum dat pl)

gumcyst fem noun: excellence, virtue (forms: gumcyste acc sing; gumcystum dat pl)

gumdream masc noun: (human) joy, pleasure

gumdryhten masc noun: lord (of men)

gumfeþa masc noun: foot-troop (of men)

gummann masc noun: man (forms: gummanna gen pl)

gumrinc masc noun: man (forms: gumrincum dat pl)

gumstol masc noun: seat of men, hall (forms: gumstole dat sing)

gumþeod fem noun: people, nation (forms: gumþeoda gen pl)

guþ, guð fem noun: war, combat (forms: guða gen pl; guþe, guðe acc/dat/gen sing; guðum dat pl)

guðbeorn masc noun: warrior (forms: guðbeorna gen pl)

guðbill neut noun: battle-bill (a kenning for sword) (forms: guðbilla gen pl)

guðbord neut noun: war-board (a kenning for "shield") (forms: guðbordes gen sing)

guðbyrne fem noun: mail coat

guðcearu fem noun: battle-misery (forms: guðceare dat sing)

guðcræft masc noun: skill in war, battle strength

guðdeað masc noun: death in battle

guðfana masc noun: war-banner (forms: guðfanum dat pl)

guðflan masc noun: (war) arrow, spear (forms: guðflana gen pl)

guðfloga masc noun: battle-flyer (a kenning for "dragon") (forms: guðflogan acc sing)

guðfreca masc noun: warrior (forms: guðfrecan nom pl)

guðfremmend masc noun: warrior (forms: guðfremmendra gen pl)

Guðgeat prop name: (battle-) Geat (forms: Guðgeata gen pl)

guðgemot neut noun: battle, comnbat

guðgetawe fem noun: armour, battle gear (forms: guðgeatawum dat pl; guðgetawa acc pl)

guðgewæde neut noun: armour (forms: guðgewædo, guðgewædu, guðgewæda acc pl neut)

guþgeweorc neut noun: action in battle (forms: guþgeweorca, guðgeweorca gen pl)

guðcyning, guðkyning masc noun: (war-) king

guðhelm masc noun: (battle-) helmet

guðhere masc noun: army (forms: guðhergum dat pl)

guðhorn masc noun: war-horn

guðhreð masc noun: victory in battle

Guðlaf prop name: Guthlaf

guðleoð neut noun: war song, martial anthem

guþmod adj: warlike

guðplega masc noun: martial sport, war-play

guðræs masc noun: attack (forms: guðræsa gen pl)

guðreouw adj: fierce in battle

guðrinc masc noun: warrior (forms: guðrinca gen pl)

guðrof adj: brave in battle, renowned in battle

guðscear masc noun: carnage, slaughter (forms: guðsceare dat sing)

guðsceaða masc noun: martial injurer, warlike enemy

guðsearo neut noun: armour, weapons, war-trappings

guðsceorp neut noun: martial equipment, armor and weapons

Guðscilfing prop name: (battle-) Scilfing, (battle-) Swede (forms: Guðscilfingas acc pl)

guðsele masc noun: (battle-) hall (forms: guðsele dat sing)

guðspell neut noun: the account of the battle

guðsweord neut noun: (battle-) sword

guðþracu fem noun: (warlike) attack, violence (forms: guðþræce dat sing)

guðþreat masc noun: war-troop

guðweard masc noun: warlord

guðwerig adj: weary from combat (i.e., dead) (forms: guðwerigne acc sing masc)

guðwiga masc noun: warrior

guðwine masc noun: friend in battle, ally (forms: guðwinum dat sing)

giedd, gidd, gydd, gied, gid, gyd neut noun: song, poem, speech (forms: gidda gen pl; giedde dat sing; giddum, gyddum dat pl)

gyddian wk verb: speak, make a speech (forms: gyddode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gydene fem noun: goddess (forms: gydenan acc sing)

gyldan, gieldan Class 2 str verb: repay, pay back (forms: geald 3rd pers sing pret indic; golden past part; guldon pl pret indic; gyld imper sing)

gylden adj: golden, gilt, gilded (forms: geldenne, gyldenne masc acc sing; gyldnum dat pl)

gylian wk verb: yell, shout (forms: gylede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gylpan Class 3 str verb: boast (forms: gylpe 1st pers sing pres indic; gylpeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gylpplega masc noun: boasting sport (i.e. contention on the battlefield preceded by boasting) (forms: gylpplegan acc sing)

gylpspræc fem noun: boasting speech (forms: gylpspræce dat sing)

gylpword neut noun: boastful speech (forms: gylpworda gen pl; gylpwordum dat pl)

gylt masc noun: guilt, sin, crime (forms: gyltum dat pl)

gymcynn neut noun: kind of gem (forms: gymcynn acc pl)

grynn, gyrn neut? noun: injury, grief, affliction (forms: grynna gen pl)

gyrdan wk verb: gird (equip with a weapon fastened by a belt) (forms: gyrded past part)

gyrla masc noun: dress, apparel (forms: gyrlan acc pl)

gyrnan wk verb: desire, yearn for (forms: gyrnde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gyrnwracu fem noun: revenge (for injury) (forms: gyrnwræce dat sing)

gysel masc noun: hostage

gist, gyst, gæst masc noun: guest, stranger (forms: gistas, gystas, gæstas nom/acc pl; gyste dat sing; gystum, gistum, giestum, gastum dat pl)

gystern neut noun: guest room; guest house (forms: gysterne dat sing)

gystran adj: yesterday

gistmægen neut noun: visiting troop, group of visitors

gegyrwan, girwan, gegærwan wk verb: prepare, adorn, dress, equip (forms: gegired, gegyrwed, gegyred past part; gegyrede past part acc pl masc; past part acc sing fem; gyrede, gyrde, gierede 3rd pers sing pret indic; gyredon, gegiredan pl pret indic; gyrwað, gyrwaþ, gierwaþ pl pres indic; to gyrwanne inflected infin)

gytesæl masc noun: happiness at drinking (lit. at pouring out drink) (forms: gytesalum dat pl)

habban anom verb: have (forms: habban pl pres subj; habbað, hæbbað pl pres indic; hafa, hafo, hafu 1st pers sing pres indic; imper sing; hæbbe 1st/3rd pers sing pres subj; hæfde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; hæfð, hafað 3rd pers sing pres indic; hæfst, hafast 2nd pers sing pres indic; hæfdon pl pret indic; to habbanne inflected infin;
forms combined with negative particle ne: næbbe (= ne hæbbe) 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; næbben (= ne hæbben) pl pres subj; næfde ( = ne hæfde) 3rd pers sing pret indic; næfð ( = ne hæfð) 3rd pers sing pres indic neg; næfdon ( = ne hæfdon) pl pret indic

had masc noun: office, position; family; gender; nature (forms: hade dat sing; hades gen sing)

hador neut noun: brightness (forms: hadre dat sing (adverbially: "brightly"))
hador adj: clear, bright

hæf neut noun: sea, ocean (forms: hafu, heafu, heafo acc pl)

hæft adj and masc noun: captive, slave (forms: hæfton acc sing masc)
hæft neut noun: haft, hilt (forms: hæfte dat sing)

hæftan wk verb: bind, fetter (forms: gehæfte past part nom pl fem; gehæfted past part)

hæftmece masc noun: (hafted-) sword (forms: hæftmece dat sing)

hæftnyd fem noun: captivity, slavery

hægsteald, hagosteald masc noun: young man, young warrior (forms: hægstealdra gen pl; hagostealdes gen sing )

hægstealdmann masc noun: young warrior (forms: hægstealdmen nom pl)

hægtesse fem noun: witch, (forms: hægtessan gen sing)

hæle masc noun: man, hero

hælend masc noun: the Saviour (forms: hælende dat sing; hælendes gen sing)

hælu, hælu, hælo fem noun: salvation; health, healing, cure (forms: hæle dat sing)

hæncgest masc noun: steed, horse

Hengest prop name: Hengest (forms: Hengeste dat sing; Hengestes gen)

hær neut noun: hair (forms: herum dat pl)

Hæreþ prop name: Haereth (father of Hygd) (forms: Hæreþes, Hæreðes gen sing)

hærgtraf neut noun: heathen temple (forms: hærgtrafum dat pl)

Hæðcyn, Hæðcynn, Hæðcen prop name: Hæðcyn (forms: Hæðcynne dat)

hæðen adj and masc noun: heathen, pagan (forms: hæþena nom sing masc; hæðenan, nom pl acc/gen sing masc; hæþene, hæðene, hæðne acc sing fem; nom pl masc; hæðenes, hæþenes gen sing masc; hæðenra gen pl; hæðnum dat pl)

hæðencynn neut noun: pagan people, heathen nation

hæðenscype masc noun: paganism (forms: hæðenscype dat sing)

hæðstapa masc noun: heath-walker

hafala, heafola masc noun: head (forms: hafalan, hafelan, heafolan acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl)

hafenian wk verb: raise, brandish (forms: hafenode, hafenade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

haga masc noun: enclosure (forms: hagan dat sing)

hægel, hægl masc noun: hail (forms: hægles gen sing; hagle dat sing )

hæglfaru fem noun: hail-storm (forms: hæglfare acc sing)

gehælan wk verb: heal, comfort, make whole (forms: hældon pl pret indic; gehæled past part; gehælede past part nom pl masc)

hæle masc noun: man, hero

hæleþ, hæleð masc noun: man, warrior, hero (forms: hæleð, hæleþ, hælæð nom/acc pl; hæleða, hæleþa gen pl; hæleþas nom pl; hæleðum, hæleþum dat pl)

hæleðhelm masc noun: heroic helmet (probably either an error for or a spelling of heoloðhelm, helmet of invisibility, in Gen 444)

hæman wk verb: have sex with

hæmed neut noun: sexual intercourse, fornication (forms: hæmede dat sing masc)

hæs fem noun: bidding, command (forms: hæse acc/dat sing)

hæst fem noun: violence (forms: hæste dat sing)
hæst adj: violent (forms: hæstne acc sing masc)
hæste adv: violently

hæto fem noun: heat

hæl, hal adj: safe, sound, healthy, whole (forms: halan dat sing neut; hale nom pl masc)

Halga prop name: Halga

halgian wk verb: bless, consecrate, dedicate (forms: gehalgod past part; gehalgode past part acc sing fem; gehalgodum past part dat sing masc)

halig adj: holy, consecrated; (as noun) holy one, saint (forms: halegu nom sing fem; halga masc nom sing; halgan, haligan masc/fem acc/dat/gen sing; halgena gen pl; halige nom/acc pl masc/neut; neut nom/acc/dat sing; nom/acc/dat sing fem; nom pl masc; haliges gen sing masc/neut; halgum dat pl; haligre gen sing fem)

haligwæter neut noun: holy water (forms: haligwætere dat sing)

halsfæst adv?: intimately? earnestly?

ham masc noun: home, dwelling, estate (forms: ham, hame dat sing; hamas acc pl; hames gen sing)
ham adv: home

hama masc noun: covering, garment (forms: haman acc sing)

Hama proper name: Hama

hamer, homer masc noun: hammer (forms: hamere dat sing; homera gen pl)

hamsittende adj: living at home (forms: hamsittendra gen pl; hamsittendum dat pl)

hamweorðung fem noun: honour done to a home (forms: hamweorðunge dat sing)

hand, hond fem noun: hand; side; hand-to-hand combat (forms: handa, honda gen pl, nom/acc pl; handa, honda acc/dat sing; handæ, hand dat sing; handum, handon, hondum dat pl)

handbana, handbona masc noun: (hand-, i.e. personal) killer (forms: handbanan, handbonan dat sing)

handgesceaft fem noun: handiwork, creation

handgewriþen past part adj: hand-twisted (forms: handgewriþene acc pl fem)

handrof adj: brave in action, renowned for action (forms: handrofra gen pl)

handgeweorc, handweorc, hondgeweorc neut noun: creation, handiwork (forms: hondgeweorce dat sing)

handmægen neut noun: (bodily) might

handplega masc noun: hand-play, (martial) sports (a kenning for "fighting") (forms: handplegan acc sing)

handscalu fem noun: hand(-picked) troop (forms: handscale, hondscole dat sing)

handspor neut noun: claw (forms: handsporu acc pl)

hangella masc noun: hanging thing

hangian wk verb: hang (forms: hangode 3rd pers sing pret indic; hongað, hangað 3rd pers sing pres indic; hongiað pl pres indic)

har adj: grey, hoary; (as a noun) old man (forms: hara nom sing masc; hare nom pl masc; acc pl fem; acc sing fem; hares gen sing; harne acc sing masc; harum dat sing masc)

harungdæg masc noun: day of old age (forms: harungdagas acc pl)

hasu adj: grey (forms: haswe acc sing fem; nom pl fem)

hat adj: hot; fervent, intense; exiting, enticing (forms: hate nom/acc pl masc; nom sing neut; hates gen sing; hatne masc acc sing; hatan, haton acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; hatost superl; hatran compar nom pl);
hate, hat adv: hot, hotly
hat neut noun: heat

gehat neut noun: promise (forms: gehat nom/acc pl; gehate dat sing; gehata gen pl)

gehatan Class 7 str verb: command; call, name; be named; promise (forms: hat imper sing; hatað pl pres indic; 3rd pers sing pres indic; imper pl; hate, gehate, hat, hatte 1st pers sing pres indic; haten, gehaten past part; hatene past part nom pl; heht, het, gehet 3rd pers sing pret indic; hete 3rd pers sing pret subj; heton, geheton pl pret indic)

hatheort, gehatheort adj: hot-hearted, i.e. impetuous, rash, headstrong

hatian wk verb: hate; treat with hatred, attack, persecute (forms: hatode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

he, heo (hio), hit pers pron: he, she, it (forms: him, hym dat masc/neut sing, dat pl; hine, hyne acc sing masc; his, hys gen sing masc/neut; hit, hyt nom/acc sing neut: it; hie, heo, hi, hy, hig, hige (Ex 307) nom/acc pl; hie, hi fem acc sing; hire, hyre fem dat/gen sing; heora, hiera, hiora, hyra, hira gen pl)

heaburh fem noun: high (principal) city

heaf masc noun: wailing, lamentation

hafoc, heafoc masc noun: hawk

heafod neut noun: head; top; chief, leader (forms: heafde dat sing; heafdum, heafdon dat pl)

heafodbeorg fem noun: head protection (forms: heafodbeorge acc sing)

heafodgerim neut noun: head-count (forms: heafodgerimes gen sing)

heafodmæg masc noun: chief (i.e. closest) male relation (forms: heafodmaga gen pl; heafodmægum dat pl)

heafodsien fem noun: vision, eyesight, eye (forms: heafodsiene, heafodsyne acc sing)

heafodswima masc noun: swimming head, intoxication

heafodweard masc noun: chief leader (forms: heafodweardas nom pl)
heafodweard fem noun: head-watch, i.e. death-watch (forms: heafodwearde acc sing)

heafodwisa masc noun: originator, chief master

heah, hea adj: high, exalted (forms: heagum dat pl; hean masc/neut acc/dat/gen sing; fem acc sing, acc pl masc; heanne, heahne acc sing masc; heaum, heanum dat pl; dat sing masc; heare gen sing fem; hearra, herra, heorra compar masc nom sing (as noun: a superior, leader, lord); hearran, heahran, hearan, herran, hierran compar masc acc/dat/gen sing (also as noun: a superior); hehra gen pl; hehsta, hyhsta superl masc nom sing (also as a noun: "the Most High"); hehstan superl masc/neut acc/dat/gen sing; hehste superl fem acc sing; hehstne superl masc acc sing)

heahcining, heahcyning masc noun: high king (forms: heahcininges, heahcyninges gen sing)

heahfæder masc noun: high father, God the Father (forms: heahfædere )

heahflod masc noun: deep water, flood

heahfyr neut noun: big fire

heahgerefa masc noun: chief overseer (forms: heahgerefan, heahgeræfan dat sing)

heahgesceaft fem noun: noble creation (forms: heahgesceafta gen pl)

heahgesceap neut noun: high destiny

heahgestreon neut noun: exalted treasure (forms: heahgestreona gen pl)

heahgetimbro neut pl noun: high buildings

heahlufu fem noun: high (i.e. noble) love (forms: heahlufan acc sing)

heahreced neut noun: high building, citadel, temple

heahrodor masc noun: the high heaven (forms: heahrodore dat sing)

heahsele masc noun: high hall

heahsetl neut noun: high seat, throne

heahsteap adj: tall, towering

heahstede masc noun: high place (forms: heahstede dat sing)

heahstefn adj: high-stemmed

heahþrea masc noun: tremendous calamity

healærn neut noun: hall (-building) (forms: healærna gen pl)

gehealdan Class 7 str verb: hold, keep, rule (forms: geheald, heald imper sing; healdað, healdaþ pl pres indic; gehealde, healde 3rd pers sing pres subj; healdest 2nd pers sing pres indic; healdeð, gehealdeþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; heold, geheold, hiold 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; heolde 3rd pers sing pret subj; heoldon, heoldan pl pret indic; to healdanne inflect infin)

healdend masc noun: owner, ruler

healf adj and fem noun: side, half (forms: healfe acc/dat sing; acc pl; healfa acc/gen pl; healfre gen sing)
him be healfe: by his side
on þa healfe: from that direction
healf adj: half (forms: healfne acc sing masc)

Healfdene prop name: Healfdene (forms: Healfdenes gen)
Healfdene prop name pl: Half-danes (a Germanic tribe) (forms: Healfdena gen pl)

healgamen masc noun: enjoyment, entertainment (of the hall)

healic adj: proud, haughty, noble

heall, heal fem noun: hall (forms: healle acc/dat/gen sing)

healreced neut noun: hall (-building)

heals, hals masc noun: neck (forms: healse, halse dat sing)

healsbeag, healsbeah masc noun: neck ring, necklace (forms: healsbeaga gen pl; healsbege dat sing)

healsian wk verb: beseech, entreat (forms: healsode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

healsittend masc noun: inhabitant of a hall (forms: healsittendra gen pl; healsittendum dat pl)

healsgebedda masc? noun: (intimate) bed-fellow

healsmægeð fem noun: beloved woman (forms: healsmægeð acc pl)

healðegn masc noun: (hall-) warrior, retainer (forms: healðegnas acc pl; healðegnes gen sing)

healwudu masc noun: wood of the hall

hean adj: lowly, miserable, humiliated (forms: heane nom pl masc; heanne acc sing masc)

heanlic adj: humiliating, shameful

heap masc noun: multitude, host, heap (forms: heape dat sing; heapum dat pl)

heard adj: hard, tough, miserable; (as substantive) hard man, i.e. warrior (forms: hearda nom sing masc; gen pl; heardan dat pl; dat sing masc; hearde masc/fem nom/acc pl; nom/acc sing fem/neut; heardes gen sing masc/neut; heardne acc sing masc; heardost superl; heardum, heardan dat pl; dat sing masc; heardra gen pl; compar nom sing masc; heardran compar acc sing fem; compar acc sing masc);
hearde dat sing as adv: firmly, greatly, severely

heardecg fem noun: hardened edge, sword

heardhicgende adj: tough-minded, stern, resolute (forms: heardhicgende nom pl masc)

heardlice adv: hard, vigorously

heardmod adj: tough-minded, resolute (forms: heardmode nom pl masc)

heardræd adj: firm, constant (forms: heardrædne acc sing masc)

Heardred prop name: Heardred (forms: Heardrede dat sing)

heardsælig adj: unlucky, unhappy (forms: heardsæligne acc sing masc)

hearm masc noun: pain, misery, damage; harm, insult (forms: hearma gen pl; hearmas nom/acc pl; hearme dat sing; hearmes gen sing)

hearmcwyde masc noun: condemnation, curse

hearmloca masc noun: harmful enclosure (forms: hearmlocan dat sing)

hearmplega masc noun: harmful struggle, fight

hearmscaþa masc noun: harmful attacker, destructive enemy

hearmscearu fem noun: punishment, allotment of evil (forms: hearmsceare acc/dat sing)

hearmstæf masc noun: harm (forms: hearmstafas nom pl)

hearmtan masc noun: harmful or evil twig (forms: hearmtanas nom pl)

hearpe fem noun: harp (forms: hearpan acc/dat/gen sing)

geheaðerian wk verb: confine (forms: geheaðerod past part)

Heaðobeardan pl prop noun: the Heathobards, a Germanic people (forms: Heaðobeardna, Heaðabeardna gen pl)

heaðobyrne fem noun: (battle-) mail coat

heaðodeor, heaþodeor adj: brave in battle (forms: heaðodeorum, heaþodeorum dat pl)

heaðogrim adj: (battle-) grim

heaðolac neut noun: battle (-play) (forms: heaðolace dat sing; heaðolaces gen sing )

Heaþolaf prop name: Heatholaf (forms: Heaþolafe dat sing)

heaþoliðend masc noun: expeditionaries; travelling soldiers (forms: heaþoliðende nom pl; heaðoliðendum dat pl)

heaðomære adj: battle-famous (forms: heaðomære acc pl masc)

heaðoræs, heaþoræs masc noun: rush or onslaught of battle (forms: heaðoræsa gen pl; heaþoræsas acc pl)

heaðoscearp adj: battle-sharp (forms: heaðoscearpe nom pl)

Heaðoscylfing, Heaðoscilfingas masc noun: (battle) Scylfing (i.e. a member of the Scylfing dynasty) (forms: Heaðoscilfingas nom pl; gen sing (Beow 63))

heaðosioc adj: sick from battle, i.e. wounded (forms: heaðosiocum dat sing)

heaðoreaf neut noun: war equipment, weapons

Heaðoræmas prop name: the Heathoraemas, a people of Sweden (forms: Heaðoræmes acc pl)

heaðorinc masc noun: warrior (forms: heaðorincas nom pl; heaðorinces gen sing; heaðorincum dat pl)

heaþorof, heaðorof adj: (battle-) brave (forms: heaþorofe nom pl masc)

heaþosteap adj: (battle-) tall (forms: heaþosteapa nom sing masc; heaðosteapne acc sing masc)

heaþoswat masc noun: battle-blood (forms: heaþoswata gen pl; heaþoswate dat sing)

heaðotorht adj: "battle-bright" (of Beowulf's battle-cry to rouse the dragon: "clear and challenging"?)

heaðowæd fem noun: suit of armour (forms: heaðowædum dat pl)

heaðoweorc neut noun: battle-work

heaðowelm, heaðowylm masc noun: violent flame (forms: heaðowylma gen pl; heaðowylmas nom/acc pl)

heaðufyr, heaðofyr neut noun: violent flame, flame of battle (forms: heaðufyres gen sing; heaðofyrum dat pl )

heaðusweng masc noun: (battle-) blow, stroke (forms: heaðuswenge dat sing)

geheawan Class 7 str verb: hew, cut (forms: geheawe 3rd pers sing pres subj; geheawen past part; heow 3rd pers sing pres indic; heowon pl pret indic)

hebban Class 6 str verb: lift, raise up (forms: hafen, hæfen past part; hefeð 3rd pers sing pres indic hof 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Hebeleac prop noun: Hevilath (see Genesis 2:11 in Vulgate)

hedan wk verb w. gen: care about (forms: hedde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hefig adj: heavy, painful, oppressive (forms: hefian dat sing neut; hefige nom pl fem; hefigran compar nom pl fem)

gehegan wk verb: perform, achieve (forms: gehedde 3rd pers sing pret subj)

hehðu fem noun: height, highest point; glory (forms: hehðe acc sing)

helan Class 4 str verb: hide, conceal (forms: hel imper sing)

heldor neut noun: hell-gate (forms: heldora gen pl)

Helenus prop name: Helenus

hell, hel fem noun: Hell (forms: helle acc/dat/gen sing)

hellbend fem noun: bond of hell (forms: hellbendum dat pl)

helldor neut noun: gate of Hell (forms: helldora acc pl)

hellebryne masc noun: the burning of Hell (forms: hellebryne dat sing)

helleheaf masc noun: wailing or lamentation of Hell (forms: helleheafas acc pl (Gen 38))

hellesceaða masc noun: hellish enemy, devil (forms: helsceaðan nom pl)

hellewite neut noun: pain or torment of hell (forms: hellewites gen sing)

hellgeþwing neut? noun: confinement in Hell; torture in Hell

hellsceaða masc noun: enemy from hell, fiendish enemy, devil

helltrega masc noun: misery or torment of hell (forms: helltregum dat pl)

helm masc noun: protection, defense, lord; helmet (forms: helmas acc pl; helme dat sing; helmes gen sing; helmum dat pl)

helmberend masc noun: helmet-wearer (i.e. warrior) (forms: helmberend acc pl)

Helmingas prop name: Helmings (the Scandanavian tribe or family to which Wealhtheow belongs) (forms: Helminga gen pl)

help fem noun: help (forms: helpe acc/dat sing)

helpan Class 3 str verb w. gen: help (forms: healp 3rd pers sing pret indic; helpe 3rd pers sing pres subj)

helruna masc noun: demon, inhabitant of hell (forms: helrunan nom pl)

gehende prep: close by, within reach of

Hemming, Heming prop name: Hemming, a kinsman of Offa (forms: Hemminges, Heminges gen sing)

heodæg adv: today

Heodeningas prop name: the Heodenings, a Germanic tribe (forms: Heodeninga gen pl)

heofon masc noun: heaven (forms: heofena, heofona, heofna gen pl; heofenas, heofonas acc pl; heofne, hefone, hefene dat sing; heofnes, heofones, heofenes gen sing; heofnum, heofenum, heofonum dat pl)

heofoncyning masc noun: the King of Heaven (forms: heofoncyninge dat sing; heofoncyninges, hefoncyninges gen sing)

heofonfugel masc noun: bird of the heavens (forms: heofonfugla gen pl; heofonfuglas nom pl)

heofonlic adj: heavenly (forms: heofonlican dat sing masc; heofonlicne acc sing masc)

heofonrice neut noun: the kingdom of Heaven (forms: heofonrice dat sing; heofonrices, hefonrices gen sing)

heofenstolas pl masc noun: Heaven, the heavens

heofontimber neut noun: heavenly structure

heofonweard masc noun: the Guardian or Lord of Heaven (forms: heofonweardes gen sing)

heolfor neut noun: blood, gore (forms: heolfre dat sing)

heolfrig adj: bloody, gory

heoloþhelm masc noun: helmet or cloak of invisibility (forms: heoloþhelme dat sing)

heolstor, heolster masc noun: hiding place, concealment, darkness (forms: heolstre dat sing)
heolstor adj: dark, confining (forms: heolstran dat sing masc)

heolstorsceado fem noun: concealing darkness

heonan, heonon, heonane, heonone adv: hence, from here

heononweard adj: disappearing, going away

heore adj: pleasant, secure (forms: heoru nom sing fem)

heorohocyht adj: (sword-) hooked (forms: heorohocyhtum dat pl)

heorogifre adj: (battle-) greedy

heorogrim, heorugrimm adj: battle-grim (forms: heorugrimme nom sing fem)

heoroswealwe fem noun: battle-swallow (a kenning for 'hawk")

heorosweng masc noun: sword stroke

Heoroweard prop name: Heoroweard (forms: Heorowearde dat sing)

heorowearh masc noun: sword- (i.e. violent-) outlaw; cf. also heorowulf

heorowulf masc noun: battle-wolf (a kenning for "warrior") (forms: heorawulfas nom pl)

heorodreorig adj: bloody, drenched in the blood of combat (forms: heorodreorigne acc sing masc)

Heorogar prop name: Heorogar

heorr masc noun: hinge (forms: heorras nom pl)

Heorrenda prop name: Heorrenda, the rival scop in the poem Deor

heort, heorot masc noun: stag, hart
Heort, Heorot, Hiort Hiorot prop name: Heorot (hall of Hrothgar) (forms: Heorote, Heorute, Hiorte, Hiorote dat; Heorotes gen)

heorte fem noun: heart (forms: heortan acc/dat/gen sing; heortum dat pl)

heorð masc noun: hearth, area surrounding a fireplace (forms: heorðe dat sing)

heorðgeneat masc noun: (hearth-) companion (forms: heorðgeneatas nom/acc pl; heorðgeneatum dat pl)

heorðwerod neut noun: hearth-troop (i.e. troop of retainers)

heoru masc noun: sword

heorudreor masc noun: (sword-) gore, blood (forms: heorudreore, heorodreore dat sing)

heoruwæpen neut noun: (sword- ) weapon, sword (forms: heoruwæpnum dat pl)

her adv: here

herbuende masc pl noun: those who live here (i.e. on this earth) (forms: herbuendra gen)

here masc noun: army, host, multitude (forms: herga gen pl; hergas nom/acc pl; herge, herige dat sing; herges, heriges gen sing; hergum dat pl)

Herebeald prop name: Herebeald (forms: Herebealde dat sing)

herebroga masc noun: terror of war (forms: herebrogan dat sing)

herebyrne fem noun: (battle-) mail shirt

herecist fem noun: (selected ) war troop (forms: hereciste acc/dat sing; herecyste nom pl)

herefolc neut noun: army (forms: herefolces gen sing)

herefugol masc noun: war-bird, army-bird (forms: herefugolas nom pl)

Heregar, Hiorogar prop name: Heorogar (prince of the Danes)

heregeatu neut pl noun: weapons and armor, war-equipment (forms: heregeatu acc)

heregrima masc noun: war-mask (i.e. protective metal face-covering for battle) (forms: heregriman acc pl; acc/dat sing)

herehuþ fem noun: spoils of war, booty, loot (forms: herehuþe acc sing)

heremecg masc noun: warrior (forms: heremæcgas nom/acc pl)

Heremod prop name: Heremod (forms: Heremodes gen)

herenet neut noun: army-net (a kenning for "mail coat")

herenið masc noun: (armed) conflict

herepad fem noun: army-coat (a kenning for "mail coat")

herereaf fem noun: spoils of war, plunder

Hereric prop name: Hereric (forms: Hererices gen sing)

hererinc masc noun: warrior

heresceaft masc noun: war-shaft (a kenning for "spear") (forms: heresceafta gen pl)

Herescylding masc noun: (army-) Scylding, Dane (forms: Herescyldinga gen pl)

heresped fem noun: success in war

herestræl masc noun: (army-) arrow

herestræt fem noun: war-road (forms: herestræta nom pl)

heresyrce fem noun: (army-) mail coat (forms: heresyrcan acc sing)

hereteam masc noun: booty (forms: hereteame dat sing; herteames gen sing)

herewæd fem noun: army-garment, i.e. coat of mail (forms: herewædum dat pl)

herewæsm masc noun: martial vigor, warlike stature (forms: herewæsmun dat pl)

herewæða masc noun: warrior (forms: herewæðan gen sing)

herewic neut noun: military encampment (forms: herewicum dat pl)

herewosa masc noun: savage warrior?--cf. wuduwasa, ealuwosa (forms: herewosan nom pl)

herewisa masc noun: war leader

herewulf masc noun: battle wolf (a kenning for "warrior") (forms: )

herg masc noun: lit. precinct of a heathen temple (hence: evil abode, hell) (forms: hergum dat pl)

hergian wk verb: attack, plunder, raid (forms: hergode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

herheard masc noun: a word of disputed meaning that only occurs in Wife 15. If the first element is the noun "hearg", it means a pagan temple or sacred grove or an altar or idol; the second element means a place of residence.

herran wk verb: elevate, make higher

herian wk verb: praise (forms: herige, herge 1st/3rd pers sing pres subj; herigen, hergen pl pres subj; heredon, heroden, herodon pret pl)

herpað masc noun: path for an army, swath cut through opponents

hete masc noun: hate, enmity (forms: hete dat sing)

hetelic adj: hateful

hetend masc noun: hater, enemy (forms: hetend, hetende nom pl)

hetenið masc noun: act of enmity, hateful attack (forms: heteniðas acc pl)

hetespræc fem noun: hateful speech (forms: hetespræce acc sing)

hetesweng masc noun: hostile blow (forms: heteswengeas acc pl)

heteþanc masc noun: hateful thought (forms: heteþancum dat pl)

heteþoncol adj: malevolent, hostile (forms: heteþoncolne acc sing masc)

hettend neut noun: persecutor, enemy (forms: hettend nom pl; hettendra gen pl; hettendum dat pl)

Hetware pl prop noun: the Hetware, a Frankish people

hider adv: here, to here, hither

higefrod adj: wise

Higelac, Hygelac prop name: Higelac, king of the Geats (forms: Higelace, Hygelace dat; Higelaces, Hygelaces, Hylaces gen)

higerof adj: brave-minded (forms: higerofe nom pl masc; higerofne acc sing masc)

higesorg, hygesorg fem noun: (mental) sorrow (forms: higesorga, hygesorga nom/gen pl; hygesorge acc sing)

higeþihtig adj: strong-minded (forms: higeþihtigne acc sing masc)

higeðoncol adj: thoughtful, clever, intelligent (forms: higeðoncolre dat sing fem)

higeþrymm masc noun: courage, bravery (forms: higeþrymmum dat pl)

higeþryð fem noun: pride (forms: higeþryðe acc sing)

higetreow fem noun: faithfulness (forms: higetreowa acc pl)

hihtful adj: full of joy, full of hope (forms: hihtfulne acc sing masc)

hihtlic adj: joyous, hopeful

hild fem noun: battle, war, combat (forms: hilde acc/dat sing)

hildebill, hildebil neut noun: battle bill, sword (forms: hildebille dat sing)

hildeblac adj: sword-pale: pale from loss of blood

hildebord neut noun: battle-board (a kenning for "shield") (forms: hildebord nom/acc pl; hildebordum dat pl)

Hidleburh fem prop name: Hildeburh

hildecalla masc noun: herald

hildecumbor neut noun: war-banner

hildecyst fem noun: battle-troop, band of picked men (forms: hildecystum dat pl)

hildedeor, hildedior adj: brave in battle (forms: hildediore nom pl masc)

hildefreca masc noun: warrior (forms: hildefrecan nom pl)

hildegeatwe fem pl noun: war equipment, armor and weapons (forms: hildegeatwa gen pl)

hildegicel masc noun: battle-icicle (forms: hildegicelum dat pl)

hildegrædig adj: greedy for battle (i.e. expecting to eat corpses) (forms: hildegrædige nom pl masc)

hildegrap fem noun: battle grip

hildehlemm, hildehlæmm masc noun: crash of battle (forms: hildehlæmmum dat pl; hildehlemma gen pl)

hildeleoma masc noun: light of battle (a kenning for "sword", but applied at Beow 2583 to the light of the dragon's firey breath) (forms: hildeleoman acc sing; nom pl)

hildeleoð neut noun: battle song

hildemecg masc noun: warrior (forms: hildemecgas, hildemeceas nom pl)

hildenædre fem noun: battle-snake (a kenning for "arrow") (forms: hildenædran nom/acc pl)

hilderæs masc noun: attack in battle

hilderand masc noun: (battle-) shield (forms: hilderandas acc pl)

hilderinc masc noun: warrior (forms: hilderinca gen pl; hilderincas nom pl; hilderince dat sing; hilderinces gen sing)

hildesceorp neut noun: battle equipment; weapons and armor

hildesetl masc noun: battle-seat (a kenning for "saddle")

hildestrengo fem noun: battle-strength

hildeswat masc noun: "battle-sweat" (at Beow 2558 in reference to some discharge, perhaps poison, perhaps its firey breath, sent by the dragon from its lair before it emerges) (forms: )

hildetux masc noun: (battle-) tooth (forms: hildetuxum dat pl)

hildesweg masc noun: noise of war

hildfreca masc noun: warrior (forms: hildfrecan dat pl)

hildfruma masc noun: battle leader (forms: hildfruman dat/gen sing)

hildþracu fem noun: violence of battle (forms: hildþræce acc sing)

hildewæpen masc noun: (battle-) weapon (forms: hildewæpnum dat pl)

hildewisa masc noun: military leader (forms: hildewisan dat sing)

hildewulf masc noun: battle-wolf (kenning for "warrior") (forms: hildewulfas nom pl)

hildlata adj: cowardly (forms: hildlatan nom pl)

gehilte, hilt, hylt neut noun (pl has meaning of singular): hilt (of a sword) (forms: hilt, hylt acc pl; gehiltum, hiltum dat pl)

hilted past part adj: hilted

hindema adj: last (forms: hindeman dat sing masc)

hinfus adj: eager to get away

hinnsið, hinsiþ masc noun: death (lit. departure) (forms: hinsiþe, hinsiðe dat sing)

hiofan wk verb: lament (forms: hiofende pres part)

hiorodrync masc noun: sword-drink (a kenning for "wound") (forms: hiorodryncum dat pl)

hioroserce fem noun: (sword-/battle-) mail coat (forms: hiorosercean acc sing)

hioroweallan Class 7 str verb: violently boil or surge (forms: hioroweallende pres part)

hired, hyred masc noun: family, retinue, household, (monastic) community (forms: hyrde dat sing; hyredes gen sing)

hiredmann masc noun: man of the household (forms: hiredmen nom pl)

hiw neut noun: appearance, form, colour (forms: hiwe dat sing)

hiwan masc pl noun: family members (forms: hina gen pl; hiwum dat pl)

gehiwian wk verb: disguise (forms: gehiwodon pl pret indic)

hiowbeorht adj: bright of hue

gehladan, hlodon (Beow 2775) Class 6 str verb: load, burden; take in (water); build (a fire) (forms: hlade 3rd pers sing pres subj; gehlædene, gehladene past part masc pl; gehleod 3rd pers sing pret indic; geloden, hladen past part)

hlæder fem noun: ladder, stairs (forms: hlædræ acc pl)

hlæst neut noun: load, burden (forms: hlæste dat sing)

hlæstan wk verb: load, weigh down, adorn (forms: gehlæste past part acc sing fem)

hlæw, hlaw masc noun: mound, hill; graveyard, barrow (forms: hlæwe, hlawe dat sing)

hlaf masc noun: loaf, bread

hlafdige, hlæfdige fem noun: lady, mistress (forms: hlæfdige dat sing; hlæfdigan, hlæfdian, hlafdian acc/gen sing)

hlaford masc noun: lord, husband (forms: hlaforde dat sing; hlafordes gen sing; hlafordum dat pl)

hlafordleas adj: without a lord (forms: hlafordlease nom pl masc)

hlanc adj: lean, lank (forms: hlanca nom sing masc)

hleahtor masc noun: mirth, laughter

gehleapan Class 7 str verb: leap; gallop; (with ge- prefix: ) leap onto, mount (a horse) (forms: hleapeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gehleop 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hlence fem noun: coat of mail (forms: hlencan acc pl)

hleo, hleow masc or neut noun: covering, protection, refuge; protector, lord

hleobord neut noun: protective board (forms: hleobordum dat pl)

hleoburh fem noun: (protective) city, stronghold

hleomæg masc noun: (protecting) kinsman (forms: hleomæges gen sing; hleomaga gen pl; hleomagum dat pl)

hleonian wk verb: shelter, cover

hleor neut noun: face

hleorberg masc noun: face-protector; metal mask forming part of a helmet (forms: hleorbergan dat pl)

hleorbolster masc noun: pillow

hleosceorp neut noun: protective clothing, protective ornament (forms: hleosceorpe dat sing)

gehleotan Class 1 str verb: to cast lots; receive by lot, get, obtain (forms: hleat, gehleat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hleoðor, hleoþor neut noun: voice, speech, language (forms: hleoðre dat sing; hleoðrum dat pl)

hleoðorcwyde masc noun: speech, word (forms: hleoðorcwydas nom pl; hleoðorcwyde acc sing)

hleoðorstede masc noun: location of a conversation

hleoðrian wk verb: speak (forms: hleoðrade, hleoðrode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hleowfeðer fem noun: protecting wing (forms: hleowfeðrum dat pl)

hleowlora masc noun: one lacking protection

hleowstol masc noun: protecting city (forms: hleowstole dat sing)

hlid neut noun: roof, vault (forms: gehlidu acc pl)

hlihhan Class 6 str verb: laugh (forms: hlihende pres part; hloh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hlifian, hlifigan, hlifigean wk verb: stand tall, tower, loom (forms: hlifade, hliuade 3rd pers sing pret indic; hlifige 1st pers sing pres indic)

hlimbed neut noun: bed of rest

hlimman Class 3 str verb: resound, roar, crash (forms: hlimmeð, hlemmeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; hlummon pl pret indic)

hlinduru fem noun: confining door

hlisfullice adv: reputably, honourably, excellently

gehlið neut noun: slope, hill, cliff (forms: hliðe dat sing; hliþes, hliðes gen sing; gehliðo, hlioðo, hleoðo, hleoðu, hleoþa nom/acc pl)

hlud adj: loud, noisy (forms: hlude nom pl; dat sing fem; hludne masc acc sing)

hlude adv: loudly

hlutor adj: clear, pure (forms: hluttrum dat pl)

hlydan wk verb: make noise, be noisy (forms: hlydde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hlyn masc noun: sound, music; din, roar

hlynian, hlynnan wk verb: roar, shout (forms: hlynode, hlynede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hlynsian wk verb: resound, make music (forms: hlynsode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gehlystan wk verb: listen (forms: gehlyston pl pret indic)

hlytm masc noun: compulsion (lit. "selection by lot") (forms: hlytme dat sing)

