ENEL 353 - Digital Circuits

Supplementary Laboratory Information

The University of Calgary
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Norm Bartley and Steve Norman, Course Instructors
Fall Session, 2020

Quartus General Information.

Quartus is powerful state-of-the-art software from Intel Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) through their recent purchase of Altera Corporation. The software allows you to design, simulate, and program digital logic circuits into their line of CPLDs and FPGAs.

The labs in ENEL 353 in 2020 will be run entirely online using the Quartus software. Students will need to download the software (it's free). We will be using version 18.1, known to be perfectly stable for our labs. (We have experienced problems with versions 19.1 and 20.1.) Detailed instructions on what to download, and how to install it will soon be posted. The software runs on Windows and Linux only. Mac users will need a virtual machine such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Your course instructors are both Mac users!

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