Peter Newsted, Wynne Chin - University of Calgary
Ojelanki Ngwenyama - University of Michigan
Allen Lee - McGill University

This is a web-based version of a panel that was presented at the 1996 International Conference on Information Systems in Cleveland, Ohio. Many of the the remarks the authors made have been captured in the speaker notes on each of the overheads, so you are encouraged to scoll down on each slide to see these.

In addition we should point out that as this panel evolved, we all discovered that there was really very little debate among us, but rather a consensus as to when surveys should and should not be used. We hope you find these materials useful as a guide to the appropriate use of surveys and welcome your comments. As each section is copyrighted by its individual author, please contact us if you wish to make further use of any of this material. You can click on any of our names above to send us E-mail.

An abstract of the Panel -- including some useful references

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This begins with a listing of the 27 slides grouped by author. Each slide title is hot link to the corresponding slide. Once you go to a slide you will find buttons at the bottom to navigate between slides (as well as an A button for selecting a text-only view). This way you can go from slide to slide without returning to the original list.

An explanation of how this material was uploaded to the Web

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