Hnæf prop name: Hnæf (forms: Hnæfes gen)

gehnægan wk verb: humble, humiliate (forms: gehnægde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gehnæged past part)

gehnæst neut noun: conflict (forms: gehnæste dat sing)

hnag, hnah adj: lowly, humble, bent down; ignoble, mean, illiberal (forms: hnagran, hnahran compar acc/dat sing masc)

hneaw adj: stingy, miserly

hneawlice adv: stingily, in a miserly way

hnigan Class 1 str verb: bend down, bow, sink down (forms: hnah, hnag 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; hnigon pl pret indic)

hnitan wk verb: clash together (forms: hniton, hnitan pl pret indic)

Hoc prop name: Hoc (forms: Hoces gen sing)

hof neut noun: house, building, dwelling (forms: hof nom/acc pl; hofe dat sing; hofu acc pl; hofum dat pl)

hogian wk verb: resolve, intend; wish for (forms: gehogod past part; hogode 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; gehogodest 2nd pers sing pret indic; hogedon, hogodon pl pret indic)

hoh masc noun: hough, heel; headland (forms: hoe dat sing) him on hoh: behind him/them

hohful adj: thoughtful, anxious, troubled

hol neut noun: hole

gehola masc noun: confidant, supporter (forms: geholena gen pl)

hold adj: (of a retainer:) faithful, loyal; (of a lord:) gracious, generous (forms: holde nom pl masc; holdne acc sing masc; holdost superl; holdra gen pl)

holinga adv: without cause

holm masc noun: ocean, water (forms: holma gen pl; holmas acc pl; holme dat sing; holmes gen sing)

holmærn neut noun: sea building (a kenning for "ship") (forms: holmærna gen pl)

holmclif neut noun: sea cliff (forms: holmclife dat sing; holmclifu acc pl)

holmmægen neut noun: might of the sea (forms: holmmægne dat sing)

holmwylm masc noun: sea-current, wave or surging of the sea (forms: holmwylme dat sing)

Holofernus prop name: Holofernes (forms: Holofernes, Holofernus gen sing)

holt masc noun: wood, forest (forms: holte dat sing; holtes gen sing)

holtwudu masc noun: forest, grove; wood, timber

holunge adv: in vain, without reason

hon Class 7 str verb: hang, suspend (forms: ho imper sing)

handlean neut noun: (hand-) revenge, repayment

hondlocen past part adj: hand-linked

hondgemot neut noun: hand-meeting (a kenning for "battle") (forms: hondgemota gen pl)

hondgesella masc noun: (close) companion (forms: handgesteallan nom pl; hondgesellum dat pl)

hondgestealla, handgestealla masc noun: close companion, comrade (forms: hondgesteallan, handgesteallan dat/gen sing; nom pl)

hondræs masc noun: hand-onslaught, hand-to-hand combat

Hondscio prop name: Hondscio ("glove"), one of Beowulf's warriors (forms: Hondscio dat)

hondsweng masc noun: (hand-) thrust, stroke (of a sword) (forms: hondsweng acc sing)

hondwundor neut noun: hand (-made-) wonder, marvel (forms: hondwundra gen pl)

hopian wk verb: hope, expect

hord neut noun: hoard, treasure (forms: horde dat sing; hordes gen sing)

hordærn neut noun: hoard-building, treasury. (forms: hordærne dat sing; hordærna gen pl)

hordburh fem noun: capital city (lit. hoard or treasure city)

hordcofa masc noun: treasure chamber, treasury (forms: hordcofan acc sing)

hordgestreon neut noun: (hoard-) treasure (forms: hordgestreona gen pl; hordgestreonum dat pl)

hordmadum masc noun: (hoard-) treasure

hordweard masc noun: keeper of the treasury (i.e. king, usually, but at Beow 2293 ff. designates the dragon)

hordwela masc noun: wealth of the hoard, hoarded treasure (forms: hordwelan acc pl)

hordweorþung fem noun: honour (i.e. treasure) from the treasury (forms: hordweorþunge acc sing)

hordwynn fem noun: delight of the hoard; delightful treasure (forms: hordwynne acc sing)

horwyrðe adj: hoard-worthy, i.e. worthy of being kept in a treasury (forms: hordwyrðne acc sing masc)

hondlocen past part adj: hand-linked

horn masc noun: horn (forms: hornum dat pl)

hornboga masc noun: horn-bow (i.e. a bow tipped or reinforced with horn) (forms: hornbogan dat pl; dat sing)

horngeap adj: having a large distance between gables

hornreced neut noun: gabled building

hornsele masc noun: gabled hall (forms: hornsele acc pl)

hors neut noun: horse

hos fem noun: company, band (forms: hose dat sing)

hosp masc noun: insult, reproach

hoðma masc noun: concealment? darkness? (forms: hoðman dat sing)

hræd adj: quick, hasty

hrædlice adv: quickly, speedily

hrædding fem noun: rescue(ers), deliverance (forms: hræddinge acc sing)

hrædwyrde adj: quick-worded, i.e. hasty of speech

hrefn, hremm masc noun: raven (forms: hremmas nom pl; hrefne dat sing)

hrægl neut noun: clothing, garment (forms: hrægla gen pl; hrægle dat sing; hrægles gen sing)

hræw, hreaw, hra masc noun: corpse, corpses, carrion (often a collective noun) (forms: hræs gen sing)

hrafyl masc noun: slaughter

hraðe, hraþe, raþe, raðe, hræþe, hreðe, hreþe adv: quickly, immediately (forms: hraþor compar)

hream masc noun: noise, outcry (forms: hreame dat sing)

hreawic neut noun: habitation of corpses (a kenning for "battlefield")

Hrefnawudu prop name: Ravens' Wood

Hrefnesholt prop name: Raven's Wood

hremig adj: boastful, exultant (forms: hremge nom pl masc)

hreof adj: rough (in texture) (forms: hreofum dat sing masc)

hreoh, hreo adj: rough, fierce, violent (forms: hreon dat sing masc; hreoum dat sing neut)
hreoh neut noun: storm, tempest

hreohmod adj: troubled, sad

hreosan Class 2 str verb: fall, sink, be ruined (forms: hreas 3rd pers sing pret indic; hreosende pres part; hruron pl pret indic)

Hreosnabeorh prop name: Hreosnabeorh

hreow fem noun: sorrow, grieving (forms: hreowa gen pl)

hreowan Class 2 str verb: distress, grieve (forms: hreaw 3rd pers sing pret indic; hreoweð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

hreowcearig adj: sad-minded, miserable

hreowig adj: sad, miserable (forms: hreowige nom pl neut)

hreowigmod neut noun: sad or grieving mind
hreowigmod adj: grieving-minded (forms: hreowigmode nom pl masc)

hrepian wk verb: touch (forms: hrepode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hreran wk verb: move, stir up

hreð neut noun: victory, glory

Hreþel, Hreðel Hrædl(a) prop name: Hrethel (Geatish king) (forms: Hrædlan gen sing; Hrædles, Hreþles, Hreðles gen sing)

hreðer, hreþer masc noun: heart, mind, spirit (forms: hreþra, hreðra gen pl; hreðre, hreþre, hræðre dat sing)

hreþerbealo fem noun: mental distress

hreðerloca masc noun: spirit-chamber (a kenning for "the body") (forms: hreðerlocan dat sing)

Hreþling adj: descendant of Hrethel (forms: Hreðlingas nom pl)

Hreðmann masc noun: Dane (forms: Hreðmanna )

Hreðric, Hreþric prop name: Hrethric

hreðsigor masc noun: victory (forms: hreðsigora gen pl)

hricg, hrycg, hrincg masc noun: back, spine; ridge, surface (forms: hringe dat sing)

hrim masc noun: hoar-frost, rime (forms: hrime dat sing)

hrimceald adj: frosty-cold (forms: hrimcealde acc sing fem)

hrimgicel masc noun: icicle (forms: hrimgicelum dat pl)

hrinan, hrinon Class 1 str verb w. gen: touch, affect, injure (forms: hran 3rd pers sing pret indic; hrine 3rd pers sing pret subj; hrinon pl pret indic)

hrinde adj: frost-covered (forms: hrinde nom pl)

hring masc noun: ring, link in a chain or in chainmail (forms: hringa gen pl; hringas acc pl; hringum dat pl)

hringan wk verb: ring, clank, clang (forms: hringdon pl pret indic)

hringboga masc noun: ring-loop (i.e. "coiled creature"—a kenning for "dragon" ) (forms: hringbogan gen sing)

Hringdene masc pl noun: the (ring-) Danes (forms: Hringdena gen pl)

hringed past part adj: made of rings (forms: hringde acc sing fem)

hringedstefna masc noun: ("ring-stemmed") ship (forms: hringedstefnan acc sing)

hringiren neut noun: ring-iron (a kenning for "chainmail")

hringloca masc noun: ring-enclosure (a kenning for "chainmail") (forms: hringlocan acc pl)

hringmæl adj: ring-ornamented (as noun: ring-ornamented sword)

hringmæled past part adj: ring-ornamented

hringnaca masc noun: (ring-prowed) ship

hringnet neut noun: ring-net (kenning for "coat of mail") (forms: hringnet acc pl)

hringsele masc noun: ring- (i.e. treasure-dispensing) hall (forms: hringsele dat sing)

hringþegu fem noun: receipt of rings (forms: hringþege dat sing)

hringweorðung fem noun: adornment of a (neck-) ring (forms: hringweorðunge acc sing)

hrið fem noun: snow-storm

gehroden past part adj: decorated, adorned, covered (forms: gehrodene acc pl masc; acc sing fem)

hrof, rof masc noun: roof; sky; crown (of a helmet) (forms: hrofe dat sing; hrofes, rofes gen sing)

hrofsele masc noun: roofed hall (forms: hrofsele dat sing)

Hronesnæss prop name: Hronesnaess (Whale's Point) (forms: Hronesnæsse dat sing)

hronfisc masc noun: whale (forms: hronfixas acc pl)

hronrad fem noun: the whale road (kenning for the sea) (forms: hronrade acc sing)

hropan Class 7 str verb: cry, shout, scream (forms: hreopon pl pret indic)

hror adj: vigorous, brave (forms: hroran dat sing masc)

Hroðgar, Hroþgar prop name: Hroðgar (forms: Hroðgare, Hroþgare dat sing; Hroðgares, Hroþgares gen sing)

Hroðmund prop name: Hrothmund

hroðor masc noun: pleasure, benefit (forms: hroðra, hroþra gen pl; hroðre dat sing)

Hroþulf prop name: Hrothulf, nephew of Hrothgar and son of Halga

Hrunting prop name: Hrunting (a sword lent to Beowulf by Hunferth) (forms: Hruntinge dat sing)

hruse fem noun: ground, soil, the earth (forms: hrusan acc/dat/gen sing)

hryman wk verb: scream, yell (forms: hrymde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hryre masc noun: fall, ruin, decay, death (forms: hryre dat sing)

hrysian wk verb: shake (forms: hrysedon pl pret indic)

hryðig adj: snowy (forms: hryðge nom pl masc)

hu conj and interrog adv: how
hu interj: oh!, how now!

hucs, husc neut noun: derision (forms: hucse, husce dat sing)

Hugas pl prop name: the Hugas (name for the Franks) (forms: Huga gen pl)

gehugod adj: minded

hund numeral: hundred
hund masc noun: dog, hound (forms: hundum dat pl)

hundnigontig numeral: ninety

hundtwelftig numeral: one hundred and twenty

hundred, C numeral, neut noun: one hundred

hundseofontig numeral: seventy

hundteontig, hunteontig, C numeral: one hundred

Hunferþ prop name: Hunferth (traditionally emended to Unferth)

hungri adj: hungry

hungor, hunger masc noun: hunger

hunig neut noun: honey

Hunlafing prop name: the son of Hunlaf

hupseax neut noun: hip-carried sax, short sword (forms: hupseax acc pl)

huru interj and adv: indeed, truly

hus neut noun: house, building; household, family (forms: husa gen pl; huse dat sing; huses gen sing)

huðe, hyþ fem noun: plunder, prey, treasure (forms: huðe, hyþe acc/dat sing)

hwa pron: who; anyone; which; each (forms: hwam dat sing masc; hwon, hwan dat sing neut; hwone, hwæne acc sing masc)
swa hwa swa: whoever

gehwa pron: each, every (forms: gehwane, gehwæne acc sing masc; gehwære dat sing fem; gehwæs gen sing masc; gehwam, gehwæm dat sing masc/neut; gehwane, gehwone acc sing masc)

hwæl masc noun: whale (forms: hwale dat sing; hwæles gen sing)

hwælmere masc noun: whale-lake (a kenning for "ocean")

hwælweg masc noun: whale-way, whale-path (a kenning for "the sea")

hwær, hwar adv and conj: where; anywhere; everywhere

gehwær, gehwer adv: everywhere, always; somewhere

hwæt interrog and indef pron: what; that which; something (forms: hwæs gen sing);
to hwæs: to which place
hwæt interj: an attention-getting word used to commence speeches and poetic compositions: lo! hey! well, indeed, so, . . .
hwæt adj: bold, brave, quick, active (forms: hwætran compar nom pl; hwata nom sing masc; hwate nom/acc pl masc; hwatum dat sing)

hwætewæstm masc noun: wheat crop (forms: hwætewæstma gen pl)

hwæðer, hwæþer conj: whether
hwæðer pron: which (of two)

gehwæþer, gehwæðer pron and adj: either (of two), both (forms: gehwæðere dat sing fem; gehwæþres gen sing; gehwæðrum dat pl)

hwæðere, hwæþere, hwæðre, hwæþre, hwaþere conj: nevertheless, however, in any case
swa hwæðere: whichever
on swa hwæþere hond: on whichever side

hwanon, hwanan conj: whence, from where

hwealf fem noun: vault, arch
hwealf adj: arched, vaulted (forms: hwealfum dat pl)

hwearf masc noun: crowd, throng (forms: hwearfum dat pl)

hwearfian wk verb: approach (forms: hwearfode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hwelp masc noun: whelp, puppy, cub

hwene adv: somewhat, to some extent

gehweorfan, hworfan Class 3 str verb: go, turn, move (forms: hwærf, hwearf, gehwearf 3rd pers sing pret indic; hweorfeð, hwyrfeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; hwurfe 3rd pers sing pret subj; hwurfon pl pret indic;)

hwergen adv: somewhere
elles hwergen: elsewhere

hwettan wk verb: encourage (forms: hweteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; hwette 3rd pers sing pres subj; hwetton pl pret indic)

hwil fem noun: while, time (forms: hwile acc pl; acc/dat sing; hwilum, hwilon dat pl (often as adv: "sometimes"));
ealle hwile: the whole time
litle hwile: for a short time;
gode hwile: for a good (i.e. long) time
lange hwile: for a long time;
to langre hwile: for a long time
þa hwile þe: while, during the time that
hwile dat sing as adv: for a time

hwilen adj: transitory (forms: hwilnan acc sing fem)

hwilpe fem noun: some species of sea-bird (forms: huilpan gen sing)

hwit adj: white, bright, shining (forms: hwita nom sing masc; hwitan dat sing neut; gen pl; hwite nom/acc pl masc/fem; hwitne masc acc sing; hwitost masc nom sing superl; hwitre compar nom pl)

hwitlocced adj: white-haired (i.e. shining-haired, blond-haired) (forms: hwitloccedu nom sing fem)

hwon adj and neut noun: little, a little

for hwon interrog adv: why

to hwon interrog adv: why, how To hwon sculon wit weorðan?: What shall become of us?

hwonne, hwænne adv and conj: when; until; as long as
hwonne prep: until, as long as

hwopan Class 7 str verb: threaten (forms: hweop 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hwy, hwi interrog pron: why, for what reason

hwyder, hwider, hwæder conj: whither, to where

hwyrfan wk verb: move, go; ððððþþþþþĐþþþþþĠĠþðchange (forms: hwyrfað, hwyrfaþ pl pres indic; hwyrfde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gehwyrfed past part)

hwyrft masc noun: movement, turning, going; possibility of movement, escape (forms: hwyrftum dat pl)

gehycgan, hicgan wk verb: think, consider (forms: hycge 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; hycgað imper pl; gehyge imper sing; hycgendne pres part acc sing masc; to hycgenne inflect infin )

hydan wk verb: hide (forms: hyddon pl pret indic; hyde 3rd pers sing pres subj; hydeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gehydde 3rd pers sing pret indic)
hydan wk verb: moor, tie up (a boat)—cf. "hyð", harbour (forms: hydað pl pres indic)

hydig adj: thoughtful, careful

gehygd fem noun: mind, thought

Hygd prop name: Hygd (queen of the Geats) (forms: Hygde dat sing)

hyge, hige masc noun: mind, thought, intention (forms: hyge, hige dat sing; higes gen sing; higum dat pl)

hygebend fem/masc noun: mental bond, spiritual attachment (forms: hygebendum dat pl)

hygebliþe adj: joyful-hearted (forms: hygebliþran compar nom pl)

hygegal adj: lascivious, wanton (forms: hygegalan gen sing fem)

hygegeomor, hygegiomor adj: miserable, sad (forms: hygegeomorne acc sing masc)

hygeleas adj: foolish, thoughtless (forms: hygelease masc nom pl)

hygeleast fem noun: thoughtlessness, folly (forms: hygeleaste acc sing)

hygemeðe adj: mind-wearying; weary-minded (forms: higemæðum dat sing masc>)

hygerof adj: brave (-minded) (forms: hygerofe nom pl masc)

hygesceaft fem noun: thought, mind (forms: hygesceaftum dat pl)

hygeteona masc noun: insult, hostility (forms: hygeteonan, higeteonan acc sing)

hygewælm masc noun: spiritual agitation

hygewlonc adj: proud-minded, haughty

hyht, hiht masc noun: hope, trust; joy (forms: hyhte dat sing)

hyhtlease adj: without hope, despairing (forms: hihtleasne acc sing masc)

hyhtlic adj: joyful, pleasant, hopeful

hyhtwynn fem noun: joy, pleasure (forms: hyhtwynna gen pl)

gehyld neut noun: protection

hyldan wk verb: lean, bend down (forms: hylde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hyldemæg masc noun: close kinsman (forms: hyldemaga gen pl)

hyldo fem noun: grace, protection, favour; allegiance, loyalty (forms: hyldo acc/dat/gen sing)

hynan wk verb: humiliate, lay low, kill (forms: hynde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hynð, hynðu, hynðo fem noun: shame, humiliation (forms: hynða, hynðo gen pl)

gehyran wk verb: obey (w. acc or dat); belong to (w. dat); hear (forms: gehyrde, hyrde, hierde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; gehyrdon, hyrdon pl pret indic; hyrað 3rd per sing pres indic; gehyrað pl pret indic; imper pl; hyre imper sing; gehyre 1st pers sing pres indic; gehyrst, gehyrest 2nd pers sing pres indic)

gehyrdan wk verb: harden, temper, make hard (forms: gehyrdeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

hyrde masc noun: shepherd, pastor, guardian (forms: hyrdas nom pl)

hyredcniht masc noun: servant, serving boy/man (forms: hyredcnihtas nom pl)

hyredmann masc noun: servant, servingman (forms: hyredmen nom pl)

hyrne fem noun: corner (forms: hyrnan dat sing)

hyrnednebba adj: horny-beaked

hyrst fem noun: ornament, jewel (forms: hyrsta acc/gen pl; hyrste acc/gen sing; nom pl; hyrstum dat pl)

gehyrstan wk verb: decorate, ornament (forms: hyrsted past part adj; hyrstedne past part acc sing masc; gehyrsteð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

hyrtan wk verb refl.: be bold, take heart (forms: hyrte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

hyse masc noun: youth, warrior (forms: hyssa gen pl; hysas, hyssas nom pl; hysses gen sing)

hyt fem? noun: heat

hyð fem noun: harbour (forms: hyðe dat sing)

hyðweard masc noun: harbour master

hwilc, hwylc, hwelc pron and adj: any, someone; some kind of a; what kind of; what (forms: hwilce, hwylce fem acc sing; nom pl masc; hwylcere gen sing fem; hwylcne acc sing masc; hwylcum dat sing masc)

gehwilc, gehwylc pron: each (forms: gehwilce, gehwylce dat sing masc/neut; acc/dat sing fem; gehwilces, gehwylces gen sing masc/neut; gehwelcne, gehwilcne, gehwylcne acc sing masc; gehwilcre, gehwylcre dat/gen sing fem; gehwilcum, gehwylcum dat sing neut/masc, dat pl)

Iabal prop name: Iabal (apparently a confusion of Jabel and Jubal)

Iacintus prop name: Iacintus

Iafeth, Iafeð prop name: Iafeth (Japheth) (forms: Iafeðe dat sing; Iafeðes gen sing)

Iared, Geared prop name: Jared (Irad) (forms: Iarede dat sing)

ic 1st pers pron: I (forms: me acc/dat; mec acc; min gen; mina acc pl fem; mine, minne poss adj nom/acc pl masc/fem; dat sing masc; nom/acc sing fem; nom/acc sing neut; mines poss adj gen sing masc; minne, mine poss adj masc acc sing; minra poss adj gen pl; minre poss adj dat/gen sing fem; minum poss adj dat sing masc; dat pl

icge adj?: (a word of unknown meaning)

idel adj: idle, useless, void, desolate (forms: idlu nom pl neut)

idelhende adj: empty-handed

ides fem noun: woman, lady (forms: idesa nom/acc/gen pl; idese acc/dat/gen sing; idesum dat pl)

iecan, geican, geicean, ecan, ycan wk verb: increase, grow, augment (forms: geicte, iecte, icte 3rd pers sing pret indic; geiceað imper pl; icton pl pret indic; ycað pl pres indic)

ieg fem noun: island (forms: iege, ige dat sing)

iewan, geywan wk verb: show, reveal; present; appear (forms: geeawed past part; iewe 1st pers sing pres indic; eaweð, eoweð 3rd pers sing pres indic; iewde, ywde 3rd pers sing pret indic; eowdon pl pret indic)

ilca adj and pron: same (forms: ilcan, ylcan acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; ilce acc sing neut)

in, inn prep and adv: in, into, on, onto

incgelaf fem noun: (some kind of a) sword: the first element is of unknown meaning, cf. icge (forms: incgelafe dat sing)

indryhten adj: noble

indryhto fem noun: nobility

inflede adj: flooded, full of water

infrod adj: very wise (forms: infrodum dat sing masc)

ingang masc noun: entrance

ingefolc neut noun: native people (forms: ingefolca gen pl)

ingehyd fem noun: meaning, intent, purport (forms: ingehyde )

Ingeld prop name: Ingeld, prince of the Heathobards (forms: Ingelde dat)

ingemann masc noun: native (forms: ingemen nom pl)

ingenga masc noun: someone who enters a dwelling: visitor, intruder

ingesteald neut noun: household contents; furnishings and treasure

ingeþanc masc noun: private thought (forms: ingeþancum dat pl)

Ingwine pl prop name: Danes ("friends of Ing") (forms: Ingwina gen sing)

inlende adj: native, local

inn, in neut noun: house, dwelling, chamber (forms: inne dat sing)

innan adv and prep: within, in, inside; into
on innan, in innan: within

innanweard adv: within, inwardly

inne adv: within, inside

inneweard adj and adv: inward, within (forms: innewerdne acc sing masc)

geinnian: fill (forms: geinnod past part)

in nomine patris: in the name of the Father

in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti Latin phrase: in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

innoþ masc/fem noun: innards, guts, stomach (forms: innoþe dat sing)

insittend masc noun: person sitting within (forms: insittendra gen pl)

into prep: into

inweaxan Class 7 str verb: grow (forms: inwyxeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

inwidda masc noun: evil one

inwidhlemm masc noun: evil wound (forms: inwidhlemmas nom pl)

inwit neut noun: evil, deceit

inwitfeng masc noun: evil grasp

inwitgæst masc noun: evil visitor, malicious alien

inwithrof masc noun: evil roof

inwitnet neut noun: evil net, web of malice

inwitniþ masc noun: hostility, evil (forms: inwitniða gen pl; inwitniþas nom pl)

inwitscear masc noun: malicious slaughter

inwitsearo neut noun: malice

inwidsorg, inwitsorh fem noun: (malicious, evil) sorrow (forms: inwitsorge acc sing)

inwitspell neut noun: story of malice, tale of woe

inwitfull adj: cunning, crafty, malicious (forms: inwitfulle nom pl masc)

inwitþanc masc noun: crafty thought (forms: inwitþancum dat pl)

Iohannes prop name: Iohannes, John

iomeowle fem noun: old woman (forms: iomeowlan acc sing)

Iordan prop name: Jordan (forms: Iordane dat sing)

iren neut noun: iron; iron sword (forms: irena, irenna gen pl; irenes gen sing)

irenbend fem noun: iron bond, iron fetter (forms: irenbenda nom pl; irenbendum dat pl)

irenbyrne fem noun: (iron-) mail coat (forms: irenbyrnan acc sing)

irenheard adj: iron-hard

irenþreat masc noun: iron(-armed) troop

irnan Class 3 str verb: run, hasten, move quickly (forms: arn 3rd pers sing pret indic; urnon pl pret indic; yrnende pres part; yrnendum pres part dat sing neut)

Isaac prop name: Isaac (forms: Isace dat sing)

is neut noun: ice (forms: ise dat sing)

isceald, iscald adj: ice-cold (forms: iscealdne, iscaldne acc sing masc)

isern, isen neut noun: iron, steel (forms: isernes, isenes gen sing)
isern adj: iron, made of iron or steel (forms: iserna acc pl neut)

isernbyrne fem noun: iron mail-coat (forms: isernbyrnan acc sing)

isernscur fem noun: shower of iron, i.e. arrows (a kenning for "battle") (forms: isernscure gen sing)

isgebind neut noun: fettering ice, binding ice (forms: isgebinde dat sing)

isig adj: icy

isigfeþera adj: icy-feathered

Ismahel, Ismael prop name: Isma(h)el (Ishmael)

Israelas masc noun: Israelites (forms: Israhela gen pl; Israhelas nom pl)

Iudisc adj: Jewish

Iudith prop name: Iudith (Judith) (forms: Iudithðe, Iudithe acc/gen sing)

iumonn masc noun: ancient man (forms: iumonna gen pl)

iuwine masc noun: former lord, old friend

la interj expressing emotion, emphasizing a previous statement, etc.: oh! ah! indeed!

lac neut noun: offering, sacrifice, present (forms: lac acc pl; laca gen pl; lacum dat pl)

gelac neut noun: play, sport; tumult, commotion (forms: gelacum dat pl)
ecga gelac: the play of swords (i.e. violent conflict)

lacan Class 7 str verb: leap, fly, play (forms: lacende pres part; laceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; leolc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gelad fem noun: journey; (with ge- prefix) path, route, way (forms: lade acc/dat/gen sing)

læce masc noun: doctor, physician (forms: læces gen sing)

læfan wk verb: leave, bequeath (forms: læf imper sing; læfde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

læn neut noun: gift, benefit, loan

lænan wk verb: give, grant, lend

lændæg masc noun: (in pl.) transitory life, transitory days (forms: lændaga gen pl; lændagas acc pl)

læne adj: transitory, temporary, perishable; free for the taking (forms: lænan, lænum dat sing neut; lænan acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; lænes gen sing neut)

gelæran, læren wk verb: teach, instruct (forms: lær imper sing; lærde 3rd pers sing pret indic; lære 3rd pers sing pres indic; gelæred past part; gelærede past part nom pl masc; gelærdon pl pret indic)

lærig masc? noun: edge, border

gelædan wk verb: lead, conduct, take, bring, do (forms: læd imper sing; lædað, gelædað pl pres indic; lædde, gelædde 3rd pers sing pret indic; læddest 2nd pers sing pret indic gelæde 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; læde, gelæde imper sing; gelæded, læded past part; læddon pl pret indic)

Læden, Leden adj: Latin (as noun: the Latin language) (forms: Lædenre dat sing fem)

læs pron, adj, adv and conj: less; small, insignificant; lest;
(forms: læsest adj superl)
þy læs adv and conj: lest; so much the less

læssa adj: less, smaller, fewer (forms: læssan dat pl; dat sing fem/neut; acc sing fem)

gelæstan wk verb: perform, carry out; follow, help, serve; endure, last (forms: læstest (læst Beow 2663) 2nd pers sing pres indic; læst 3rd pers sing pres indic; gelæst, gelæsted past part; læste, læst imper sing; gelæste, læste 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic/subj; læstes 2nd pers sing pres/pret indic; læsten, gelæsten pl pres/pret subj; gelæsteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gelæston pl pret indic)

læt adj: slow, lethargic, lazy

lætan Class 7 str verb: let, allow; (w. gen) neglect, ignore (forms: lætað imper pl; let, læt 3rd pers sing pret indic; læt imper sing; læte, lete 2nd/3rd pers sing pres/pret subj; læteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; leton pl pret indic); an lætan: leave alone

lætbyrd fem noun: delayed labour (forms: lætbyrde gen sing)

læðð fem noun: injury, wrong (forms: læðða gen pl; læððum dat sing)

laf fem noun: remainder, remnant, what is left; legacy; (heirloom) sword (forms: lafe acc/dat sing; nom/acc pl)

lafian wk verb: wash (forms: gelafede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

lagu, lago masc noun: sea, ocean, waters

gelagu neut pl noun?: expanse? surface? (but cf. masc noun "lagu")

lagucræftig adj: sea-wise, skilled at sailing

lagulad fem noun: sea route (forms: lagulade acc sing)

lagosið masc noun: sea journey (forms: lagosiða gen pl)

lagustræt fem noun: sea-road (forms: lagustræte dat sing)

laguflod masc noun: sea, ocean, waters (forms: laguflode dat sing)

lagustream masc noun: sea-current (forms: lagostreamum dat pl; lagustreamas nom/acc pl)

lambyrd fem noun: "lame" (i.e. ineffective) labour (forms: lambyrde gen sing)

