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Jack Anderson

(Canadian, b.1949)

Jack Anderson was born in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta. Anderson's educational background includes an undergraduate degree and Master's degree in the field of Fine Arts. Through Jack's work, he looks at the lighter side of life and art. For example, Blacked-Out (1984), is a piece that looks at society and how it functions within itself. In this particular piece Jack removed all the electrical appliances, except the ceiling lights and the telephone, from his home and relocated them into a gallery. During the duration of the show, Jack, his wife, and his three year old daughter stayed at home, resorting to a life without power.He is currently residing in Regina, Saskatchewan









Illustration: Sunspot II, 1976; Lithograph

1976 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Calgary, Alberta.
1979 Masters of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati, Ohio.