Nicholas David: Teaching
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The following materials may be of use to some as a source of references and ideas on teaching or taking some of the courses for which I was formerly responsible. Be aware that this stuff is primarily of historical interest!


Courses for which I wa once responsible include:
Junior undergraduate course: 205: Ancient Peoples and Places (World prehistory from Australopithecus to the first
    civilizations in both Old and New Worlds or, in other and better words, Descent to Civilization).
Senior undergraduate courses: 307: Ethnoarchaeology; 471: Ceramic analysis; 395: African archaeology;
    399: Ethnohistory of Africa ; 501: Problems in Archaeology (seminar course involving study of simulated
    archaeological problems)

You can link to the most recent outlines of  ARKY 205 and  ARKY 307  in .pdf format


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Graduate teaching

Theory: Dr Kathryn Reese-Taylor has now taken over responsibility for the Archaeology Theory courses (ARKY 601 and 615).
The following materials on former ARKY 610: Methods and theory in archaeology  give an indication of earlier course content and practice.

ARKY 610
 References and other course materials

Ethnoarchaeology: I taught a graduate seminar at UCLA in he first quarter of 2003.

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