Lameh, Lamech prop name: Lameh (Lamech) (forms: Lamehes, Lameches gen sing)

land, lond neut noun: land, country, dry land (forms: landa gen pl; lande, londe dat sing; landes, londes gen sing)

landbuende, londbuend masc pl noun: earth-dwellers, humans (forms: landbuendum, londbuendum dat)

landfruma masc noun: (land-holding) king, prince

landgemyrce neut noun: edge of the land; shoreline (forms: landgemyrcu acc pl)

landgeweorc neut noun: national edifice

landmann masc noun: inhabitant, native (forms: landmanna gen pl)

landriht, londriht, londryht neut noun: property right, right to own land; land owned by right (forms: londrihtes gen sing)

landscipe masc noun: region, land

landsocn fem noun: search for land (forms: landsocne dat sing)

londstede masc noun: location (on land)

landwara pl masc noun: people of the land (forms: landwara acc)

landweard masc noun: guardian of the land (i.e. coast-guard)

lang, long adj: long, tall (forms: langa nom sing masc; lange, longe acc sing fem; langne acc sing masc; langre dat sing fem; lengra compar nom sing masc; lengran compar gen sing neut)

langað masc noun: longing

lange, longe adv: long, for a long time (forms: leng compar; lengest superl)

gelangian wk verb impers w. acc: long, yearn for; summon (forms: langað 3rd pers sing pres indic; langode, longade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

langsum, longsum adj: long, enduring (forms: langsumu nom sing fem; lansumum dat sing masc)

langtwidig adj: lasting, granted for a long time

langunghwil fem noun: time of longing (forms: langunghwila gen pl)

lar fem noun: teaching, precept, learning (forms: lara acc pl, gen pl; lare acc/dat/gen sing; larena gen pl; larum dat pl)

larcwide masc noun: teaching, instruction (forms: larcwidum dat pl)

lareow masc noun: teacher (forms: lareowes gen sing)

last masc noun: track, trace, footprint (forms: lastas nom/acc pl; laste, læste dat sing; lastum dat pl)
sumum on last(e): in someone's track, behind someone

lastweard masc noun: follower, pursuer

lastword neut noun: track-word (i.e., subsequent reputation) (forms: lastworda gen pl)

late adv: late

lað, laþ adj: hateful, evil, unwelcome, inimical (forms: se laða nom sing masc as noun: the hateful one; laðan, laþan acc/dat/gen sing masc/neut/fem; dat pl; laðe nom/acc pl masc; laðere dat sing fem; laðes, laþes gen sing masc/neut; laðestan superl gen sing masc; superl dat pl masc; laðne, laþne acc sing masc; laðost superl; laðra gen pl; laðra compar nom sing masc; laðran compar nom/acc sing masc; laþre compar acc sing neut; laþum, laðum dat sing masc/neut; dat pl); lað neut noun: injury, harm (forms: laðes gen sing)

gelað adj: hostile, enemy (forms: gelaðe nom pl)

laðbite masc noun: (hateful) wouund

laðgeteona masc noun: (hateful) enemy (forms: laðgeteonan nom pl)

laðlic adj: unpleasant, hateful (forms: laðlicu acc pl neut)

laðlice adv: nastily, hatefully, despicably (forms: laðlicost superl)

laðscipe masc noun: misfortune, harm, injury

laðtreow neut noun: hateful tree

laðwende adj: hostile (forms: laðwendne acc sing masc; laðwendo nom sing fem)

laþwendemod adj: hostile, malicious

latteow masc noun: leader, guide

leaf neut noun: leaf (forms: leafum dat pl)

geleafa masc noun: belief, faith (forms: geleafan acc/dat/gen sing)

geleafful adj: believing (forms: geleaffulne acc sing masc)

leafnesword neut noun: word of permission

leahtor masc noun: sin, crime, vice (forms: leahtrum dat pl)

lean neut noun: reward, compensation, retribution; loan (forms: lean acc pl; leana gen pl; leane dat sing; leanes gen sing; leanum dat pl)
lean Class 6 str verb: blame, reproach (forms: log 3rd pers sing pret indic; logon pl pret indic; lyhð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

geleanian wk verb: reward, repay, take vengeance for (forms: leanast 2nd pers sing pres indic; leanige 1st pers sing pres indic; leanode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

leap masc noun: corpse

leas adj: (with gen) without, lacking; lying, false (forms: leasan acc sing fem; lease fem nom/acc sing; neut nom pl; leasne acc sing masc; leasum dat pl, dat sing masc)

leaslice adv: deceitfully, falsely

leassceawere masc noun: spy (forms: leassceaweras nom pl)

leasung fem noun: lie, falsehood (forms: leasunga dat sing)

leccan wk verb: water, irrigate (forms: leoht past part; leohte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

lecgan wk verb: lay (forms: lecgað pl pres indic; lecge 3rd pers sing pres subj; geled past part; legde 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; legdon pl pret indic lege, lecge imper sing; legeð 3rd pers sing pres indic);
lecgan lastas: journey, travel

lef adj: feeble, sickly, infirm

leg, lig masc/neut noun: flame, fire (forms: lege, lige, ligge dat sing; ligas acc pl; liges gen sing)

leger neut noun: lying-place (bed, grave) (forms: legere dat sing)

legerbedd neut noun: deathbed, grave (forms: legerbedde dat sing)

lemian wk verb: lame, disable (forms: lemedon pl pret indic)

gelenge adj: belonging, related; (of time) close, imminent

lengo indecl fem noun: length, distance

leod masc noun: man, person; prince, king (forms: leoda gen pl; leode dat sing, nom pl; leodum, leodon dat pl);
leod fem noun: people, nation (often pl with sing meaning) (forms: leoda nom/acc/gen pl; leode nom/acc pl; acc/dat/gen sing; leodum dat pl)

leodbealo fem noun: national evil, harm to the whole people (forms: leodbealewa gen pl)

leodburg fem noun: (national) city (forms: leodbyrig acc/dat sing)

leodhata masc noun: tyrant, enemy of the people (forms: leodhatan acc sing)

leodhryre masc noun: fall of a people (forms: leodhryre dat sing; leodhryres gen sing)

leodmæg masc noun: relative, tribal member, co-national (forms: leodmagum dat pl)

leodmægen neut noun: (national) army (forms: leodmægenes, leodmægnes gen sing)

leodþeaw masc noun: custom of a people (forms: leodþeawum dat pl)

leodan Class 2 str verb: spring, grow (forms: ludon, geludon pl pret indic)

leodcyning masc noun: king (of a people)

leodfruma masc noun: patriarch, founder of a people; prince, leader of a people (forms: leodfruman acc/dat/gen sing)

leodgeard masc noun: national territory
healdan leodgeard: rule, govern

leodgebyrgea masc noun: protector of the people (forms: leodgebyrgean acc sing)

leodsceaða masc noun: enemy, threat (to a people) (forms: leodsceaðan dat sing)

leodscipe masc noun: nation, people (forms: leodscipe dat sing)

leodweard fem noun: leadership, rulership (of a people)

leodwer masc noun: man (of a people) (forms: leodweras nom pl)

leof adj: dear, beloved (forms: leofa nom sing masc (also as term of address); leofan dat sing masc; leofe nom pl masc; leofes gen sing masc/neut; leofestan superl acc sing masc; leofne acc sing masc; leofost superl; leofra gen pl; leofra compar nom sing fem; leofre gen sing fem; compar nom sing neut; leofran compar acc sing fem; leofum masc dat sing, dat pl)

leofian wk verb: live (forms: leofast 2nd pers sing pres indic)

leoflic adj: dear, delightful, precious

Leofsunu prop name: Leofsunu

leoht neut noun: light (Gen 310, 851: "life") (forms: leohte dat sing; leohtes gen sing);
leoht adj: bright, light (forms: leohtan dat sing neut; leohtne acc sing masc; leohtra masc nom sing compar; leohtum dat pl, dat sing masc);
leohte adv: lightly, brightly, clearly

leohtfruma masc noun: creator of light? bright creator? (forms: leohtfruman acc/dat sing)

geleogan Class 2 str verb: deceive, lie, betray (forms: geleah, leag 3rd pers sing pret indic; leoge 3rd pers sing pres subj)

leoma masc noun: beam of light, luminary, heavenly body (forms: leoman acc pl; acc sing; leomena gen pl)

leon Class 1 str verb: lend (forms: lah 3rd pers sing pret indic)

leornian wk verb: learn, consider (forms: leorna imper sing; leornode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

leoth neut noun: song, poem

leoðcræftig adj: skilled in poetry/song

leoðosyrce fem noun: (limb-) mail coat (forms: leoðosyrcan acc sing, acc pl)

leoðocræft masc noun: skill (of limbs) (forms: leoðocræftum dat pl)

leppan wk verb: feed (a hawk) (forms: lepeþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

letanie masc noun: litany (forms: letanias acc pl)

gelettan wk verb: hinder, prevent (forms: gelette 3rd pers sing pret indic; letton pl pres/pret indic)

libban, lybban wk verb: live, exist (forms: leofast 2nd pers sing pres indic; leofað, leofaþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; lifde 3rd pers sing pret indic; lifdon, lyfdon pret indic pl)

lic neut noun: body; likeness (forms: lica gen pl; lice dat sing; lices gen sing)

gelic adj: alike; like, similar to (w. dat); (forms: gelice nom pl neut; gelicost superl)

gelica masc noun: like, equal, companion (forms: gelican nom pl)

gelice adv: as, like, similarly, also (forms: gelicost superl)

lichoma, lichama masc noun: body (forms: lichaman, lichoman nom/acc pl; acc/dat/gen sing)

lichryre masc noun: death

licrest fem noun: cemetery (forms: licreste dat sing)

licwund fem noun: (bodily) wound (forms: licwunde gen sing)

licgan, licgean Class 5 str verb: lie, be situated; lie dead; (of wind) die down (forms: læg, leg, gelæg 3rd pers sing pret indic; læge 3rd pers sing pret subj; lagon, lægon pl pret indic; licgað pl pres indic; licgende pres part; licgendre pres part dat sing fem; ligeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; ligst 2nd pers sing pres indic; lið 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gelician impers wk verb: please, be liking to (forms: licað 3rd pers sing pres indic; licode, gelicode 3rd pers sing pret indic; licodon pl pret indic)

licsar neut noun: (bodily) wound

licsyrce fem noun: mail coat

lid neut noun: ship (forms: lide dat sing; lides gen sing)

lidmann masc noun: sailor (forms: lidmanna gen pl; lidmen nom pl)

lifan wk verb: grant, allow (forms: life 1st pers sing pres indic; lyfað imper pl)

geliefan, gelyfan wk verb: believe, trust, believe in (forms: gelyfde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gelyfe 1st pers sing pres indic; gelyfeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

lif neut noun: life (forms: life, lyfe dat sing; lifes gen sing)

lifbysig adj: struggling for life

lifcearu fem noun: anxiety about life (forms: lifceare acc sing)

lifdagas pl masc noun: days of (one's) life (forms: lifdagum dat)

liffæst adj: vigorous, hearty, lively (forms: liffæstan nom pl neut)

liffrea masc noun: (living) lord, lord of life (forms: liffrean acc/dat/gen sing)

lifgedal neut noun: death

lifgesceaft fem noun: life-circumstance (forms: lifgesceafta gen pl)

lifgend masc noun: living (person) (forms: lifgenra gen pl)

lifian, lifigan wk verb: live (forms: lifiað, lifiaþ pl pres indic; lifige, lifge 2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; lifigende, lifgende pres part; lifgendne pres part acc sing masc; lifigendum, lifgendum pres part dat sing masc; lifigendra, lifgendra pres part gen pl (as noun: the living); lifað, lyfað, leofað 3rd pers sing pres indic; lyfde 3rd pers sing pret indic;
be him lifgendum: while he lives)

lifwynn fem noun: joy of life (forms: lifwynna gen pl)

lifwraþu fem noun: life-protection (forms: lifwraðe acc sing; lifwraþe, lifwraðu dat sing)
to lifwraþe: to save (his) life

ligdraca, legdraca masc noun: fire(breathing)-dragon

ligegesa masc noun: fire-terror (forms: ligegesan acc sing)

ligen fem noun: lie, untruth, falsehood (forms: ligenum, lygenum dat pl)

ligenword neut noun: lying word (forms: ligenwordum dat pl)

ligetorn neut noun: feigned injury (forms: ligetorne dat sing)

gelignian wk verb: show to be a lier (forms: gelignod past part)

ligyð fem noun: wave of fire (forms: ligyðum dat pl)

lihtan wk verb: alight, dismount (forms: lihte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

lim neut noun: limb, branch (forms: leomu nom pl; leomum, limum dat pl)
lim masc noun: cement, mortar, lime (forms: lime dat sing)

limnacod adj: having naked limbs

limwerig adj: weary-limbed (forms: limwerigne acc sing masc)

gelimpan Class 3 str impers verb: happen, occur, exist (forms: gelamp, gelomp, lomp pret indic; gelimpe 3rd pers sing pres subj; limpeð, gelimpeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gelumpe 3rd pers sing pret subj; gelumpen past part)

lind fem noun: (linden-wood) shield (forms: linde acc/dat/gen sing; acc pl; lindum dat pl)

lindcroda masc noun: crash of shields (kenning for "battle") (forms: lindcrodan dat sing)

Lindesig prop name: Lindsey (forms: Lindesige dat sing)

lindgestealla masc noun: (linden-wood- [shield-bearing]) companion

lindhæbbend masc noun: linden(-wood shield)-possessor (a kenning for "warrior") (forms: lindhæbbende nom pl masc; lindhæbbendra gen pl)

Lindisfarnea prop name: Lindisfarne

lindplega masc noun: linden (-wood shield) play (a kenning for battle) (forms: lindplegan dat sing)

lindwig neut noun: (linden-wood-shield-bearing- ) army

lindwiga masc noun: (linden-wood-shield-bearing-) warrior

lindwiggend masc noun: (linden-wood-shield-bearing- ) warrior (forms: lindwiggende nom pl masc)

linnan Class 3 str verb w. dat or gen: lose, cease from

lioðobend masc noun: bond, fetter (forms: lioðobendum dat pl)

liss fem noun: joy, peace; grace, love (forms: liðsa, lissa gen pl; lisse acc/dat/gen sing; liðsum, lissum dat pl)

list masc noun: skill, craft (forms: lista gen pl; listas acc pl; listum dat pl; listum dat pl as adv: cunningly, artfully)

lið neut noun: limb, member (forms: leoþu, liþu nom pl; liðum dat pl)

liþan Class 1 str verb: sail, travel (forms: liden past part; liðendum pres part dat sing masc) )

liðend masc noun: traveller (forms: liðende nom pl)

liþnes fem noun: gentleness (forms: liþnesse dat sing fem)

lithwæge neut noun: cup (of wine or beer)

liodan Class 2 str verb: grow, spring up (forms: liodende pres part acc sing neut)

liodgeard masc noun: country

liþe, liðe adj: gracious, pleasant (forms: liðost superl)

liðend masc noun: sailor (forms: liðende nom pl masc)

lixan wk verb: shine (forms: lixte 3rd pers sing pret indic; lixton pl pret indic)

locen past part adj: locked, securely linked (forms: locene acc sing fem, acc pl)

locian wk verb: look, see, gaze (on) (forms: locast 2nd pers sing pres indic; lociað pl pres indic)

lof neut noun: praise, glory, reputation (forms: lofe dat sing)

lofdæd fem noun: famous deed, praiseworthy action (forms: lofdædum dat pl)

lofgeorn adj: bent on glory, eager for fame (forms: lofgeornost superl)

lofian wk verb: praise

gelogian wk verb: lodge, place (forms: gelogodon pl pret indic)
up logian: lay up, deposit

lofsum adj: glorious, praiseworthy

gelome adv: often, frequently
oft and gelome (an idiomatic set phrase): often

gelong, gelang adj: belonging, present

longaþ masc noun: longing, unhappiness (forms: langoþe dat sing; longaþes gen sing)

longgestreon neut noun: long-accumulated treasure, ancient treasure (forms: longgestreona gen pl)

longsum adj: overlong, wearisome, long-lasting (forms: longsumne acc sing masc)

longung fem noun: longing, sadness (forms: longunge acc sing)

losian impers wk verb: to be lost, perish; escape (forms: losade 3rd pers sing pret indic; losað, losaþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

Loth prop name: Loth (Lot) (forms: Lothe dat; Lothes gen)

loða masc noun: cloak (forms: loðum dat pl)

lucan Class 2 str verb: lock, intertwine, weave, fasten (forms: gelocen past part; locenra past part gen pl; lucon pl pret indic)

Lucas prop name: Luke

lufian wk verb: love, cherish (forms: lufiað pl pres indic; lufien pl pres subj; lufode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

luftacen neut noun: love-token, token of friendship (forms: luftacen acc pl)

lufu fem noun: love; settlement, kind action (forms: lufan acc/dat/gen sing; lufe acc/dat sing; lufen (Beow 2886) nom pl lufum dat pl)

lungre, lengre adv: quickly, soon

lust masc noun: pleasure, lust (forms: lustas nom/acc pl; luste dat sing; lustum dat pl);
lustum dat pl as adv: with pleasure, joyfully;
on lustum, on luste adj phrase: delighted

gelyfan wk verb: believe (forms: gelyfe 1st pers sing pres indic; gelyfde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

lyblac masc noun: witchcraft, sorcery (forms: lyblaca gen pl; lyblace dat sing)

lyft masc/fem noun: the air, sky, clouds (forms: lyfte acc/dat sing)

lyftedoras masc pl noun: the enclosure of the sky

lyftfloga masc noun: (air-) flier, flying thing

lyftgeswenced adj: travailed by the wind, weather-beaten

lyftsceaþa masc noun: airborne pest, flying molester (forms: lyftsceaþan dat sing)

lyftswift adj: air-swift, swift-flying (forms: lyftswiftne acc sing masc)

lyftwynn fem noun: joy of flying, delight in the air (forms: lyftwynne acc sing)

lysan wk verb: release, ransom

lystan wk impers verb: please, cause longing (forms: lyste, gelyste, geliste past part nom pl masc; lysteþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

lyt adv: little
lyt pron: few

lytegian wk verb: act cunningly

lytel adj: little, small, short (forms: lytle fem acc sing; dat sing neut; acc pl fem; lytlum dat pl );
lytle hwile: for a short time
lytle werede: with a small army

lythwon adv, adj: little
lythwon pron: few

lytligan wk verb: diminish, become smaller (forms: lytlað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

ma adv and pron: more
þy ma, þon ma: the more; so much the more
þon ma þe: any more than

Maccus prop name: Maccus

macian wk verb: make, do (forms: gemacod past part)

mædenman masc noun: maiden, young girl

mæsse fem noun: mass, service (forms: mæssan acc pl)

mæssepreost, messepreost masc noun: masspriest (forms: messepreoste dat sing)

mæte adj: small, poor (forms: mæte inst sing; mætost superl)
mæte weorode: "with a small host"

mæð fem noun: propriety, decency

Mæðhild prop name: Maethhild, mythical bride or girlfriend of Geat (forms: Mæðhilde dat sing)

gemætan wk impers verb: dream (forms: gemætte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gemah adj: bad, shameless

Malalehel prop name: Malalehel (Mauiael, Mehujael)

Marcus prop name: Mark

Maria prop name: Mary (forms: Marian acc)

Martimianus prop name: Martimianus

martyrdom masc noun: martyrdom

Maserfeld prop name: Maserfield (traditionally identified with Oswestry)

Matheus prop name: Matthew

madm, maþðum, maðþum, maððum masc noun: treasure, precious thing (forms: madma, maþma, maðma gen pl; madmas, maþmas, maðmas acc pl; maþme, madme dat sing; madmum, maþmum, maðmum dat pl)

mæðmæht fem noun: treasure, valuable possession (forms: maðmæhta gen pl)

maðþumfæt neut noun: treasure

maþmgestreon neut noun: treasure (forms: maþmgestreona gen pl)

maþþumgyfa masc noun treasure-giver, i.e. lord, king

maþðumgifu fem noun: treasure-giving; gift of treasure (forms: maþðumgife dat sing)

maððumsigle neut noun: precious jewel (forms: maððumsigla gen pl)

maðþumsweord neut noun: precious sword

maððumwela masc noun: treasure, precious possession (forms: maððumwelan acc pl)

Mathusal prop name: Mathusal (Mathusael/Methusael, Mathusala/Methuselah)

gemæc adj: suitable as a companion or spouse; similar, equal (forms: gemæcne acc sing masc)

gemæcca masc noun: mate, partner, spouse (forms: gemæccum dat pl)

mæcg masc noun: man, son (forms: mæcga gen pl; mæcgum dat pl)

gemæg masc noun: kinsman, male relative; kindred, family (forms: mæge dat sing; mæges gen sing; maga gen pl; gemagas, magas nom/acc pl; magum, mægum dat pl);
mæg fem noun: maiden, woman, wife

mæden neut noun: maiden, girl, virgin (forms: mædene dat sing; mædenes gen sing)

mæge, mege fem noun: female relative

mægburg, mægburh fem noun: nation, tribe, race, family (forms: mægburge acc/dat/gen sing)

mægð fem noun: kindred, people, clan (forms: mægþa, mægða gen pl; mægþe, mægðe acc/dat/gen sing; mægþum dat pl)
mægþ, mægð, mægeð fem noun: maiden, girl, woman (forms: mægeð, mægð nom/acc pl; gen sing; mægða, mægþa gen pl; mægðum dat pl)

mægðhad masc noun: virginity (forms: mægðhade dat sing)

mægwine masc noun: (friendly) male relative (forms: mægwine dat sing; nom pl; mægwinum dat pl)

mæl neut noun: time; mark, sign, cross (form: mæla gen pl; mæles gen sing; mælo, mæla nom/acc pl; mælum dat pl)

mædæg masc noun: day, age, era (forms: mældæges gen sing; mældagum dat pl)

gemælan wk verb: speak (forms: gemælde, mælde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

mælcearu fem noun: (contemporary) trouble or sorrow, trouble of the time (forms: mælceare dat sing)

mælgesceaft fem noun: events of the time (forms: mælgesceafta gen pl)

mænigfeald adj: many, numerous (forms: mænigfealde acc pl masc)

gemænigfealdian wk verb: to become multiplied (forms: gemænigfealda imper sing)

mæw masc noun: gull, sea-mew (forms: mæwes gen sing)

mænigeo fem noun: multitude

maga masc noun: son, young man; male relative (forms: magan acc sing)

magan verb: to be able to, be strong, avail (forms: magon pl pres indic; mæg 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; mæge 1st/3rd pers sing pres subj; mægen pl pres subj; meaht, miht 2nd pers sing pres indic; meahte, mihte, mehte 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; meahton, meahtan, mihton pl pret indic; mihten pl pret subj)

mage fem noun: female relative (forms: magan gen sing)

magnificat Latin verb: let (Him) be exhalted

magwlite masc noun: family resemblance

mæge fem noun: feminine relative

mægen, mægyn neut noun: might, strength, power; host, troop, army (forms: mægene, mægne dat sing; mægenes, mægnes gen sing; mægna gen pl; mægnu acc pl; mægyn acc sing)

mægenagend masc noun: might-owner (i.e. hero) (forms: mægenagendra gen pl)

mægenbyrþen fem noun: mighty burden, immense load (forms: mægenbyrþenne acc/dat/gen sing)

mægencorðor neut noun: mighty company (forms: mægencorðrum dat pl)

mægencræft masc noun: strength, might

mægeneacen adj: might-endowed, empowered

mægenellen neut noun: power, bravery

mægenfultum masc noun: mighty support, weapon (forms: mægenfultuma gen pl)

mægenheap masc noun: military troop (forms: mægenheapum dat pl)

maegenraes masc noun: mighty swing

maegenrof adj: mighty, powerful

mægenstrengu fem noun: mighty strength (forms: mægenstrengo dat sing)

mægenwudu masc noun: power-wood (a kenning for "spear")

mænan wk verb: mention, tell of (forms: mænað pl pres indic; mænde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gemænden pl pret subj; mændon pl pret indic; mæned past part)

mæne adj: wicked, sinful

gemæne adj: common, general, universal; subdued, controlled (forms: gemænra gen pl)

mene masc noun: necklace

mengan wk verb: mix, mingle (forms: gemenged past part; gemenged past part)

mænigo, mænego, menigeo, manigeo fem noun: multitude, host (forms: mænige dat sing)

mæran wk verb: praise, honour, glorify (forms: mærað pl pres indic)

mære adj: famous, splendid, excellent (forms: mæra nom sing masc; mæran, mæron acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; mære nom/acc pl masc/fem; mæres gen sing masc; mærne acc sing masc; mæro, mæru fem nom sing; mærost superl; mærra compar gen pl; mærum dat sing masc; se mæra wk nom sing masc as noun: the splendid one)

Mæringas prop name: the Maerings, an Ostrogothic or Visigothic people (forms: Mæringa gen pl)

mærlice adv: gloriously, splendidly

mærsian wk verb: praise, glorify (forms: mærsigende pres part)

mærð, mærþo, mærðo fem noun: fame, famous exploit (forms: mærða, mærþa, mærðu acc/gen pl; mærðe acc/dat sing)

messepreost masc noun: (mass- ) priest

mæst masc noun: mast (forms: mæste dat sing)

magaþiht adj: powerful-bellied (forms: magaþihtan acc sing masc)

mago, maga masc noun: son, male kinsman; young man

magodriht fem noun: band of men

magoræswa masc noun: leader, chief (of warriors)

magorinc masc noun: male relative, man (forms: magorinca gen pl; magorince dat sing; magorincas nom pl)

magotimber neut noun: progeny, child (forms: magotimbre dat sing)

maguþegn, magoðegn, magoþegn masc noun: man, servant, retainer (forms: magoþegna gen pl; maguþegnas nom/acc pl; maguþegne dat sing; magoþegnum dat pl )

magotudor neut noun: male offspring (forms: magotudre dat sing)

Malalehel proper name: Malalehel

Malchus prop name: Malchus

man neut noun: sin, crime (forms: mane dat sing; manes gen sing)
man, mon indef pron: one (often forming a phrase passive in sense)
man adj: bad, evil, criminal, false (forms: manum dat pl)

mandæd fem noun: sin, crime (forms: mandædum dat pl)

mandrihten, mandryhten, mondryhten masc noun: liege lord (forms: mandrihtne, mandryhtne dat sing; mandryhtnes, mondryhtnes gen sing)

manfæhð adj: criminally hostile (forms: manfæhðu acc pl neut)

manfordædla masc noun: evil-doer (forms: manfordædlan nom pl)

gemang, gemong neut noun: mixture, multitude, assembly
on gemang, on gemong, in gemong, in gemang: into (a place); into the midst of
on gemonge: in (a place); in the midst (of)

gemanian wk verb: remind, warn, admonish (forms: manode, gemanode 3rd pers sing pret indic; gemanode past part acc pl masc; gemonige 3rd pers sing pres subj; monað, manað 3rd pers sing pres indic; gemoniað pl pres indic)

manlice adv: nobly ("manfully")

man(n), mon(n) masc noun: man, person (forms: men(n) nom/acc pl; dat sing; monna, manna gen pl; monnes, mannes gen sing; monnum, mannum dat pl)
man, mon pron: one, anyone (used to form passive sense)

manna masc noun: man (forms: mannon, mannan, monnan acc sing)

Manre prop name: Manre (Mambre) (forms: Mamres gen)

manscaða masc noun: criminal destroyer

manscyldig adj: sinful, criminal (forms: manscyligne acc sing masc)

mara compar adj: greater, more, bigger (forms: maran acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; acc pl; mare nom/acc/dat sing neut)

maðelian, mæðlan wk verb: speak (forms: maðelode, maþelode, maþelade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Maximianus prop name: Maximianus

meagol adj: strong, firm (forms: meaglum dat pl)

meaht, miht fem noun: power, strength (forms: mihta gen pl; mihte dat sing; mihtum, meahtum dat pl)

meahtig adj: mighty, powerful (forms: meahtigra compar nom sing masc)

gemearc fem/masc noun: mark, limit, term, border; end (of life) (forms: mearce acc/dat sing; gemearces gen sing)

gemearcian wk verb: mark, stain; designate; design, create; remark, note (forms: gemearca imper sing; mearcað 3rd pers sing pres indic; gemearcod past part; mearcode, gemearcode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

mearcstapa masc noun: walker in border-regions (forms: mearcstapan acc pl)

mearcþreat masc noun: vanguard (forms: mearcþreate dat sing)

mearcweard masc noun: guardian of border-land (forms: mearcweardas nom pl)

mearh, mear, mearg masc noun: horse (forms: meara gen pl; mearas nom/acc pl; meare dat sing; mearum dat pl)

mece masc noun: sword (forms: meca gen pl; mece dat sing; meces gen sing; mecum dat pl)

med fem noun: reward, compensation (forms: meda nom pl; mede acc/dat sing; medo (Beow 178) gen pl; medum dat pl)

medo, medu masc noun: mead (forms: medo, meodo dat sing)

medoærn neut noun: mead hall

medoburg fem noun: (mead-) city (forms: medobyrig dat sing; meoduburgum dat pl) )

medodrinc masc noun: mead, mead-drinking (forms: medodrince dat sing)

medoful, meoduful neut noun: mead cup

medoheal, medoheall fem noun: mead hall (forms: medohealle, meoduhealle dat sing)

gemedu neut noun: consent

medostig fem noun: path to the mead-hall (forms: medostigge acc sing)

medowerig adj: drunk, hung-over (forms: medowerige acc pl; medowerigum dat pl)

medubenc, meodubenc, medobenc fem noun: (mead-) bench (forms: medubence, meodubence, medobence dat sing)

medugal, meodugal adj: drunk (with mead) (forms: meodugales gen sing)

Melantia prop name: Melantia (forms: Melantian acc/dat/gen)

Melchisedec prop name: Melchisedek

melda masc noun: informant, accuser (forms: meldan gen sing)

melo neut noun: flour, meal

gemeltan, gemyltan Class 3 str verb: melt, burn up, dissolve (forms: mealt, gemealt 3rd pers sing pret indic; multon pl pres indic)

mennen neut noun: slave, handmaid (forms: mennen acc pl)

mennisc adj: human (as noun: human being, people, race) (forms: menniscra gen pl; mennisces gen sing; menniscum dat sing neut)

meododream, medudream masc noun: joy of mead (forms: meododreama gen pl)

meduseld neut noun: mead-hall

meodosetl neut noun: mead-seat, place at mead-drinking (forms: meodosetla gen pl)

gemenged past part adj: mixed, combined, confused

mengeo, mænegeo, meniu, mæniu fem noun: multitude

meodowong masc noun: mead-plain, i.e. area of flat ground surrounding the mead-hall (forms: meodowongas acc pl)

meoduscenc masc noun: mead-cup (forms: meoduscencum dat pl)

meolc, meoluc fem noun: milk (forms: meolce dat sing)

meoto fem noun: thought (forms: meoto acc pl)

meowle fem noun: woman, maiden (forms: meowlan acc sing)

meox neut noun: dung, filth

mercels masc noun: target, mark (forms: mercelses gen sing)

mere masc noun: sea, ocean, lake, pond (forms: mere dat sing)

mereciest fem noun: sea-chest (forms: merecieste acc sing)

meredeor neut noun: sea animal

merefara masc noun: seafarer, sailor (forms: merefaran gen sing)

merefisc masc noun: (sea-) fish (forms: merefixa gen pl)

mereflod masc noun: sea, ocean (forms: mereflode dat sing)

meregrund masc noun: sea bottom, lake bottom (forms: meregrundas acc pl)

merehrægl neut noun: sea-garment (a kenning for "sail") (forms: merehrægla gen pl)

merehus neut noun: sea-house (a kenning for "ship") (forms: merehuses gen sing)

merelad fem noun: sea-route (forms: merelade acc sing)

mereliðend masc noun: sailor (forms: mereliðende nom/acc pl)

merestræt fem noun: sea path (forms: merestræta acc pl)

merestream masc noun: sea-stream, sea-water (forms: merestreamas acc pl)

merestrengo fem noun: sea-strength (i.e. strength in swimming)

mereweard masc noun: lord of the sea

merewerig adj: sea-weary (forms: merewerges gen sing masc)

merewif neut noun: sea-woman

Merewioing prop name: Merovingian, Frankish king (forms: Merewioingas gen sing)

gemet neut noun: measure, ability, capacity, rule, law (forms: gemete dat sing)
mid gemete: by (any) means
gemet adj: fitting, right, appropriate

metan Class 5 str verb: measure, measure out, traverse (forms: mæt 3rd pers sing pret indic; mæton pl pret indic)
gemetan wk verb: meet, encounter (forms: gemeted past part; mette, gemette, gemitte 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; metton, gemetton, gemitton pl pret indic)

mete neut noun: food, meat (forms: mete dat sing; metes gen sing)

metelist fem noun: lack of food (forms: meteliste nom pl)

meteþiht adj: strong because of eating (forms: meteþihtan dat sing fem)

metend masc noun: the Measurer, God

gemeting fem noun: encounter, meeting

metod, meotod, meotud masc noun: the Creator, God (forms: metodes, meotodes, meotudes, metudes gen sing; metode dat sing)

metodsceaft, meotodsceaft, meotudgesceaft fem noun: death, doom, fate (forms: metodsceafte dat sing)

mettrum adj: weak, infirm (forms: mettrume nom pl masc)

meðe adj: tired, worn out; sad

meðel neut noun: speech, discourse, utterance; council (forms: meþle dat sing)

meþelstede, meðelstede masc noun: place of assembly (forms: meþelstede, meðelstede dat sing)

meðelword neut noun: formal utterance, speech (forms: meðelwordum dat pl)

micel, mycel adj and pron: great, much (forms: maran compar acc/inst sing masc/fem; miclan acc/dat/gen sing masc/neut/fem; micla nom sing masc; nom pl fem; micle, mycle acc sing neut; acc sing fem; acc pl masc; inst sing masc/neut (also as adverb: "very much, greatly"); micelne acc sing masc; mycelre dat sing fem; micles, miceles, miccles gen sing; miclum, myclum, mycclum, micclum dat pl; dat sing masc/neut (also as adverb: "greatly, very"); mæst superl; mæsta superl nom sing masc; mæste superl dat sing masc/neut, superl acc pl neut, superl nom/acc/dat sing fem; mæstne superl acc sing masc)

micle, miccle adv: much, greatly

miclian wk verb: increase, make greater (forms: miclade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

mid prep: with, by means of, together with, among
mid adv: also, in addition, with (something previously mentioned)

midd adj: middle, mid (forms: middum masc dat sing; midne masc acc sing; midre dat sing fem)

middaneardlic adj: earthly, worldly (forms: middaneardlice acc pl masc)

middangeard, middaneard masc noun: earth, the world (esp. in opposition to heaven and/or hell); mankind (forms: middangearde dat sing; middangeardes gen sing)

midde fem? noun: middle
on middan (w. gen): in the middle of

middelniht fem noun: middle of the night (forms: middelnihtum dat pl)

miht fem noun: might, strength, power (forms: meahte dat sing)

mihtig adj: mighty, powerful (as noun: "the mighty one") (forms: mihtiga masc nom sing; mihtigan nom pl neut; dat sing masc; mihtiges masc gen sing; mihtigne masc acc sing)

mihtmod neut noun: powerful emotion? inclination to use of force?

milde adj: mild, gentle, merciful (forms: mildum dat pl; mildust superl)

milgemearc neut noun: measurement in miles (forms: milgemearces gen sing)

milpæð masc noun: path or track (whose length is reckoned in miles?) (forms: milpaðas acc pl)

milts fem noun: mercy, favour, kindness (forms: miltse acc/dat/gen sing; miltsum dat pl)

gemiltsian wk verb: have mercy, show mercy (forms: gemiltsa 3rd pers sing pres subj)

mislic adj: various (forms: mislicum dat pl)

missan wk verb: miss (a target) (forms: miste 3rd pers sing pret indic)

missenlice adv: diversely, variously, in different ways or places

missenlic adj: diverse, various, different (forms: missenlicum dat pl)

missere neut noun: half year, season, year (forms: missera gen pl; misserum, missarum dat pl)

mist masc noun: mist, smoke (forms: mistas acc pl)

mistglom masc? noun: misty gloom (forms: mistglome dat sing)

misthliþ neut noun: misty slope (forms: misthleoþum dat pl)

mistig adj: misty (forms: mistige acc pl masc)

miðan Class 1 str verb: hide, conceal (forms: miðendne pres part acc sing masc)

gemittan wk verb: meet, encounter (forms: gemitte 3rd pers sing pres subj; gemitton pl pret indic)

Moab prop name: Moab (son of Lot)

Moabitare pl prop name: Moabites

mod neut noun: mind, heart, spirit; pride, arrogance; courage (forms: mode dat sing; modes gen sing; modum dat pl)

modcearig adj: anxious-minded, sad-hearted

modcearu fem noun: anxiety, sadness (of mind) (forms: modceare acc/dat/gen sing)

modgehygd fem noun: thought (forms: modgehygdum dat pl)

modgemynd fem noun: thought, intelligence, memory

modgeþoht masc noun: thought, intelligence, understanding (forms: modgeþohte dat sing)

modgeþonc masc noun: mind, understanding, plan (forms: modgeþonce, modgeþance, modgeðance dat sing)

modgewinna masc noun: mental trouble (forms: modgewinnan acc pl)

modgiomor adj: (mind-) sad

modheap masc noun: (proud) troop (forms: modheapum dat pl)

mnodhete masc noun: hate, hatred

modig, modi adj: proud, valiant (forms: modgan, modigan dat/gen sing; modges, modiges gen sing masc; modiga, modega nom sing masc; modige, modge nom/acc pl masc; modigra gen pl; modigre gen sing fem; modgum dat pl)

modiglic adj: proud, brave (forms: modiglicran compar acc pl masc)

modelice adv: bravely

modlufu fem noun: love (of heart) (forms: modlufan dat sing)

modsefa masc noun: mind, spirit (forms: modsefan acc/dat/gen sing)

modsorg fem noun: distress, grief

modor, moder fem noun: mother (forms: modor, meder, mæder dat/gen sing)

modþracu fem noun: courage (forms: modþræce dat sing)

modþryðo fem noun: arrogance

modwlonc adj: proud-minded

molda masc noun: crown of the head (forms: moldan acc sing)

molde fem noun: world, earth (forms: moldan acc/dat/gen sing)

moldern neut noun: grave (lit. "earth-building")

mona masc noun: moon (forms: monan acc sing)

monað masc noun: month (forms: monðes gen sing)

moncynn, mancyn, mancynn neut noun: mankind, humanity (forms: moncynne, mancynne dat sing; mancynnes, moncynnes, manncynnes gen sing)

mondream masc noun: joy, revelry (forms: mondreama gen pl; mondreamum dat pl )

mondrihten, mondryhten masc noun: liege lord (forms: mandrihtne, mandryhtne dat sing)

mansceaða masc noun: criminal, sinner (forms: mansceaðan acc pl)

monig, manig, mænig adj and pron: many (forms: manigne, mænigne acc sing masc; manega nom pl masc; manigra gen pl; manigre dat/gen sing fem; monige, manige, monge nom/acc pl fem/masc; moniges gen sing; monegum, manegum, mænegum, manigum dat sing masc; dat pl)

monlica masc noun: human effigy, statue

monrim neut noun: population, number of people

monðwære adj: gentle, kind (forms: monðwærust superl)

monwisa masc noun: sinful way (forms: monwisan acc pl)

mor masc noun: moor, hilly region, mountain (forms: moras acc pl; more dat sing)

morhop neut noun: moor retreat (forms: morhopu acc pl)

morgen, mergen masc noun: morning (forms: morgne, mergenne dat sing; morgena, morna gen pl)

morgenceald adj: morning-cold

morgencolla masc noun: morning slaughter (forms: morgencollan acc sing)

morgenleoht neut noun: morning light, dawn

morgenlong adj: morning-long (forms: morgenlongne acc sing masc)

morgensweg masc noun: morning noise

morgentid fem noun: morning (-time)

morð neut noun: death, destruction; murder (forms: morðes gen sing)

morðbealu neut noun: murderous evil (forms: morðbeala acc sing)

morðor, morðer masc or neut noun: murder; crime, sin; torment (forms: morðra gen pl; morðre, morþre dat sing; morðres gen sing)

morðorbealo neut noun: murder, slaughter

morþorbed neut noun: death-bed

morþorhete masc noun: hatred resulting from murder (forms: morþorhetes gen sing)

gemot neut noun: meeting, sitting of council; encounter, fight (forms: gemotes gen sing)

motan anom verb: to be able to, to be allowed to (forms: most 2nd pers sing pres indic; mote 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pres indic/subj; moten pl pres subj; moste 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pret indic; mosten pl pret subj; moston pl pret indic; mot 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; moton, motan pl pres indic)

moððe fem noun: moth

Moyses indecl prop name: Moses

multiplicamini Latin verb: be multiplied (imper sing) (forms: )

gemunan anom verb: remember, be mindful of, pay attention to (forms: geman, gemon 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; gemunað imper pl; gemunde 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; gemundon pl pret indic; gemyne imper sing)

mund fem noun: hand (forms: mundum dat pl)

mundbora masc noun: protector

mundbyrd fem noun: protection, patronage, help (forms: mundbyrde acc/dat sing; acc pl)

gemundbyrdan wk verb: intercede, protect

mundgripe masc noun: hand-grasp (forms: mundgripe dat sing)

murcnung fem noun: grief (forms: murcnunge dat sing)

murnan Class 3 str verb: mourn, be sorrowful, regret (forms: mearn 3rd pers sing pret indic; murne 3rd pers sing pres subj; murnende pres part; murnon pl pret indic)

muð masc noun: mouth, door, opening (forms: muðe, muþe dat sing)

muða masc noun: door, opening (forms: muðan acc sing)

muðbona masc noun: killer (by using the mouth), biter to death (forms: muðbonan dat sing)

muð-ful masc noun: mouthfull (forms: muð-fulne acc sing)

myltestre fem noun: floozie, slut, prostitute

gemynd fem noun: memory, thought, intellect (forms: gemynda acc pl; gemynde acc/dat/gen sing; gemyndum dat pl)

myndgian wk verb: remind; bring to mind (forms: gemyndgad past part; myndgað 3rd pers sing pres indic; myndgiend pres part )

gemyndig adj w. gen: mindful (of), keeping in mind, remembering

myne, mine masc noun: love, desire; intention; memory

mynster neut noun: monastery (forms: mynstre dat sing)

mynsterlic adj: monastic (forms: mynsterlicre dat sing fem)

mynstermann masc noun: monk, inhabitant of a minster (forms: mynstermenn, mynstermen nom pl)

myntan wk verb: mean, intend; think (forms: gemynt past part; mynte 3rd pers sing pret indic; gemynted past part; mynteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; mynton pl pret indic)

