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Eric Cameron

(Born, 1935)

Eric Cameron is a painter who was born in Leicester, England. In 1969, he emigrated to Canada. Prior to 1969, while in England he pursued an education. In addition, he taught the history of art and painting at the University of Leeds from 1959-1969. When Cameron first came to Canada, he taught painting, theory and later video, at the University of Guelph, Ontario from 1969-76. In 1976, he taught art history and studio art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), as well as being director of the MFA program until 1986. In addition, Cameron then came to Calgary and became head of the University of Calgary's Fine Arts Department in 1987. He remained in that position until 1997.

Cameron is best known for his "Thick Painting" (everyday objects covered with thousands of layers of gesso), which were shown in a traveling exhibtion organized by the National Gallery of Canada.1
"In 1979, I began applying layers of paint to several objects that were either available to me in my apartment or could be easily obtained."2

Cameron's career is currently focused on the continued production of Thick Paintings supported by theoretical text. Cameron lists the major influences on his work as, layer painting at NSCAD, the art of Lawrence Gowing and Jackson Pollock. 3

Artist Statement:

"To justify the inevitability of its particular forms."

Eric Cameron; Bent Axis Approach, The Nickle Arts Museum, 1984.


1953-57 Studied painting at King's College, Durham University, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, England under Lawrence Gowing, Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton. Awarded B.A. First Class Honours.
1957-59 Studied History of Art at the Courtuald Institute, London, England. Awarded Academic Diploma in History of Art.

Recent Exhibitions:

1999 Loaf, Baumgartner Galleries, New York.
1999 English Roots, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.
1999 End of Century Server, Vancouver Art Gallery.
1999 Painting Problems, Southern Alberta Art Gallery.
1999 Pink Ink Exhibition, London.



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