For general use, MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane - should be taken internally as a food supplement. MSM is necessary for collagen synthesis: skin, hair and nails. MSM keeps cells from becoming rigid. MSM softens tissue (the beauty mineral), relieves stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, constipation, candida, detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps, and back pain, removes inflammation, permits muscles to heal, increases energy, alertness, mental calmness, and the ability to concentrate. MSM scavenges free radicals, relieves allergies to food and pollens, helps the liver produce choline, controls acidity in stomach and ulcers, coats intestinal tract so parasites lose ability to hang on, helps with hypersensitivity to drugs, increases body’s ability to produce insulin, is important for carbohydrate metabolism, and speeds wound healing.

MSM or DMSO2 is short for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, has been found in primitive plants such as Equisetum arvense and in the adrenal cortex of cattle. MSM is found naturally in food when food is fresh, it is driven out of all foods, even with moderate processing. The "S" in DMSO2 stands for sulfur, most people are sulfur deficient unless they eat their fish and meat raw and their vegetables uncooked. MSM is present in most green plant food stuffs and certain algaes, and a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains in small amounts and is destroyed with dehydration and heat.

MSM is the transport molecule for elemental sulfur or assimilable source of essential sulfur which is required for proper assimilation of the alpha amino acids methionine and cysteine. In addition, the peptide hormone - insulin requires sulfur in its molecular structure and numerous other proteins, catalysts, and enzymes incorporate sulfur into their molecular framework. Proteins are essential for proper cellular metabolism and soft tissue synthesis. Proper protein synthesis can only be achieved with MSM monomers which maintain the correct molecular framework for soft and connective tissue throughout the human body.

At higher levels MSM functions as a pharmaceutically active agent which can be used safely and effectively for a variety of purposes. MSM unlike DMSO is a dietary factor and is free of unpleasant odors and neutralizes the toxicity of anticholinesterase, thereby providing protection against insecticide exposure or ingestion. When administered orally it is effective in ameliorating symptoms of physiological response to stress including gastrointestinal upset, inflammation of the mucous membranes, pain associated with musculoskeletal system disorders, and infectant allergens and appears to augment immunological competence through a natural vitamin like moderating or normalizing activity for various body functions and is noted for its exceptionally non-toxic nature for both children and adults, including geriatric patients. MSM is also effective in ameliorating gastrointestinal upsets such as that produced by the ingestion of aspirin and other pharmaceuticals or parasitic infections. Individuals with gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, chronic constipation, nausea, hyperacidity and/or epigastric pain, or inflammation of mucous membranes also will experience dramatic relief. Individuals presenting symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal system disorders, including arthritis, reported substantial and long-lasting relief. A combination of MSM and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) reported a greater benefit, this combination was especially useful in correcting leg cramps, as in athletes who experience severe leg cramps during sports activity. Migraine sufferers also have obtained substantial relief while arthritic patients report relief from pain and stiffness as well as reduced swelling and inflammation.

In vitro and in vivo tests suggest that MSM has ameliorating or curing activity against a variety of medically important parasitic, microbial, fungal problems of the intestinal and urogenital tracts. MSM is active against Giardia lamblia (traveler’s diarrhea), trichomonas Vaginalis, Nematodes, Enterodbius and other intestinal worms, systemic infections by Histoplasma Capsulation, Coccidioides Toxoplasma and other in vitro susceptible organisms. MSM may affect such infection by competing for binding or receptor sites at the mucous membrane surface presenting a blocking interface between host and parasite. MSM appears to augment immunological competence which may also partly explain its effectiveness in treating parasitic infections.

Less than 20% of the population may experience negative detoxification symptoms in the first 1-10 days during which toxins are flushed from the system. Symptoms may include diarrhea, skin rash and/or possible headache along with several days of fatigue. In general, the more intense the symptoms the more toxins there are in the body and the more MSM is needed for detoxification. To reduce toxic symptoms (if you suspect Candida or metals) start with a lower dose of 750 mg twice a day and build up to 3,000 mg twice a day. Otherwise for a maximum benefit, it’s recommended to use an initial "load" dose of 3,000 mg twice a day (Note* this dose can be safely continued indefinitely for maximum results). After initial treatment, physical energy levels should increase.

A single dose of MSM is usually not effective in ameliorating symptoms. Noticeable results are usually seen within 2 to 21 days (certain problems may take much longer to notice changes). Daily dosages of 2,000 to 4,000 mg are recommended (more may be taken - see MSM Book). The benefit of MSM will further be enhanced when 2,000 mg or more of Vitamin C is consumed.

Subjects with chronic to sever allergies to environmental materials such as house dust, pollen, wool animal hair, feathers, and other diverse allergens report substantial to complete relief of their allergy symptoms. Allergy symptoms ranged from respiratory congestion to inflammation, itching, mucoid discharges, and general discomfort.

Here are Some Conditions seen in the Clinic which have Responded to Oral MSM:

Allergies Arthritis Acne Cancer (Breast, Colon) Hyperacidity/heartburn Constipation Burns (thermal) Brittle/soft nails
Diabetes Eye Health Hypersensitivity to drugs Insect bites Lung Disease Lupus Mental Acuity Muscle soreness/pain
Oral/dental health Parasites Rheumatoid arthritis Scar tissue Snoring Skin, hair and nails Stress Sunburn
MSM combined with glucosamine for joint help more...            

Note: The information found here is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for individual medical attention or as a recommendation to address a specific health condition or illness. Please consult your nutritionally-oriented doctor before taking any supplements.

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