Myrce pl masc noun: Mercians (forms: Myrcena gen pl; Myrcon, Myrcan dat pl)

myrce adj: dark (forms: myrcan acc sing masc)

myrcels masc noun: sign, token, warning (forms: myrcelse dat sing)

myrðu fem noun: trouble, affliction (forms: myrðe acc/gen sing)

na, no adv: not, not at all, never

naca masc noun: ship (forms: nacan acc/dat/gen sing)

nacod adj: naked

nædre fem noun: snake, serpent (forms: nædran dat sing)

næfre adv: never

genægan wk verb: address; attack (forms: hnægde 3rd pers sing pret indic; genægdan, gehnægdon pl pret indic; genæged past part )

nægl masc noun: nail, finger- or toe-nail, claw (forms: nægla gen pl; næglum dat pl)

nægled past part adj: nailed, decorated with nails (forms: næglede acc pl masc)

Nægling prop name: Naegling ("son of the claw"), Beowulf's sword

næledbord neut noun: nailed board (a kenning for "ship")

nænig pron and adj: not any, none (forms: nænigne acc sing masc; nænigra gen pl; nænigum, nænegum, nængum dat sing masc)

næss, næs masc noun: cliff, headland; ground, earth (forms: næssa gen pl; næssas acc pl; næsse dat sing)

næshlið neut noun: slope (of a headland) (forms: næshleoðum dat pl)

nalles, nales, nealles, næs, nalæs, nalas, nallas adv: not (emphatic), not at all, never

nama, noma masc noun: name (forms: naman, noman acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl)

namcuþ adj: whose name is known (forms: namcuþre gen sing fem)

nan pron: none, not one (forms: nanne, nænne acc sing masc)

nanðing neut noun: nothing

nateshwon adv: not at all, not by any means

nathwær adv: somewhere or other

nathwæt pron: something or other

nathwylc adj: a certain, some kind of a (forms: nathwylces gen sing; nathwylcum dat sing masc)

ne negative particle: not, nor

neah, neh adj, adv and prep: near (forms: near, nior compar adv: nearer; nehst superl: "most recently"; niehstan, nehstan, nyhstan superl dat sing)
æt nehstan, niehstan sið: soon, next, at the earliest opportunity

neahbuend masc noun: neigbbour (forms: neahbuendum dat pl)

geneahhe, geneahe, genehe adv: very, enough, sufficiently, often (forms: genehost superl)

genealæcan, genealecan wk verb: approach, come near (forms: nealæhte 3rd pers sing pret indic; genealæhton pl pret indic)

nean, neon adv: near, from nearby

nearo neut noun: tight place, difficulty (forms: nearo acc sing)

nearocræft masc noun: confining strength? art of keeping secure? (forms: nearocræftum dat sing)

nearofag adj: closely-confined and hostile (of the barrow-dwelling dragon in Beow) (forms: nearofages gen sing masc)

nearoþearf fem noun: oppressive misery (forms: nearoþearfe acc sing)

nearu neut noun: difficulty, confinement, narrow place (forms: nearwe dat sing)

nearo adj: narrow, oppressive (forms: nearwan acc sing masc; nearwe dat sing masc; acc sing fem; nearore compar acc sing neut)
nearwe adv: tightly

genearwian wk verb: oppress, afflict, confine; become confined, become narrow (forms: nearwað 3rd pers sing pres indic; genearwad, genearwod past part; nearwode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geneat masc noun: companion, retainer, vassal (forms: geneatas nom pl)

neawest fem? noun: nearness, proximity, touch

neb neut noun: nose, bill, beak

Nebroð prop name: Nimrod (forms: Nebroðes gen sing)

nefa masc noun: nephew (forms: nefan acc/dat sing)

nefne, næfne, nemne adv and prep: unless; except that; except for

nefugol masc noun: death-bird, carrion bird (forms: nefuglas nom pl)

genemnan wk verb: name, call (forms: nemnað pl pres indic; nemde 3rd pers sing pret indic; nemdon pl pret indic; genemned past part)

neomian wk verb: sound harmoniously (forms: neomegende pres part )

neorxnawang, neorxnawong masc noun: paradise (forms: neorxnawonge, neorxnawange dat sing; neorxnawanges, neorxnawonges gen sing)

geneosian, neosan, niosian, niosan wk verb w. gen or acc: find out, inspect, seek out, visit (forms: geneosode 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; niosað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

neotan, niotan Class 2 str verb with gen: use, enjoy (forms: neot imper sing; niotað imper pl)

neoðan, neoþan, neoðone adv: beneath, below

neowel adj: precipitous, steep; deep (forms: neowelne acc sing masc; neowle acc pl masc)

nergend masc noun: saviour (forms: nergende dat sing; nergendes gen sing)

nerian, nergan, nergean, generigan wk verb: save, protect (forms: nere imper sing; genered past part; nerede, generede 3rd pers sing pret indic; nereð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

genesan Class 5 str verb: survive, escape from (forms: genæs 3rd pers sing pret indic; genesen past part)

nest neut noun: food, provisions

netele fem noun: nettle

geneþan wk verb w. dat or acc: to venture, dare, risk (forms: geneðde, geneþde, neðde 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; neþdon, neðdon, geneðdon pl pret indic; neðende pres part; neþeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

nicer masc noun: water monster (forms: nicera gen pl; niceras, nicras acc pl)

nicorhus neut noun: house of water monsters (forms: nicorhusa gen pl)

neod, nyd fem noun: necessity, duty, errand, business (forms: neode, nede acc/dat sing)
on nede: by compulsion, by force
niede, nyde, nede dat sing as adv: necessarily, by force

niedwædla masc noun: beggar, poor man

niede adv: necessarily, of necessity, needs

nigen, nigon numeral: nine (forms: nigene acc pl masc)

nigenhund, nigonhund numeral: nine hundred

nigoða numer adj: ninth (forms: nigoðan dat sing masc)

niht fem noun: night (forms: nihta gen pl; nihte acc/dat/gen sing; nihtes gen sing; niht nom/acc pl; acc/dat sing; nihtum dat pl)

geniht neut noun: enough, abundance, sufficiency

nihtbealu neut noun: night-evil (forms: nihtbealwa gen pl)

nihtfeormung fem noun: hospitality for the night, lodging (forms: nihtfeormunge acc sing)

nihtgerim neut noun: number of nights

nihthelm masc noun: the covering of night

nihtlong, nihtlang adj: night-long (forms: nihtlongne, nihtlangne acc sing masc)

nihtrest fem noun: bed (forms: nihtreste acc sing)

nihtscua masc noun: the darkness of night (forms: nihtscuwan dat sing)

genihtsum adj: abundant, sufficient

nihtwaco fem noun: night-watch, night-wakefulness

nihtweorc neut noun: night work (forms: nihtweorce dat sing)

Nilus prop name: the Nile

niobedd neut noun: bed of death?

genipan Class 1 str verb: darken, grow dark (forms: nap, genap 3rd pers sing pret indic; nipende pres part; nipeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

neod, niod fem noun: desire, longing, lack; pleasure, delight (forms: niode acc sing)

neodlaðu fem noun: desire (forms: neodlaðum dat pl)

neodlice adv: eagerly, earnestly

niðdraca masc noun: evil dragon

neoþeweard adj: down, downwards (forms: neoþeweardne acc sing masc)

niðgæst masc noun: evil visitor, malicious stranger

nithgripe masc noun: hostile grasp (forms: nidgripe dat sing)

Niðhad prop name: Nithhad, a legendary king (the name is a compound meaning "evil nature") who cut the hamstrings of Weland to enslave him to his service

niðheard adj: tough, brave in battle

niðhedig adj: mindful of (the possibility of) malice (forms: niðhedige nom pl)

niðhycgende pres part adj: intending evil

niðsele masc noun: evil hall, hostile hall (forms: niðsele dat sing)

niðwundor neut noun: terrifying spectacle

geniman Class 4 str verb w. acc or gen: take (forms: nam, genam, nom, genom 3rd pers sing pret indic; gename 3rd pers sing pret subj; name, gename 2nd pers sing pret indic; namon, genamon, naman, genaman pl pret indic; nim, genim imper sing; nimað pl pres indic; nime, genime 3rd pers sing pres subj; nimest 2nd pers sing pres indic; genimeð, nimeð, nimeþ, nymeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; numen, genumen past part; to nimanne inflect infin)

genip neut noun: darkness (forms: genipu acc pl)

niþ, nið masc noun: evil, hatred, strife, enmity; oppression, affliction; attack (forms: niða gen pl; niðas nom/acc pl; niðe, niþe dat sing; niþes, niðes gen sing; niðum dat pl)

niðer, niþer, nyðer, nioðor adv: down, downwards

niðerian wk verb: put down, oppress, condemn (forms: genyðerad past part)

niðerweard, niþerweard adj: downward

niðgeteon neut noun: violent attack (forms: niðgeteone dat sing)

niþgeweorc neut noun: deed in battle, evil deed (forms: niþgeweorca gen pl)

niþgrim adj: grievous, terrible, horrific

niððas, niðas pl masc noun: men (forms: niðþa, niðða, niþða, niþþa, niða gen; niþþum, niððum, niþum dat pl)

niwe adj: new, fresh, unheard of (forms: niowan, niwan masc/fem dat sing; niwes gen sing neut; niwra gen pl; niwre dat/gen sing fem)

geniwian wk verb: renew, repeat; make anew, afresh (forms: niwiað pl pres indic; geniwod, geniwad past part)

niwtyrwyd past part adj: recently tarred (forms: niwtyrwydne acc sing masc)

Noe proper name: Noe (Noah) (forms: Noe dat sing; Noes gen sing)

nohwæðere, nohwæðre adv: yet not at all; however not

non neut? noun: ninth hour of the day (ca. 3 p.m.)

norð adv: north

norðan adv: from the north

norþanwind masc noun: north wind

norþdæl masc noun: the northern part, the north (forms: norðdæle dat sing)

Norðdene masc pl noun: (North-) Danes (forms: Norðdenum dat pl)

Norðhymbre masc pl noun: Northhumbrians (forms: Norðhymbra gen pl; Norðhymbron dat pl)

norðmann masc noun: northern man (forms: norðmen nom pl; norðmonna, norðmanna gen pl; norðmonnum dat pl)

nose fem noun: headland, promontory (forms: nosan acc/dat sing)

noþ fem noun: plunder, loot (forms: noþe acc sing)

noðer, noþer conj: neither, and not

nu adv: now

nyd fem noun: necessity, compulsion (forms: nyde dat sing)

genydan wk verb: force, impel by necessity (forms: genyded, genydde past part)

nydbad fem noun: tariff, toll, enforced payment (forms: nydbade acc sing)

nydfara masc noun: exile

nydgestealla masc noun: comrade, companion in necessity (forms: nydgesteallan nom pl)

nydwracu fem noun: (enforced) distress, misery

nymþe, nymðe, nemþe conj: unless, except

nytt, nyt adj: useful, beneficial (forms: nytte masc nom pl)
nytt fem noun: use, benefit (forms: nytte acc/dat sing)

nyttian wk verb: make use of, enjoy (forms: nyttade 3rd pers sing pret indic; genyttod past part)

Odda prop name: Odda (forms: Oddan gen sing)

of prep: of, from, out of;
of adv: out, away, off

ofæt, ofet neut noun: fruit (forms: ofætes, ofetes gen sing)

ofaslean Class 6 str verb: strike off, cut off

ofclipian wk verb: call, get by calling (forms: ofclypode 3rd pers sing pret subj)

ofdune adv: down

ofer, ofor prep: over, above, across, throughout, during, after, without, against, despite
ofer bæc adv: backwards, away
ofer masc noun: edge, shore (forms: ofre dat sing)

ofercuman Class 4 str verb: overcome (forms: ofercomon pl pret indic; ofercumen past part; ofercwom 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oferdrencan wk verb: make (too) drunk (forms: oferdrencte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oferdrifan Class 1 str verb: overcome, defeat

oferfaran Class 6 str verb: cross, go over, traverse (forms: oferforan pl pret indic)

oferfleon Class 2 str verb: flee from

oferflitan Class 1 str verb: beat, best, overcome (forms: oferflat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ofergan anom verb: pass over, end; traverse (forms: ofereode 3rd pers sing pret indic; ofereodon pl pret indic)
þæs ofereode: that ended; it ended as far as that is concerned

ofergietan Class 5 str verb: forget (forms: ofergeaton pl pret indic)

oferhelmian wk verb: overhang, cover over (forms: oferhelmað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

oferhigian wk verb: pass, overtake, outlast

oferhycgan wk verb: despise, be too proud for (forms: oferhogode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oferhygd fem noun: pride, arrogance, conceit (forms: oferhygda, oferhyda gen pl; oferhygde dat sing)

oferhydig, oferhidig adj: proud, arrogant

ofermægen neut noun: superior strength, overpowering might (forms: ofermægene dat sing; ofermægnes gen sing)

ofermaðm masc noun: extravagant treasure (forms: ofermaðmum dat pl)

ofermetto fem noun: pride, arrogance

ofermod neut noun: pride (forms: ofermode dat sing; ofermodes gen sing)
ofermod adj: arrogant, proud (forms: ofermoda masc nom sing)

ofermede neut noun: pride

ofersecan wk verb: overstress, overwhelm (forms: ofersohte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oferseon Class 5 str verb: oversee, supervise, observe, look upon, see (forms: ofersawon pl pret indic)

ofersittan Class 5 str verb: renounce, refrain from (forms: ofersitte 1st pers sing pres indic)

oferswimman Class 3 str verb: swim across (forms: oferswam 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oferswyðan Class 1 str verb: overcome, vanquish (forms: oferswað 3rd pers sing pret indic; oferswyðeþ, oferswyðeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

oferweorpan Class 3 str verb: cast down; (in wrestling) throw (forms: oferwearp 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oferwinnan Class 3 str verb: outfight, overcome, vanquish (forms: oferwunnen past part)

Offa proper name: Offa (forms: Offan gen)

offerian wk verb: carry off (forms: offerede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

offrian wk verb: make an offering or oblation (forms: ofrað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

ofgan anom verb: go out of, exit (forms: ofeode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ofgiefan, ofgifan, ofgyfan Class 5 str verb: relinquish, give up, leave (forms: ofgeaf 3rd pers sing pret indic; ofgeafon, ofgeafun, ofgæfon, ofgefan pl pret indic; ofgif imper sing; ofgifen past part)

oflætan Class 7 str verb: relinquish, leave behind, let go (forms: oflætest 2nd pers sing pres indic; oflet 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oflæte fem noun: sacramental wafer (forms: oflætan acc pl, dat sing)

oflangian wk verb: be overcome with longing (forms: oflongad past part)

ofost, ofest fem noun: haste, speed (forms: ofoste, ofeste, ofste dat sing; ofostum, ofestum, ofstum dat pl (also adverbially: hastily, speedily))

ofostlice, ofstlice, ofestlice adv: quickly, hurriedly

ofsceamian wk verb: humiliate, shame (forms: ofsceamod past part)

ofsceotan Class 2 str verb: kill (by shooting or with a thrown weapon) (forms: ofsceat, ofscet 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ofsettan wk verb: possess, oppress (forms: ofsættum past part dat pl masc)

ofsittan Class 5 str verb: sit upon (forms: ofsæt 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ofslean Class 6 str verb: kill, strike down (forms: ofslagen past part; ofsloh 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; ofslegene past part nom pl masc)

oft adv: often, frequently (forms: oftor compar; oftost superl)

ofteon Class 2 strong verb: take away, remove, withdraw (w. gen of thing taken away); withhold (w. acc.) (forms: oftihð 3rd pers sing pres indic; ofteah 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ofþecgan wk verb: destroy (forms: ofþegde past part nom pl masc)

ofþyncan wk verb: displease

ofþyrstan wk verb: to be thirsty, thirst for (forms: ofþyrsted past part)

oht fem noun: emnity, calamity

Ohtere, Ohthere prop name: Ohthere (forms: Ohteres, Ohtheres gen)

ohwær, ower adv: anywhere

oleccan wk verb: flatter, charm

olecung fem noun: flattery, charm, seduction (forms: olecunge dat sing)

Olla prop name: Olla (name given to one of Noah's daughters-in-law

Olliua prop name: Olliva (name given to one of Noah's daughters-in-law

Olliuani prop name: Ollivani (name given to one of Noah's daughters-in-law

ombeht masc noun: servant, officer

ombihtscealc, anbyhtscealc masc noun: servant, retainer (forms: anbyhtscealcas nom pl; ombihtscealcum dat pl)

ombihtþegn masc noun: serving man (forms: ombihtþegne dat sing)

omig adj: rusty, corroded (forms: omige nom pl neut)

on, an prep: on, in, onto, into; about

onælan wk verb: kindle (forms: onæled past part)

onberan Class 4 str verb: carry, wear (forms: oboren past part)

onbidan Class 1 str verb w. gen: await (forms: onbad 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onbindan Class 3 str verb: unbind, loose, release (forms: onband 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onbitan Class 1 str verb w. gen: eat, partake of (forms: onbat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onblotan Class 4 str verb: sacrifice (forms: onbleot 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onbregdan Class 3 str verb: move, burst (forms: onbrægd, onbræd 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onbryrdan wk verb: inspire, encourage (forms: onbryrde 3rd pers sing pret indic; onbryrd past part)

onbyrigan wk verb w. gen: taste, experience

oncerbend masc noun: anchor-cable (forms: oncearbendum dat pl)

oncierran oncirran wk verb: change, alter; turn, return (trans); turn (w. reflex pron); go (forms: oncirde 3rd pers sing pret indic; oncyrreð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

oncnawan Class 7 str verb: know, understand, recognize (forms: oncneow, oncniow 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oncweðan Class 5 str verb: say, speak, answer (forms: oncwæð 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oncyrrap masc noun: (anchor- ) rope, cable (forms: oncyrrapum dat pl)

oncyð fem noun: grief, distress (forms: oncyþðe acc sing)

ondhweorfan Class 3 str verb: turn against, (of wind) blow in a contrary direction (forms: ondhwearf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ondlean, andlean neut noun: revenge, retaliation

andraedan, ondrædan Class 7 str verb: dread, fear; (trans) frighten (forms: ondrædað pl pres indic; ondrædeþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; ondred 3rd pers sing pret indic; ondrede 3rd pers sing pret subj; ondredon pl pret indic)

ondrysne, andrysne adj: awe-inspiring, venerable; terrible, fearful (forms: andrysnum dat sing masc; dat pl)

ondsaca masc noun: adversary (forms: ondsacan acc sing)

ondslyht masc noun: battle, counterattack (forms: hondslyht acc sing)

onegan wk verb: fear, dread

Onela prop name: Onela (forms: Onelan gen sing)

onemn, on efn prep: by, beside

onettan wk verb: hurry, move rapidly (forms: onette 3rd pers sing pret indic; onetteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; onetton, onettan pl pret indic)

onfindan Class 3 str verb: find, discover, experience (forms: onfunde, onfond, onfand 3rd pers sing pret indic; onfunde 3rd pers sing pret subj; onfunden past part)

onfon Class 7 str verb w. dat or gen: receive, accept, take, take up (forms: anfenge 3rd pers sing pret subj; onfeng 3rd pers sing pret indic; onfengon pl pret indic; onfoh imper sing; onfoð pl pres indic; imper pl)

ongalan Class 6 str verb: recite (a charm)

ongangan Class 7 str verb: approach, attack

ongeador adv: together

ongean prep and adv: towards, against; back, opposite

Ongenþeow, Ongenðio, Ongenþio, Ongenðiow prop name: Ongentheow, king of the Swedes (forms: Ongenðeowes, Ongenþeoes, Ongenðioes gen sing)

ongietan, ongytan, ongyton, ongitan Class 5 str verb: perceive, understand (forms: ongeat, ongæt, angeat 3rd pers sing pret indic; ongeaton pl pret indic; ongit imper sing; ongite 3rd pers sing pres subj; ongieten past part)

onginnan Class 3 str verb: begin, attempt, try, undertake (forms: ongan, ongann, ongean, angan, ongon 3rd pers sing pret indic; ongin imper sing; onginnað imper pl; onginnen pl pres subj; onginneð 3rd pers sing pres indic; ongyn, ongin imper sing; ongynneð, onginneð 3rd pers sing pres indic; ongunne 3rd pers sing pret subj; ongunnen past part; ongunnon, ongunnan, ongunnen pl pret indic)

ongyldan Class 3 str verb: pay for, atone for, be punished for
(forms: ongeald, angeald 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ongyrwan wk verb: strip, unclothe (forms: ongyrede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onhætan wk verb: kindle, inflame (forms: onhæted past part)

onhawian wk verb: observe, gaze at (forms: onhawoden pl pret indic)

onhebban Class 6 str verb: raise up, increase, exalt (forms: onhof 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onhohsnian wk verb: put a stop to (forms: onhohsnode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onhreodan Class 2 str verb: adorn (forms: onhread 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onhreran wk verb: move, stir up (forms: onhrered past part)

onhweorfan Class 3 str verb: turn, change, reverse (forms: onhworfen past part)

on innan adv and prep (often postposed): within

onirnan Class 3 str verb: swing open (forms: onarn 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onlædan wk verb: bring in, introduce (forms: onlædde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onlætan Class 7 str verb: release (forms: onlæteð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

onleon Class 1 str verb: give, grant, lend (w. gen of what is granted or lent) (forms: onlag, onlah, onleah 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onlucan Class 2 str verb: unlock, open (forms: onleac 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onlutan Class 2 str verb: bow (forms: onlut imper sing)

onlicnes, onlicnæs fem noun: likeness (forms: onlicnesse, anlicnesse dat sing)

onlysan wk verb: loose, release (forms: onlysde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onmedla masc noun: pride, arrogance, pomp (forms: onmedlan nom pl; dat sing)

onmunan anom verb: consider worthy (of) (forms: onmunde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onnied fem noun: oppression

onriht adj: right, proper, fitting (forms: onrihtne masc acc sing)

onsacan Class 6 str verb: attack

onsæge adj: attacking, fatal

onsælan wk verb: untie, loosen, reveal (forms: onsæl imper sing)

onsagu fem noun: accusation, assertion (forms: onsage acc/dat sing)

onsceacan Class 6 str verb: shake (forms: onsceoc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onsceotan Class 2 str verb: open (forms: onsceote 3rd pers sing pres subj)

onsecan wk verb w. acc and gen: deprive (someone of something) (forms: onsæce 3rd pers sing pres subj)

onsecgan wk verb: dedicate, offer (a sacrifice) (forms: onsægde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onsendan wk verb: send, dispatch, deliver up (forms: onsend imper sing; onsende 3rd pers sing pret indic; onsended past part; onsendeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; onsendon pl pret indic)

onseon Class 5 str verb: observe, look upon, watch (forms: onsegon pl pret indic)

onsittan Class 5 str verb: sit on or in, occupy; fear (forms: onsite imper sing; onsittan Class 5 str verb: fear, dread (forms: onsæton pl pret indic)

onsponnan Class 7 str verb: unfasten (forms: onspeon 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onspringan Class 3 str verb: burst apart (forms: onsprungon pl pret indic)

onstellan wk verb: institute, initiate, begin, exemplify (forms: onstealde 3rd pers sing pret indic; onstealdest 2nd pers sing pret indic)

onsund, andsund, ansund adj: sound, whole, healthy, uninjured (forms: onsundne acc sing masc)

onsundran, onsundron adv: separately, apart, privately
niman onsundran: take aside, speak to privately

onswifan Class 1 str verb: turn, swing (forms: onswaf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ontyhtan wk verb: impel, incite (forms: ontyhte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ontynan wk verb: open, reveal (forms: ontyneð 3rd pers sing pres indic;
toðum ontynan: utter

ontyndnys, ontendnyss fem noun: spark, kindling, incitement

onðeon Class 1 str verb: prosper; be useful to (forms: onðah 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onwæcan wk verb: weaken (forms: onwæcen pl pres subj)

onwæcnan wk verb: awake (forms: onwæcneð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

onwacan, awacan Class 6 str verb: arise, begin, be born, awake (forms: onwoc, awoc 3rd pers sing pret indic; onwoce 3rd pers sing pret subj; onwocan, onwocon, awocon pl pret indic)

onwadan Class 6 str verb: seize, take (forms: onwod 3rd pers sing pret indic)

onweald masc noun: ownership, control

onwendan wk verb: change; transgress (a commandment) (forms: onwended past part; onwendeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; onwendon pl pres indic (subj?)

onwindan Class 3 str verb: unwind, untie (forms: onwindeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

onwreon Class 2 str verb: display, reveal (forms: onwreoh 2nd pers sing pres subj)

onwriðan wk verb: unwrap

open adj: open, visible (forms: opene nom pl masc; acc sing fem)

openian wk verb: open

openlice adv: openly, publicly

or neut noun: origin, beginning; front (of an army) (forms: ore dat sing)

ora masc noun: edge, border, shoreline (forms: oran dat sing)

orc masc noun: cask, pitcher (forms: orcas nom/acc pl)

orcneas (pl.) masc noun: monsters

ord masc noun: point, spear; source; front; vanguard, troop of front fighters; prince (forms: orde dat sing)

ordbana masc noun: murderer (forms: ordbanan acc sing)

ordfruma masc noun: author, creator; leader, chief (forms: ordfruman acc sing)

oret masc noun: battle (forms: orette dat sing)

oreð, oruð neut noun: breath (forms: oreðe dat sing; oreðes gen sing)

oretmecg masc noun: warrior (forms: oretmecgas, oretmæcgas nom/acc pl)

oretta masc noun: warrior

orfeorme adj: useless, empty; lacking, without

Orlahomar prop name: (altered from) Chodorlahomor (Chedorlaomer)

orleahtre adj: blameless

orlege neut noun: battle (forms: orlege dat sing; orleges gen sing)

orleghwil fem noun: (time of) battle (forms: orleghwila gen pl; orleghwile gen sing)

orlæggifre adj: belligerent, war-mongering

orlegceap masc noun: spoils of war

orlegnið masc noun: war

orlegweorc neut noun: (affliction of?) war

ormæte adj: boundless, unlimited

orsawle adj: without a soul, inanimate, lifeless

orsorg adj w. gen: unconcerned by, untroubled with (forms: orsorge nom pl neut)

orwearde adj: unguarded

orwena adj w. gen: without hope of, despairing of

orþanc, orðonc masc noun: skill, art, contrivance (forms: orþancum, orðoncum dat pl)

ortrywe adj: faithless, traitrous; hopeless, despairing

os masc noun: a noun derived from the general word for the Germanic pagan gods, the Aesir or Ases, but which in Metrical Charm 4 must have a reduced meaning, "fairy", "evil spirit", or some such. (forms: esa gen pl)

Oslaf proper name: Oslaf

Oswig prop name: Oswig

Oswold prop name: Oswald (forms: Oswolde dat sing; Oswoldes gen sing)

conj: until

oþberan Class 4 str verb: carry along, carry away (forms: oþbær 3rd pers sing pret indic)

oþer, oðer adj and pron: other, another, a second, one (of two); another (thing) (forms: oðere dat sing masc; oðre, oþre masc nom pl; inst sing masc/neut; acc sing fem; nom/acc sing neut; oðres, oþres gen sing masc/neut; oðerne, oþerne masc acc sing; oðerra gen pl; oþerre dat sing fem; oðrum, oþrum dat pl; dat sing masc/neut)

oðferian wk verb: carry away (forms: oðferede 1st pers sing pret indic)

oðgan wk verb: went away (forms: oðeodon pl pret indic)

oðiewan wk verb: show (forms: oðiewde 3rd pers sing pret indic; oðiewdest 2nd pers sing pret indic)

oððe, oþðe, oþþe conj: or

oðþæt, oððæt, oþþæt, oþðæt, oð þæt, oðð þæt conj: until

oðþringan Class 3 str verb: drive out; deprive (forms: oðþrong 1st pers sing pret indic; oðþringeð, oþþringeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

oðwendan wk verb: withdraw, divert

oðwitan Class 1 str verb: reproach, blame

Pante prop name: the river Blackwater (Essex) (forms: Pantan acc/dat/gen sing)

paralysis masc? noun: paralysis (forms: paralisyn dat sing)

Pater Noster Latin phrase: Our Father (the Lord's Prayer)

Paul prop name: Paul (forms: Paules gen sing)

Penda prop name: Penda

Percoba proper name: Percoba (name given to Noah's wife)

Peter prop name: Peter (forms: Petres gen sing)

Philippus prop name: Philippus (forms: Philippe dat sing; Philyppus gen sing)

plega plega: fighting; sport; festivity

post masc noun: post (forms: poste dat sing)

prass masc? noun: military force (forms: prasse dat sing)

pyt masc noun: pit, hole

plegian, plegan wk verb: sport, play; amuse oneself; mock (forms: plegode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Protus prop name: Protus

racente fem noun: chain (forms: racentan gen sing; racentum, racentægum dat pl)

racu fem noun: smoke, cloud

rad fem noun: ride, expedition, journey, road (forms: rade dat sing)

gerad adj: ready, able (forms: gerade acc sing neut)

geraecan wk verb: reach, extend; offer, give; obtain, get; reach with a weapon, wound (forms: ræhte, geræhte 3rd pers sing pret indic; ræhton, geræhton pl pret indic)

geræcan wk verb: reach, attain, obtain, get

ræd masc noun: counsel, plan, decree, ordinance, gain, profit (forms: ræda gen pl; rædas acc pl; ræde dat sing)

gerædan wk verb: rule, make decisions, advise; instruct (forms: geræd, rædde 3rd pers sing pret indic; rædað pl pres indic; gerædest 2nd pers sing pres indic)

rædbora masc noun: counsellor

rædend masc noun: ruler

rædfæst adj: wise, righteous

rædleas adj: miserable, disordered, foolish (forms: rædlease acc sing neut)

gerædu neut pl noun: trappings, harness (forms: gerædum dat pl)

ræfnian wk verb: carry out, do (forms: ræfndon pl pret indic)

ræran wk verb: raise, build, create, elevate (forms: rærde 3rd pers sing pret indic; rærdon pl pret indic)

ræs masc noun: rush, onslaught, attack (forms: ræsum dat pl)

geræsan wk verb: attack (forms: ræsde, geræsde 3rd pers sing pret indic; ræseð 3rd pers sing pres indic )
ræsan on + acc: rush upon, attack

ræsbora masc noun: leader, guide

ræst fem noun: resting place, bed (forms: ræste acc/dat sing)

ræswa masc noun: leader, lord, king (forms: ræswan nom pl; dat sing)

rancstræt fem noun: a large (magnificent?) road (forms: rancstræte acc sing)

rand, rond masc noun: shield (forms: randas acc pl; rande, ronde dat sing)

randgebeorh neut noun: shield-defence

randwiga masc noun: (shield- ) warrior (forms: randwigan acc sing; randwigum dat pl)

randwiggend masc noun: (shield- ) warrior (forms: randwiggendra gen pl)

rasian wk verb: explore, ransack (forms: rasod past part)

read adj: red (forms: reada nom sing masc; reade masc/neut dat sing.; acc pl masc; nom sing fem; reodne acc sing masc; readum dat sing neut)

reaf neut noun: clothing (forms: reafum dat pl)

reafian wk verb: rob, despoil (forms: reafað 3rd pers sing pres indic; reafeden pl pret indic; reafige 3rd pers sing pres indic; reafode 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic)

rec masc noun: smoke (forms: recas acc pl rece dat sing)

recan anom verb w. gen: care about, be interested in (forms: rohte 3rd pers sing pret indic; rohton pl pret indic)

reccan wk verb: tell, narrate (forms: to reccenne, to gereccenne inflect infin; rehte 3rd pers sing pret indic)
reccan wk verb: care about, consider (forms: recce 2nd pers sing pres subj; recceð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

reced masc noun: building, palace (forms: receda gen pl; recede, ræcede dat sing; recedes gen sing)

recene, ricene, rycene, ricone adv: quickly, immediately

gerefa, geræfa masc noun: steward, reeve, prefect (forms: gerefan nom pl)

regn masc noun: rain (forms: regnas nom pl)

regnheard adj: very tough (forms: regnhearde acc pl masc)

geregnian, renian wk verb: adorn, decorate; set (a trap), prepare (a trick) (forms: geregnad, gerenod past part; geregnode past part acc sing fem; renodest 2nd pers sing pret indic)

geren neut noun: ornament (forms: gereno acc pl)

renig adj: rainy

renweard masc noun: guardian of a building (forms: renweardas nom pl)

reoc adj: savage, furious

reocan Class 2 str verb: smoke, steam (forms: reccendne pres part acc sing masc; reocende pres part)

reodan Class 2 str verb: redden (forms: hroden past part)

reonigmod adj: weary (forms: reonigmode nom pl masc)

reord fem noun: voice, language (forms: reorde acc/dat sing)

reordberend masc noun: speech-bearer (i.e., human being) (forms: reordberend nom pl; reordberendum dat pl)

reordian, reordigean wk verb: speak (forms: reordade, reordode 3rd pers sing pret indic; gereorded past part)

gereordu neut pl noun: hospitality (forms: gereorda acc)

reotan Class 2 str verb: cry, lament (forms: reotað pl pres indic; reoteð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

reotig adj: weeping, mournful (forms: reotugu nom sing fem)

replete Latin verb: fill, fill up (imper sing)

rest fem noun: rest, sleep; resting place, bed (forms: reste, ræste acc/dat/gen sing)

restestow fem noun: a place of rest (forms: restestowe acc sing)

gerestan wk verb: rest, be quiet (forms: restað imper pl; reste 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; reston pl pret indic)

reðe, hreðe, reþe adj: cruel, harsh; terrible (forms: reðan nom pl neut; reðre gen sing fem)

reþemod adj: savage, fierce (forms: reðemode masc nom pl)

reðran verb: prepare

rib neut noun: rib

rice adj: powerful, mighty (forms: rica masc nom sing (se rica: the mighty one); rican dat sing masc; ricne acc sing masc; ricost superl; ricra gen pl; ricum dat pl);
rice neut noun: kingdom, rule (forms: rice dat sing; rices gen sing)

geridan Class 1 str verb: ride, control; float, sail (forms: rad, gerad 3rd pers sing pret indic; ridan, riodan pl pret indic; ride 1st pers sing pres indic; 3rd pers sing pres subj; rideð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

ridda masc noun: rider, horseman

ridend masc noun: rider, horseman (forms: ridend nom pl)

geriht, ryht neut noun: a right, duty, obligation; what is right, justice, truth; law, rule (forms: rihte, gerihte dat sing)
on gerihte, on ryht: straight, directly; justly, truly, rightly
riht adj: right, just, fitting, true (forms: rihtan gen sing masc; rihte acc sing neut; dat sing masc; rihtne acc sing masc; rihtum dat pl)
rihte adv: rightly, correctly, truly

gerihtan wk verb: set up, assign, direct (forms: geriht past part; rihte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gerihtlæcan wk verb: make straight (forms: gerihtlæced past part)

rihtwis adj: righteous (forms: rihtwisra gen pl)

gerim neut noun: number, count, total (forms: rime dat sing; rimes gen sing)

rimgetæl, rimgetel neut noun: number

rinc masc noun: man, warrior (forms: rinca gen pl; rince dat sing; rincas nom/acc pl; rinces gen sing; rincum dat pl)

rincgetæl neut noun: number of warriors (forms: )

gerisne, gerysne adj: appropriate, fitting
gerysne neut noun: what is appropriate (forms: gerysnu, gerisno acc pl)

rixian, ricsian wk verb: rule, dominate, oppress (forms: rixode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

rod fem noun: cross (forms: rode acc/dat sing)

rodetacen neut noun: the sign of the Cross (forms: rodetacne dat sing)

rodor masc noun: sky, firmament, heavens (forms: rodera, rodora gen pl; roderas nom/acc pl; gen sing; rodores gen sing; roderum dat pl)

rodorstol masc noun: heavenly dwelling (forms: rodorstolas acc pl)

rodortungol neut noun: heavenly body, star (forms: rodortunglum dat pl)

rof adj: noble, strong (forms: rofan acc sing masc; rofe nom pl masc; rofne acc sing masc; rofra gen pl; rofum dat pl)

rom masc noun: ram (male sheep) (forms: rommes gen sing)

Rom prop name: Rome (forms: Rome dat sing)

romanisc adj: Roman (forms: romaniscan acc sing fem)

romigan wk verb w. gen: extend, make more spacious?

