Norm's ENEL 353 Lecture Notes

Fall, 2019

Norm Bartley

Here are Norm's notes from 2019 for topics that Steve Norman is covering in his video lectures in 2020. Although we cover the same material, please refer to Steve's 2020 notes for this year's official coverage.

The dates in the table below are 2019 dates, and although they will differ from 2020, they represent the pace at which we normally present in-person lectures.

Week 3 (Sep 16 - Sep 20)

Wed Sep 18 Gray codes, introduction to logic circuits and logic gates link
Fri Sep 20 Two-input and multiple-input gates; gate input and output voltage levels. link

Week 4 (Sep 23 - Sep 27)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Sep 23 Noise margin and combinational circuits; Boolean algebra link
Wed Sep 25 Minterms, maxterms, operator precedence, SOP forms, canonical forms. link
Fri Sep 27 Maxterms, canonical SOP/POS expressions, Axioms and Theorems of Boolean Algebra. link

Week 5 (Sep 30 - Oct 04)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Sep 30 Consensus and DeMorgan's theorems, using DeMorgan's theorem, algebraic simplification link
Tue Oct 01 Tutorial: Review of Boolean algebraic forms and truth tables, voltage levels link
Wed Oct 02 Minimal SOP forms; drawing digital circuits link
Wed Oct 04 Hardware reduction; bubble-pushing; special "X" and "Z" output levels link

Week 8 (Oct 21 - Oct 25)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Wed Oct 23 Decoders, decoders with enable inputs, introduction to combinational circuit timing link
Fri Oct 25 Propagation and contamination delay, critical paths and short paths link

Week 9 (Oct 28 - Nov 01)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Oct 28 Introduction to sequential circuits and the SR latch link
Wed Oct 30 The possible meta-stable state, the D latch, and the D flip-flop (DFF) link
Fri Nov 01 A clock divider circuit, registers, enabled and resettable DFFs, sequential circuits link

Week 10 (Nov 04 - Nov 08)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Tue Nov 07 Tutorial: NOR- and NAND-based latches, example of D-latch and DFF timing link

Week 11 (Nov 18 - Nov 22)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Tue Nov 19 Tutorial: FSM review; FSM examples and timing analyus link
Fri Nov 22 Completion of FSM analysis problem; timing in sequential circuits link

Week 12 (Nov 25 - Nov 29)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Nov 25 Setup and hold time constraints, continued; clock skew. link
Wed Nov 27 Clock skew, setup-and-hold-time violations; digital counters. link
Fri Nov 29 Counters, Shift registers, and an introduction to memory arrays. link

Week 13 (Dec 02 - Dec 06)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Tue Dec 03 Tutorial: Sequential circuit timing examples, with and without clock skew link