C-type Lectins

[Pictures of MBP-C and Gal-binding mutant of MBP-A generated using Molscript (Per Kraulis) and Raster3D (Ethan Merritt)]

C-type lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins found in a wide variety of animals. They are distinguished from other animal lectins by sharing a highly conserved calcium-dependent carbohydrate recognition domain (CRD) of approximately 120 amino acids.

My Ph.D. studies with Dr. William Weis in the Department of Structural Biology at Stanford University focused on understanding the structural basis of carbohydrate binding and calcium ion binding in the C-type lectins. Here are some papers exploring the diverse structure-function relationships in C-type lectins:

Here are two excellent reviews that are well worth looking up:

Weis, W.I., Taylor, M.E. and Drickamer, K. (1998) The C-type lectin superfamily in the immune system. Immunol. Rev. 163:19-34.

Drickamer, K. and Taylor, M.E. (1993) Biology of animal lectins. Annual Review of Cell Biology, 1993, 9:237-64.

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