rond masc noun: round shield (forms: rondas acc pl)

rondhæbbend masc noun: shield-owner (a kenning for warrior) (forms: rondhæbbendra gen pl)

rondwiggend masc noun: (shield-) warrior (forms: rondwiggende nom pl)

rowan anom verb: row, swim (forms: reon pl pret indic)

ruh adj: rough, coarse; hairy, shaggy

gerum adj: spacious, broad, wide, roomy, empty; expansive, unoppressed (forms: rume neut nom/acc sing; acc pl masc; gerume masc nom sing; rumne masc acc sing; rumre compar acc sing neut; rumum masc dat sing);
gerum masc noun: space, time;
rume adv: widely, for a long distance, frequently, for a long time, spaciously (forms: rumor compar)

rumgal adj: delighting in spaciousness

rumheort adj: large-hearted; having an expansive spirit

gerumlice adv: widely, liberally (forms: gerumlicor compar (Beow 139: farther away))

run fem noun: counsel, discussion (forms: rune dat sing)

runstæf masc noun: runic letter, rune (forms: runstafas acc pl)

runung fem noun: private conversation, whispering (forms: rununga gen pl)

runwita masc noun: close advisor

geryman wk werb: enlarge, clear, open up, make space for, manifest (forms: rymde, gerymde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; gerymdon pl pret indic; gerymed past part)

ryne masc noun: running, course, flow (forms: ryne dat sing)

gesaca masc noun: enemy, opponent (forms: gesacan acc sing; gesacum dat pl)

sacan Class 6 str verb: fight, contest, struggle

gesacu fem noun: strife, battle

sadol masc noun: saddle

sadolbeorht adj: saddle-bright; having a shining saddle (forms: sadolbeorht acc pl neut)

masc/fem noun: sea (forms: acc/dat/gen sing; sæm dat pl; sæs gen sing; nom/acc pl)

sæbat fem noun: (sea-) boat, ship

sæcc fem noun: strife, battle (forms: sæcca gen pl; sæce, sæcce, secce acc/dat/gen sing)

sæcir masc noun: turning of the tide

sæcyning masc noun: sea king (i.e. king ruling by naval force) (forms: sæcyninga gen pl)

sæd neut noun: seed (forms: sæda gen sing)
sæd adj: satiated (forms: sædne acc sing masc)

sædberende adj: seed-bearing (forms: sædberendes gen sing)

sædeor neut noun: sea creature

sædraca masc noun: sea-dragon (forms: sædracan acc pl)

sæfisc masc noun: sea fish (forms: sæfisca gen pl)

sæflod neut noun: flood, tide, sea-current

sæfor fem noun: sea voyage (forms: sæfore gen sing)

sægan wk verb: fell, cause to fall, destroy (forms: gesæged past part)

sægeap adj: (sea-) roomy

Sægeat masc noun: (Sea-) Geat (forms: Sægeata gen pl; Sægeatas nom pl)

sægenga masc noun: sea-goer, i.e. ship

Sægor, Sigor prop name: Biblical Segor, Zoar

sægrund masc noun: sea bottom (forms: sægrundas acc pl; sægrunde dat sing)

sæl fem/masc noun: time, occasion; joy, happiness (forms: sæla gen pl; sæles gen sing; salum, sælum dat pl; sele acc pl)
sæl, sel neut noun: hall, castle (forms: salo acc pl)

sælac neut noun: sea-booty, sea-offering (forms: sælace dat sing)

sælad fem noun: sea voyage (forms: sælade dat sing)

sælan wk verb: bind, fetter; moor (forms: gesæled past part; sælde past part acc pl masc; sældon pl pret indic)
gesælan wk impers verb: happen, take place (forms: gesælde 3rd pers sing pret indic; me gesælde: it happened to me)

sælida masc noun: sailor, seafarer (forms: sælidan acc sing)

gesælig adj: happy, blessed (forms: gesælige masc pl nom);
gesælige adv: happily, blessedly

gesæliglic adj: happy, blessed

gesæliglice adv: happily, blessedly

sæliþend masc noun: sailor, seaman (forms: sæliþende, sæliðend nom/acc pl)

sælwongas masc pl noun: the (prosperous) surface of the earth

sæmra compar adj: weaker (forms: sæmra nom sing masc; sæmran dat sing masc)

sæmann masc noun: seaman, sailor (forms: sæmanna gen pl; sæmen nom pl; sæmannum dat pl)

sæmearh masc noun: sea horse (a kenning for "ship") (forms: sæmearas acc pl)

sæmeðe adj: sea-weary, tired out from sailing

sænaca masc noun: (sea- ) ship (forms: sænacan acc sing)

sænæss masc noun: seaside headland (forms: sænæssas acc pl)

sæne adj: lazy (forms: sænra compar nom sing masc)

Særgius prop name: Særgius

særinc masc noun: seaman, sailor (forms: særinca gen pl)

særyric masc? noun: sea (forms: )

sæsið masc noun: sea journey (forms: sæsiðe dat sing)

sæstream masc noun: sea current (forms: sæstreamas nom pl; sæstreamum dat pl)

sætan wk verb: lie in wait for, ambush

gesætla masc noun: one sitting beside; fellow judge (forms: gesætlan nom pl)

gesættnys fem noun: law (forms: gesættnysse acc sing)

sæweall masc noun: sea-wall; wall of water (forms: sæwealle dat sing)

sæwong masc noun: surface of the sea; beach (forms: sæwongas )

sæwudu masc noun: sea-wood (a kenning for "ship")

sæwylm masc noun: surge of the sea, wave (forms: sæwylmas acc pl)

sagu fem noun: story, report (forms: sagona gen pl)

sal masc noun: bond, rope, collar (forms: sale dat sing)

salo adj: dark, dusky

salwigpad, salowigpada adj: having a dark coat

salwed adj: darkened, blackened

salwigfeðera masc noun: the dark-feathered one

gesamnian, somnigean wk verb: assemble, congregate (forms: gesomnod, gesomnad past part)

somwist fem noun: living together, cohabitation

samworht adj: partly constructed, unfinished

sanct masc noun: saint (forms: sancte dat sing)

sanctus Latin adj and noun: holy, saint (forms: sancta acc sing fem)

sand neut noun: sand, shore, beach (forms: sande, sonde dat sing)

sang, song masc noun: song, singing (forms: sanges gen sing)

sape fem noun: soap, salve, ointment (forms: sapan acc sing)

sar neut/fem (?) noun: pain, affliction, sorrow (forms: sare dat sing) ;
sar adj: painful, unhappy (forms: sare nom sing fem; nom pl fem; sarost superl; sarra gen pl; sarum dat pl);
sare adv: painfully, sorrowfully, grievously

sarferhð adj: sad-minded, unhappy

sarig adj: painful, sad (forms: sarigne acc sing masc)

sarigferð adj: sad-minded, unhappy

sarigmod adj: sad-minded (forms: sarigmodum dat pl)

sarlic adj: painful, sad, pained (forms: sarlicre dat sing fem)

sarnys fem noun: pain, distress (forms: sarnysse dat sing; sarnissum dat pl)

Sarra, Sarre prop name: Sarra (Sarah) (forms: Sarrai dat; Sarran acc/dat/gen)

Satan prop noun: Satan

sawan Class 7 str verb: sow (i.e. plant seeds) (forms: sawen past part; seow 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sawolleas, sawelleas, sawulleas adj: without a soul, dead (forms: sawolleasne, sawelleasne, sawulleasne acc sing masc)

sawlberend masc noun: soul-bearer (a kenning for "person, human being") (forms: sawlberendra gen pl)

sawldreor, sawuldrior neut noun: life blood (forms: sawldreore, sawuldriore dat sing)

sawlhord neut noun: soul-hoard (a kenning for "body")

sawol, sawul, sawl fem noun: soul, spirit, being (forms: sawla acc pl; saula, sawle acc sing; sawle, sawele dat/gen sing; sawlum, saulum dat pl)

gescad neut noun: separation, discernment, understanding

gescæphwil fem noun: appointed time; death (forms: gescæphwile dat sing)

sceacan, scacan Class 6 str verb: shake, brandish; hasten, flee, depart (forms: scæcen, scacen, sceacen past part; sceaceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sceoc, scoc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sceacol masc noun: plectrum

sceadan Class 7 str verb: divide, separate; decide, determine (forms: sceadeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gesced 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sceadenmæl neut noun: (differentiated i.e.) pattern-welded sword

sceadu, sceado fem noun: shadow, darkness (forms: sceade acc sing)

sceadugenga masc noun: walker in shadow; shadowy walker

scaduhelm masc noun: covering of shadows (forms: scaduhelma gen pl)

sceaft, sceft masc noun: spear-shaft, arrow-shaft; shaft of wheat (forms: sceafta gen sing)

gesceaft, gescaft fem noun: creation (forms: gesceafta gen pl; gesceafte gen sing)

scealc masc noun: man, warrior (forms: scealcas nom pl; scealcum dat pl)

sceand fem noun: slut, whore (forms: sceande dat sing)

sceap neut noun: sheep (forms: sceape dat sing)

scearp adj: sharp, keen, discerning, shrewd (forms: scearpe nom pl masc; scearpne acc sing masc)

gesceap neut noun: shape, form; creation, action; (pl) genitalia (forms: gesceapu, gesceapo nom/acc pl)

scæð, sceað fem noun: sheath, scabbard (forms: sceaðe, sceðe dat sing; scæðum, sceaðum dat pl)

sceaða masc noun: enemy, destroyer; warrior (forms: scaþan nom pl; sceaðena, sceaþena, sceaðona gen pl; sceaðum dat pl)

sceaðen fem noun: hurt, harm

sceat, sceatt masc noun: surface (of the earth); covering, garment (forms: sceata, sceatta gen pl; sceatas nom/acc pl; sceate dat sing; sceattum, sceatum dat pl)

sceatt, sceat masc noun: property, wealth, money, amount (forms: sceattas acc pl; sceates, sceattes gen sing; sceattum dat pl)
teoðan sceat: the tenth part

gesceawian, sceawigan wk verb: show; look upon; consider to be; respect, show consideration for (forms: sceawa imper sing; sceawað, gesceawað 3rd pers sing pres indic; sceawiað pl pres indic; sceawige 3rd pers sing pres subj; gesceawod past part; sceawode 3rd pers sing pret indic; sceawodon, sceawedon pl pret indic)

Scedeland prop name: the southern end of the Scandinavian penninsula (forms: Scedelandum dat pl)

Scedenig prop name: Denmark (properly Skaney, i.e. the southern tip of the Scandinavian penninsula) (forms: Scedenigge dat)

scamian wk verb: be ashamed (forms: scamiende pres part)

sceond fem noun: shame; disgrace, insult (forms: sceonde acc sing)

sceomian, scamigan wk verb: be ashamed (forms: sceomiende pers part)

gesceotan Class 2 str verb: throw (a spear, etc.); shoot (arrows, etc.); (with ge- prefix and acc:) dart to (forms: sceat, gesceat 3rd pers sing pret indic; sceoteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; scoten past part)

scencan wk verb: serve liquid to (forms: scencte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

scene, sceone, sciene, scyne adj: bright, brilliant, shining (forms: scenost, sceonost, scienost fem nom sing superl; scynost masc nom sing superl; scennum dat sing (Beow 1694); scenran nom pl compar)

sceotend neut noun: spearman, archer (forms: sceotend nom pl; sceotendra gen sing; sceotendum, scotendum dat pl)

sceran Class 4 str verb: cut (forms: scireð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gescerian wk verb: allot, assign (forms: gescerede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gesceððan, sceðþan, gesceþðan Class 6 str verb: harm, injure (forms: scod, sceod, gesceod, gescod 3rd pers sing pret indic; sceþede 3rd pers sing pret indic; sceþþe 1st pers sing pres indic; scodon pl pret indic)

scildburh fem noun: shield wall

scildweall masc noun: shield wall

scieppan Class 6 str verb: make, create, arrange, design (forms: gesceapen, scepen past part; gesceapene past part acc fem; sceop, gesceop, scop 3rd pers sing pret indic; gescype imper sing)

scieran, scyran Class 4 str verb: cut, cleave, hew (forms: gescær, gescer 3rd pers sing pret indic; scæron pl pret indic; scireð 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Scilfing prop name: Scilfing (member of the ruling dynasty of the Swedes)

scilling masc noun: shilling, silver coin

scion wk verb: go quickly, fly, die (forms: scio 1st pers sing pres indic)

scip neut noun: ship (forms: scipe, scype dat sing; scipes gen sing; scypon dat pl; scipu acc pl)

gescipe neut noun: fate (forms: gescipe dat sing)

sciphere masc noun: fleet, naval force (forms: scipherge dat sing)

scima masc noun: brightness, radiance (forms: sciman acc/dat sing)

scinan Class 1 str verb: shine (forms: scan 3rd pers sing pret indic; scinað, scineð 3rd pers sing pres indic; scionon, scinon pl pret indic)

scinna masc noun, scinn neut noun: evil spirit, ghost (forms: scinna gen pl; scinnum dat pl)

scir adj: bright, shining, radiant (forms: sciran gen sing neut; scire acc pl masc; scirne acc sing masc; scira gen pl; scirum dat sing masc)
scir fem noun: shire, district (forms: scire acc sing)

scirham adj: having bright garments (forms: scirhame nom pl masc)

scirian wk verb: ordain, assign, allot (forms: gescyred, scyred past part; scyrede 3rd pers sing pret indic; scyreð 3rd pers sing pres indic )

scirmæled adj: brightly decorated

scralletan wk verb: sound loudly, resound

scrifan Class 1 str verb: prescribe, ordain, impose (forms: gescraf 3rd pers sing pret indic; scrifeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

scrin neut noun: shrine (forms: scrine dat sing)

scriðan Class 1 str verb: glide, creep (forms: scriþað pl pres indic)

scolu fem noun: host, multitude (forms: scole dat sing)

scomu fem noun: shame; genitals (forms: sceome acc sing)

scop masc noun: singer, poet, story-teller (forms: scopes gen sing)

gescot neut noun: shot, act of shooting or spear-throwing (forms: gescotes gen sing)

scucca masc noun: demon (forms: scuccum dat pl)

scufan Class 2 str verb: expel, push out; thrust; advance, cause to move forward (forms: sceof, sceaf 3rd pers sing pret indic; scofen past part; scufeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; scufon, scufun pl pret indic)

sculan anom verb: shall, must, be obliged; would, should; have the habit of (forms: sceal, sceall, scal, scel 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; scealt 2nd pers sing pres indic; sceolde, scolde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; sceolden pl pret subj; sceoldest 2nd pers sind pret indic; sceoldon, scoldon pl pret indic; sceole (preposed) pl pres indic; sculon, sceolon pl pres indic; scyle, scile 2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj)

scur masc noun: shower, storm; (storm of) battle (forms: scuras nom/acc pl; scurum dat pl)

scurboga masc noun: rainbow (forms: scurbogan acc sing)

scurheard adj: ("shower-", i.e. battle-) hard

scursceadu fem noun: protection from storm (forms: scursceade dat sing)

scyhtan wk verb: incite (forms: scyhte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

scyld, scild masc noun: shield (forms: scylda gen sing; scyldas, scildas nom/acc pl; scylde dat sing)

gescyldan wk verb: shield, protect, defend (forms: scyld imper sing; gescyld past part; scylde 1st pers sing pres indic; 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; gescylt 3rd pers sing pres indic)

scyldburh fem noun: shield-wall (defensive formation of side-by-side shields)

scyldfreca masc noun: shield-man, warrior

scyldfull adj: sinful, guilty (forms: scyldfullum dat pl; scyldfulra gen pl)

scyldig, scildig adj: guilty, sinful (forms: scyldige acc pl masc)

Scylding, Scilding prop noun: Dane, Scylding, descendent of Scyld (forms: Scyldinga, Scildinga, Scildunga, Scyldunga gen pl; Scyldingas, Scildingas, Scyldungas nom/acc pl masc; Scyldingum dat pl)

Scyld Scefing prop name: the eponymous founder of the Danish dynasty of the Scyldings. Since the name means "Shield, son of Sheaf," this founder of the dynasty may originally have been a divine being able to bring protection and food to the Danes. (forms: Scyldes gen sing)

scyldfrecu fem noun: sinful greed (forms: scyldfrece dat sing)

scyldfull adj: sinful, guilty (forms: scyldfulra gen pl)

scyldwiga masc noun: (shield-) warrior

scylfa masc noun: shelf, platform (forms: scylfan acc pl)

Scylfing prop name: Scylfing, Swede, member of Swedish royal house (forms: Scylfinga gen pl)

scyndan wk verb: hasten (forms: scynded past part)

scynscaþa masc noun: ghostly or magical enemy

scyppend, scippend masc noun: Creator (forms: scippende dat sing; scyppendes gen sing)

scyr fem noun: district, region, shire (forms: scyre dat sing)

scyran wk verb: clear up, make known, declare

scyte masc noun: shooting, throwing (of a spear)

se demonst: the, that (in pl, those)
(forms: seo, sio nom sing fem; þa, ða nom or acc pl; acc sing fem; þam, ðam, þæm, ðæm, þan, þon masc/neut dat sing; dat pl; þara, þæra, ðara, þære gen pl; þære, ðære fem dat/gen sing; þæs, þæs, ðæs masc/neut gen sing; þæt, þat neut nom/acc sing; þone, ðone, þæne, þonne masc acc sing; þy, þe, ðe, þon, ðon inst sing masc/neut)
þy adv and conj: for that reason; because
þy læs, þe laðran, þon ma etc. : so much the less, so much the more hateful, so much the greater, etc.;
þon ma þe: any more than;
þæs lang etc.: so long;
þæs þe, þæs: as, since, because; þæs deop: so deep;
to þæs hwæt, to þon leof: so vigorous, so dear

sealma masc noun: bed (forms: sealman acc sing)

sealt noun and adj: salt, salty (forms: sealte nom pl masc; sealtne acc sing masc)

sealtstan masc noun: a stone made of salt (forms: sealtstanes gen sing)

sealtyþ fem noun: salt wave (forms: sealtyþa gen pl)

searian wk verb: become dried-out, barren (forms: searað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

searo neut noun: art, skill, cunning; armour, weaponry; trick, trap (forms: searwum dat pl)

searobend masc noun: cunning bond (forms: searobende dat sing; searobendum dat pl)

searofah adj: cunningly decorated

searogimm masc noun: (skillfully made) jewel (forms: searogimma gen pl; searogimmas acc pl)

searogrim adj: grim in battle

searohæbbend masc noun: armor-possessor (a kenning for "warrior, man") (forms: searohæbbendra gen pl)

searonet neut noun: net of armour (kenning for "chainmail corselet")

searonið masc noun: treachery; armed strife, battle (forms: searoniða gen pl; searoniðas acc pl)

searoþonc masc noun: cunning, skill in contrivance (forms: searoþoncum dat pl)

searoðoncol adj: clever, cunning, skillful (forms: searoþoncelra gen pl)

searowundor neut noun: marvel, strange wonder

seaþ masc noun: pit, hole (forms: seaþe dat sing)

seax neut noun: sax (long knife of the Anglo-Saxons) (forms: seax acc pl; seaxe dat sing; seaxses gen sing)

secan, secean, gesecean, gesecan anom verb: seek, wish for, desire; seek out, go to; visit; attack (forms: sec, gesec imper sing; sece, gesece 1st pers sing pres indic, 1st/2nd pers sing pres subj; seceað pl pres indic; secen pl pres subj; secest 2nd pers sing pres indic; seceð, geseceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sohte, gesohte 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; 1st/3rd pers sing pret subj; gesohte past part nom pl; sohtest, gesohtest 2nd pers sing pret indic; sohton, gesohton, sohtan, gesohtan, sohten pl pret indic; to gesecanne, to seceanne inflect infin)

secg, sec masc noun: man (forms: secga gen pl; secgas nom/acc pl; secge dat sing; secgum dat pl)
secg fem noun: sword (forms: secge acc sing)

gesecgan, secgean, sæcgan wk verb: say, tell (forms: saga, gesaga, sege imper sing; gesægd, gesæd past part; sægde, sæde, gesægde, gesæde 3rd pers sing pret indic; sægdest 2nd pers sing pret indic; sæge, sege imper sing; sægeð, segeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sægst, sagast 2nd pers sing pres indic; secgað, secgeað pl pres indic; secge 1st pers sing pres indic; 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; sægdon, sædon, sædan pl pret indic; secggende pres part; to secganne inflect infin)

sefa masc noun: spirit, mind (forms: sefan acc/dat/gen sing)

sefte adj: soft, comfortable

sefteadig adj: comfortably happy, rich in luxuries

segen, segn masc noun: sign, banner (forms: segnas acc pl; segne dat sing)
segen fem noun: account, story (forms: segene dat sing fem)

segl masc noun: sail

seglrad fem noun: sail-road (a kenning for "sea") (forms: seglrade dat sing)

segn masc/neut noun: banner, standard (forms: segn nom pl)

segncyning masc noun: (banner- ) king

segnian wk verb: make the sign of the cross over, consecrate (forms: segnade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sel adj: good (forms: selest, selost superl nom/acc sing; selesta super nom sing masc; selestan superl nom/acc pl; superl acc/dat sing masc/fem; seleste superl nom sing neut; sellan compar acc pl masc; selra, sella compar nom sing masc; selran, syllan compar acc/dat sing; nom pl; selre compar nom/acc sing neut;)
sel adv: better

seld, sæld neut noun: hall, palace, residence (forms: sælða gen pl; seld nom/acc pl)

geselda masc noun: hall-companion (forms: geseldan acc sing masc; acc pl masc)

seldan adv: seldom

seldcyme masc noun: infrequent visit (forms: seldcymas nom pl)

seldguma masc noun: retainer, servant

sele masc noun: hall (forms: sele dat sing)

seledream masc noun: joy of the hall (forms: seledreamas nom pl)

seledreorig adj: miserable because lacking a hall

seleful neut noun: ceremonial cup, hall-cup

selegyst masc noun: hall-guest

selerædend masc noun: (hall-)councillor (forms: selerædende nom/acc pl)

selerest fem noun: hall-bed (forms: selereste dat sing)

selesecg masc noun: hall-man, retainer, warrior (forms: selesecgas acc pl)

seleþegn masc noun: hall-thane, warrior

seleweard masc noun: hall-guard

self pron: (him, her, etc.) self, own (forms: selfe nom sing neut; selfes, sylfes gen sing masc; selfra, sylfra gen pl; selfa, seolfa, sylfa, sylf, seolf, sylfa nom sing masc; selfa nom sing fem; selfe nom pl masc; sylf nom/acc sing masc/neut; nom sing fem; sylfe acc sing fem; acc pl masc; sylfan acc sing fem; sylfne, selfne acc sing masc; sylfre, selfre gen sing fem; sylfum, selfum dat sing masc)

selfcyning masc noun: absolute king, personal ruler

selfsceafte adj: directly created

Sella prop name: Sella (forms: Sellan dat sing)

gesellan, gesyllan wk verb: give, sell; give up; consign (forms: sealde, gesealde 3rd pers sing pret indic; sealdest 2nd pers sing pret indic; geseald past part; sealdon, gesealdon pl pret indic (subj?); seleð, syleð 3rd pers sing pres indic; selle, gesylle, sylle 1st pers sing pres indic; 2nd/3rd pers sing pres subj; syllað pl pres indic; syllon pl pres indic)

Sem prop name: Sem (Shem) (forms: Seme dat sing; Semes gen sing)

geseman wk verb: reconcile, settle

semninga adv: suddenly, all at once, immediately

sencan wk verb: sink, submerge; (Gen 2907) cause to sink, thrust down [i.e. to death]

sendan, sændan wk verb: send; throw (forms: sende, sent 3rd pers sing pret indic; sendeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sende 3rd pers sing pres subj; sended past part; sendon, sændan pl pret indic)

Sennar prop name: Sennar (Sennaar, Shinar) (forms: Sennera gen pl)

seoc adj: sick, wounded (forms: seoce nom pl masc; acc sing fem)

seofian wk verb: sigh, lament (forms: seofedun pl pret indic)

seofon, seofan, VII numeral: seven (forms: seofone, syfone acc masc)

seofonfeald adj: seven-fold; seven times as large

seolfor neut noun: silver (forms: seolfre dat sing)

seolhbaþo neut pl noun: seal baths (a kenning for "ocean")

seomian, semian, siomian wk verb: stay, continue, lie, lie at rest, lie in wait (forms: seomade, seomode 3rd pers sing pret indic; seomodon, seomedon pl pret indic)

geseon Class 5 str verb: see, look, perceive (forms: gesawe 1at/2nd/3rd pers sing pret subj; sawon, gesawon, sægon, gesegon, gesegan pl pret indic; geseah, seah 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; geseo 1st pers sing pres indic; geseoð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gesihð, gesyhð 3rd pers sing pres indic; gesyhst 2nd pers sing pres indic)

seono fem noun: sinew, muscle fibre (forms: seonowe nom pl)

seonobend fem noun: bond of sinew (forms: seonobende dat sing)

seonobenn fem noun: injury to a sinew or muscle (forms: seonobennum dat pl)

seoðan Class 2 str verb: be troubled, be afflicted; seethe, boil (forms: seað 3rd pers sing pret indic)

seowian wk verb: sew, knit, link (forms: seowed past part)

Serafion prop name: Serafion

sess masc/neut noun: seat (forms: sesse dat sing)

geset neut noun: seat (forms: gesetu nom pl)

Seth prop name: Seth (forms: Sethes gen sing)

seþeah adv: nevertheless

setl neut noun: residence, place, seat, throne (forms: setla gen pl; setle dat sing; setles gen sing; setlum dat pl)

setlan wk verb: bring to a halt, settle (forms: setlað pl pret indic)

setlgang masc noun: setting (forms: setlgange dat sing;
sunnan setlgang: sunset

gesettan wk verb: set, place, appoint, ordain, create, establish; settle (forms: sete imper sing; gesette, sette, gesætte 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; gesett, gesette, geseted past part; to gesettanne inflect infin; setton, gesetton, gesætton pl pret indic)

sexbenn fem noun: wound from a sax, knife wound (forms: sexbennum dat pl)

sibæðeling masc noun: noble relative (forms: sibæðelingas nom pl)

sibb, sib fem noun: peace, friendship, happiness (forms: sibbe acc sing)

gesibb adj and masc or fem noun: related; relative, kinsman, kinswoman (forms: gesibbra gen pl; gesibbum dat pl)

sibbegedriht, sibgedriht fem noun: troop of relatives; peaceful company

sibgebyrd fem noun: blood relation (forms: sibgebyrdum dat pl)

siblufu, sibblufu fem noun: friendship, love (forms: siblufan, sibblufan wk acc/dat sing)

Sibyrht prop name: Sibyrht (forms: Sibyrhtes gen sing)

Sicem prop name: Sichem (Sychem)

siclian wk verb: become sick (forms: gesicclod past part)

sid adj: wide, extensive, broad (forms: sidan fem acc sing; gen sing neut; dat sing masc; side masc nom/acc pl; acc sing fem; nom/acc/dat sing neut; sidne masc acc sing; sidra gen pl; sidre gen sing fem)
sid adv: extensively, generally

sidfæþm adj: (of a ship) broad-beamed, capacious (forms: sidfæþme acc sing neut)

sidfæþmed adj: (of a ship) broad-beamed, capacious

sidland neut noun: wide or extensive land

sidrand masc noun: (broad) shield

siodo masc noun: custom, manner, morality, good conduct

side adv: widely, extensively; wide and side, side and wide: far and wide
side fem noun: side (forms: sidan acc/dat sing)

sien fem noun: power of sight, vision (forms: siene acc sing)

gesigan wk verb: sink, descend, fall; move, go (forms: sigeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sigon pl pret indic)

sigebeam masc noun: tree/cross of victory, victorious tree/cross

sigedrihten masc noun: the victorious Lord, the Lord of Victories; victorious king

sigeeadig adj: blessed with victories, victorious

sigefæst adj: victorious, triumphant (forms: sigefæstran compar nom pl)

sigefolc neut noun: victorious people (forms: sigefolca gen pl; sigefolce dat sing)

sigehreð neut noun: triumph, victory

sigehreþig, sigehreðig adj: triumphant

sigehwil fem noun: time of victory (forms: sigehwila gen pl

sigel neut noun: gem (forms: siglu acc pl)

sigeleas adj: vanquished, defeated (forms: sigelease masc acc pl; sigeleasne acc sing masc)

Sigemund prop name: Sigemund (forms: Sigemunde dat sing; Sigemundes gen sing)

sigerof adj: victorious, famous for victories (forms: sigerofe nom pl masc)

Sigescylding prop name: (victory-) Scylding (forms: Sigescyldinga gen pl; Sigescyldingum dat pl)

sigeþeod fem noun: victorious people (forms: sigeþeode dat sing)

sigeþuf masc noun: victory banner (forms: sigeþufas acc pl)

sigewæpen neut noun: (victory-) weapon (forms: sigewæpnum dat pl)

sigewong masc noun: field of victory

sigle neut noun: jewel, broach, necklace (forms: sigla gen pl)

sigor masc noun: victory (forms: sigora, sigoro gen pl; sigore dat sing; sigores gen sing)

sigoreadig adj: victorious, blessed with victory

sigorfæst adj: victorious

sigorlean neut noun: reward for victory (forms: sigorleanum dat pl)

gesihð fem noun: power of sight, vision; sight, view (forms: gesihðe, gesyhðe acc/dat sing)

sima? masc noun (OS word): chain, fetter (forms: simon dat pl?)

sin reflex possess pron: his, her, its (forms: sine acc sing fem, nom/acc pl masc, dat sing masc; sines gen sing masc; sinne, sine acc sing masc; sinre dat sing fem; sinum dat pl, dat sing masc/neut)

sinc neut noun: treasures, riches (forms: sinca gen pl; since dat sing; sinces gen sing)

sincan Class 3 str verb: sink, subside (forms: sincende pres part)

sincfæt neut noun: precious object, treasure (in Beow 622 a cup offered in turn to each warrior) (forms: sincfato acc pl)

sincfag adj: decorated with treasure (forms: sincfage acc sing neut)

sinchroden past part adj: adorned with treasure

sincmaðþum masc noun: treasure

sincþegu, sincþego fem noun: receiving of treasure (forms: sincþege acc sing)

sincgestreon neut noun: treasure (forms: sincgestreona gen pl; sincgestreonum dat pl)

sincgyfa, sincgifa masc noun: treasure-giver (a kenning for "lord, king") (forms: sincgyfan, sincgifan acc/dat sing)

sinder neut noun: cinder, slag (forms: sindrum dat pl)

singal adj: continual, perpetual (forms: singale acc sing fem)

singala, singales, syngales adv: continually, perpetually, always

singan Class 3 str verb: sing (forms: sing imper sing; song, sang 3rd pers sing pret indic; singende pres part; singeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sungon, sungen pl pret indic)

sinhere masc noun: massive army (forms: sinherge dat sing)

sinhiwan pl noun: married couple (forms: sinhiwum dat)

sinnan Class 3 str verb w. gen: pay attention to, notice, care about (forms: sunnon pl pret indic)

sinnihte adv: in perpetual night

sinsorg fem noun: great sorrow (forms: sinsorgna gen pl)

sioleð masc? noun: sea (forms: sioleða gen pl)

sit benedicti Latin phrase: may it(they?) be blessed

sið masc noun: journey, expedition; fate, destiny; custom, habit; time, occasion (forms: siða, siþa gen pl; siðas, siþas nom/acc pl; siðe, siþe dat sing; siðes, siþes gen sing; siþon wk acc pl)
oðre siðe: for a second time;
forman siðe: for the first time;
hindeman siðe: for the last time;
sið adv and adj: late (forms: siðast superl; siðestan superl dat sing neut)
æt siðestan at the last

gesið masc noun: follower, companion; company (forms: gesiða gen pl; gesiðas, gesiððas nom/acc pl masc; gesiððe, gesiþþe dat sing; gesiðes gen sing; gesiþum, gesiðum dat pl)

siðboda masc noun: (expedition-) messenger

siðfæt masc noun: expedition, journey; path, road (forms: siðfate dat sing)

siðfrom adj: ready for a journey (forms: siðfrome nom pl)

siðian wk verb: journey, go, travel (forms: siþade, siðode 3rd pers sing pret indic; siðedon pl pret indic; siðie 3rd pers sing pres subj; siðien pl pres subj)

siððan, siþðan, siþþan, syððan, syþþan, syþðan, syðþan, seoþðan, seoððan adv and conj: after, when; afterwards, since
syððan . . . syððan . . . correl conj: when . . . then . . .

siðwerod neut noun: expeditionary force, invading army

gesittan Class 5 str verb: sit; live, inhabit; settle (forms: sæt, gesæt 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; sæte 3rd pers sing pret subj; sæton, gesæton, sætan, setan pl pret indic; geseten past part; gesetena past part gen pl (Gen 785: "established"); site imper sing; siteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sittað pl pres indic)

sixtig, syxtig numeral: sixty

slæp masc noun: sleep (forms: slæpe dat sing)

slæpan Class 7 str verb: sleep (forms: slæpende pres part; slæpendne pres part acc sing masc)

slaga masc noun: killer, slayer (forms: slagan dat sing)

sleac adj: sluggish, slow

slean Class 6 str verb: beat, forge; kill; strike; erect (a tent) (forms: slægen past part; geslægene, geslegene past part nom pl masc; slea 3rd pers sing pres subj; sleah imper sing; slog, sloh, gesloh 3rd pers sing pret indic; sloge 3rd pers sing pret subj; slogon pl pret indic)

geslean Class 6 str verb: get by fighting, obtain by killing (forms: geslogon pl pret indic; gesloh 1st pers sing pret indic)

slege masc noun: killing (forms: slege dat sing)

slegefæge adj: doomed to die by blows

slitan Class 1 str verb: tear, cut, torture (forms: slit 3rd pers sing pres indic; slite 1st pers sing pres indic; sliteð 3rd pers sing pret indic; slat 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sliðe, sliðen adj: cruel, savage (forms: sliðne acc sing masc; sliðra gen pl )

sliþen, sliðen adj: cruel, hard

sliðheard adj: cruel (forms: sliðhearda masc nom sing)

geslyht neut noun: battle (forms: geslyhta gen pl)

smæte adj: pure (forms: smætum dat sing neut)

smiþ, smið masc noun: smith, metal-worker (forms: smiþa gen pl; smiðas nom pl; smiþes gen sing)

smiðcræftega adj: skilled in metal-craft

gesmyrian wk verb: annoint, apply a lotion, embrocate (forms: gesmyrode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

snædan wk verb: cut, slice, devour (forms: snedeþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

snaw masc noun: snow

snel adj: quick, bold (forms: snella nom sing masc; snelle nom pl masc; snelra gen pl)

snelle adv: quickly

snellic adj: quick, bold

snellice adv: quickly

sniome adv: quickly (forms: sniomor compar)

sner fem noun: harpstring (forms: snere acc sing)

sniðan Class 1 str verb: cut (forms: snað 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sniwan wk verb: snow (forms: sniwde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

snotor, snottor adj: wise, clever, intelligent, skillful (forms: snoteran acc sing fem; snotere, snottre nom pl masc; nom sing fem; snotra, snotera, snottra nom sing masc; snytrum (Gen 2809) dat pl (or take as the dat pl of an otherwise unrecorded adj "snytre", also meaning "wise" etc.))

snotorlice adv: wisely (forms: snotorlicor compar)

snude adv: quickly, immediately

snyrian wk verb: hurry, move quickly (forms: snyredon pl pret indic)

snytru, snyttru fem noun: wisdom, cleverness, skill, intelligence (forms: snytra gen pl; snytro gen sing; snyttrum dat pl)

socn fem noun: visit (forms: socne dat/gen sing)

Sodoma prop noun: Sodom (forms: Sodoman acc/dat; Sodome, Sodoma gen)

Sodomas masc pl noun: inhabitants of Sodom (forms: Sodoma gen pl)

Sodomisc adj: inhabiting Sodom, native to Sodom

Sodomware masc pl noun: inhabitants of Sodom

softe adv: softly, gently (forms: seft compar)

Solomia prop name: Salemites, people of Salem (forms: Solomia gen pl)

gesom adj: peaceable, friendly, united (forms: gesome nom pl masc)

samod, somod, somed adv and prep: together; together with; also

sona adv: soon, immediately

sondbeorg masc noun: sand-bank, dune (forms: sondbeorgum dat pl)

sorg, sorh fem noun: sorrow, pain, distress (forms: sorga gen pl; sorge, sorhg acc/dat/gen sing; sorgum dat pl)

sorgcearig, sorhcearig adj: sorrowful

sorgful, sorhful, sorhfull adj: sorrowful, miserable (forms: sorhfulne, sorhfullne acc sing masc; sorgfulre compar acc sing neut)

sorgian wk verb: to be sorrowful, grieve; worry about, take pains over (forms: sorga imper sing; sorgiende pres part; sorgedon pl pret indic)

sorglufu fem noun: unhappy love

sorhword neut noun: sorrowing word (forms: sorhworda gen pl)

sorhleas adj: without sorrow, unmolested

sorhleoð neut noun: lament, burial hymn

sorhwylm masc noun: wave of sorrow (forms: sorhwylmas nom pl; sorhwylmum dat pl )

soþ, soð neut noun: truth, justice, righteousness, rectitude (forms: soðe dat sing);
soðe, to soðe: truly
soð adj: true (forms: soðan acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; soðe acc pl fem; soðra, soþra gen pl; soðne acc sing masc; soðum, soþum dat sing masc/neut)

soðcyning masc noun: the true king; God (forms: soðcyninges gen sing)

soðfæst adj: trustworthy, honest; just, righteous (forms: soðfæste nom sing fem; soðfæstra gen pl)

soðgeleafa masc noun: true belief (forms: soðgeleafan dat sing)

soðgied neut noun: true story, song, or poem

soðlice, soþlice adv: truly

spæc fem noun: speech, language (forms: spæce dat/gen sing)

gespan masc noun: fastening (forms: gesponne dat sing)

spanan Class 7 str verb: urge, entice (forms: span imper sing; speon 3rd pers sing pret indic; speone 3rd pers sing pret subj)

spang fem? noun: clasp, buckle (forms: spangum dat pl)

gespannan Class 7 str verb: fasten, attach (forms: spenn, gespeon 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sparian wk verb: abstain from, save, use sparingly (forms: sparedon pl pret indic; sparode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

spearca masc noun: spark (forms: spearcan nom pl)

spell, spel neut noun: story, speech (forms: spel nom pl; spella gen pl)

spellboda masc noun: messenger (forms: spellbodan nom pl)

spere neut noun: spear (forms: speru nom/acc pl)

sperenið neut noun: spear-strife (i.e. battle) (forms: spereniðe dat sing)

spildsið masc noun: journey of destruction (forms: spildsiðe dat sing)

spillan wk verb: destroy, spoil, kill (forms: spilde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

spinnan Class 3 str verb: spin, twist, wring (forms: span 3rd pers sing pret indic)

spiwan Class 1 str verb w. dat: spit, spit out (forms: spiwe 3rd pers sing pres subj)

gespong neut? noun: clasp, fastening

gespon neut noun: persuasion, enticement

spor neut noun: trace, track, spoor

gespornan Class 3 str verb: perch upon (forms: gespearn 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gespecan Class 1 str verb: speak, say (forms: gespæc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sped fem noun: success, prosperity, power, speed (forms: spede acc/dat sing; spedum dat pl [also as adverb])

gespedan wk verb: be successful; be wealthy; be quick (forms: gespedeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; spedaþ pl pres indic )

speddropa masc noun: successful drop. effective drop (forms: speddropum dat pl)

spedig adj: successful (forms: spedge nom pl masc)

spell neut noun: message, speech, story (forms: spellum dat pl)

gespowan Class 7 strong verb: succeed (forms: speow, gespeow 3rd pers sing pret indic)

spræc fem noun: speech, conversation (forms: spræca gen pl; spræce acc/dat/gen sing); to þinre spræce: for speech with you, to speak to you

spreca masc noun: councillor

gesprecan Class 5 str verb: speak, speak to, say (forms: spræc imper sing; spræc, gespræc 3rd pers sing pret indic; spræcon, gespræcon, gespræconn pl pret indic; sprecað pl pres indic; sprece 1st pers sing pres indic; gesprece 2nd pers sing pret subj; spræce, gespræce 2nd/3rd pers sing pret indic; sprecen past part; spriceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; sprycst 2nd pers sing pres indic)

sprengan wk verb: break, split (forms: sprengde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gespringan Class 3 str verb: spread, grow; spring, leap; spurt (forms: sprang, gesprang, sprong, gesprong 3rd pers sing pret indic; sprungon pl pret indic)

sprytan wk verb: sprout

spyrian wk verb: make a track, travel, go; investigate, ask (forms: spyrede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

staca masc noun: pin, spike, stake (forms: stacan dat sing)

stedefæst adj: steadfast, unyielding (forms: stedefæste nom pl masc)

stædefæste adv: steadfastly, unyieldingly

stæl neut noun: place, position (forms: stæle dat sing, stælan dat pl)
on stæl, on stæle: instead of, in place of
on bonan stælan: in the position of a killer, i.e. as a killer

gestælan wk verb: confess, admit; carry on (a conflict) (forms: gestæled past part)
synne gestælan w. dat: accuse of, charge with

stælgiest masc noun: thieving intruder, burglar

stænen adj: stone, made of stone (forms: stænnene, stænenne acc sing masc)

gestæppan, steppan Class 6 str verb: step (forms: stæppe 3rd pers sing pres subj; 1st pers sing pres indic; stop, gestop 3rd pers sing pret indic; stopon pl pret indic)

stæð neut noun: shore, beach, river-bank (forms: staþe, stæðe dat sing; staþu acc pl)

stæðweall masc noun: retaining bank, shoreline (as barrier)8 (forms: stæðweallas acc pl)

stan masc noun: stone (forms: stane dat sing)

stanbeorh masc noun: (stone-) cliff, hill; (stone-) burial mound

stanboga masc noun: stone arch (forms: stanbogan nom pl)

stanburg fem noun: stone city, stone fort (forms: stanbyrig acc pl)

stanclif neut noun: stone cliff (forms: stanclifu, stancleofu acc pl)

stanhlið neut noun: stone slope or cliff (forms: stanhleoþu, stanhliðo acc pl; stanhliþe dat sing)

gestandan, stondan Class 6 str verb: stand, remain, extend; exist, be (forms: stande, stonde 3rd pers sing pres subj; 1st pers sing pres indic; stod, gestod 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; stodan, stodon, gestodon pl pret indic; standeð, stondeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; stondað, stondaþ, standað pl pres indic; stynt 3rd pers sing pres indic )

stanfah adj: decorated (paved) with stones

stantorr masc noun: stone tower

stapol masc noun: support, base, pediment; front step (forms: stapole dat sing; stapulum dat pl)

starian wk verb: gaze, stare (forms: starað 3rd pers sing pret indic; starede 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; staredon pl pret indic; starie, starige 1st pers sing pres indic/subj)

staþel, staðol, staþol masc noun: foundation; location; support, security; stance, position, state (forms: staðolas nom pl; staðole dat sing; staþelum dat pl)

gestaþelian, staðelian wk verb: establish, found (forms: gestaþelað 3rd pers sing pres indic; gestaþelode, gestaþelade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

staðolwang masc noun: piece of real estate, location for settlement (forms: staðolwangas acc pl)

gesteal neut noun: foundation

stealc adj: steep

steallian wk verb: happen

steam masc noun: steam, moisture (forms: steame dat sing)

steap adj: steep, high, deep (forms: steape nom/acc pl masc; nom/acc sing fem; steapes gen sing neut; steapne acc sing masc)
steape adv: high, above

steapheah adj: erect, towering

stearcheort adj: strong-hearted

stearn masc noun: tern

stede masc noun: place, position

stedeheard adj: very hard (forms: stedehearde nom pl masc)

stefn, stemn fem noun: voice (forms: stemne, stefne, stæmne acc/dat sing);
stefn masc noun: time, turn
niwan stefne: another time, anew
stefn masc noun: prow or stern of a ship; (by synecdoche) a ship; stump or root of a tree (forms: stefne dat sing)

stefna masc noun: prow or stern of a ship (forms: stefnan dat sing)

gestefnan wk verb: appoint, ordain, arrange (forms: gestefnde past part neut pl)

stemnettan wk verb: stand firm (forms: stemnetton pl pret indic)

stenc masc noun: smell, odour, fragrance, stench

steor fem noun: guidance, correction, punishment (forms: steore acc sing)

steorra masc noun: star (forms: steorrum dat pl)

gestepan wk verb: raise, erect, elevate; advance, support (forms: stepe 1st pers sing pres indic; stepte, gestepte 3rd pers sing pret indic; gestepte past part nom pl masc; stepton pl pret indic)

stercedferhð adj: harsh-spirited (forms: stercedferhðe nom pl masc)

stician wk verb: stick, prick, stab (forms: sticaþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

stiep masc noun: deprivation? (Gen 60--c.f. astypan, astypednes) (forms: stiepe dat sing)

stig fem noun: road, track (forms: stige acc sing)

gestigan Class 1 str verb: arise, mount, get onto, climb (forms: gestah, stah 3rd pers sing pret indic; stige 3rd pers sing pret subj; gestigest 2nd pers sing pres indic; stigon pl pret indic)

stigwita masc noun: (household) counsellor, leader (forms: stigwitum dat pl)

stihtan wk verb: command, order (forms: stihte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gestillan wk verb: to still (cause to be still) (forms: gestilled, gestylled past part)

stille adv and adj: still, quiet, motionless

stincan Class 3 str verb: smell, follow a scent (forms: stonc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

stingan Class 3 str verb: stab (forms: stang 3rd pers sing pret indic)

stið, stiþ adj: strong, hard (forms: stiðe, stiþe acc sing fem; acc pl masc; stiðra gen pl; stiðum dat pl)

stiðe adv: very much, well

stiðferhð adj: stern, resolute (forms: stiþfrihþ masc nom sing)

stiðhicgende adj: resolute, brave (forms: stiðhicgende nom pl masc)

stiðhydig adj: resolute, stern

stiðlic adj: strong

stiðlice adv: firmly, boldly

stiðmod adj: strong, brave, resolute (forms: stiðmoda nom sing masc)

stol masc noun: seat, throne; establishment, castle (forms: stole dat sing)

stor masc noun: incense

storm masc noun: storm (forms: stormas nom pl; storme dat sing)

stow fem noun: place (forms: stowe acc/dat sing)

stræl masc noun: arrow (forms: stræla gen pl; strælas nom pl; stræle dat sing; strælum dat pl)

stræt fem noun: street, road (forms: stræte acc/dat sing)

strand neut noun: seashore, strand (forms: strande dat sing)

strang, strong adj: strong, powerful (forms: strengum compar dat sing masc; stranga nom sing masc; strangan gen sing masc; strange nom pl masc; strangne acc sing masc; strangre, strange dat sing fem; strangum, strongum dat pl; dat sing masc/neut; strengest superl)

stream masc noun: current, river (forms: streamas nom/acc pl; streame dat sing; streames gen sing; streamum dat pl)

streamstað neut noun: shore, (river) bank (forms: streamstaðe dat sing)

streamweall masc noun: current-wall (a kenning for the ship's side or gunwale)

stregan wk verb: scatter, strew (forms: stred past part)
stregan morþorbed w. dat: to strew the bed of murder for (a kenning for "to kill")

streng masc noun: rope, cord, bowstring (forms: strengum dat pl)

strengel masc noun: lord, ruler

strenglic adj: strong (forms: strenglicran compar acc sing masc)

strengðo fem noun:, strength, force, vigor

strengo, strengeo fem noun: strength (forms: strenge acc/dat/gen sing)

gestreon neut noun: property, treasure (forms: gestreona acc/gen pl)

strið masc noun: fight, battle, contest, struggle (forms: striðe dat sing)

stronglic adj: strong (forms: stronglican acc sing masc)

strudan Class 2 str verb: plunder, carry off (forms: strude 3rd pers sing pret indic; strudende pres part; strudon pl pret indic)

gestrynan wk verb: get, acquire; (w. gen) beget (forms: gestrynde, strynde 3rd pers sing pret indic; stryndon pl pret indic)

stund fem noun: space of time
æfre embe stunde: every once in a while
stundum dat pl as adv: from time to time

Sturmere prop name: Sturmere (Sturmer in Essex)

styde masc noun: place, situation, location

style neut noun: steel (forms: style dat sing)

stylecg adj: having steel edges

styran, stieran wk verb: guide, restrain (forms: styrde, gestyrde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

styrian wk verb: stir up, disturb; mention, tell about (forms: styrede 3rd pers sing pret indic; styreþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; styrge 1st pers sing pres indic)

styrman wk verb: storm, rage (forms: styrmde 3rd pers sing pret indic; styrmdon pl pret indic)

styrne adj: stern, grave, hard

styrnmode adv: sternly, with determination

gestyran wk verb w. dat: guide, direct, rule

suht fem noun: illness (only instance is at Gen 472)

suhtergefæderan pl noun: (pair consisting of) a man and his paternal uncle

suhtria, suhtriga, suhterga masc noun: nephew (forms: suhtrian gen sing; suhtrigan dat sing)

sulh masc noun: plow (forms: sules gen sing)

sulhgeteogo neut pl noun: ploughing implements

sulhgeweorc neut noun: plow-making (forms: sulhgeweorces gen sing)

sum adj and pron: some, a certain; a certain one (forms: sume nom/acc pl masc/fem; acc sing fem; inst sing neut; sumes gen sing masc; sumne acc sing masc; sumum dat pl masc; dat sing masc);
sum pron: some, a certain amount
feowera sum with three others, as one of four

sumor masc noun: summer (forms: sumeres gen sing)

sumorlang adj: summer-long (forms: sumorlangne acc sing masc)

sund neut noun: sea; swimming, sailing; the sea, water (forms: sunde dat sing; sundes gen sing)

gesund adj: sound, whole, healthy (forms: gesunde nom/acc pl masc/neut; gesundne acc sing masc; gesundran compar nom pl)

sundgebland neut noun: mixing of water, stirred-up water

sundhelm masc noun: protection of water (forms: sundhelme dat sing)

sundhwat adj: quick-swimming (forms: sundhwate nom pl masc)

sundnytt fem noun: swimming, action of swimming (forms: sundnytte acc sing)

sundor adv: separately, apart

sundornytt fem noun: special assignment, special duty (forms: sundornytte acc sing)

sundorspræc fem noun: private conversation (forms: sundorspræce dat sing);
niman on sundorspræce: take (someone) aside, speak to (someone) privately

sundoryrfe neut noun: inherited private property (forms: sundoryrfes gen sing)

sundreced neut noun: sea-building

gesundrian wk verb: sunder, separate (forms: gesundrod past part; gesundrode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sundwudu masc noun: sea-wood (a kenning for "ship")

sunganges adv: clockwise (lit. following the direction of the sun's path)

sunnbeam masc noun: sunbeam, sunshine

sunne fem noun: sun (forms: sunnan acc/dat/gen sing)

sunu masc noun: son (forms: suna nom/acc/gen pl; dat/gen sing; suno nom/acc pl; sunu acc/dat/gen sing, acc/gen pl; sunum dat pl)

gesupan Class 2 str verb: sip (forms: gesupe 3rd pers sing pres subj)

susl neut noun: misery, torment (forms: susle dat sing)

suð adv: south

suðan, suþan, suðon adv: from the south

Suðdene masc sing/pl noun: (South-) Danes (forms: Suðdena gen pl)

suþern adj: southern (forms: suþerne acc sing masc)

suðfolc neut noun: southern people, southern nation (forms: suðfolcum dat pl)

suðmonn mascn noun: southern man (forms: suðmonna gen pl)

suðweg masc noun: way from the south, southern direction (forms: suðwegum dat pl)

suðwind masc noun: south wind

swa adv: so, thus, also, as, in such a way that; when;
swa conj: likewise; as;
swa some: likewise, also;
swa hwa swa: whoever;
swa hwæt swa: whatever
swa þeah: nevertheless
swa swa conj: just as, like

swær adj: sluggish, weak (forms: swæran gen sing fem)

swærtbyrd fem noun: "black" labour, i.e. labour resulting in a cyanotic birth (forms: swærtbyrde gen sing)

geswæs adj: dear, own, beloved, sweet (forms: swæse, swase, geswæse nom/acc pl masc/fem, acc sing fem; swæsne acc sing masc; swæsra gen pl; swæsum dat pl)

swæsendu neut pl noun: dinner, meal, feasting (forms: swæsendum dat)

swæslice adv: pleasantly, easily

swætan weak verb: sweat, bleed

swancor adj: thin, trim, lithe, weak (forms: swancor acc pl neut; swoncre dat sing masc)

swanrad fem noun: swan-road (kenning for "sea") (forms: swanrade dat sing)

swar adj: oppressive, heavy (forms: sware fem nom sing)

swat neut/fem noun: sweat; blood (forms: swate acc/dat sing; swates gen sing )

swatfah adj: blood-stained

swaðu fem noun: path, track, footstep (forms: swaðe acc/dat sing)

swaðrian wk verb: become calm, subside (forms: swaþredon pl pret indic)

swatswaðu fem noun: blood-(-stained)track

swatig adj: sweaty, bloody (forms: swatigne acc sing masc)

swaþul masc? noun: heat? flame? (forms: swaþule dat sing)

sweart adj: black, dark (forms: sweartan acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; acc pl; swearte nom/acc pl masc; sweartne acc sing masc; sweartost superl acc sing neut; sweartum, swærtum dat pl; dat sing masc)

sweartlast adj: leaving black tracks

sweartnys fem noun: blackness (forms: sweartnysse dat sing)

swebban wk verb: put to sleep, kill (forms: swefeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

swefan Class 5 str verb: sleep; lie dead (forms: swæf 3rd pers sing pret indic; swæfon, swæfun pl pret indic; swefað pl pres indic; swefeþ, swefeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

swefn neut noun: sleep; dream (forms: swefna gen pl; swefne, swæfne dat sing)

swefyl, swefl masc noun: sulphur

sweg masc noun: sound, music (forms: swege dat sing)

swegan wk verb: make noise, crash, roar, rush (forms: swægende pres part)

swegl neut noun: the sky, the heavens, Heaven (forms: swegle dat sing; swegles gen sing)
swegl adj: bright, shining (forms: swegle acc pl masc)

sweglbosmas masc pl noun: the heavens

sweglcyning masc noun: the King of Heaven

swegltorht adj: heaven-bright (forms: swegltorhtan acc sing neut, acc pl)

sweglwered adj: covered in brightness

swelan Class 4 str verb: burn

swelgan Class 3 str verb w. dat: swallow (forms: swealg, swealh 3rd pers sing pret indic; swelgað pl pres indic; swulge 3rd pers sing pres subj)

swellan Class 3 str verb: swell

sweltan Class 3 str verb: die (forms: swealt, sweolt 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geswencan wk verb: afflict, torment; injure (forms: geswenced past part; swencte, geswencte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sweng masc noun: stroke (forms: swenge dat sing; swenges gen sing; swengum dat pl)

sweofot neut noun: sleep (forms: sweofote dat sing)

sweoloð masc? noun: heat, flames (forms: sweoloðe dat sing)

Sweon pl prop name: the Swedes (forms: Sweona gen)

sweora masc noun: neck (forms: sweoran acc/dat sing)

gesweorc neut noun: darkness, mist

sweorcan Class 3 str verb: darken, grow dark; become gloomy (forms: geswearc 3rd pers sing pret indic; gesweorce 3rd pers sing pres subj; sweorceð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

sweorcendferhð adj: gloomy (forms: sweorcendferhðe nom pl masc)

sweord, swurd, swyrd neut noun: sword (forms: sweorda gen sing; sweorde, swurde dat sing; sweordes gen sing; sweordum, swyrdum dat pl; swurd, swyrd, sweord nom/acc pl)

sweordbealo fem noun: (sword-) evil, violence

sweordberend masc noun: sword-wearer, warrior, man (forms: sweordberende nom pl)

sweordfreca masc noun: (sword-) warrior (forms: sweordfrecan dat sing)

sweordwigend masc noun: (sword-) warrior (forms: sweordwigendra gen pl)

sweostor, sweostar, gesweostor fem noun: sister (forms: gesweostor nom/acc pl; swyster acc sing)

sweot neut noun: host, troop (forms: sweotum dat pl)

Sweoðeod prop name: the Swedish people (forms: Sweoðeode dat)

sweotol, swutol adj: clear, manifest (forms: sweotolan dat sing neut)

sweotole, sweotule adv: clearly, openly

gesweotolian wk verb: make clear, make manifest, reveal (forms: geswutelod past part; geswutelode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

sweotollice adv: clearly

swerian Class 6 str verb: swear (forms: swor 3rd pers sing pret indic)

Swerting prop name: Swerting (forms: Swertinges gen sing)

swete adj: sweet (forms: sweta nom sing masc; swetne acc sing masc)

sweðrian wk verb: cease (forms: sweðrode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geswican Class 1 str verb: depart, abandon, deceive, betray (forms: swac, geswac 3rd pers sing pret indic; geswicað imper pl; swice 3rd pers sing pres subj; swicon pl pret indic)

swice adj: deceitful (forms: swice nom pl neut)
swice masc noun: escape

swician wk verb: deceive, betray (forms: swicode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

swicol adj: deceitful, untrustworthy (forms: swicole nom pl fem)

swifan Class 1 str verb: sweep, swipe, stroke (forms: swifeð )

swift adj: swift (forms: swifta nom pl masc)

swige adj: quiet, silent (forms: swigra compar nom sing masc)

swigian wk verb: become silent, be silent (forms: swigedon pl pret indic; swigode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

swilc, swelc, swylc adj and pron: such; such as; such a thing (forms: swelce, swylce acc sing neut; acc pl; swilces, swulces gen sing masc/neut; swylcne acc sing masc; swylcra gen pl; swilcum dat pl; swylcum dat sing masc)

swilce, swylce adv and conj: likewise, also; as, such as; as if
swylce conj: such as; just as;
swylce swa conj: just as

swima masc noun: head-spinning drunkenness; episode of fainting or unconsciousness (forms: swiman dat sing)

swimman, swymman Class 3 str verb: swim, sail, fly (forms: swimmað pl pres indic)

swin neut noun: wild boar

geswinc neut noun: labour, effort; hardship

geswincdæg masc noun: day of hardship (forms: geswincdagum dat pl)

swincan Class 3 str verb: labour, struggle (forms: swuncon pl pret indic)

geswing neut noun: surge, clash

swingan Class 3 str verb: strike, whip; fly (forms: swang 3rd pers sing pret indic; swingeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

swinlic neut noun: swine-likeness, image of a wild boar (forms: swinlicum dat pl)

swinsian wk verb: make music, be musical, sing (forms: swinsigende pres part; swynsode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

swioðol masc/neut noun: fire (forms: swioðole dat sing)

Swiorice prop name: Sweden (forms: Swiorice dat sing)

swið, swyð adj: strong, mighty; swiðra etc. (compar): right (hand) (forms: swiðne masc acc sing; swiðran acc/dat sing fem; swiþre compar nom sing fem)

swiðan wk verb: strengthen, support

swiðe, swiþe, swyðe adv: very, exceedingly, very much (forms: swiðor, swiþor, swyðor compar; swiðost superl);
ealra swiðost: most of all

swiðfeorm adj: (very) sustaining

swiðferhð, swyðferhð adj: bold, brave (forms: swiðferhþe nom pl masc; swiðferhþes gen sing; swiðferhðum dat pl)

swiðhicgende adj: resolute, brave, strong-minded

swiðlic, swiðlice adv: greatly, extremely

swiðmod adj: proud-minded, bold-hearted

swiðre adj: right (forms: swiðran acc sing masc; acc sing fem)

swiðrian wk verb: vanish, disappear, diminish (forms: geswiðrod past part; swiðrode, swiðrade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

swogan Class 7 str verb: roar (forms: swogende pres part)

sworcenferð adj: with darkened mind: unconscious, insensible

swustersunu masc noun: sister's son, nephew

swutelung fem noun: revelation, explanation (forms: swutelunge )

swylt masc noun: death (forms: swylte dat sing)

swyltdæg masc noun: death day (forms: swyltdæge dat sing)

swyn neut noun: wild boar

swyrdgeswing neut noun: sword-swinging, sword-cutting

swyrdgifu fem noun: giving of swords

syfanwintre adj: seven years old

sylfcwalu fem noun: suicide (forms: sylfcwale dat sing)

syll fem noun: floor (forms: sylle dat sing)

syllic, sellic adj: rare, marvellous (forms: sellice acc pl masc; syllicran compar acc sing neut; syllicre compar acc sing neut)

symbel neut noun: feast (forms: symbla gen pl; symble, symle dat sing)

symbelwerig adj: weary from feasting (i.e. drunk)

symbelwynn fem noun: joy of feasting (forms: symbelwynne acc sing)

symble, symle, simle adv: always, continually

synbysig adj: oppressed with wrong-doing (guilty/sinful? unjustly harrassed?)

synderlic adj: singular, special (forms: synderlicre dat sing fem)

syndolh neut noun: large wound

syndrig adj: distinct, separate, special

gesyne, gesiene, gesene adj: evident, manifest, clear

syngian wk verb: sin, do evil (forms: gesyngad past part)

synn fem noun: sin, guilt, crime (forms: synna acc pl; synne acc/dat/gen sing; synnum dat pl)

synnig adj: sinful ; (as noun) sinner (forms: synnigra gen pl)

synnihte neut noun: perpetual night (forms: synnihte dat sing)

synsceaþa masc noun: sinful enemy, sinful devil (forms: synscaðan acc sing; synsceaþan acc pl)

synsnæd fem noun: large piece (of food) (forms: synsnædum dat pl)

gesynto fem noun: health, welfare, salvation (forms: gesynta gen pl; gesynto gen sing; gesyntum dat pl)

syrce fem noun: coat of mail (forms: syrcan acc pl)

syrwan wk verb: plot, plan; equip with armor (forms: syrede 3rd pers sing pret indic; gesyrwed past part)

syx, vi numeral: six

syxhund numeral: six hundred

tacen, tacn neut noun: sign, token (forms: tacen acc pl; tacne dat sing)

getacnian wk verb: betoken, show by signs (forms: getacnod past part)

getæcan wk verb: teach, show, instruct; allot, assign (forms: tæcaþ pl pres indic; getæce 1st pers sing pres indic; getæhte, tæhte 3rd pers sing pret indic; getæhton pl pret indic)

tæfl fem noun: "tables"—a board game, perhaps referring to chess (forms: tæfle gen sing)

getæl neut noun: number (forms: getalum dat pl)

tæsan wk verb: tease (wool); tear, wound (forms: tæsde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

getæse adj: agreeable, advantageous

talian wk verb: consider, claim (forms: talast 2nd pers sing pres indic; talað 3rd pers sing pres indic; talige 1st pers sing pres indic)

tan masc noun: twig, branch (forms: tanum dat pl)

teag fem noun: cord, band, fetter (forms: teage acc sing)

team masc noun: descendant, progeny (forms: teamum dat pl; teames gen sing)

tear masc noun: tear (forms: tearas nom pl)

tearighleor adj: having a tear-stained face

tela, teala adv: well

geteld neut noun: tent

telg masc noun: dye, ink

telga masc noun: branch, twig (forms: telgan nom pl; telgum dat pl)

tellan wk verb: count, reckon, tell; think, consider (forms: tealde 3rd pers sing pret indic; tealdon, getealdon pl pret indic; geteled past part; telge 1st pers sing pres indic)

teman wk verb: bring forth, engender, propagate (forms: temað imper pl)

temian wk verb: tame (forms: temiaþ pl pres indic)

tene, tyne, X, tyn num: ten

tengan wk verb: go, hurry (forms: teng imper sing)

getenge prep: near, on

teoh, teohh fem noun: race, species; troop (forms: teohhe, teoche dat sing; nom pl; teohha gen pl)

teohhian, geteohhian wk verb: appoint, assign, arrange, intend (forms: geteohhod past part; teohhode, geteode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

teon Class 1 str verb: accuse (forms: tyhð 3rd pers sing pres indic);
teon Class 2 str verb: bring, grant, take; bring up, educate; draw (a sword) (forms: teah, geteah 3rd pers sing pret indic; geteoh, geteah imper sing; togen, getogen past part)
teon wk verb: prepare, ordain, create; arrange, adorn (forms: teode, tiode 3rd pers sing pret indic; teodan pl pret indic; geteoð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

teona masc noun: injury, wrong, malice (forms: teonan acc/dat sing; nom pl; teonum dat pl)

teonhete masc noun: malicious hatred (forms: teonhete dat sing)

teonwit neut noun: contention, strife

teosu fem noun: harm, injury

teoða adj: tenth (forms: teoðan acc sing masc)

teran Class 4 str verb: tear

terre Latin noun: earth

þa, ða adv and conj: then, when; it being the case that
þa . . . þa . . . : when . . . then

þær, ðær, ðar adv and conj: there, where; in such a case where

þær in adv: therein, in it, into it

þær on, ðæron adv: thereon, on it; therein, in it

ðæt, þæt conj: that, so that

þætte conj and rel pron: that, so that; which

geþafa masc noun: a consenter, supporter, helper, ally

geðafian wk verb: consent, agree to (forms: geðafode 3rd pers sing pret indic; þafodest 2nd pers sing pres indic)

geþanc, ðanc, geþonc masc noun: thanks; thought (forms: þance, geðonce dat sing; þances gen sing; geþancum, geþoncum dat pl)

þanchycgende pres part adj: pensive, prudent

geþancian wk verb: thank (forms: þancast 2nd pers sing pres indic; þancodon, þancedon pl pret indic; geþancie 1st pers sing pres indic; þanciende pres part; þancode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

geþancmetian wk verb: consider, think about (forms: geþancmeta imper sing)

þoncol adj: thoughtful, wise

þancolmod adj: thoughtful, wise (forms: þancolmode acc sing fem)

þanon, ðanon, ðonon, þonon, ðonan, þonan, þanan, þanonne adv: thence, from there

Þare prop name: Thare (Terah), father of Abraham (forms: Þares gen sing)

þe, ðe rel particle: which, that, who

þeah, ðeah, þeh, ðeh conj and adv: although, nevertheless;
þeah þe: although
swa þeah: nevetheless

geþeaht neut noun: thought, advice, scheme

þeahtian wk verb: consider, ponder, deliberate (forms: þeahtode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

þearf fem noun: need (forms: þearfe, ðearfe, þærfe acc/dat sing; acc pl)

þearfa adj: needy, poor; (w. gen) needing, lacking (forms: þearfum dat pl)

þearl adj: severe, violent, excessive, strong

þearle adv: severely, violently, greatly, extremely

þearlmod adj: severe, violent, mighty, severe

þeaw masc noun: custom, habit, manner; virtue (forms: þeawas acc pl; þeawum, ðeawum dat pl)

þeawfæst adj: virtuous

þeccan, þeccean wk verb: cover, cover over; be stretched out upon (forms: þeaht past part; þeahte 3rd pers sing pret indic; þeahte past part nom pl masc; geþeahtne past part acc sing masc; þeahton, þehton pl pret indic; þecce 1st pers sing pres indic; þecest 2nd pers sing pres indic; þehton pl pret indic)

þecen fem noun: covering, roof, thatch (forms: þecene acc sing)

ðegenlice adv: like a (good) thane or retainer; nobly

þegn, ðegn, þegen, þægn masc noun: servant, man; officer, minister; nobleman, thane, retainer (forms: þægne, þegne dat sing; þegna, ðegna gen pl; þegnas, ðegnas, þegenas nom/acc pl; þegnes gen sing; þegnum dat pl)

þegnian wk verb: serve (forms: þegnode 1st pers sing pret indic)

þegnscipe masc noun: service, servitude (forms: þegnscipe dat sing; þegnscipes gen sing)

þegnsorg fem noun: sorrow for followers (forms: þegnsorge acc sing)

þegnung fem noun: service, meal (forms: þegnunge acc sing)

þellfæsten masc noun: planked refuge; stronghold made of boards (forms: þellfæstenne acc sing)

geþencan, geþencean wk verb: think, imagine, consider, intend, plan (forms: geþenc imper sing; þencað, þencaþ pl pres indic; þence 1st pers sing pres indic; þencest 2nd pers sing pres indic; þenceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; þohte 3rd pers sing pret indic; þohton pl pret indic)

þenden, ðenden conj: as long as, while
þenden adv: meanwhile, during that time

þengel masc noun: ruler, lord, king

þenian wk verb: serve, be humiliated (forms: geþenod past part; þenode 1st pers sing pret indic)

þeod, ðeod fem noun: people, nation (forms: þeoda, ðeoda nom/acc/gen pl; þeode, ðeode dat sing; þeodum dat pl)

geþeodan wk verb: join, enter (a monastic order) (forms: geþeodde 3rd pers sing pret subj)

þeodcyning, ðeodcyning, ðeodkyning, ðiodcyning masc noun: king (of a people) (forms: þeodcyninga gen pl; þeodcyningas nom pl; þeodcyninges gen sing)

þeodguma masc noun: (national) warrior (forms: þeodguman nom pl)

þeodhere masc noun: national army (forms: þeodherga gen pl)

þeodlond neut noun: nation, national homeland, country, empire (forms: þeodlanda gen pl)

Ðeodric prop name: Theodoric, a historical king of the Ostrogoths who ruled Italy 493 to 526 c.e.

ðeodsceaða, þeodsceaða masc noun: national enemy, destroyer of a people

Þeodscylding masc noun: (national-) Scylding, Dane (forms: Þeodscyldingas nom pl)

þeodþrea fem noun: distress of a people; national disaster (forms: þeodþreaum dat pl)

þeoden, ðeoden, þioden masc noun: lord, king (forms: þeodnas nom pl; þeodne, ðeodne dat sing; þeodnes, ðeodnes gen sing)

þeodenhold adj: faithful (to a lord) (forms: þeodenholde nom pl masc; þeodenholdra gen pl)

ðeodenleas adj: lordless (forms: ðeodenlease nom pl masc)

þeodenmadm masc noun: royal treasure (forms: þeodenmadmas acc pl)

þeodgestreon neut noun: national treasure (forms: þeodgestreona gen pl; þeodgestreonum dat pl)

þeodscipe masc noun: nation, people

þeof masc noun: thief (forms: þeofes gen sing)

þeo neut noun: thigh, hip

geþeon, ðeon Class 3 str verb: thrive, prosper; endure (forms: þeah, þah, ðah, þag, geðah 3rd pers sing pret indic; geþeoh imper sing; geþungen past part: successful, excellent, virtuous; geþungon pl pret indic)

þeostre adj: dark, gloomy (forms: þeostrum dat pl)

þeostru fem noun: darkness, shadow (forms: þeostra gen pl; þeostrum dat pl)

þeow, þeo masc noun: servant, slave

þeowa masc noun: servant, slave (forms: þeowan acc pl)

þeowdom masc noun: slavery, servitude; service (forms: þeowdome dat sing)

þeowe fem noun/adj: female slave (forms: þeowra gen pl)

þeowen fem noun: female servant, female slave

þeowmennen fem noun: maidservant, female slave

þeowian, ðeowian wk verb w. dat: serve (forms: þeowdon pl pret indic; þeowige 3rd pers sing pres indic)

þeownyd fem noun: slavery

þes demonst pron: this (in plural: these) (forms: þas, ðas acc pl; þas, ðas, þisse fem acc sing; þeos fem nom sing; þes, ðes, þæs, ðæs masc nom sing; þis, ðis neut nom/acc sing; þissa, þyssa gen pl; þisse, ðisse, þysse, ðysse acc/dat/gen sing fem; þisses, ðisses, þysses masc/neut gen sing; þissum, þyssum, ðyssum, þysson, þysum, ðysum, þisum, þison dat pl; masc/neut dat sing; þys, ðys, þis masc/neut acc/dat sing; þysne, þisne, ðysne masc acc sing; þyssere, þissere dat/gen sing fem)

þicce, ðicce adv: thickly, closely

geþicgan, ðicgean Class 5 str verb: receive, accept; eat, partake of (forms: geþah, geþeah 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; þegon, geþægon, þegun pl pret indic; þigeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; þicgeað imper pl; to þicgenne inflect infin)

þiclice adv: thickly, pressingly

geþincan, þincean impers verb: seem, appear (forms: þince 3rd pers sing pres subj; þinceað pl pres indic; þinceð, þynceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; þuhte, ðuhte 3rd pers sing pret indic; geþuhton, þuhton pl pret indic)

þindan Class 3 str verb: swell

þinen fem noun: (female) servant, handmaid (forms: þinenne, þinene acc/dat sing)

þing, ðing, þincg neut noun: thing; meeting, assembly; contest; circumstance (forms: þing, ðing nom pl; þinga, ðinga gen pl; þinge dat sing; ðinges gen sing)

geþinge neut noun: conclusion, agreement; term of settlement (forms: geþinges gen sing; geþingea gen pl; geþingo acc pl)

þingan wk verb: intend (to go) (forms: geþingeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

þingian wk verb: speak, ask; arrange, settle; intend, determine; intercede for (forms: þingade, þingode 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; geþinged, geþingod past part)

geþingþo fem noun: rank, office (forms: geþingþo nom pl)

geþoht masc noun: thought, mind (forms: geþohtas nom/acc pl; geþohte dat sing)

geþolian wk verb w. acc or gen: endure, suffer, allow; forgo, lose (forms: to geþolianne inflect infin; þolað 3rd pers sing pres indic; þoliað, ðoliaþ pl pres indic; þolien pl pret subj; þoligende pres part; þoledon, þolodan pl pret indic; geþolode, þolode, ðolode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

þoncwyrðe adj: thank-worthy, i.e. worth giving thanks (to God) for (forms: þoncwyrðe acc sing neut)

þonne, ðonne, þænne conj and adv: then, when; than; than that
þonne conj: than

geþræc neut noun: pressure, force, violence; host

þræcrof adj: brave in battle (forms: þræcrofe acc pl masc)

þræcwig masc noun: (violent) battle (forms: þræcwiges gen sing)

þrag fem noun: time, period, season (forms: þrage acc/gen sing)
þrage dat sing as adv: for a time
lange þrage: for a long time
ealle þrage: all the time

geþrang neut noun: throng, crowd, press of battle

þrea masc? noun: oppression

þreagan wk verb: afflict, oppress (forms: geðread past part)

þrealic adj: oppressive, dire

geðrean Class 3 str verb: afflict (forms: geðreadne past part acc sing masc)

þreanedla masc noun: dire distress (forms: þreanedlan dat sing)

þreanyd fem noun: dire distress (forms: þreanydum dat pl)

þreaweorc neut noun: oppressive affliction

þrecwudu masc noun: power-wood (a kenning for "spear")

þreohund, III hund, CCC numeral: three hundred

XIII numeral: thirteen

þreotteoð adj: thirteenth (forms: þreotteoða nom sing masc)

þrindan Class 3 str verb: swell (forms: þrindende pres part)

geþring neut noun: crowding, thronging, tumult

þringan Class 3 str verb: press, throng, press forward, advance (forms: þrang, geþrang, þrong 3rd pers sing pret indic; geþrungen, geðrungen past part; þrungon pl pret indic)

ðrist adj: bold, audacious, shameless (forms: ðriste, þriste nom pl masc; nom sing fem)
þriste adv: shamelessly, boldly

þristhydig adj: bold (-minded)

þritig, þrittig, XXX numeral: thirty (forms: ðrittiges, XXXtiges gen sing)

þriwa, III adv: three times

þrosm masc noun: smoke

þreat masc noun: troop, company (forms: þreatas nom pl; þreate dat sing; þreatum, ðreatum dat pl)

þreatian wk verb: press, menace (forms: þreatedon pl pret indic)

þreo, þrio num: three (forms: þreo nom/acc fem/neut; þry, ðry nom/acc masc/neut; þrim, þrym dat; þreora gen)

threohund numeral: three hundred

þridda num: third (forms: þriddan acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut)

þrowian, þrowigean, ðrowian wk verb: suffer, endure (forms: þrowade, þrowode, ðrowode 3rd pers sing pret indic; þrowedon pl pret indic)

geþruen past part: forged

þrymfæst adj: mighty, powerful, glorious (forms: þrymfæste masc/fem nom pl; þrymfæstne acc sing masc)

þrymful adj: mighty, powerful

þrymlic adj: glorious, magnificent

þrymm, þrym, ðrym masc noun: glory, majesty; force, power; host, troop (forms: þrymmas nom pl; þrymmum, ðrymmum dat pl (also adverbially: "mightily"); þrymme dat sing; þrymmes gen sing)

ðrynes fem noun: trinity (forms: ðrynesse gen sing)

ðrysman wk verb: become dark, become smokey (forms: ðrysmaþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

þryð fem noun: strength; host, company (forms: þryþe nom pl; þryðum dat pl)

ðryþærn neut noun: majestic building, hall

þryðig adj: mighty, powerful (forms: þryðge nom pl masc)

þryðlic, ðryðlic adj: mighty, powerful (forms: þrydlicost superl)

ðryðswyð, þryðswyð adj: very mighty, strong and powerful

þryðword neut noun: powerful word, brave speech

þu, ðu pers pron 2nd per sing: thou, you (forms: þe, ðe acc/dat sing; þec, ðec acc sing; þin, ðin gen; þina poss adj nom/acc pl fem; þine poss adj nom/acc pl neut/masc/fem, acc fem sing, instr sing masc/neut; þines poss adj masc/neut gen sing; þinne, ðinne, þine poss adj acc sing masc; þinra, ðinra poss adj gen pl; þinre poss adj dat/gen sing fem; þinum poss adj dat sing masc/dat pl

þuf masc noun: banner (forms: þufas nom pl)

þunian wk verb: be prominent, be lifted up
þunian wk verb: resound, make a booming noise, groan (forms: þunede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

þurfan, þearfan wk verb: need, have occasion to (forms: þearf, ðearf 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; þearfendre past part dat sing fem; geþearfod past part; þearft 2nd pers sing pres indic; þorfte, ðorfte 3rd pers sing pret indic; þorfton pl pret indic; þurfe 1st/3rd pers sing pres subj; preposed pl pres indic (Mald 34) ; þurfon pl pres indic; þyrfen pl pres subj)

þurh, ðurh, þuruh prep: through, by means of, for the sake of

þurhbrecan Class 4 str verb: break through, penetrate (forms: þurhbræc 3rd pers sing pret indic)

þurhdrifan Class 1 str verb: pierce, drive (a nail) through (forms: þurhdrifan pl pret indic)

þurhdufan Class 2 str verb: dive or swim through (forms: þurhdeaf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

þurhetan Class 5 str verb: eat through (forms: þurhetone past part nom pl)

ðurhfon Class 7 str verb: get through, penetrate

þurhteon Class 2 str verb: accomplish, carry out

þurhwadan Class 6 str verb: go through, pierce (forms: þurhwod, ðurhwod 3rd pers sing pret indic)

þurhwunian wk verb: remain (forms: þurhwunade 3rd pers sing pret subj)

þurst noun: thirst

Þurstan prop name: Thurstan (forms: Þurstanes gen sing)

þurstig adj: thirsty, eager for something (in gen.) (forms: þurstige nom pl masc)

þus adv: thus, in this way

þusend numeral: thousand (forms: þusenda gen pl; þusenda, þusendo acc pl)

þusendmælum adv: in thousands

geþwære adj: obedient

þwean Class 6 str verb: wash, cleanse (forms: ðwoh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

þweorh adj: crooked, perverse, depraved
on þweorh: perversely, depravedly

þyder, þider adv: there, to there, thither

þyhtig adj: strong

þyle, ðyle masc noun: orator, spokesman

geþyld fem noun: patience (forms: geþyldum dat pl)

geþyldig adj: patient, longsuffering

þyrel neut noun: hole, opening

þyrs masc noun: giant, ogre (forms: þyrse dat sing)

þyslic adj: like this, similar (forms: þyslicu nom sing fem)

þystru, þystro fem noun: darkness, shadow (forms: þystre gen sing; þystro nom pl; dat sing; þystrum dat pl)

þystre adj: dark, shadowy, gloomy

þywan wk verb: crush, press; oppress (forms: þyð 3rd pers sing pres indic; þywað pl pres indic )

geþywe adj: usual, accustomed (forms: geþywe nom sing neut)

tiber neut noun: offering, sacrifice (forms: tibre dat sing)

tid fem noun: time, hour (forms: tida gen sing; tide dat/gen sing)

tiddæg masc noun: lifespan, alloted time (forms: tiddæge, tidege dat sing)

tiedran wk verb: bring forth, produce, propagate (forms: tiedrað imper pl)

Tigris prop noun: the Tigris

til, till adj: good (forms: tile nom pl masc; tilne acc sing masc; tilra gen pl; tilu nom sing fem)

tilian wk verb: to till; (w. gen of the result) provide, work for; (forms: tilien pl pres subj; tilode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

tilmodig adj: good, righteous (forms: tilmodigne acc sing masc)

tihting fem noun: exhortation, instruction (forms: tihtinge dat sing)

getimber neut noun: building material; act of building; structure, building (forms: getimbro acc pl)

timbran wk verb: build, erect, construct (forms: timbred past part; timbrede 3rd pers sing pret indic)

getimian wk verb: happen (forms: getimode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

getingnys fem noun: rhetoric (forms: getingnysse dat sing)

tir, tyr, tiir masc noun: glory, honour, fame (forms: tire dat sing; tires gen sing)

tireadig adj: victorious, glorious, famous (forms: tireadigra gen pl; tireadigum dat sing masc)

tirfæst adj: victorious, glorious (forms: tirfæste acc sing fem)

tirleas adj: without glory, honour, or fame; humiliated, vanquished (forms: tirleases gen sing)

tið fem noun: gift, grant, favour, boon (forms: tiðe acc sing)

tiða masc noun: sharer, recipient

tiðian wk verb: grant, give (forms: tiðiað pl pres indic; getiðad past part; getigðode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

to (te Beow 2922) prep: to, into; for; from; as a (weorce to leane: "as a reward for (their) work"; to hearran: "as a superior");
to adv: too, also; excessively, very; forth, onwards

toberstan Class 3 str verb: burst apart, shatter (forms: tobærst 3rd pers sing pret indic)

tobrecan Class 4 str verb: break apart, destroy (forms: tobrocen past part)

tobregdan, tobredon Class 3 str verb: tear apart, divide (forms: tobræd, tobrægd 3rd pers sing pret indic)
slæpe tobregdan: to awake suddenly

todælan wk verb: divide, separate (forms: todælden pl pret subj)

todrifan Class 1 str verb: drive apart (forms: todraf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

tofaran Class 6 str verb: scatter, be dispersed (forms: toforan pl pret indic)

toforan prep: before, in front of

togædere, togædre adv: together

togeanes, togenes prep: before; against, opposite; towards

togengan wk verb: go away (forms: togengdon pl pret indic)

toglidan Class 1 str verb: split, shatter (forms: toglad 3rd pers sing pret indic)

tohladan Class 6 str verb: build separate piles, separate into piles (forms: tohlodon pl pret indic)

tohlidan Class 1 str verb: burst, spring apart (forms: tohlidene past part nom pl masc)

getoht neut? noun: battle (forms: getohte dat sing)

tohte fem noun: battle, fight (forms: tohtan dat sing)

tolucan Class 2 str verb: pull apart, disassemble, destroy

tomiddes prep and adv: in the middle of, amid; in the middle

torht adj: bright (forms: torhtan acc sing fem; torhte masc dat sing; torhtum dat pl, dat sing neut)

torhtlic adj: bright (forms: torhtlicne acc sing masc)

torhtmod adj: glorious, noble

torn neut noun: anger, misery, trouble (forms: torna gen pl; torne dat sing)
torn adj: grievous, miserable, troubled (forms: torne nom sing neut; tornost superl)

torngemot neut noun: bitter meeting, i.e. battle

torr masc noun: watchtower, tower (forms: torre dat sing)

tosomne adv: together

toslitan Class 1 str verb: rip apart, cut apart (forms: tosliteð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

toteran Class 4 str verb: tear apart (forms: totær 3rd pers sing pret indic)

toð masc noun: tooth (forms: toðum, toðon dat pl)

totwæman, totweman wk verb: separate, divide, break up (forms: totwæmed past part)

toweard adj: approaching, future (forms: toweardan dat sing fem)
toweard prep: towards, with respect to, for

toweccan wk verb: arouse, begin (forms: towehton pl pres indic)

træf neut noun: tent, pavillion, building (forms: træfe dat sing)

tredan Class 5 str verb: tread, step on (forms: træd 3rd pers sing pret indic; træde 2nd pers sing pret subj; tredað pl pres indic; tredeð, triedeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

treddan wk verb: tread, step (forms: treddode, tryddode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

trega masc noun: pain, affliction, grief (forms: tregan acc sing; tregena gen pl)

treow fem noun: trust, faith; pledge, promise, agreement (forms: treowe acc sing; treowa acc pl treowum dat pl);
treow neut noun: tree (forms: treowes gen sing)

treowa masc noun: truth, faith, fidelity

treowan wk verb: trust, believe (forms: treowde 3rd pers sing pret indic; getrywð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

treowcynn, treocyn neut noun: kind of tree (forms: treowcynnes gen sing)

getreowe, getrywe adj: faithful, trustworthy, true (forms: getreowra gen pl)

treowian wk verb: be faithful (forms: treowige 1st pers sing pres indic)

treowloga masc noun: oath-breaker, traitor (forms: treowlogan nom pl)

treowræden fem noun: agreement, covenant (forms: treowrædenne acc sing)

getrimian, trymman, trymian wk verb: arrange, ordain, prepare; address, exhort; strengthen, comfort (forms: getrymmed past part; getrimede, trymede 3rd pers sing pret indic; trymeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; trymedon pl pret indic )

trodu fem noun: track, footprint (forms: trode acc sing)

trum adj: firm, steadfast (forms: trumne acc sing masc)

getrum neut noun: troop, company (forms: getrume dat sing)

getruwian wk verb w. acc, dat or gen: trust; make (an agreement) (forms: truwode, getruwode 3rd pers sing pret indic; getruwedon pl pret indic; getruwodest 2nd pers sing pret indic)

trym, trem neut noun: distance, length

tu numeral: two

Tubalcain prop name: Tubalcain

tudor, tuddor neut noun: offspring (forms: tudra gen pl; tudre dat sing; tudres gen sing)

tuddorsped fem noun: success in offspring; fertility

tuddorteonde pres part adj: bringing forth offspring (forms: tuddorteondra gen pl)

tunge fem noun: tongue

tungol neut noun: heavenly body (such as the sun, moon, stars, planets) (forms: tungel acc pl; tunglum dat pl)

twa numeral: two (forms: twa fem/neut nom/acc; twam masc/neut dat; twæm dat; twega gen pl; twegen, twegin, twægen masc/neut nom/acc; )
mid unc twih: between the two of us
twa adv: twice

getwæfan wk verb w. gen: stop, end; prevent, deprive of (forms: getwæfde 3rd pers sing pret indic; getwæfed past part; getwæfeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

getwæman wk verb: separate from (w. gen of thing), hinder

twelf, XII numeral: twelve (forms: XIIa gen; twelfe nom masc)

tweo masc noun: doubt, dubiousness (forms: tweon dat sing)
to tweon weorðan: become a cause of uncertainty or anxiety

tweon wk verb: doubt, hesitate, be fearful (forms: tweode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

twig neut noun: twig, branch (forms: twige dat sing)

tydre adj: weak, cowardly

tyhtan wk verb: draw, pull; persuade, teach (forms: tihte 3rd pers sing pret indic; tyhtað pl pres indic)

tyman wk verb: beget, engender, bring forth (forms: tymað imper pl; tymdon pl pret indic)

tynan wk verb: insult, revile (forms: tyndon pl pret indic)

tyrf neut noun: turf, piece of sod (forms: tyrf, turf acc pl; turfa gen pl; turfon dat pl)

ufara, ufera adj: later (forms: ufaran, uferan dat pl)

ufon, ufan adv: down (from above); above

ufor adv: higher up

uhtcearu fem noun: dawn sadness, early morning misery (forms: uhtceare acc sing)

uhte fem noun: morning twilight, dawn, early morning (forms: uhtan dat sing; uhtna gen pl)

uhtfloga masc noun: dawn-flier (forms: uhtflogan gen sing)

uhthlem masc noun: ruckus at dawn

uhtsceaða masc noun: dawn enemy, nocturnal attacker

uhttid fem noun: morning twilight, dawn, early morning

umborwesende pres part adj: being a child (forms: umborwesendum dat sing masc)

unarlic adj: dishonourable, contemptible

unarlice adv: dishonourably, sinfully

unbefohten past part adj: unfought, uncontested (forms: unbefohtene nom pl masc)

unbliðe adj: sad, unhappy, sorrowful

unbyrnende pres part adj: unburning

uncuð, uncuþ adj: unknown, strange (forms: uncuðe nom/acc pl masc; uncuðes, uncuþes gen sing; uncuðne acc sing masc; uncuðra gen pl)

under, undor prep: under, in the shelter of; by means of

under bæc adv: behind

underflowan Class 7 str verb: flow under (forms: underflowen past part)

underfon Class 7 str verb: receive, accept (forms: underfænge 3rd pers sing pret subj; underfeng 3rd pers sing pret indic)

undernmæl neut noun: morning (-time)

underþeodan wk verb: subject, submit (forms: underðeodde past part)

undyrne, underne adj: clear, manifest, obvious
undyrne adv: clearly, manifestly, openly

unearg adj: not timid, not fearful, brave, resolute (forms: unearge nom pl masc)

unfæcne adj: non-fraudulent, sincere

unfæge adj: not doomed to die (forms: unfægne acc sing masc)

unfæger adj: ugly, unlovely

unfægere, unfære adv: in an ugly or unpleasant way

unfæle adj: wicked, ugly

unfeor adj: not far

Unferð prop name: Unferth, a Danish courtier

unfliten past part adj: unassailed (forms: unflitne inst sing neut)
elne unflitne: with undoubted courage

unforcuð adj: highly-regarded, reputable, noble, brave

unforcuðlice adv: nobly, honourably, bravely

unforht adj: not timid or afraid: brave, resolute (forms: unforhte nom pl masc/neut)

unforhte adv: not timidly or fearfully, bravely

unfremu fem noun: unprofitable thing (forms: unfreme acc sing)

unfreondlice adv: in an unfriendly way

unfricgende pres part: unasking (forms: unfricgendum dat pl)
wordum unfricgendum: in words spoken without being asked

unfrod adj: not old (i.e. young) (forms: unfrodum dat sing masc)

unfrom adj: not brave, not vigorous

ungeara adv: recently, just now; soon, shortly, momentarily

ungedefe adj: improper, wrong

ungedefelice adv: wrongly

ungefullod past part adj: unbaptized

ungelic adj: unlike (forms: ungelice acc sing fem)

ungelice adv: differently

ungemete adv: immeasurably, extremely, very

unigmetes adv: immeasurably

ungesibb masc noun or adj: unrelated, unpeaceful (forms: ungesibbum dat sing masc or dat pl)

ungeþeod adj: separate, divided (forms: ungeþeode nom pl neut)

ungifre adj: rapacious, voracious

ungleaw adj: unwise, not smart (Beow 2564 ineffective?)

ungrene adj: not green

ungyfeðe adj: not given

unhæl adj: sick, unsound, evil (forms: unhælo nom sing fem)

unheore, unhyre, unhiore adj: monstrous, wild (forms: unheoru acc pl neut)

unhlisa masc noun: dishonour (forms: unhlisan gen sing)

unhlitme, onhlytme adj: disappointed, disheartened, dispirited

unhyldo fem noun: displeasure, disfavour

unlæd adj: evil, wicked (forms: unlædan gen sing masc)

unland neut noun: non-land, false land (forms: unlonde dat sing)

unleof adj: hateful, unloved (forms: unleofe nom/acc pl masc)

unlifigende, unlyfigende pres part adj: unliving, dead (forms: unlyfigendes gen sing masc; unlyfigendne acc sing masc; unlyfigendum, unlifigendum unlifgendum dat pl; dat sing masc)

unliðe adj: harsh, severe, unpleasant

unlytel adj: not little; great (forms: unlytle acc pl fem)

unmæte adj: vast, huge

unmæðlice adv: immoderately, without restraint

unmurnlice adv: without compunction, remorselessly; without grouching, willingly

geunnan anom verb w. dat of person and gen. of thing: grant, allow, offer; wish, like (forms: an, on 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; geunne 3rd pers sing pres subj; imper sing; uðe, uþe, geuðe 3rd pers sing pret indic; 1st pers sing pres subj)

unnyt adj: useless

unorne adj: simple

unræd masc noun: evil counsel; folly; treachery; mischief (forms: unræde dat sing; unrædes gen sing)

unræden fem noun: folly, unadvised act

unriht neut noun: sin, crime, unrightful act (forms: unrihte dat sing)

unrihte adv: wrongly, unrightfully, guiltily

unrihtwisnys fem noun: unrighteousness, sinfulness (forms: unrihtwisnysse dat sing)

unrim neut noun: countless number

unrime adj: countless

unrot adj: dejected (forms: unrote nom pl masc)

unsælig adj: miserable, wicked, unfortunate (forms: unsælga masc nom sing)

unscomlice adv: shamelessly, indecently

unscyldig adj: innocent (forms: unscyldigan, unscildigan nom/acc pl neut)

unsnyttru fem noun: foolishness, lack of wisdom (forms: unsnyttrum dat pl)

unsofte adv: not gently: roughly; with difficulty

unspedig adj: unsuccessful, unpromising (forms: unspedigran compar acc sing neut)

unswæslic adj: unpleasant (forms: unswæslicne acc sing masc)

unswiðe adv: not strongly, not very much (forms: unswiðor compar)

unsyfre adj: impure, filthy, unclean, lecherous (forms: unsyfra nom sing masc)

unsynnig adj: guiltless (forms: unsynnigne acc sing masc)

unsynnum adv: guiltlessly

untæle adj: blameless

untreowe adj: untrue, false, faithless, deceptive (forms: untreowa acc pl neut)

untryoð fem noun: untruthfulness, treachery (forms: untryoða gen pl)

untrum adj: infirm, sick (forms: untrume acc pl masc)

untydre masc noun: evil offspring, misshapen birth (forms: untydras nom pl)

unþanc masc noun: displeasure, ingratitude (forms: unþances gen sing)
hyre unþances: against her will, despite her wishes

unþinged past part adj: without intercession, unatoned

unwaclic adj: not weak, not small (forms: unwaclicne acc sing masc)

unwaclice adv: not weakly; forcefully, toughly

unwærlice adv: unwarily, carelessly

unwar adj: unwary, gullible (forms: unware nom pl masc)

unwearnum adv: irresistably

unweaxen past part adj: not adult, immature, young

unwemme adj: unspoiled, virgin

unwered adj: unprotected (from werian)

unwillum adv: unwillingly, involuntarily, unintentionally

unwrecen past part adj: unavenged

unwundod adj: unwounded

unwurðlice adv: dishonourably, unworthily

up, upp prep and adv: up, upon

upganga masc noun: landing, disembarkment (forms: upgangan acc sing)

uphea adj: tall, high, elevated

upheofon masc noun: heaven above

uplang adj: upright

uppe adv: up, above

uppriht adj: upright

uprodor, uproder masc noun: the heavens, Heaven (as opposed to what lies beneath, so "Heaven above")

urigfeþra, urigfeðera adj: dewy-feathered

uriglast masc noun: damp track, dewy path

ut adv: out, outwards

utan, uton prep and adv: outside

utanweard adj: outside (forms: utanweardne acc sing masc)

ute adv: out, outside

utfus adj: ready for departure

uðgenge adj: departing
beon uðgenge (w. dat): depart (from)

uðwytegung fem noun: philosophy (forms: uðwytegunge dat sing)

utsiþ masc noun: exit, way out

utweard adj: (turned) outwards, i.e. positioned for departure

wa indecl adj and noun: miserable, woeful; woe
wa la interj: oh!; alas!

wac adj: weak, slender (forms: wace nom/acc pl masc; wacne acc sing masc; wacran compar acc sing masc; compar nom pl masc)

wacan Class 6 str verb: wake, arise, be born; be wakeful, keep watch (forms: waca imper sing; woc 3rd pers sing pret indic; woce 3rd pers sing pret subj; wocon, wocun, wocan pl pret indic)

wacian wk verb: become or be weak

gewadan Class 6 str verb: move, go, wade (forms: wod, gewod 3rd pers sing pret indic; gewaden past part; wodon pl pret indic)

wadu, wado neut pl noun: sea, water (forms: wada acc)

wæccan wk verb: wake, be awake, be watchful (forms: wæccende pres part; wæccendne pres part acc sing masc)

wæcnan wk verb: arise, come to exist (forms: wæcned past part)

wæd fem noun: garment, clothing (forms: wæda acc/gen pl; wædo inst sing; wædum, wedum dat pl)
wæd masc noun: sea, water (forms: wædes gen sing)

gewæde neut noun: armor, clothing (forms: gewædu acc pl)

wædla adj: poor, destitute (forms: wædlum dat pl)

wæfersyn fem noun: spectacle, display, show (forms: wæfersyne dat sing)

wæfre adj: restless, wandering

wæg, weg masc noun: wave; water, sea (forms: wæge dat sing; wegas nom/acc pl--this form is also the plural of weg, q.v.)

wægbora masc noun: wave-bearer, i.e. underwater creature

wægbord neut noun: deck

wæge neut noun: cup

wægfaru fem noun: wave-passage

wægholm masc noun: (wave-) sea, ocean

wægliðend masc noun: sailor, sea traveller (forms: wægliðende, wægliþende nom/acc pl; wægliðendum dat pl)

Wægmunding prop name: a Geatish family (forms: Wægmundinga gen pl)

wægstream masc noun: (wave- ) current, stream

wægsweord neut noun: (wavy[ornamented]-) sword

wægþæl, wægþel neut noun: wave-plank (a kenning for "ship") (forms: wægþele dat sing)

wæþrea fem noun: menace of the sea

wægþreat masc noun: a host of waves (forms: wægþreate dat sing)

wæl neut noun: corpse; litter of corpses on a battlefield (forms: wæle dat sing; walu nom pl)

wælbedd neut noun: bed of slaughter; grave (forms: wælbedde dat sing)

wælbend fem noun: death-bond (forms: wælbende acc pl)

wælbleat adj: deadly (forms: wælbleate acc sing)

wælceasega masc noun: corpse-chooser (i.e. raven)

wælclomm masc noun: deadly bond, fetter (forms: wælclommum dat pl)

wældeað masc noun: violent death, slaughter

wældreor neut noun: blood of slaughter (forms: wældreore dat sing)

wælfæhð fem noun: deadly feud (forms: wælfæhða gen pl)

wælfag adj: slaughter-stained, marked by death (forms: wælfagne acc sing masc)

wælfeall masc noun: slaughter (perhaps a spelling of wælfyllu) (forms: wælfealle dat sing)

wælfus adj: eager for slaughter

wælfyllu, wælfyll fem/masc noun: (plenty of) slaughter (forms: wælfylla gen pl; wælfylle dat sing; wælfylles gen sing)

wælfyr neut noun: corpse-fire, pire; deadly fire (forms: wælfyra gen pl; wælfyre dat sing)

wælgæst masc noun: murderous spirit

wælgar masc noun: deadly spear (forms: wælgara gen pl)

wælgifre adj: greedy for carrion (forms: wælgifru nom pl neut; wælgifrum dat pl)

wælgrimm, wællgrim, wælgrim adj: dire, deadly (forms: wælgrimme acc sing fem; wælgrimne acc sing masc)

wælgryre masc noun: deadly terror

wælherige masc noun: death-dealing army (forms: wælherigas nom pl)

wælhlem masc noun: deadly crash (of battle), deadly attack

wælhlence fem noun: (slaughter- ) coat of mail (forms: wælhlencan acc sing)

wælhreow, wælreow adj: fierce, bloody, savage (forms: welhreowan acc sing fem; wælreowe nom pl masc)

wælisc adj: enslaved, foreign (forms: wælisca nom sing masc)

wællseax neut noun: (slaughter-) sax (i.e. long knife) (forms: wællseaxe dat sing)

wælmist masc noun: slaughter-mist (i.e. the blindness of death) (forms: wælmiste dat sing)

wælræs masc noun: murderous attack (forms: wælræse dat sing)

wælrap masc noun: ropes of death (i.e. immobility) (forms: wælrapas acc pl)

wælreaf neuter noun: booty, spoils (of slaughter, i.e. battle)

wælrec masc noun: deadly smoke, fumes

wællregn masc noun: murderous rain

wælreow adj: fierce, savage, bloodthirsty (forms: wælreowe nom pl masc)

wælnet neut noun: net of slaughter (Ex 202 a kenning for "mail-coat"? [Lucas]) (forms: )

wælrest fem noun: grave (lit. "bed of slaughter") (forms: wælreste acc sing)

wælnið masc noun: deadly hostility (forms: wælniðas nom pl; wælniðe dat sing)

Wæls prop name: Wæls (forms: Wælses gen)

wælsceaft masc noun: murderous shaft (kenning for "spear") (forms: wælsceaftas nom/acc pl)

wælscel neut? noun: carnage

Wælsing masc noun: offspring of Wæls (forms: Wælsinges gen sing)

wælsleaht masc noun: deadly battle, slaughter (forms: wælsleahta gen pl)

wælspere neut noun: (deadly) spear (forms: wælspera acc pl)

wælsteng masc noun: corpse-pole (possibly a kenning for "spear") (forms: wælstenge dat sing)

wælstow fem noun: battlefield (lit. place of slaughter) (forms: wælstowe acc/dat sing)

wælstream masc noun: deadly current (forms: wælstreamas nom pl)

wælsweng masc noun: deadly blow (forms: wælswenge dat sing)

wælwulf masc noun: carnage-wolf (a kenning for "warrior") (forms: wælwulfas nom pl)

wæn masc noun: wagon

wæpen neut noun: weapon (forms: wæpen nom/acc pl; wæpenes, wæpnes gen sing; wæpna gen pl; wæpne dat sing; wæpnum dat pl)

wæpenþracu fem noun: storm of weapons, armed conflict (forms: wæpenþræce dat sing)

wæpned past part adj/noun: male, man (lit. "weaponed")

wæpnedcynn neuter noun: male gender (forms: wæpnedcynnes gen sing)

wæpnedmann, wæpmonn masc noun: man, male person (forms: wæpnedmen dat sing; wæpmonna gen pl)

wær adj: honest, trustworthy, true (forms: wærum dat pl);
wær fem noun: protection, keeping, promise, covenant (forms: wære, ware acc/dat/gen sing; wæra acc pl)

wærfæst adj: honourable, faithful, trustworthy (forms: wærfæstne acc sing masc; wærfæstra gen pl)

wærleas adj: faithless, treacherous, traitrous

wærlice adv: warily, guilefully (Gen 652 possible pun: the same spelling with a long vowel would mean "truthfully")

wærloga masc noun: deceitful one, liar; devil (forms: wærlogan dat pl; wærlogan acc sing; acc pl; wærlogona gen pl)

wæstm, wæstum, westem masc or neut noun: fruit, increase; stature (forms: wæstmas nom/acc pl; wæstma gen pl; wæstme dat sing; wæstme nom/acc pl; wæstmes gen sing; wæstmum dat pl)

wæt adj: wet, moist

wæta masc noun: moisture, liquid (forms: wætan dat sing)

wætan wk verb: to wet, moisten (forms: wæteð 3rd pers sing pres indic; wætte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wæter neut noun: water, river (forms: wæter nom pl; wætera gen pl; wætere, wætre dat sing; wætres, wæteres gen sing; wætrum dat pl)

wæteregesa masc noun: water-terror, i.e. terrifying water (forms: wæteregesan acc sing/pl)

wæterþisa masc noun: water-rusher (i.e. ship or whale)

wæteryð fem noun: (water-) wave (forms: wæteryðum dat pl)

wag masc noun: wall (forms: wage dat sing; wagum dat pl)

waldswæþ neut noun: forest track (forms: waldswaþum dat pl)

walu fem noun: a protective ridge, running from front to back of a helmet

wale fem noun: female slave, maidservant

wana indecl adj: wanting, lacking, without

wanhal adj: sickly, unhealthy, weak (forms: wanhalum dat pl)

wanhydig adj: careless, reckless

waðum masc noun: wave (forms: waþema gen pl)

wancgturf neut noun: turf (from the surface of the ground) (forms: wancgturf acc pl)

gewand neut? noun: result, end

wandian wk verb: flinch, draw back (forms: wandode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wonfeax adj: dark-haired

wang, wong masc noun: field, plain; (surface of the) earth; route, layout of the land (forms: wongas nom/acc pl; wonge, wange dat sing)

wanian wk verb: wane, diminish, waste away (forms: gewanod past part)

wanigean wk verb: lament, bewail

wann, wan, wonn, won adj: dark, dusky (forms: wanna, wonna nom sing masc; wonnan dat sing masc; wonne nom/acc masc/fem pl; acc/dat sing masc; wanre dat sing fem)

war neut noun: seaweed (forms: ware dat sing)

warian wk verb: beware, defend, protect; hold, possess (forms: warað 3rd pers sing pres indic; wariað imper pl; warigeað pl pres indic; warode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

waroð masc noun: shore, seaside (forms: waroðas acc pl; waroðe dat sing)

warnian wk verb: warn; take warning, take heed (forms: warnað 3rd pers sing pres indic)

wawa masc noun: woe, evil (forms: wawan gen sing)

we pers pron: we (forms: us acc or dat; ure, usser gen; ures poss adj gen sing masc; urne, userne poss adj acc sing masc; urum, ussum poss adj dat pl; poss adj dat sing masc; usic acc; usses poss adj gen sing neut; ussum dat; poss adj dat sing masc/neut)

wea masc noun: woe, distress, harm, grief (forms: wean acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl; weana gen pl)

weagesið masc noun: evil companion (forms: weagesiðas nom pl)

wealaf fem noun: woeful remnant; remnant after disaster (forms: wealafe acc sing)

wealand neut noun: foreign country (forms: wealandum dat pl)

gewealc neut noun: tossing, rolling, swell (of the sea)

wealcan Class 7 str verb: toss around (forms: gewealcen past part)

geweald neut noun: might, power, control, command (forms: gewealde dat sing; gewealdum dat pl)
weald, wald masc noun: forest, wood (forms: wealdas acc pl; wealde, walde dat sing)

gewealdan Class 7 str verb (w. gen or dat): rule, control, govern, wield (forms: wealde 1st pers sing pres indic; gewealdene past part acc pl masc; gewealdenne past part acc sing masc; weold, geweold 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; weoldon pl pret indic)
wealdan wælstowe: win the field, be victorious

waldend, wealdend masc noun: ruler, king, the Lord (forms: waldend nom pl; waldende, wealdende dat sing; waldendes, wealdendes gen sing )

wealfæsten neut noun: walled stronghold

wealgat neut noun: gate (in a wall) (forms: wealgate dat sing)

wealh masc noun: slave (forms: wealas acc pl)

Wealhþeow, Wealhþeo, Wealhðeo prop name: Wealhtheow (forms: Wealhþeon dat)

wealic adj: woeful, miserable

weall, weal masc noun: wall, cliff (forms: weallas nom/acc pl; wealle dat sing; wealles gen sing; weallum dat pl)

weallan Class 7 str verb: boil, seethe (forms: weallað pl pres indic; weallende, weallinde pres part; weallendu pres part nom pl neut; weoll, weol 3rd pers sing pret indic)

weallclif neut noun: (wall-) cliff

weallfæsten neut noun: fortified dwelling; walled town (forms: weallfæstenna gen sing)

weallsteap adj: (of a cliff) steep as a wall, vertical; (of a city) having high walls (forms: weallsteapan acc pl neut; weallsteape acc pl neut, acc sing fem)

wealsteal masc noun: location for walls, foundation

weard masc noun: guardian, protector, lord, king (forms: wearde dat sing; weardas nom/acc pl; weardes gen sing; weardum dat pl);
weard fem noun: guardianship, oversight, responsibility (forms: wearde acc sing)
weard adv: towards, to
wið hyre weard: towards her

wealwian wk verb: thrash about, wallow, roll around (forms: wealweode 3rd pers sing pret indic; wealwigende pres part)

weardian, weardigan wk verb: guard, rule, inhabit (forms: weardiað pl pres indic; weardode, weardade 3rd pers sing pret indic; pl pret subj? (Beow 2164); weardodon pl pret indic)

wearn fem noun: refusal (forms: wearne acc sing)

weaspell neut noun: news of disaster (forms: weaspelle dat sing)

weaþearf fem noun: dire need (forms: weaþearfe dat sing)

geweaxan, wexan Class 7 str verb: grow, increase (forms: weaxende pres part; weaxendum pres part dat sing masc; weaxeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; geweox, weox 3rd pers sing pret indic; weoxon pl pret indic; wexað, weaxað imper pl; wexe imper sing; gewexen past part; wexendra pres part gen pl)

web neut noun: woven fabric, hanging, tapestry (forms: web nom pl)

weccan, weccean wk verb: awake, arouse, produce, set in motion; kindle (a fire) (forms: weaht past part; weccað pl pres indic; wecceð 3rd pers sing pres indic; wehte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wedd neut noun: pledge, agreement (forms: wedde dat sing)

weder neut noun: weather, storm, wind (forms: weder nom pl; wedera gen pl; wedres gen sing)

Weder masc noun: Weder (alternate name for a member of the Geats) (forms: Wedera, Wedra gen pl)

Wedergeat masc noun: (Weder-) Geat (forms: Wedergeata gen pl; Wedergeatum dat pl)

Wedermearc prop name: Wedermark, the land of the Geats (also known as Weders) (forms: Wedermearce dat sing)

gewef neut noun: destiny (forms: gewiofu acc pl)

wefan Class 5 str verb: devise, contrive; weave

weg, wæg masc noun: way, road, path (forms: wegas nom/acc pl--also frequently the nom/acc pl of wæg, q.v.)
on weg: away

wegbrade masc noun: plantain

wegfarende adj: wayfaring, travelling

wegflota masc noun: wave-floater (a kenning for "ship")

weg masc noun: altar, idol

wegan Class 5 str verb: bear, wear, carry; perform, carry out; move (forms: wæg 3rd pers sing pret indic; wægon, wagon, wegon pl pret indic; wege 1st pers sing pres indic; 3rd pers sing pres subj; wegeð, wigeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gewegan Class 5 str verb: fight

wel, well adv: well

wela masc noun: prosperity, happiness, riches (forms: welan acc/dat/gen sing; acc pl)

Weland, Welund prop name: Weland, a legendary smith (forms: Welandes gen)

weler masc noun: lip (forms: weleras acc pl)

welhold adj: very faithful

welhwylc pron and adj: each and every; each and every thing (forms: welhwylcra gen pl)

welig, wælig adj: rich, prosperous (forms: weligne acc sing masc)

welþungen past part adj: accomplished, cultivated, excellent

weman wk verb: persuade, convice, lead astray (forms: wemað pl pres indic)

wemman wk verb: defile, profane, destroy (forms: gewemde 3rd pers sing pret indic; gewemmed past part)

wen fem noun: expectation, belief (forms: wena nom pl; wenum, wenan dat pl)

wenan wk verb: believe, expect, consider; (with gen.) anticipate, expect (forms: wenað, wenaþ pl pres indic; wende 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; wendon pl pret indic; wene, wen 1st pers sing pres indic; weneð, weneþ 3rd pers sing pres indic)

gewendan wk verb: change, alter; turn, go; (reflex) take oneself (forms: wend, wende imper sing; wende, gewende 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; wendeð, wendeþ 3rd pers sing pres indic; wenden pl pret subj; wendon pl pret indic)

Wendlas masc pl noun: name of a tribe or nation (forms: Wendla gen pl)

wenian wk verb: accustom, train, habituate, train; entice, entertain (used of rulers giving gifts to retainers) (forms: wenede 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj)

weofod neut noun: altar (forms: weofode dat sing)

weorc, worc neut noun: work, labour, deed; suffering, pain (forms: weorc nom pl; weorce dat sing; weorces gen sing; weorca, worca gen pl; weorcum, worcum dat pl)

geweorc neut noun: work, workmanship, construction, creation (forms: geweorc nom pl; geweorces gen sing)

weorcan wk verb: make, construct, make, do (forms: geworht past part; geworhte 3rd pers sing pret indic; geworhton pl pret indic)

weorce adj: painful, grievous, difficult

weorcsum adj: painful, trouble-causing (forms: weorcsumne acc sing masc)

weorcþeow, worcþeow masc or fem noun: slave, servant (forms: weorctheos acc pl masc)

weorpan Class 3 str verb: throw, throw down; (reflex) change, transform (forms: wearp 3rd pers sing pret indic; weorpaþ pl pres indic wurpon pl pret indic)

weorð adj: (w. dat of person who prizes) prized by, dear to
weorð neut noun: price, treasure (forms: weorðe dat sing)

geweorþan, weorðan, gewurþan, wurðan Class 3 strong verb: become, be; (impers with ge- prefix, acc of person and gen of thing) agree upon, suit (forms: wearð, gewearð, wearþ, wærð 3rd pers sing pret indic; weorð 3rd pers sing pres indic/subj; weorþ imper sing; weorðe, wurðe 3rd pers sing pres subj; weorðen pl pres subj; geworden, worden past part; wurde 3rd pers sing pret subj; wurdon pl pret indic/subj; wyrð, wurðeþ, weorð, weorðeð, weorþeð 3rd pers sing pres indic; wurðað, wurðaþ, weorðaþ, weorþað, weorðað pl pres indic)

weorðfull adj: honoured, valued (forms: woerðfullost superl)

weorðian, weorþian, wurðian wk verb: honour, cherish; worship (forms: geweorðod, geweorðad, gewurþad, gewurðod, weorþad past part; weorþode, weorðode, weorðade, geweorþade, geweorðode, wurðode 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; geweorðode past part acc sing fem/neut; wurðiað, weorðiað pl pres indic; gewurðien pl pres subj)

weorðlice adj: nobly, honorably (forms: weorðlicost superl)

weorðmynd fem/neut noun: honour, distinction (forms: weorðmynda gen pl; weorðmynde acc sing; weorðmyndum, wurðmyndum, worðmyndum dat pl (also adverbial: "honorably, nobly"))

weorðung fem noun: honour (forms: weorðinga dat sing)

wepan Class 7 str verb: weep, cry (forms: weop 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wer masc noun: man (forms: wera, weora gen pl; weras, wæras nom/acc pl; were dat sing; weres gen sing; werum dat pl)

werlic adj: masculine (forms: wærlices gen sing; wærlicum, wærlecum dat sing neut)

wermægð fem noun: human kindred, nation (forms: wermægða gen pl)

weardian wk verb: keep, protect, dwell in (forms: weardode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

werg, werig adj and noun: accursed, wicked; accursed one, outlaw, criminal (forms: wergan gen sing masc; wergas acc pl; wergum dat sing neut)

wergend masc noun: defender (forms: wergend nom pl; wergendra gen pl)

wergian wk verb: make weary (forms: gewergad past part)

werhþo, wergðo, werhðo fem noun: curse, punishment

gewerian, werigean wk verb: clothe, cover; defend, protect (forms: gewered past part; werede past part masc pl; werede 3rd pers sing pret indic; weredon pl pret indic; wereð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

werig adj: weary, miserable, sad; weak, incapacitated (e.g. because of wounds) (forms: wergum dat sing masc; dat pl; werige, werge masc nom pl; werige masc inst sing as adv: wearily, sadly, miserably; werigne acc sing masc)

werigferhð adj: weary (forms: werigferhðe, werigferðe nom pl masc)

werigmod adj: miserable, weary; evil-minded

werloga masc noun: traitor, liar, devil (forms: werlogan acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc/dat pl)

wermægð fem noun: tribe, nation (of men) (forms: wermægða gen pl)

werod, weorod, wered, werud neut noun: throng, host, band, company, army (forms: wereda, weroda, weoroda, weruda gen pl; werode, worude, werede, weorode, weorude dat sing; werodes, weredes, werudes gen sing; werodum, weredum dat pl)

werþeod fem noun: people, nation (forms: werþeoda nom/acc/gen pl; werþeode acc pl; dat sing)

wesan anom verb: be ( infinitive of verb that forms the past tenses of beon)

west adv: west

westan adv: from the west

Westdene masc pl noun: (West-) Danes (forms: Westdenum dat pl)

weste adj: waste, barren, desolate, uninhabited (forms: westne acc sing masc)

westen masc noun: wasteland, wilderness, desert (forms: westenne acc/dat sing)

wic neut/fem noun: dwelling, habitation, mansion, castle (forms: wica gen pl; wicum, wicun dat pl)

wican Class 1 str verb: fail, break, be useless (forms: gewac 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wycce fem noun: witch (forms: wyccum dat pl)

wicg neut noun: horse (forms: wicg acc pl; wicga gen pl; wicge dat sing)

gewician wk verb: camp (forms: gewiciað pl pres indic)

wicing masc noun: viking (forms: wicinga gen pl; wicingas acc pl; wicingum dat pl)

wicstede masc noun: dwelling place

wid adj: wide, spacious (forms: wida masc nom sing; widan dat/gen sing masc/neut; wide nom/acc pl masc; acc sing neut; widne acc sing masc; widre dat/gen sing fem; widre compar nom sing neut as adv: more remotely)
to widan feore, widan feorh: in (my, etc.) whole life

widbrad adj: extensive (forms: widbradne acc sing masc)

widcuþ adj: widely-known, famous (forms: widcuðne acc sing masc; widcuþes gen sing)

wide adv: widely, far (forms: widdor compar; widost superl; widre compar);
wide and side, side and wide: far and wide
gewidost (Wife 13) superl: most widely separated

wideferhð adv: always, forever; ever

widfloga masc noun: far-flying one (forms: widflogan acc sing)

widfolc neut noun: extensive kindred (forms: widfolc nom pl)

widgil adj: broad, ample, extensive (forms: widgillan acc sing masc)

widl masc? noun: filth (forms: widle dat sing; widlum dat pl)

widland neut noun: extensive land

widlast adv, adj: far and wide, far-wandering (forms: widlastum dat pl)
widlast masc noun: distant journey (forms: widlastum dat pl)

widlond neut noun: (broad, extensive) land

widmære adj: widely famous

gewidre neut noun: storm (forms: gewidru nom pl)

widscofen past part adj: widespread, extensive

widweg masc noun: distant path (forms: widwegas acc pl)

wif neut noun: woman, wife (forms: wif nom/acc pl; wifa gen pl; wife dat sing; wifes gen sing; wifum dat pl)

wiflufu fem noun: love for a woman (forms: wiflufan nom pl)

wifmann, wifman, wifmon, wimman masc noun: woman (forms: wimmanna gen pl)

wifmyne masc noun: love of a woman (forms: wifmyne dat sing)

wig neut noun: war, battle (forms: wige, wigge dat sing; wiges gen sing; wigum dat pl)

wiga masc noun: warrior (forms: wigan acc/dat sing; nom/acc pl; wigena gen pl)

wigan wk verb: fight

wigbealu fem noun: (horror of, violence of) war

wibed, weobedd neut noun: altar

wigbil neut noun: war-sword

wigblac adj: (war- ) bright (i.e. having polished armor and weapons)

wigbord neut noun: (battle-) shield

wigcræft masc noun: strength in battle

wigcræftig adj: strong in war (forms: wigcræftigne acc sing masc)

wigcyrm masc noun: din of battle

wigend masc/neut noun: warrior (forms: wigend nom pl wigendra gen pl)

wigfreca masc noun: warrior (forms: wigfrecan acc sing; nom pl)

wigfruma masc noun: war-leader (wigfruman dat sing)

wiggend masc/neut noun: warrior (forms: wiggend nom pl; wiggendum dat pl)

wiggetawe fem pl noun: accoutrements of war, armour (forms: wiggetawum dat)

wiggryre masc noun: war-terror

wigheafola masc noun: war-head (a kenning for "helmet") (forms: wigheafolan acc sing)

wigheap masc noun: war-band

wigheard adj: battle-hard (forms: wigheardne acc sing masc)

wighete masc noun: war (-hate), emnity

Wigelm prop name: Wigelm (forms: Wigelmes gen sing)

wighryre masc noun: fall in battle

Wiglaf, Wilaf prop name: Wiglaf

wigleoð neut noun: war-song (i.e. battle-cry? trumpet-call?)

wiglic adj: warlike

wigplega masc noun: martial sport (i.e. battle) (forms: wigplegan acc/dat sing)

wigrod fem noun: road of battle

wigsigor masc noun: victory (in war)

wigsð masc noun: military expedition

wigsmið masc noun: contriver of war (a kenning for "warrior") (forms: wigsmiðum dat pl)

wigsped fem noun: success in battle (forms: wigspeda gen pl)

wigweorðung fem noun: idol worship; offering to an idol (forms: wigweorðunga acc sing)

wihaga masc noun: battle-hedge (a defensive wall of shields) (forms: wihagan acc sing)

Weohstan, Wihstan prop name: Wihstan (forms: Weohstanes, Weoxstanes, Wihstanes gen)

wiht, wuht indef pron: anything (forms: wihtæ gen pl; wihte, wuhte dat sing);
mid wihte by any means;
to wuhte at all;
wiht, wihte, wuhte adv: at all; by any means
wiht fem/neut noun: being, creature (forms: wuhta gen pl)

wilcuma masc noun: welcome guest (forms: wilcuman nom pl)

wilde adj: wild (forms: wilda nom sing masc; wildne acc sing masc; wildu nom pl neut)

wildeor neut noun: wild animal (forms: wildeor nom/acc pl)

Wilfingas, Wylfingas masc pl noun: the Wilfingas, a Germanic tribe (forms: Wilfingum, Wylfingum dat pl)

wilgeofa masc noun: giver of delight

wilgesið masc noun: willing follower, willing companion (forms: wilgesiðas nom pl)

willa masc noun: will, purpose, desire, wish; delight, pleasure (forms: willan, wyllan acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl; wilna gen pl; willum, willan dat pl)

willan wk verb: wish, desire, will, intend (forms: wile, wille, wylle, wyle 1st/2nd/3rd pers sing pres indic; willað, willaþ, wyllað pl pres indic; willende pres part; wilt, wylt 2nd pers sing pres indic; woldan, woldon pl pret indic; wolde 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; wolden pl pret subj; woldest 2nd pers sing pret indic; Forms collapsed with negative particle ne: nellaþ, nellað pl pres indic; nelle, nele 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; noldan, noldon pl pret indic; nolde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

willflod masc noun: good or desired flood

willgebroðor pl masc noun: (good) brothers

willgesiðða masc noun: (good) companion (forms: willgesiððas nom pl)

willgestealla masc noun: (good) companion (forms: willgesteallum dat pl)

willgesweostor pl fem noun: (good) sisters

willgeðofta masc noun: (good) companion (forms: willgeðoftan acc pl masc)

wilnian wk verb: desire, wish for; petition for

wilsið masc noun: desired expedition (forms: )

win neut noun: wine (forms: wine dat sing)

winærn neut noun: wine-building, hall (forms: winærnes gen sing)

wincel masc noun: corner (forms: wincle dat sing)

wind masc noun: wind (forms: winde dat sing)

windæg masc noun: day of struggle or toil (forms: windagum dat pl)

windblond neut noun: swirling of winds

windgeard masc noun: home of the winds (a kenning for "sea"?)

wingal adj: drunk with wine

wingeard masc noun: vineyard

wingedrync neut noun: drinking of wine (forms: wingedrince dat sing)

winhate fem noun: invitation to drink wine (forms: winhatan acc sing)

wind masc noun: wind (forms: winde dat sing)

windan Class 3 str verb: wind, twist; go, fly; wave in a circular motion (forms: wand, gewand 3rd pers sing pret indic; wunden past part; wundnum past part dat sing neut; wundon pl pret indic)

gewindan Class 3 str verb: escape

windig adj: windy, windswept (forms: windige, windge acc pl masc, acc sing fem)

wine masc noun: friend, lord (forms: wine dat sing; nom pl; wina, winigea, winia gen pl; winas nom/acc pl; wines gen sing; winum dat pl)

winedrihten, winedryhten masc noun: (friend and) lord (forms: winedrihtne dat sing; winedryhtnes gen sing)

winegeomor adj: sad because missing a friend/lord

wineleas adj: friendless, lordless (forms: wineleasum dat sing masc)

winemæg masc noun: dear kinsman (forms: winemaga, winemæga gen pl; winemagas nom/acc pl; winemagum, winemægum dat pl)

wineþearfende pres part adj: in need of friends

winetreow fem noun: promise of friendship (forms: winetreowe acc sing)

wingedrinc neut noun: wine-drinking (forms: wingedrince dat sing)

gewinn, gewin neut noun: struggle, contention, strife, war (forms: gewinne dat sing; gewinnes gen sing)

gewinnan Class 3 str verb: fight, struggle; work; obtain, gain (forms: wann, wan, won, wonn 3rd pers sing pret indic; winnað pl pres indic; winnende pres part; gewunne, wunne 3rd pers sing pret subj; gewunnen past part; wunnon pl pret indic; to gewinnanne inflect infin)

winreced neut noun: wine-building, i.e. hall

winsad adj: drunken (forms: winsade nom pl masc; winsadum dat sing masc)

winsæl neut noun: wine-hall (forms: winsalo nom pl)

winsele masc noun: (wine-) hall (forms: winsele dat sing)

wynstre adj: left

winter masc noun: winter, year (forms: winter nom/acc pl; wintra gen pl; wintres, wintrys gen sing; wintrum dat pl)

winterceald adj: winter-cold (forms: wintercealde acc sing fem)

wintercearig adj: despondent because of winter, wintry-minded

winterstund fem noun: winter hour, short time (forms: winterstunde acc sing)

wir masc noun: wire; precious metal wire ornament (e.g. ring, armlet) (forms: wira gen sing; wire dat sing; wirum dat pl)

wis adj: wise (forms: wisa nom sing masc; wise dat sing masc; wisra gen pl; wisum dat pl )

gewiss, gewis adj: certain, trustworthy (forms: gewissan dat sing neut)

wissian wk verb: make known, declare, reveal

wisa masc noun: leader, guide (forms: wisan nom pl; acc sing masc)

wisdom masc noun: wisdom (forms: wisdome dat sing)

wise fem noun: way, manner, conduct (forms: wysan, wisan dat sing; wisna gen pl; wisum dat pl)

wisfæst adj: wise (forms: wisfæste nom/acc pl masc)

wishydig, wishidig adj: wise

wishycgende pres part adj: wise (-thinking)

wisian, wissian wk verb: advise, guide; show, point out (forms: gewisade, wisade, wisode, gewissode 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; wisie, wisige 1st pers sing pres indic)

wislic adj: true, certain (forms: wislicne acc sing masc)

wislice adv: wisely, carefully

gewislice adv: certainly, truly (forms: gewislicost superl)

wist fem noun: abundance, plenty; food, provisions (forms: wiste acc/dat/gen sing)

Wistan prop name: Wistan

wistfyllo fem noun: fill of food (forms: wistfylle gen sing)

wit, wyt pers pron dual: we two (forms: unc dat/acc; uncerne poss adj acc sing masc; uncran poss adj dat pl; uncre poss adj nom pl masc/acc sing fem; uncres poss adj gen sing masc; user, usser, uncer gen)

gewit(t) neut noun: understanding, wit, knowledge, consciousness; head (forms: gewitte, wite dat sing)

wita, gewita masc noun: wise man, king's councillor; witness (forms: witan, gewitan nom/acc pl; witena, weotena gen pl)

wite neut noun: torture, punishment, misery (forms: wita, wyta nom/acc/gen pl; wite dat/gen sing; witum, wytum dat pl)

witelac neut noun: punishment (forms: witelac nom pl)

witelocc masc noun: tormenting lock (i.e. of hair): a kenning for "flame" (forms: witeloccas acc pl)

witeswinge fem noun: torment, punishment (forms: witeswingum dat pl)

gewitan anom verb: know, be aware of (forms: wast 2nd pers sing pres indic; wat 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic; wisse 3rd pers sing pret subj; wiste, wyste, wisse 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; wiston, wisson, wistan pl pret indic; witan pl pres indic; wite 3rd pers sing pres subj; nat (ne + wat) 1st/3rd pers sing pres indic neg; nyste (ne + wiste) 3rd pers sing pret indic neg; nyston (ne + wiston) pl pret indic neg);
witan Class 1 str verb: reproach, blame (forms: wite 1st pers sing pres indic)

gewitan Class 1 str verb: go, depart; die (forms: gewat 3rd pers sing pret indic; gewit imper sing; gewitan, gewiton pl pret indic; gewitaþ, gewitað imper pl; pl pres indic; gewite 1st/3rd pers sing pres subj; 1st pers sing pres indic; gewitene past part nom/acc pl masc; gewitenes past part gen sing masc; gewiteþ, gewiteð, gewitað 3rd pers sing pres indic)
uton, wutun pl pres subj of witan used with an infinitive for commands and requests: let us . . .

witehus neut noun: house of torment

witebroga masc noun: dreadful torment (forms: witebrogan nom pl)

wið prep: with, against; near, beside; in exchange for; (w. gen) towards, to, against, onto

wiðerbreca masc noun: adversary, enemy (forms: wiðerbrecan acc/dat/gen sing; nom/acc pl)

Wiðergyld prop name: Withergyld, a Heathobard warrior (or could be an otherwise unattested common noun, "retribution")

wiþerlean neut noun: pay-back, retaliation

wiðermedo fem noun: opposition, enmity

wiðeræhtes adv: opposite, on the other side

wiðertrod neut noun: retreat, return

wiðfon Class 7 str verb w. dat: seize, grapple with (forms: wiðfeng 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wiðgripan Class 1 str verb: grapple with

wiðhabban anom verb: withstand (forms: wiðhæfde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wiðhogian wk verb: reject (forms: wiðhogode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wiðre neut noun: resistance (forms: wiðres gen sing)

wiðsacan Class 6 str verb: resist, oppose, forsake (forms: wiðsace 3rd pers sing pres subj)

wiðstondan Class 6 str verb w. dat or acc: withstand, resist

witian wk verb: allot, assign (forms: witode, witod past part; weotode past part acc pl fem; witodes past part gen sing)

witig, wigtig, gewittig adj: wise (forms: witega nom sing masc)

gewitloca masc noun: mind, understanding (forms: gewitlocan dat sing)

gewitnian wk verb: punish, torment (forms: gewitnad past part)

wlanc, wlonc adj: proud, splendid, rich (forms: wlancan dat sing neut; wlances, wlonces gen sing; wlance, wlonce nom/acc pl masc; wlancne, wloncne acc sing masc; wloncum dat pl; dat sing masc/neut)

wlatian wk verb w. gen: look for (forms: wlatode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wlencu, wlenco fem noun: pride, arrogance, splendour (forms: wlence dat sing)

wlitan Class 1 str verb: gaze, look (forms: wlat 3rd pers sing pret indic; wlitað pl pres indic; wliten pl pres subj; wlitest 2nd pers sing pres indic; wliton pl pret indic)

wlite masc noun: brightness, splendour, beauty (forms: wlite dat sing)

wlitebeorht adj: brilliant, brightly shining (forms: wlitebeorhte nom sing fem; nom/acc pl neut/masc; wlitebeorhtne acc sing masc; wlitebeorhtum dat sing neut)

wlitesciene adj: brilliant, bright, beautiful

wliteseon fem noun: (beautiful-) sight, spectacle

wlitig adj: beautiful, bright (forms: wlitegan, wlytegan gen sing fem; dat sing neut; wlitige acc pl masc; wlitegost superl nom/acc sing neut; wlitegra compar nom sing masc; wlitigre compar nom sing fem)

wlitigian, wlitigigan wk verb: become bright, become beautiful; make beautiful (forms: wlitigað pl pres indic; gewlitegad past part) )

gewlo adj: ornamented

wocor fem noun: offspring, progeny (forms: wocre acc sing)

wod adj: crazy, insane (forms: wodum dat pl; dat sing masc)

wodnys fem noun: madness, insanity (forms: wodnysse dat sing)

woh adj: evil, perverse, twisted (forms: wom dat pl; wora gen pl)

wohbogen past part adj: perversely twisted

wolcen neut noun: cloud; the sky (forms: wolcna gen pl; wolcne dat sing; wolcnu nom pl; wolcnum dat pl)

wollenteare adv: with welling tears

woma masc noun: tumult

womcwide masc noun: evil speech (forms: womcwidas acc pl)

womfull adj: sinful, guilty, defiled

womm masc noun: evil, sin; spot, stain (forms: womme dat sing; womma gen pl; wommum dat pl)

womscyldig adj: guilty, sinful

wongstede masc noun: place (forms: wongstede dat sing)

wonhyd fem noun: carelessness, daring (forms: wonhydum, wonhygdum dat pl)

Wonred prop name: Wonred (forms: Wonredes gen sing)

Wonreding prop name: son of Wonred

wonsæli adj: unhappy

wonsceaft fem noun: unhappiness, misery (forms: wonsceaftum dat pl)

wop masc noun: weeping, lamentation (forms: wope dat sing)

woðbora masc noun: speaker, counsellor, prophet (forms: woðboran dat sing)

woðcræft masc noun: art of poetry (forms: woðcræfte dat sing)

woðgiefu fem noun: gift of speech (or song)

worcþeow fem noun: (working-) slave (forms: worcþeowe dat sing)

word neut noun: word, speech, utterance (forms: word nom/acc pl; worda gen pl; worde dat sing; wordes gen sing; wordum, wordon dat pl)

wordbeot neut noun: (verbal- ) promise

wordbeotung fem noun: (verbal- ) promise (forms: wordbeotunga acc pl)

wordgemearc neut noun: declaration (forms: wordgemearcum dat pl)

wordgyd neut noun: song, poem (forms: wordgyd acc pl)

wordhord neuter noun: treasury of words
wordhord onlucan: to unlock the treasury of words (i.e. begin to speak)

wordlean neut noun: reward for words (forms: wordleana gen pl)

wordcwyde masc noun: word, utterance, command (forms: wordcwida gen pl; wordcwydas acc pl; wordcwydum dat pl)

wordriht neut noun: true words; just words; fitting words (forms: wordrihta gen pl)

worian wk verb: wander, crumble, become worn (forms: worie 3rd pers sing pres subj; woriað pl pres indic)

worn masc noun: multitude, large number; many things (forms: worna gen pl; wornum dat pl)

worngehat neut noun: multiplicitous promise (forms: worngehat nom pl)

woroldræden fem noun: (wordly) leadership (forms: woroldrædenne acc sing)

worðig masc noun: enclosure surrounding a dwelling

woruld, worold, weoruld fem noun: the world; situation, way of life (forms: woruld acc/gen sing; worulde, worolde dat/gen sing; nom pl)

woruldar fem noun: worldly honour (forms: woroldare acc sing)

woruldbuend masc noun: earth-dweller, human being (forms: woruldbuendra gen pl)

woruldcandel fem noun: world-candle (a kenning for the sun)

woruldcyning, woroldcyning, wyruldcyning masc noun: earthly king (forms: woroldcyninga, wyruldcyninga gen pl; woruldcyingas nom pl)

worulddream masc noun: earthly joy (forms: worulddreama gen pl)

woruldduguð fem noun: worldly excellence, worldly honour (forms: worulddugeða gen pl; worulddugeðum dat pl)

woruldende masc noun: the end of the world (forms: woruldende dat sing)

woruldfeoh neut noun: earthly goods

woruldgesælig adj: prosperous, happy, rich in earthly possessions

woruldgesceaft fem noun: worldly creation, the created world (forms: woruldgesceafta gen pl; woruldgesceafte nom pl)

woruldgestreon neut noun: earthly wealth (forms: woruldgestreona gen pl; woruldgestreonum dat pl)

woruldlic adj: worldly (forms: woruldlicra dat sing fem)

woruldmæg masc noun: (earthly) male relative (forms: woruldmagas nom pl)

woruldnytt fem noun: worldly benefit (forms: woruldnytte dat sing)

woruldrice neut noun: (the kingdom of) the world (forms: woruldrice dat sing)

woruldstrengu fem noun: wordly strength (forms: woruldstrenga dat/gen sing)

woruldwisdom masc noun: worldly wisdom, secular learning (forms: woruldwysdome dat sing)

woruldyrmðo fem noun: earthly misery

wracu fem noun: revenge, retribution; misery, distress (forms: wrace, wræce acc sing)

wræc neut noun: exile, misery; vengeance (forms: wrace, wræce dat sing; wræces gen sing)

wræca, wræcca masc noun: wretch, exiled person (forms: wræccan dat/gen sing; wræcna gen pl)

wræclast masc noun: track of exile, miserable track (forms: wræclastas acc pl)

wræclic adj: wretched, exiled (forms: wræclicne masc acc sing)

wræcmecg masc noun: exile, banished man (forms: wræcmæcgas nom pl)

wræcmon masc noun: exile

wræcsið masc noun: (journey of) exile (forms: wræcsiþa gen pl; wræcsiþas acc pl masc; wræcsiðum dat pl)

wræcstow fem noun: place of exile (forms: wræcstowe acc sing)

wrægistre fem noun: (female) accuser

wræstan wk verb: pluck (with a plectrum)

wrætlic adj: splendid, curious, wondrous (forms: wrætlicne acc sing masc; wrætlicran compar acc sing neut; wrætlicu nom sing fem)

wrætlice adv: splendidly, wondrously

wrætt fem noun: ornament, decoration, jewel (forms: wræte acc pl; wrætta gen pl; wrættum dat pl)

wrað adj: wrathful, angry; evil, cruel (forms: wraða nom sing masc; se wraða as noun, "the evil one"; wraðan gen sing masc; wraðe nom pl masc; wraðra, wraþra gen pl; wraðum, wraþum dat pl; dat sing masc);
wraþ fem noun: cruelty (forms: wraðe dat sing)
on wraðe: cruelly, wrathfully;
wraðe, wraþe, wraðum adv: angrily, cruelly, with evil consequence

wraðlic adj: evil, cruel

wraðlice adv: evilly, cruelly, with evil consequence

wraðmod adv: angrily; wraðmod adj: angry

gewrecan Class 5 str verb: avenge, punish; drive out, exile, expel; be exiled; speak about, utter (forms: gewræc, wræc, wrec 1st/3rd pers sing pret indic; wræce, wrece, gewræce 1st/3rd pers sing pret subj; wræcon, gewræcon, gewræcan pl pret indic; gewrec imper sing; wrecen, gewrecen past part; gewrecene past part nom pl masc)

wrecca masc noun: exile, outcast; adventurer; avenger (forms: wreccena gen pl)

wreccan wk verb: wake up (forms: wrehton pl pret indic)

wrecend masc noun: avenger

wregan wk verb: stir up; accuse (forms: gewreged past part; to wrægenne inflect infin)

wreon, wryon Class 1 str verb: hide, conceal; protect (forms: to wrægenne inflect infin; wreah, wrah 3rd pers sing pret indic; wreo 1st per sing pres indic; wrihst 2nd pers sing pres indic; wry 3rd pers sing pres subj; wrugon pret pl)

wreoþenhilt adj: having a wound or wrapped hilt

wridan, wriðan Class 1 str verb: grow, flourish (forms: wridað imper pl; wridendra pres part gen pl; wriðende pres part)

wriþan Class 1 str verb: bind, fetter; bandage (wriðon pl pret indic)

wridian, wriðian wk verb: grow, flourish (forms: wridað 3rd pers sing pres indic; wriðade 3rd pers sing pret indic)

gewrit neut noun: writing, document, book, letter; (pl) Scripture (forms: gewritu nom pl; gewrytum dat pl)

writan Class 1 str verb: write, carve, engrave (forms: writen past part)

wrixl fem noun: exchange (forms: wrixle dat sing)

gewrixlan wk verb w. dat: exchange, receive in exchange; (of words) vary, substitute (forms: gewrixled past part)

gewrixle masc noun: exchange, bargain

wroht fem noun: crime, sin; strife, enmity; blame, condemnation (forms: wrohte acc sing; wrohtes gen sing)

wrohtgeteme neut noun: sinful host? (Gen 45)

wrohtscipe masc noun: sin, crime (forms: wrohtscipe dat sing)

wucu fem noun: week (forms: wucan acc/dat sing)

wudu masc noun: wood, forest (also kenning for "ship," "shield," "cross") (forms: wuda gen pl; dat sing; wudu dat sing)

wuduwe, wydewe fem noun: widow (forms: wudewan acc sing; wuduwan nom pl; wydewan acc pl)

wudubeam masc noun: (forest) tree (forms: wudubeame dat sing; wudubeames gen sing) )

wudufæsten neut noun: wooden stronghold, forest stronghold

wudurec masc noun: wood smoke

wuldor neut noun: glory, splendour, honour (forms: wuldre dat sing; wuldres, wuldris gen sing)

wuldorblæd masc noun: glorious fame, wondrous success

wuldorcining, wuldorcyning masc noun: king of glory, glorious king (forms: wuldorcyninge, wuldurcyninge dat sing; wuldorcyninges gen sing)

wuldorfæst adj: glorious, heavenly (forms: wuldorfæstan neut/fem acc sing; wuldorfæstne acc sing masc)

wuldorgast masc noun: glorious spirit

wuldorgesteald neut noun: glorious dwelling (forms: wuldorgestealdum dat pl)

wuldorsped fem noun: glorious success, glorious prosperity (forms: wuldorspedum dat pl)

wuldortorht adj: gloriously bright (forms: wuldortorhtan nom pl neut)

wulf masc noun: wolf (forms: wulfas nom pl; wulfe dat sing; wulfum dat pl)
Wulf prop name: Wulf (forms: Wulfes gen sing)

Wulfgar prop name: Wulfgar

wulfhlið neut noun: wolf (-inhabited) hillside (forms: wulfhleoþu acc pl)

Wulfmær, Wulmær prop name: Wulfmær

Wulfstan prop name: Wulfstan (forms: Wulfstane dat sing; Wulfstanes gen sing)

wull fem noun: wool (forms: wulle acc/dat sing)

wund adj: wounded (forms: wunde nom pl masc; wundum dat sing masc);
wund fem noun: wound (forms: wunde acc/dat sing, acc pl; wundum dat pl)

wundian wk verb: wound (forms: gewundod past part)

wundenfeax adj: having curly hair

wundenhals adj: "wound-necked": having a wound or twisted prow

wundenlocc noun and adj: braided-haired (or perhaps curly-haired); braided-haired person (i.e. woman)

wundenmæl neut noun: wound or twisted sword (i.e. sword made by pattern-welding twisted iron and steel together)

wundenstefna masc noun: bound or twisted-stemmed one (i.e. ship)

wunderfæt neut noun: wondrous cup, vessel (forms: wunderfatum dat pl)

wundor, wunder, wundur neut noun: wonder, marvel (forms: wundra gen pl; wundre dat sing; wundrum dat pl—also as adv: wondrously, marvellously)

wundorbebod neut noun: strange command (forms: wundorbebodum dat pl)

wundordeað masc noun: marvellous death, strange death (forms: wundordeaðe dat sing)

wundorgiefu fem noun: wondrous gift (forms: wundorgiefe nom pl)

wundorlic adj: wondrous, marvellous, strange (forms: wundorlicran compar acc sing masc; wunderlicu nom sing fem)

wundorsion fem noun: marvellous sight (forms: wundorsiona gen pl)

wundorsmiþ masc noun: marvellous smith (forms: wundorsmiþa gen pl)

wundrian wk verb: marvel, wonder, be amazed (forms: wundrigende pres part; wundrodon pl pret indic)

wundrung fem noun: wonder, amazement (forms: wundrunge dat sing)

wundurmaððum masc noun: marvellous treasure

wunian wk verb: live, dwell, remain; inhabit (forms: wuna imper sing; wunað 3rd pers sing pres indic; wuniað, wuniaþ pl pres indic; imper pl; wuniende pres part; gewunigen pl pres subj; wunode, wunade 3rd pers sing pret indic; wunodon, wunedon, gewunedon pl pret indic)

wunung fem noun: dwelling, house (forms: wununge dat sing)

wurðe, wyrðe, weorþe adj: worthy, esteemed, honoured; (w. gen) worthy of, deserving of (forms: wurðran compar nom pl; wyrðra, weorþra compar nom sing masc)

wurþian wk verb: honour, esteem (forms: wurðode 3rd pers pl pret indic)

wurðlice, weorðlice adv: honourably, nobly (forms: wurðlicor compar)

gewurðnys fem noun: honour (forms: gewurðnysse dat sing)

wylfen adj: wolfish, cruel, rapacious (forms: wylfenne acc sing masc)

wyllan wk verb: boil (forms: wyll imper sing)

wylleburne fem noun: stream, well-water (forms: willeburnan acc pl; wylleburne nom pl?)

wylm, wælm masc noun: surge, current, flame (forms: wælmes gen sing; wylmas acc pl; wylme dat sing)

wylmhat adj: flaming hot (forms: wylmhatne acc sing masc)

wyln fem noun: (female) servant, slave

gewylnung fem noun: desire (forms: gewylnunga nom pl)

wynleas adj: joyless (forms: wynleasne acc sing masc; wynleasran compar acc sing neut/fem)

wyndæg masc noun: joyful day (forms: wyndagum dat pl)

wynlic adj: beautiful, joyful (forms: wynlicran compar acc sing neut; wynlicu nom sing fem )

wynn, wyn fem noun: joy, delight, happiness (forms: wynne acc/dat sing; wynna gen pl; wynnum dat pl); wynnum dat pl as adv: joyously, delightfully

wynsum adj: delightful, beautiful, pleasant (forms: wynsuman acc/dat sing masc; wynsumast superl; wynsume nom pl neut; wynsumne acc sing masc)

gewyrc neut noun: action, struggle

gewyrcan, gewyrcean wk verb: work, make, create; carry out, do (forms: geworht, gæworht past part; worhte, geworhte 3rd pers sing pret indic/subj; geworhte past part acc sing fem; geworhtne past part masc acc sing; worhton, geworhton pl pret indic; gewyrc imper sing; wyrce, gewyrce 3rd pers sing pres subj; 1st pers sing pres indic; wyrceð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

wyrd fem noun: fate, destiny (forms: wyrda gen pl; wyrde acc/dat/gen sing)

wyrdan wk verb: injure, destroy (forms: wyrde 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wyrgean wk verb: curse

gewyrht fem noun: accomplished deed; merit (forms: gewyrhtum dat pl)

wyrhta masc noun: workman, craftsman, artisan

wyrm masc noun: snake, worm, dragon (forms: wyrmas nom/acc pl; wurman, wyrmum dat pl; wyrme dat sing; wyrmes gen sing)

wyrman wk verb: to warm (forms: wrymeð 3rd pers sing pres indic)

wyrmcynn neut noun: race of worms/snakes/dragons (forms: wyrmcynnes gen sing)

wyrmfah adj: decorated with worms, snakes, or dragons; having serpentine decoration

wyrmhord neut noun: dragon-hoard (forms: wyrmhorda gen pl)

wyrmlic neut noun: body of a worm/snake/dragon? likeness of a worm/snake/dragon? (forms: wyrmlicum dat pl)

wyrmsele masc noun: hall of worms or serprents

wyrnan wk verb: refuse, deny (forms: wyrnde 3rd pers sing pret indic; wyrnest 2nd pers sing pres indic)

wyrp masc noun: throwing
wyrp fem noun: change, alteration (forms: wyrpe acc sing)

wyrpan wk verb: recover (forms: gewyrpte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

wyrpel masc noun: jess (strap for a falcon's leg) (forms: wyrplas acc pl)

wyrs adv: worse

wyrsa compar adj: worse (forms: wyrsan acc/dat/gen sing masc/fem/neut; nom pl; wyrse acc sing neut; nom sing fem)

wyscan wk verb: wish (forms: wiston pl pret indic; wyscte 3rd pers sing pres indic)

wyrt fem noun: plant, herb, vegetable; root (forms: wyrte gen sing; wyrtum dat pl)

wyrtruma masc noun: root, bottom, lower end (forms: wyrtruman dat sing)

wyrðe adj: worthy; (w. gen) having a right to (forms: wyrðne acc sing masc)

yfel neut noun: evil, wickedness (forms: yfele dat sing; yfla gen pl; yfles, yfeles gen sing);
yfel adj: evil, bad (forms: yfele acc sing fem)

yfele adv: badly, evilly

yldan wk verb: delay, prolong

ylde, elde masc pl noun: men (forms: yldo, ylda, ælda gen; yldum, eldum dat pl)

yldo fem noun: age, old age (forms: ylde, eldo dat sing)

ylfetu fem noun: swan (forms: ylfete gen sing)

ymb, ymbe, embe prep: about, around; after

ymbbeorgan Class 3 str verb: surround with protection (forms: ymbbearh 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ymbclyppan wk verb: embrace, hug (forms: ymbclypte 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ymbefon Class 7 str verb: encircle, surround (forms: ymbefeng 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ymbehweorfan Class 3 str verb: circle about (forms: ymbehwearf 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ymbgan wk verb: walk around, process (forms: ymbeode 3rd pers sing pret indic)

ymbsellan wk verb: surround, clothe (forms: ymbseald past part)

ymbsittan Class 5 str verb: surround, sit around (forms: ymbsæton pl pret indic)

ymbsittend, ymbesittend masc noun: one living nearby, neighbour (forms: ymbsittend nom pl; ymbsittendra, ymbesittendra gen pl)

ymbstandend masc noun: bystander; one standing around (forms: ymbstandendra gen pl)

ymbutan prep: about

yppe fem noun: dais, raised platform for high-seat (forms: yppan dat sing)

yrfe masc/neut noun: inheritance, property, livestock (forms: yrfes gen sing)

yrfelaf fem noun: heirloom, (inherited) sword (forms: yrfelafe acc/dat sing)

yrfestol masc noun: inherited seat or homeland, ancestral city (forms: yrfestole dat sing)

yrfeweard masc noun: heir, son (forms: yrfewearda gen pl; yrfeweardas nom pl; (Beow 2453) gen sing)

yrhðo fem noun: cowardice

Yrmenlaf prop name: Yrmenlaf (forms: Yrmenlafes gen sing)

yrmðu fem noun: misery, wretchedness (forms: yrmða gen pl; yrmþe, yrmðe acc/gen sing; yrmðum dat pl)

yrre adj: angry (forms: eorres gen sing masc; yrrum dat sing)
yrre neut noun: anger, ire (forms: yrre dat sing)

yrremod adj: angry, enraged

yrringa adv: angrily

yrþ fem noun: ploughing, crop

ysle fem noun: ember, glowing coal (forms: yslan dat sing)

fem noun: wave, current (forms: yða, yþa, yðe, yþe nom/acc/gen pl; yðe dat sing; yðum, yþum dat pl)

yðan wk verb: lay waste, destroy (forms: yðde 1st/3rd per sing pret indic)

yðelice adv: easily

yðgeblond, yðgebland neut noun: surging water (forms: yðgebland nom pl)

yðgewinn neut noun: struggle in the waves; tumult of the waves (forms: yðgewinne dat sing; yðgewinnes gen sing)

yðlad fem noun: sea voyage (forms: yðlade nom pl)

yðlaf fem noun: beach (forms: yðlafe dat sing)

yðlida masc noun: wave-sailor (kenning for "ship") (forms: yðlidan acc sing)

yðmearh masc noun: wave-horse (kenning for "ship") (forms: yðmearas acc pl)